Lego City Adventures (2019) s02e19 Episode Script

Midden Fleasure

[opening music theme]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[Cluster] My big toes
are tingling, Harl!
I think today is the day
I'm finally goin' to find the
secret hidden treasure.
You think so, Cluster?
Yesterday, you were
sure you'd find it
because your "ear lobes
were aching."
It's a beautiful day
In the junkyard ♪
We're having great fun
No, it ain't hard ♪
There's no better place
To work and play ♪
We really mean it ♪
There's no better place
To work and play ♪
[engine roaring]
Than in a yard full of junk ♪
Yeah! Ha! I won that song!
In your face!
Still undefeated!
We're just making up songs, Tread,
it's not a competition.
Life's a competition.
If you're not here to win,
what's the point?
We've found we get
more accomplished
by working in harmony.
Truer words
ain't never been spoken.
-[Cluster] Hey.
-Oh, sorry, Cluster,
but I really need the generator.
I told Mayor Fleck I'd keep it
at City Hall
in case of emergencies.
But I need it to light
my underground tunnels.
Boom, a competition
for resources!
We're not competing, Tread.
I'm sure Cluster understands
that if the power went out
in the city,
this generator could keep
the lights on for weeks.
Burn. Point Harl!
And I'm sure Harl'd agree that
iffen I don't get no lights
down in my tunnels,
I can't see
what I'm lookin' for.
The competition shifts
into tenth gear!
Think about the city, Cluster.
I promise, if you let me use
the generator and I find my
You know what,
then I'll buy the city
a hundred generators.
Who knows if "you know what"
is even here?
Pow! Vague but Pow!
It most certainly is.
Ah, keep the generator.
I'll find "you know what"
on my own.
You'll see!
Nice win, Harl!
Told you everything's
a competition.
Gotta go race myself home.
[sighs sharply]
I should've given it to him.
I mean, I can make
another generator.
-You say something, Harl?
Just mumbling to myself.
Got it. Not my business.
Fine, drag it
out of me, Shirley,
I just got into a fight
with Cluster
over this generator.
I know he needs it
to find his hidden treasure,
but I promised Mayor Fleck
I'd give it to him!
Did you say hidden treasure?
I, um No.
Sounded like hidden treasure
to me.
I said, uh, Midden Fleasure.
You know, the fashion model?
Here's our newest fashion model,
Midden Fleasure,
wearing my latest creation,
the Half-Hat.
[audience] Ooh
-Please, no flash photography.
-[camera shutters clicking]
My eyes are sensitive.
Cluster really thinks
there's a buried treasure
at the junkyard?
Yeah, it's some famous
hidden treasure or something.
The Famous Hidden Treasure?
Is in the junkyard?
I heard it contains
rust-free hacksaws.
-Wait, no
-I've heard it contains glasses
-that never break.
-[glass shatters]
No, no. I
I've heard
it contains pure friendship
and a golden artichoke
that's worth more than friendship.
Don't worry, Harl,
I'll definitely not try to find
the treasure before you.
-Wait, no!
What have I done?
Hey, Harl, I want to apologize
for what happened earlier.
Cluster, I did something terrible.
You done hijacked
a rocket to Mars?
What? No.
I was talking to Shirley,
and I accidentally told
a whole room of people
about your treasure.
You revealed my secret?
Chuckwagon chowder, Harl!
I trusted you!
I'm sorry.
I was upset and it just
slipped out.
-What are you doing?
-I got to prepare.
Now, everyone in the world
is gonna come lookin
for my treasure.
I knew this day would come.
That's what my toe
was trying to tell me.
Let's go, Jowls.
I don't think everyone
in the world is coming.
[Fendrich] So the famous Hidden Treasure
is at the junkyard?
I heard it contains ways
to beat Sinclair at everything.
And cheesecake.
I heard it contains
rust-free hacksaws.
Let's find out, shall we?
Hacksaw, assemble the team
and meet me
at "The Buried Treasure
Supply Store."
[both laughing]
No. Just me.
Only I get to laugh maniacally.
[laughs maniacally]
Harl! I was emptying
the recycle bins
behind "The Buried Treasure
Supply Store"
and overheard Fendrich say
they're coming for the treasure.
-Oh, no!
Cluster was right.
This is all my fault.
-What should we do?
-We have to stop them.
But we can't do it alone.
Follow me.
Tread, we need your help.
Sorry, Harl, I'm about to race
my reflection,
and I can't lose.
Um, Tread, um,
Fendrich and his goons
are going to break
into the junkyard tonight,
and they don't think
anyone can stop them.
A competition?
I can stop them
better than anyone!
I'm in!
Prickly pears!
You all scared the cheese
off my cracker!
[Cluster] What're you up to?
We're here to help ya.
We're gonna beat Fendrich
at his own game.
Fendrich is coming? Oh, boy.
Ya'll sure ya wanna tangle
with 'em?
Anything to help a friend.
-[metal clanks]
Oh! Rhubarb, yum!
Ooh, yeah.
[Hank grunting]
-[engine starts]
[tense music]
-[tires screeching]
Oh, yeah!
Oh, Hacksaw.
[engine revving]
Spread out and search
the entire junkyard.
I want that hidden treasure
uh, unhidded-ded
Find it!
[foreboding music]
It's go time.
Who would have thought
there would be so much junk
in a junkyard?
What's this? A present?
"Pick me up and hold on tight?"
This place is huge!
The treasure could be anywhere!
Ooh. That chair looks like
the perfect place
to take a nice little nap.
Please place your tray tables
in their upright
locked position
and buckle your seat belt.
Aw, I don't have a tray table.
That's okay, you won't need one.
Have a nice flight!
[tense music]
Betty, I found a secret tunnel.
I bet the treasure
is down there.
We're gonna be rich!
I heard the Hidden Treasure
is filled with dream catchers
and aspirational posters.
I heard it contains
rust-free hacksaws.
[both squeal]
[both groaning]
[panting and barking]
Great job, team!
Wait. Has anyone seen Fendrich?
Not yet.
But like a flea on a hound,
he's got to be found.
Come in! Come in!
Where did everybody go?
This is unacceptable!
What do we have here?
I do believe I just found
the treasure.
-[door clangs]
-[Fendrich groaning]
Well, well, well.
Time to finally find out
what The Famous Hidden Treasure
actually is.
An anti-Sinclair spray?
A detergent that removes
even the toughest of stains?
[Fendrich grunts]
What in the hidden room?
Who are you?
I am Midden Fleasure,
who are you?
And what are you doing
in my lair of solitude?
I'm looking
for The Hidden Treasure,
Ms. Midden Fleasure
Oh, Hacksaw.
Looking for what,
you mangy interloper?
I don't think I like your tone.
I'll catch him faster!
[Cluster] Who's got who?
That's my foot!
[Shirley] Who's holding my hand?
-[Midden] My half a hat.
-[Fendrich] Ow, my eyebrows!
[Harl] I thought you could use
the generator, Cluster.
Thanks, Harl.
There is no hidden treasure, Hacksaw,
just Ms. Midden Fleasure.
Hmm, duck face.
Another duck face.
Next time, use your ears.
Now, get out of that truck!
Sorry, Boss.
-[all gasp]
[loud thud]
Stop laying around, Vito.
We're leaving.
I wonder if Sinclair
has these problems?
-[grunts and thuds]
-[plate cracks]
We won!
My treasure is safe
thanks to some contrived
and confusing word-play.
I'm sorry about revealing
your secret today, Cluster.
We all make mistakes,
but you had my back
when it mattered most.
Ha! I had both
your backs faster!
Still undefeated.
I'm really disappointed
we didn't find that treasure.
Oh, but we will.
That Famous Hidden Treasure
is buried here somewhere,
and I'm aiming to find it.
[closing theme music]
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