Lego City Adventures (2019) s02e20 Episode Script

Tread or Alive

[opening theme music plays]
[siren wailing]
[tires screech]
[dolphin cries]
[siren blaring continues]
[tires screech]
[handcuffs click]
[Harl] Okay, Tread.
Ready for the big race against
They don't call me
"Ready Tready" for nothing.
I'm the fastest,
undefeated driver in the city,
so I challenge myself to a race!
On your marks, get set
-[police siren wailing]
Police chase?
Real, not-me competition!
-[engine revs]
-[siren wailing]
[Duke] This is Lieutenant
Duke DeTain.
Daisy Kaboom Lewis stole
a diamond encrusted chainsaw
from the City Hardware
and Jewelry store.
I'm in pursuit.
[tires screeching]
So, you think you can outrace
Tread Octane, huh?
What? It's not a race.
-I'm trying to catch a thief.
Well, I'm stealing this race!
Did ya lose that dogged lawman?
Duke's too fast!
Though Tread's giving him a run
for his money.
[all yell]
[loud thud]
[Duke groans]
Nice race, Duke.
Too bad you lost.
It wasn't a race.
I was chasing a crook
and you got in the way.
Obstruction of justice
is a crime.
The only crime in racing
is losing.
I don't have time for this.
I have a thief to catch.
Looks like you lost
that race, too.
-It was not a race!
-Oh, yeah?
I challenge you to a race!
[tense music]
Did you get
the diamond chainsaw?
Lost it.
I couldn't outrun Duke.
You see?
This is why I work alone.
Hey, you said it was a two-man job!
And where did you expect me
to find a stampeding herd
of cattle?
[sighs sharply]
Don't matter.
The whole plan's a bust.
The safe gets loaded
onto that plane
in two hours.
Then we steal the chainsaw
back from the police
evidence room.
You sayin' we rob the pokey,
the airport safe,
and outrun that dang lawman,
in two hours?
Ain't no one that fast.
Hmm. Actually
Add a new spark plug,
balance the crankshaft and boom!
Car fixed in ten minutes!
That's a Tread record!
[Daisy] Tread Octane?
Hey. Weren't you racing
that cop?
-Good race.
What can I do for ya?
I wanted to see
if you could fix my motorcycle.
Uh, it'll take me
at least a week.
So much for the race today.
Did you say race?
As in "I challenge you to a"?
You bet.
I'm, uh, racing Duke DeTain.
Ha! I wiped
the track with that guy.
Well, that's not what Duke said.
I think his exact words were,
"Tread Octane drives
like my grandma."
But Duke's Grandma drives
super slow
and leaves her turn signal on.
I know, I've raced her
eighteen times.
I challenge Duke to a race!
Well, I guess you and I
could race Duke together
in your hot rod.
[Tread chuckles]
There is no "together" in racing.
Tread Octane is a lone wolf,
and not just 'cause
I get lost in the woods a lot.
No problem.
I'll sit in the passenger seat
while you do all the driving
-And winning.
Deal. But you have to push
your seat back
as far as it goes
so I pass the finish line first.
[engine revving]
[tires screeching]
Across town
in less than three minutes.
That's a new Tread record!
So, uh, you wait here.
My friend doesn't "cotton"
to strangers.
And until I figure out
what "cotton" means,
it's better to play it safe.
One, two, three
Dang it.
Almost had four hulas.
I found a getaway driver.
What's up, weird cowboy dude?
The name's Snake Rattler!
I'll never remember that.
I'm just gonna call you
weird cowboy dude.
I told you
this was a two-man job.
I'm telling you,
this guy is fast.
If anyone can outrun
Duke DeTain,
it's Tread Octane.
I don't know 'bout this, Daisy.
You really think
we can trust this city slicker?
Well, I don't know
if he's cool with the whole
"breaking the law" thing,
so I told him
we're racing Duke DeTain.
Tread will do anything to win.
Okay, but this guy
better do as he's told.
you mess with the Snake,
you get the fangs.
Is that your new catchphrase?
I dunno, you like it?
It's either that or
"Snake Rattler
Silent but deadly."
I'd go with the first one.
Okay, Tread,
you wait here at the, uh,
starting line.
Hope you're ready
to race, partner.
I was born ready,
and bald, and naked,
weird cowboy dude.
[sighs sharply]
[Snake] The plan is to infiltrate
the police station
dressed as lawmen,
grab the diamond chainsaw,
and get out.
Here's your disguise.
You're Detective Sam Grizzled
and I'm Detective Rooky Partnur.
You know Rooky's a woman, right?
Yeah. I'm comfortable
with non-traditional casting.
[ominous music]
[Snake] Howdy, lawman.
Clearly, it's me, Rooky.
We need that diamond
encrusted chainsaw
Duke just placed in evidence,
Jeesh, Rooky, are you okay?
You sound a touch
more old western than usual,
plus you're wearing
an eye-patch.
Uh, she's fine.
Now, can we get
that chainsaw, lawman?
I sympathize.
I'm allergic to everything
with a vowel.
Sure, go on in.
-[buzzer buzzes]
-[lock clicks]
Look at all this evidence
I stole.
Here is the double cross ruby
I stole form the museum.
[falcon squawks]
And the peregrine falcon
I stole from the zoo.
Good times.
Quit reminiscing
and help me find the chainsaw.
[Rooky] Hey, Alan.
We're here to get
the Giant Boomerang
-out of evidence.
Aren't you already
in the evidence room?
Wow, Rooky,
your allergy cleared up fast!
I've had this rash
on my clavicle for weeks.
-Maybe you could just take a
-Wait, what do you mean "already"?
What the It's us!
Wow! I look great!
Rooky, Grizzled,
Rooky, Grizzled.
Hey, what's going on here?
Duke, these two are dressed
as me and Grizzled
to rob the evidence room.
Or maybe you're dressed
as me and Grizzled
to rob the evidence room.
All right. You got us.
Grizzled, they're not us!
We're us!
Clearly, they're the imposters,
because the real Grizzled
is too lazy
to carry a heavy chainsaw.
Rooky Number One is right.
Real me would fake a back injury
and make Rooky Number Two do it!
Hey, they're getting away!
[door opens]
[upbeat music]
Grizzled, come on!
Other us are getting away!
Darn it.
I really wanted a day
with no running.
Huh? Is that Tread?
I didn't think he was a crook.
He did charge me a criminally
high price for an oil change.
After them!
The race is on, Tread.
First one to the airport
then back to Snake's place wins.
-[siren wailing]
[Rooky] Pull over, Tread!
Ha! Nice try!
Not pulling over
is the first rule of winning races.
[engine revs]
[siren wailing]
Tread, what are you doing?
Beating you!
Regret challenging Tread Octane
to a race now?
But, I
Yes! You've completed
the first leg of the race.
Now, get over to that crane.
So, it's like
an obstacle course?
You gotta do
a donut under the safe, uh,
then get back to the finish line
for the win!
Hold on!
-[upbeat music]
-[siren wailing]
[tires screeching]
[engines revving]
-[Daisy] Whoo!
-[Snake chuckles]
We did it! We got the loot!
[Tread] Uh, quick question,
'cause even my questions
are fast,
did we just rob that money
from the airport?
Define "rob".
-Then, yes.
Tread, look! Right up there!
It's the finish line!
You're gonna do it!
You're gonna beat Duke DeTain
in a race!
Tread, it's not too late!
You've gotta put a stop to this!
Don't listen to him, Tread.
As soon as you slow down,
Duke'll blow by you and win,
and Tread Octane
doesn't come in second place.
[siren wailing]
Keep driving
or I soak your car's interior!
Do you know
how mildly irritating it is
to clean soda stains
out of leather?
-[tires screech]
[Daisy] Tread, what are you doing?
This isn't the way
to Snake's house!
Nope! It's the way
to the big house.
-[Tread grunts]
-[Snake and Daisy scream]
-[both grunting]
-[crashing sound]
[siren wailing]
Tread! You captured
the bad guys!
That's kind of winning, right?
If by "winning" you mean
"going to jail", then yes.
[Daisy] You can't put Tread
in jail.
Look, Snake and I tricked him
into helping us
by saying it was a race.
All Tread was doing
was driving recklessly
through the streets.
Which is also a crime.
Quiet, Snake.
Look, unlike me and Snake here,
Tread never chose to be bad.
[Duke] All right, Tread.
You can go, but your competitive streak
is gonna get you in big trouble
one of these days.
What about my car?
We're gonna keep it
for a few days as evidence.
You can race again
when you get it back.
Who needs a car?
First one to the junkyard wins!
I'm winning!
[closing theme music plays]
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