Lego City Adventures (2019) s02e18 Episode Script

Ride Along Kid

[opening theme music]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[Billy] Thanks for the tour
of the fire station.
My school report is gonna be
the best in the class.
Aw, it's my pleasure, Billy.
"A Day in the Life of a City Hero
Fire Chief Aunt Freya."
[McCloud] So, next up is my office.
Here's my state-of-the-art computer
where I monitor and respond to emergencies
all over the city!
Cool! This is where you spend hours
playing "Wizards of Yarg" with me!
Uh, well, certain strategy games
sharpen one's skills in the field.
Yeah, if orcs attack the city,
we'll be totally prepared.
[Mark] I don't know, sis.
Don't role playing games
about fantastical worlds
cause, you know, nightmares
to me?
Oh, it's just harmless fun, Mark.
Hey, you want to see the fire pole?
Come on, Billy. Give it a try.
Whoa! Wait, wait, wait.
Aren't those poles dangerous
and unsanitary, you know to me?
They're perfectly safe, Mark.
We use them all the time.
Try it for yourself.
Okay. Watch me, Billy.
You have to hold on tight
and be careful of germs.
Like this
[Mark grunts]
I think the pole is broken!
Uh, Mark, you might wanna,
you know,
loosen your grip there a bit, so you
slide down.
The pole is broken.
-I can't!
Okay, guys, I got a plan.
And here's where we store
our fire fighting equipment
and vehicles.
-[Mark whimpering]
This is my special
fire chief SUV.
Bob and Clemmons follow behind
in this big ladder truck
that extends a hundred feet
in the air.
Wow, Aunt Freya!
Everything you say and do
is exciting,
just like a real hero!
Yeah, well, your father
is a hero, too.
He's a pillow salesman,
which is very exciting.
I mean, he
-He has to, uh
-[alarm wails]
-[yelp, grunts]
Ella, what's the emergency?
Another cat stuck in a tree
or whatever.
Billy, this will be perfect
for your report.
You can come on a ride along
and see the fire department
in action.
Cool! Dad, can we?
I don't know.
A cat in a tree?
Maybe we should leave this one
to the professionals.
Mark, we are the professionals.
Uh, sis, aren't we going a little fast?
I'm doing the speed limit.
"The speed limit?" Sounds risky.
Oh, Mark, please.
I'm the Fire Chief.
This is what I do.
Can I put on the siren,
Aunt Freya?
[siren blaring]
[Billy] Wow!
That cat is way up there!
Bob, Clemmons,
I need a backgammon board,
a jackhammer,
a double cheeseburger,
a fencing outfit,
and the dental records
of a famous author!
Uh, sis, aren't the combination
of those items
a recipe for disaster to me?
Mark, you're my big brother
and I appreciate you
looking out for me,
but why do you always assume
bad things are going to happen?
Why? Because of
the "incident," obviously.
The incident?
What are you talking about?
You mean you don't remember?
[Mark] We were just kids.
Mom went into the store
and asked me to watch you.
You begged me to ride
the coin operated
kiddie rocket ship.
And I thought,
"What could go wrong?"
It was just a toy rocket ship, right?
You climbed in
but the rocket
didn't go fast enough
for my little sister,
so you turned it up
to full speed.
I watched helplessly as the rocket began
to shake harder and harder.
And then, suddenly
-[man] My fruit!
You were unharmed and laughing,
but you could have been
seriously hurt
and it would have been
all my fault.
You were my responsibility.
I made a vow that day
to never again let my loved ones
do anything potentially dangerous
and also never to play the harmonica
in front of a swan,
but that's a different story.
I think I vaguely remember that,
but, look, life is about taking chances
and sometimes,
you need to have a little faith,
especially in yourself.
Now, come on, let's get that cat down.
-This cat?
-[Mark gasps]
Billy. Listen carefully.
I need you to slowly put the cat down.
Then we need to sanitize those hands.
[cat meows]
Great job, Billy!
How'd you get the cat
out of the tree by yourself?
I just called him
and he jumped into my arms.
Looks like you're the hero today, Billy.
See, Mark?
Billy saved the cat and no one was hurt.
Are you okay, Mark?
[Bob] The Mars Mission launch site!
[both screaming]
Mark and Billy, you stay here!
Sis, you can't go over there!
It's too dangerous!
I need a walkie-talkie,
a vibrating massage chair,
a sensory deprivation helmet,
and hot cocoa.
-But, Chief, why
-No time!
[Mark] Fire! Danger!
Fight or flight!
Sit down and relax.
Everything's gonna be fine.
-This sensory deprivation helmet
will make sure you don't see
or hear a peep.
I can't see or hear a peep!
Billy. Here's a walkie-talkie
if you need me.
Come on. Let's put out a fire.
[engine starts]
This report is going be awesome!
-Oh! Silly cat.
I'll be right back, Dad.
Why's the power on, Chief?
The fire short circuited
the power grid
to the launch site.
It's going haywire.
[man over PA] Launch
in three minutes and counting.
The rocket's gonna launch?
Good. The rocket's
full of combustible fuel,
so it's better off in space
than down here.
Here, kitty, kitty.
-Nice kitty.
Here, kitty, kitty.
Nice Kitty.
[alarm blares]
Uh, Chief, your brother
is vibrating towards the rocket.
Hot Cocoa!
[McCloud] Mark, don't panic.
Just vibrate back the other way.
I knew this vibrating chair
was bad news!
Only people should tremble!
Wait, where is
[man over PA] Launch
in two minutes and counting.
[both] Billy!
We've gotta get Billy
out of there!
Aunt Freya will save you, Billy!
Don't worry!
I've got that covered!
Chief, the fire is spreading
towards those fuel tanks.
[Clemmons] If we don't stop it,
they're gonna explode.
Mark, listen to me.
We're gonna have to work together
to put out the fire and rescue Billy.
You're closer to the rocket.
You have to save Billy.
I I can't! I'm not like you!
[McCloud] No time!
You can do this, Mark!
[man over PA]
Fifty seconds to lift off.
I I have to save Billy!
[grunts, thuds]
Daddy's coming, Billy!
Ouch! Hot!
Ooh! Hot stuff.
[Mark grunting]
[ominous music]
Ahh! Whoa!
Mommy, mommy, mommy!
[man over PA]
Thirty seconds to lift off.
[breathing heavily]
Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa
Mommy, Daddy, Billy!
Mommy, Daddy, Billy!
Mommy, Daddy, Billy! Whoa!
Twenty seconds to lift off.
It's locked! Why?
Are they afraid someone's
gonna rob them in orbit?
Mark! Pull the door open!
Don't push!
Ten seconds to lift off.
-Let's get out of here!
-We're taking off!
Yes! This has all
the same safety features
as the emergency control panel
I had installed
at the pillow store.
-[Billy laughing]
-Don't be afraid, Billy.
Just leave it to me!
Oh. Thank goodness
you guys are okay!
Mark, you did it!
Huh? I guess I did.
You know, sis,
now that I've seen what you do,
up close,
I realize,
it's much, much more terrifying
and dangerous than even
I could have ever imagined.
I'm changing the title
of my report to
"A Day in the Life
of Two Heroes
Aunt Freya and My Dad."
Actually, I think you'll find
this city is full
of heroes, Billy.
Dad, can I ride
in your emotionally
scarring backstory rocket?
Sure, Billy. Have fun.
Yeah! Whee!
-Oh, come on!
[closing theme music]
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