Lego City Adventures (2019) s02e17 Episode Script

Arrest Ye Merry Gentlemen

[opening theme music]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[Sinclair] This part of the room
is very festive, Morris.
This has to be the best Christmas party
Fendrich has ever seen the city see!
I can't believe Sinclair
has the nerve to throw a holiday party
in our shared room!
We don't share anything,
especially a room meant for sharing.
[Fendrich] Is it even legal
for her to use that room?
I looked over the contracts, boss.
Yours says she can't use it,
but hers says she can use it.
She has a different contract?
You refused to share yours.
[groan] She didn't even have
the common decency
to invite me to the party
so I could angrily decline!
The nerve! I have half a mind
to show up late!
You were invited?
Yeah, we all were! She used to babysit me!
I'm bringing the potato salad!
Half that room is mine!
We're gonna sabotage that party
and fill Sinclair's Christmas stocking
with humiliation and defeat!
Duke, bro, you're gonna be late
for Sinclair's epic holiday rager!
Christmas parties
aren't really my thing, Chief.
I'm not good with small talk,
or even medium talk.
I should be patrolling the streets.
Not this year, dude!
You work every holiday.
So, as a gift,
we all volunteered to work tonight.
-You deserve it!
I was peer pressured into this.
Thank you. Maybe I'll go for a bit.
Hold up, there, Dukester.
No police work tonight.
Hand it over.
["We Wish You a Merry Christmas" playing]
-Merry Christmas!
My hat still on?
Top Hat Tom!
-How festive you look!
I adapted my sole defining characteristic
just for the occasion.
Is that Craig Woodman?
I wasn't sure
a busy social butterfly like you
would have time
for my humble little get together.
[Fendrich] Remember. When we're finished,
this will be the worst Christmas party
Sinclair has ever seen the city see!
Now, let's sneak over and get to work.
Why do we have to crawl
through the air vent?
Morris and Morris are checking
invitations at the door.
If I have to go through the vent,
-we all go through the vent.
Duke, Merry Christmas!
Ooh. Sorry.
Well, that certainly happened.
I-I'm going over there now.
-Hello, how are you?
-This just in.
Duke DeTain is not in uniform
for a holiday party.
-It's great to see you off duty.
-[Duke] Hi, Gabby.
Honestly, I should be in uniform on duty.
I don't remember
the last holiday party I went to.
Look around, it's fun.
Just relax, you know,
say "Happy Holidays!" and mingle.
Wow, so many complicated
holiday party traditions.
[groan] Craig is standing by the door.
People are using him as a coatrack.
I'll be right back.
Now, go interrupt
your regularly scheduled police work.
Uh Hoppy Halidays!
Come on, Duke, "Hoppy Halidays?"
Focus, Duke, focus!
[Fendrich grunting]
Now, we move to Phase Two of the plan,
infiltrate and strike before
anyone knows what hit 'em.
And be careful with those elf hats.
-They're rented.
-Infiltrate? Strike?
I've stumbled on a major crime!
[Duke] I'm back on duty!
Luckily, Chief Wheeler didn't
ask for my spare handcuffs.
Okay, first, we ruin snacks.
Vito, turn off the chocolate fondue
so it gets cold.
Cold chocolate. Copy that.
Betty, break the candy canes into pieces.
There's nothing in the world more annoying
than broken candy canes.
Right, aim high, boss.
[tense music]
[Duke] Huh.
These crooks look like they're
going to steal those snacks
and sell them illegally
on the Snack Market.
[both laugh evilly]
[all groan]
[both straining]
Well, they say the holidays
are about togetherness.
Chocolate-dipped peppermint sticks?
Mary, I must say, you've outdone yourself!
-All right!
-Attention, please, everyone!
I'm so glad you're enjoying
my signature "Chocolate Dip Sticks,"
and now, it's time for holiday karaoke!
Shall I start us off?
I shall now sing for thee ♪
To fill us all with glee ♪
Okay, Hacksaw, you're up.
Sabotage that karaoke machine.
I threw this rad party ♪
Uh-oh, that crooked elf
is messing with the wiring.
Someone could get electrocuted.
-[Duke grunting]
Oh, cool, can I take this one?
-Hey, everybody!
Poppy Starr, everyone!
Mistletoe, you and me ♪
Presents under
The Christmas tree ♪
Singing all
The Christmas songs ♪
And everybody singing along ♪
Well, I've been waiting
All year for Christmas ♪
I've been waiting all year
For Christmas ♪
What's happening?
Instead of ruining the party,
we've made it better!
Black is white! Up is down!
Salmon is
-What's the opposite of salmon?
Never mind.
I'm starting to think someone
is sabotaging our sabotage.
[Duke] Having a not-so-merry
Christmas, fake Santa?
Well, it's only gonna get worse.
I will stop you.
No, it's me who will stop you!
[Duke] That won't be easy,
because the easy way
is rarely the best way.
[Fendrich] Is this Deputy Mayor Carol Yea?
What? No! It's Lieutenant Duke DeTain!
I am not Duke DeTain!
And, boy, I'm glad he's not here.
Duke's really hard to stop.
But you, whoever you are,
you'll never stop my plan!
Ha! We'll sabotage the photo booth.
Find the "look terrible" setting
so anyone who uses the booth
will be mortified and want to leave.
Now, make me look hideous.
Photos with Santa?
Oh, me first!
I've been a good little
scientist this year,
and for Christmas I want a powerful ray
that will defeat my enemies
and a less powerful ray
that will make people
who just annoy me kinda itchy.
[camera shutter clicks]
Danke schöen, Herr Claus!
Hi, Santa!
Oh, brother. What gift do you want?
Me? No. What do you want
for Christmas, Santa?
Wait a minute You're not Santa!
This is an invitation only party.
It's a shared space,
half of which is mine.
So half of me has half a right
to be half here half as much as I want.
Thanks to your typical incompetence,
my party turned out even better
than I hoped it would be.
This is far beyond
my "typical" incompetence.
I would have succeeded in ruining
your pathetic little shindig
if you hadn't invited a meddling guest
who kept thwarting my thwarts!
Uh, yeah, that was me.
I'm the thwarter. Hi.
-Sorry, see,
when I heard Fendrich
and his crew talking,
I guess I heard
only what I wanted to hear
that they were planning
some huge crime for me to stop
so I wouldn't have
to actually join in the party.
Duke, sweetheart, that's very nice,
but this is about me
and Fendrich Claus over here.
Right. I'll just, uh I'll be over here.
So, Fendrich, if you think
you can share this space with me,
let's see you beat me
in the final event of the party,
the Gingerbread House Building contest.
Ha! That's the worst gingerbread house
I've ever seen.
These are just the building
supplies you silly, silly man.
First, the basic structure,
then twinkling lights,
a botanical garden,
an indoor sprinkler system
in case of a fire.
Yeah, well, it would be a shame
if someone built a giant,
ugly gingerbread strip mall
right next to your confectionary mishmash.
I'll just build higher,
so no one sees your sugarplum atrocity.
[all gasping]
[both laughing]
[all cheering]
[all gasping]
[all cheering]
I finally get
what the holiday spirit is all about.
It's a time to put our differences aside
and see the best in one another.
Wrong! Christmas is a time
to put our differences together
and only see the worst in one another.
Yes, if you hadn't failed so spectacularly
at ruining my party
And if your party was even halfway decent
enough to "ruin" in the first place
[Sinclair] Our petty rivalry
wouldn't have created something
even more spectacular for our city
than either of us
could have managed on our own.
May all your Christmas wishes
not come true in any way, Rachel.
And a very miserable
New Year to you, Mary.
[all cheering]
Falling snow, candy canes ♪
Santa Claus pulling
On the reindeer reins ♪
For all the boys and girls ♪
All around the world ♪
I've been waiting all year ♪
Waitin' all year ♪
For Christmas ♪
Waitin' all year for Christmas ♪
Waitin' all year for Christmas ♪
It's finally here
I've been waiting all year ♪
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