Lego City Adventures (2019) s03e01 Episode Script

Thank Hank

[theme music]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[siren blaring]
The time capsule, a container filled
with historical artifacts
for future generations to study,
was discovered by Mary Sinclair.
The capsule is being held at City Hall
prior to its ceremonial opening.
It could finally prove
which family founded our city:
the Fendrichs or the Sinclairs.
Look what you made me do!
But I didn't do anything!
Exactly, you useless numbkrut!
Numbkrut! Wow, a new insult!
I was saving it
for when you were specifically numbkrutty!
Now, let's find that time capsule!
If there's proof the Fendrichs
founded this city, I wanna know.
I think that's it!
Nice work, Vito!
I looked where you were looking,
which led me right to it!
My pleasure, boss!
We gotta cut off this lock.
A hacksaw is perfect for the job!
Good thing we have Big Betty here.
Hey, uh, Hacksaw, can I borrow your
you know, hacksaw?
[hacksaw cutting]
Yes! Finally!
The proof I need
to defeat Sinclair once and for all!
Good for you, boss.
Though, it is kind of a shame.
This city was built on the petty rivalry
between the Fendrichs and the Sinclairs.
If I wanted your opinion, Hacksaw,
I would have asked Vito for it.
Now stop being insightful and film
my historic, overly-confident triumph.
I, Rachel Elizabeth Fendrich,
will now prove, definitively,
that the Fendrichs founded this city
and the only thing the Sinclairs founded
is a big pile of disgrace and lies!
A key?
Where's the proof
my family founded the city?
They locked the key to the time capsule
lock inside the time capsule?
Well, I'll just have to create
and plant the document that says
the Fendrichs founded this city
that should have been in here!
Whoa, Whoa!
Doesn't that cross a line, boss?
It's one thing to beat Sinclair with real
proof, but planting fake proof to win?
That ain't fair and/or square.
Fair? I'll tell you what's not fair.
I'm just sayin', I know you, boss.
If you don't defeat
Mary Sinclair the right way,
in your heart, you'll know you
never really defeated her.
Oh, so you know me, huh?
What number am I thinking?
[Hacksaw] 28.8.
That proves nothing!
Even I'm surprised
at your level of numbkruttery!
If you don't like my totally
ill-considered plan for empty victory,
you can just leave!
Fine! Cause this ain't right!
Besides, there's a huge demand
for cool nick-named henchmen
with my skill set!
It's time I got some respect!
Look out, world,
Hacksaw Hank is a free-agent! I quit!
[door closes]
Honestly, Ms. Holmes,
I'm a little nervous
about starting over,
but what crime boss isn't looking
for a natural born follower,
who always sees the best in people
with no redeeming qualities?
Who owns his own hacksaw?
Don't worry. I expanded
my evil real estate business
into the Shady Henchman,
Goons and Muscle Temp Agency
because my Shady Estates clients
were always looking
for help with bank jobs
or cutting out magazine
letters for ransom notes.
Well, I'll make your job easy.
When it comes to henching, I'm the tops!
Excellent! Let's create
your Henchman Profile
and get you back out there.
Birth name?
Oh, I only go by my cool
criminal nickname,
but if you must know
It's Hacksaw Henry.
Monthly crime success rate?
That's one.
Though, I did pull off
a lookout job last week,
during which an old lady
pickpocketed me.
Uh-huh. Arrest record?
458 arrests,
720 convictions.
I still haven't figured that one out.
Hacksaw Hank?
What are you doing here?
I was unappreciated
by Fendrich,
so I decided to go into other
people's business for myself!
Good for you!
That Fendrich is such a miserable snake
but at least he plays by the rules.
As for me, with my upcoming
time capsule opening ceremony,
I'm in need of extra muscle
and some light gooning.
Say, are you thinking
what I'm thinking?
That paprika
is an underused seasoning?
You know, anyone
so like-minded about spices
just has to work with me!
What do you say, Hacksaw?
-Count me in, Ms. Sinclair.
I'm so happy for you both,
to give me my fee for connecting you two.
[Fendrich] This forged document
proving the Fendrichs
founded the city really
looks authentic.
It might just be my finest work.
But I made it, all by myself.
Yes, but no one knows that
and I'm choosing
to continuously forget it.
So why did you set up
this thing with Sinclair?
Shouldn't we put that thing inside
that other thing
before that thing tomorrow?
We have time.
Not that Hacksaw calling
my plan "unfair" rang true
but I thought maybe
I'd give Sinclair a chance
to leave the city
in quiet disgrace tonight,
without the added public
humiliation tomorrow.
I thought you should hear
some interesting
inside information I have regarding
your time capsule.
I knew you'd come crawling back!
Rachel, I'd appreciate you being
more courteous to my employees.
Sorry I'm late, Ms. Sinclair.
It took a while to find a space
big enough to park the limo.
[siren wailing]
[cars honking]
Wait! What? Hacksaw, you
work for Sinclair?
She prefers to say I work with her.
So, this is how you repay years of kind,
generous putting up with you!
And you, Sinclair, stealing my most
valuable, completely useless employee?
This means war!
In fact, it means double,
triple war times infinity!
I'll be seeing you both
at the time capsule ceremony!
We have an exciting day ahead!
The time capsule opening ceremony
is in two hours.
I do wonder what "inside information"
Fendrich has about the capsule.
Hacksaw, you're very focused
on his side of the Arch.
Anything to be concerned about?
Oh, um, I'm just making sure the boss
I mean, Fendrich, isn't up to something
that could destroy you
having a great time,
at the ceremony!
Oh, isn't that sweet?
Thank you, Hacksaw.
I have a surprise for you!
In the short time you've been here,
you've proven to be
a thoughtful,
loyal and helpful team member.
I'm making you
Henchman Of The Month!
Gee, Ms. Sinclair,
that's really swell of you.
The only recognition Fendrich
ever gave me was actually,
literally, "recognizing" me
when I was in the room.
A lot of the time he thought
I was someone named Jimmy.
Well, he may have the rest
of the city fooled into thinking
he's not a dirty crook,
but we know better.
Yeah, sure but Fendrich
does have his good sides.
For instance, I've never heard him say
an unkind word about storks,
his zither playing could
move you to tears
and if you read between
the lines of his scornful rage,
there's deep, heartfelt affection,
along with much more scornful rage.
[Sinclair] Oh, Hacksaw,
always seeing the good in people.
Well, if Fendrich does try
anything at the ceremony,
that'll be our chance to expose
and ruin him in front of the whole city!
Hey, uh, you know, I totally forgot
I had to go do something important,
but also totally innocent,
all without sounding too mysterious
as to arouse your suspicion.
[crowd cheering and applauding]
-Vito, be careful, you mumpleton!
-What's a mumpleton?
A new insult! Pretty great, huh?
It doesn't sound very insulty.
It's actually kinda cute.
Like a little guy from a children's story,
Then, one by one, the mumpletons came out
from their hiding places
and helped Misha pick the bright blue
Nillywhip flowers.
Oh! Then what happened?
[Fendrich] Would you focus!
We gotta get the document
into the time capsule!
Hacksaw! I knew you couldn't resist
sharing in my moment
of utterly hollow glory!
Uh, no, actually,
I came to stop you.
This ain't right and I know
you know I know that you know it.
If the Fendrichs really
did plant the seed of this city,
then the Fendrich-Sinclair
rivalry made that seed grow
into the amazing city all around us.
If you're gonna take that away,
you gotta do it fair and square,
in honor of this city
and all the Fendrichseses
that came before you!
You rat!
You're planting fake evidence
your family founded the city, aren't you?
I caught you red-handed
attempting to deceive
the people of our great city!
This will be the end of you!
This will be the end of the Sinclairs!
I just found this appropriately
oldy-time-looking document
inside the time capsule which says
the Fendrichs founded this city!
Prove otherwise! You can't, can you?
Mwa-ha! No one can!
[Hacksaw clears his throat]
Good idea, Jimmy,
let's call everyone in the city
and tell them what we found
in the time capsule!
No, remember I filmed you
opening the capsule?
I have proof right here
there was no founders document,
as well as you scheming
to plant that fake one!
Oh, that's very interesting.
Say, Hacksaw, mind if I see
your phone for a sec?
Sorry, no can do.
I'm gonna delete this video,
but only if Fendrich
rips up that scroll of fibs.
That's the deal. Some day,
one of you might win this petty
rivalry, fair and square,
until then,
this city will continue to thrive on it!
You win, Hacksaw.
In fact, maybe you aren't
as completely numbkrutish
as I might have implied.
I may even consider allowing
you to work for me again,
for a huge pay cut
and if you provide references.
Yes, I must say
I'm impressed, Hacksaw.
Your sense of justice
is admirable for a career criminal.
Oh, and, also, you're fired.
I'll give you a five-second head start
before I send the Morrises after you.
That's swell, Ms. Sinclair. Thanks!
Deleted! My work here is done.
One, two, three.
[theme music]
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