Lego City Adventures (2019) s03e02 Episode Script

Are the Kids Watching?

[theme music]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[helicopter whirring]
[siren blaring]
[ice cream truck jingle]
[siren wailing]
[tires screeching]
[crowd cheering]
Just doing my job.
Remember, kids, the easiest way
is rarely the best way!
[all cheering and clapping]
-[inhales deeply]
-[Duke grunts]
[Wheeler] Dukezilla!
Sick job nabbing those crooks
in that sketchy,
really well-stocked ice cream truck.
Mangosteen-Melon Blast!
[laughs] Awesome!
That's why there's only uno Duke Detain!
[Bennett clears throat]
Dude, your throat! Gnarly.
Here, try some soothing Extreme-Sour
Mangosteen-Melon Blast!
No offense, Chief, that sounds less
like a flavor than a threat.
Good morning.
A few announcements.
First, prepare for traffic delays
while the city's elevated train
is closed for repairs.
Hope that doesn't come into play later on.
Next, it's time for our annual
"Sister City Officer Exchange" Program.
I've created a new, intricate, precise,
and fair algorithm to choose,
completely randomly, which officer
will be sent to our exotic Sister City.
Almost done with the calculations
And our lucky officer is
Allen from Sky Police!
-Wait, wait, what, what?
Four years in a row!
No! No! I do not wanna go
-He will be missed.
-[door closes]
I believe the officer from our
Sister City has already arrived.
It is my great honor to introduce
Lieutenant Gracie Goodhart!
Hello, fellow officers,
you vigilant keepers of the law!
I am ever so pleased
to make your acquaintance
It's way sick to have you here.
Your reputation proceeds you, dude.
-You're too kind.
I'm just here to help in your fight
against crime, Chief Wheeler.
I look forward to getting to know
each and every one of you!
Hello, Detective.
My, you must be an exceptional
law enforcer to rise to such
a rank at so young an age!
Your hair is so shiny!
Like angels spun it on a loom.
You must wash it
with eggs every morning,
and mayonnaise every night.
Isn't that sweet, but, no, please,
I don't have time to fuss with my hair
when there are criminals to catch!
[Grizzled snoring]
And who is this distinguished gentleman?
I can only imagine what I'll learn from,
what is clearly, a lifetime
of heroic experience.
Oh, well, I
What? My cheeks! Red? Burning?
One week from retirement
and I've caught fire face!
Well, hello, there!
Gracie Goodhart, a pleasure
to meet you, Lieutenant.
It's Duke. Duke Detain.
Nice to meet you, Lieutenant!
[gasps] Cubby The Cop!
I was raised on his noble tales of justice
and going above and beyond!
It might sound a bit silly,
but he inspired me
to become a police officer.
Me too!
His heroic adventures taught me
and an entire target
demographic that the
[both] easiest is rarely the best way!
Officers sufficiently charmed.
Okay, next, we need a volunteer
to be Gracie's partner
for the duration of her visit.
Lieutenant Detain,
please pay attention.
I asked who'd like to partner
with Gracie,
not who'd like
to work every holiday this year.
Uh, Captain, I am volunteering
to be Gracie's partner.
Very well.
And the last item of business is
Ah, yes, there is currently a
huge bank robbery in progress.
Lieutenant Detain, Lieutenant Goodhart,
let's test out this new partnership.
[car doors slam]
[siren wailing]
[alarm ringing]
-[Duke grunts]
-[Gracie] Hiya!
[Duke] Don't worry.
We went above
and beyond to get these crooks!
I'll go after Hacksaw.
Just keep an eye on these Gracie?
I got this.
-[tires screech]
[crowd cheering and applauding]
Wow, Duke!
She went even above'er and
beyond'er to catch me!
I'm Gabby Tocamera reporting
from City Bank where visiting
officer Lieutenant Gracie Goodhart
and partner foiled a daring bank robber!
Well, Gabby, I was only doing
what needed to be done
in such circumstances.
"Only what was needed," got it.
Lieutenant Goodhart, everyone is
saying your incredible heroics
today have already put you
in the running for the annual
"Beloved Hero of the City" award!
Oh, dear.
I am honored,
but I couldn't possibly accept.
I mean, who would accept
an award for simply doing their job?
-[crowd applauding]
-[Duke] Thank you!
-[cameras clicking]
-Thank you. Thanks very much.
It's nothing. You are too kind.
That was some totally wicked
police work yesterday, Gracinator!
Thanks to you,
our police officer table
has seen more traffic at today's
Career Day than I've ever seen!
Oh, I couldn't have done it
without Lieutenant Detain.
He's the real inspiration.
In fact, I was honored to take
part in a new ad campaign
which depicts Duke as this city's
symbol of safety and community.
[children laughing]
Oh, it's the kids.
I should warn you,
they kinda look up to me.
I'm sorta like a mentor slash
role model to them.
It's a little embarrassing.
[chuckles] Oh, you mean Carter,
Aiden, and Rose?
Oh, they're adorable.
-Hey, Duke! Can we ask you a fav
-Yes, of course!
The easiest way is rarely
the best way!
Always go above and beyond!
And so forth.
[laughs] No, I was just gonna ask
if you'd take a picture
of us with Gracie.
We just formed
the K.A.N.E.W.G.C!
The Kids Are Now Exclusively
Watching Gracie Club!
Oh, my! [giggling]
That is so sweet.
Kids! It's not wise to exclusively
watch any one thing.
You might miss
something important!
Like a purse snatcher!
Or me taking down a purse snatcher!
You wanna watch something?
Watch this!
[Bennett yells]
You're under arrest!
Lieutenant Detain!
Get off me!
My wife sells these purses
at very reasonable prices.
I was just helping her
set up her table!
Completely against protocol.
Um, hey, Duke. What's going on?
I, um, didn't see any of that, you know,
you embarrassing yourself.
Yeah, I don't think anyone
really noticed.
I saw it. Yikes. Talk about
hitting a low point.
[yells] The space
where my other kidney was!
It's okay, guys.
I know I blew it.
It's just [sighs]
It's like Gracie has more of
everything I value in myself
and the whole city seems
to feel the same way.
It's like she's
"Out Duke-ing" me.
So the whole city stopped adoring you?
I don't see the problem.
Best day of my life
was when me and "people"
stopped liking each other.
Duke, the problem isn't if Gracie
is better than you at anything.
The problem is you care
if she's better. Don't you see?
It's not Duke versus Gracie,
it's Duke versus Duke.
The race is with yourself!
You're right, Rooky.
I got so worried about Gracie
"out Duke-ing" me,
I began "Under-Duke-ing!"
I've gotta start "Re-Duke-ing"
until I'm "Out-Duke-ing" myself!
So we agree?
No more liking people.
Glad that's settled. Good talk, I think.
I wasn't paying attention.
Duke, a suspicious man
dressed like an Old West
outlaw is lurking around
the elevated train!
Not cool in a legal sense,
but cool in an "Old West outlaw
lurking around a train" kinda way.
Go check it out!
We're on it, Chief.
Let's go, partner.
It's time for a good old
fashioned train robbery.
This is a robbery!
"Train closed for repairs.
Please rob somewhere else."
Well, if I can't rob folks on this train,
guess I'll rob the train, itself!
[siren wailing]
He's stealing the whole train!
I have an idea! Let me out here.
I'll stay with the train!
[siren wailing]
I'm afraid this great
train robbery
has become a little less great.
That so, law-lady?
Well, I ain't fixin' to come quietly.
[sirens approaching]
[Snake] Has that lawman gone
completely Higgledy-Piggledy?
We're here with Gracie Goodhart,
who single-handedly stopped
Snake from stealing a train!
I can't figure out how you got the train
over that gap in the tracks! Amazing!
[crowd cheering and applauding]
Way to go, Gracie. Good job.
Thank you for everything,
Chief. You should visit my city.
The skateboard laws
are practically nonexistent.
[laughs] Righteous!
Come back anytime, dude.
Thank you for saving my life.
It's a bit embarrassing,
but I actually felt you were
"Out Gracie-ing" me!
You, sir, are good.
It's impossible
to "Out-Gracie" you,
you're completely unique.
It's been an honor, partner.
[siren wailing]
-[both grunting]
Oh, my arm!
-How do you do that?
-Let's stick to our own thing.
[theme music]
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