Lego City Adventures (2019) s03e08 Episode Script

Business Is Booming

[theme music]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[siren blaring]
Daisy, stop!
Why are you stealing blasting caps
from the dynamite factory?
What are you planning?
To blow stuff up!
This factory makes tons
of these things.
They'll never know
I "borrowed" a couple!
Except for the signed
"thank you" note you left
complimenting their encrypted
wireless detonators!
That was a professional courtesy!
They do quality work!
Daisy Kathleen Lewis,
do you have any idea what time it is?
Mom, it's only 7:45.
I'm a grown up.
I shouldn't even have a curfew.
You live under my roof,
you live by my rules,
and I say, it's 11:30,
an hour past your curfew.
You can't just say
what time it is.
And it's "Kaboom," not "Kathleen."
I did not raise an onomatopoeic term
for the sound of an explosion.
And look at this mess,
triggers, wires,
switches everywhere!
It's almost a waste of time getting
the ironing board wrinkle-free.
Not to mention the embarrassment
when the police raid.
[Duke] Mrs. Lewis?
It's Lt. Duke Detain.
Sorry to bother you.
Is Daisy home?
Uh! I'm not here!
You haven't seen me!
Hello, Duke.
She's right here. Come in, dear.
Excuse the pig sty.
Mom! I so need my own place!
So, you gonna chase or can I get you
something to eat?
[Daisy] I've been saving up for years,
it's time I got my own hideout.
What could be better than
a dynamite factory, you know?
Well, the less I know, the better,
but Shady Estates is here
for all your hideout
and evil lair needs.
The factory owner is willing to sell
for a very reasonable price.
-Whoa. Numbers go that high?
-Maybe a whole dynamite factory
is a bit ambitious
for a first hideout.
They're renting a great space in back
that would suit your purposes perfectly,
not that I'd know or care
to know those purposes.
Ah, I don't wanna rent space.
I just need a few big demolitions jobs
and I can afford the whole factory!
Okay, The Henchman,
Goons and Muscle Temp Agency
is at your service. Let's see.
Hacker, highwayman,
master of disguise impersonator.
Sorry, no demolitions jobs.
What else can you do?
I can do a lot.
But there's only one thing I love,
blowing stuff up!
It's who I am!
Daisy "Kaboom" Lewis!
Unfortunately, I know where I have to go
for the high-paying jobs.
I guess sometimes to reach the stars,
you gotta crawl through the sewers.
Ugh, Daisy, that smell!
Did you crawl in here
through the sewers?
I didn't want anyone to see me
-coming to you for work.
I'm a fair, benevolent boss.
Until I get my new chair,
you need to be more comfortable!
Sorry, boss. It's the swiveling.
Frankly, Mr. Fendrich,
I don't like your style.
But we don't have to be friends
to do business.
Well, it's easy to judge
when your only ambition
is blowing stuff up.
If you ran
an ever-expanding empire,
you'd know
certain moral compromises
are unavoidable.
We're more alike
than you realize.
We are nothing alike.
Ha! See,
we have the same shoe size!
Look, I'm only here
for a big demolitions job.
Now, what d'you got?
Truth is, I don't have
any explosives related work
for you right now.
I've got a jaywalking job,
but I've already called in
a top specialist
from out of town.
So I crawled through sewers
for nothing?
Hey, my amusement is not nothing!
At least I saw something
blow up,
my hopes and dreams.
Whoever locked my keys up
in my apartment, it's not funny!
The only silly mistakes geniuses
make result
in extinction-level events!
Stand aside.
Thank you, strange woman
who keeps explosives
on her person.
You must be paid
for your services.
You solved my problem
with a very satisfying "boomy" sound!
-Boy, do I love pickles!
But I can't open
this pickle jar!
Maybe life has no meaning.
Got a problem? Kaboom it!
-Thank you, Kaboom it!
Embarrassing grape juice stains
on my white shag carpet?
No choice but to shred
my personal documents
and get off the grid!
Got a problem? Kaboom It!
The stain is gone
so I don't have to be!
Thank you, Kaboom It!
Quadratic equations? I'm a kid!
Can't this wait
'til I have to solve them
all the time as an adult?
Got a problem? Kaboom It!
-A perfect algebra score!
I'm completely prepared
for adulthood now!
Thanks, Kaboom It!
When life hands you a problem
[both] Kaboom It!
So, what do you think?
That Todd! What an actor!
I've never seen someone pretend
to love pickles so convincingly.
Ma, I meant what do you think
about my new business,
Kaboom It?
Oh, it's nice, dear,
but I would say
don't quit your day job.
I would also say get a day job.
-[phone beeping]
Look, my first customer!
That's better.
[Daisy's mom] Don't ignore
your mother's calls.
Don't ignore
your mother's calls.
-Don't ignore your mother's
Hi, Mom.
Business couldn't be better.
In fact, it's exhausting.
I can barely keep up.
And even if I could,
I'm still a long way
from where I wanna be.
Hacksaw, go to Produce's.
Don't get cherries with pits!
Just get pits!
Vito, get a suit of armor!
And Frankie,
go get reupholstered!
Mom, I gotta go.
I know what to do!
Ms. Lewis, at 3:20,
you meet with Bill Bords
about the billboards.
At 4:45,
you have a staff meeting
about having
too many staff meetings.
First, sign this stack
of paperwork in triplicate
or these three stacks
of paperwork once.
Please don't let me trying
to live
in my own apartment bother you.
It's just until
I can afford real offices.
I had to hire more employees
to keep up with demand.
Isn't this your awful
defense attorney?
Stacy Strikeout, yes,
I'm also
her executive assistant.
Who better to be responsible
for her schedule
than the person also responsible
for two months of that schedule
being jail time?
Ha-ha. I'm kidding.
Knowing me,
it'll be five months.
-[doorbell dings]
-Oh, the new hires are here!
So, any of you newbies
Marketing prefers
the term "Kaboomers."
It tests well with people
who like marketing.
Any of you Kaboomers
have experience with explosives?
I once used pyrotechnics
in my street magic show,
but they didn't go off,
then I forgot where they were,
then I forgot where I was.
Lightin' a stick o' dynamite
makes a fella scream "yee-haw!"
especially when he accidentally
drops it back in the TNT crate!
They're loud! I love loud!
I love destructive, too!
Loud and destructive?
That's my raison d'êêtre.
You tell Matt Finish
to read the fine print.
Mustache trimming
with micro-charges
can cause singeing!
If he has a problem with that,
he can go Kaboom It!
-Hi, Daisy.
-Duke. It's been a while.
I wanted to congratulate you
on real success.
You're helping people, legally,
by doing what you love.
Oh, thank you,
but I don't have time
to personally blow stuff up.
Come on.
You're Daisy "Kaboom" Lewis.
-Don't you miss it?
-Miss what?
The smell of ammonium nitrate,
exploding-bridgewire detonators,
calculating electrostatic
I have people for that now.
My people even have people.
And those people have meerkats.
There was a typo
in the employee pamphlet.
Huh, you sound like
a corporate tycoon,
but you don't sound happy.
Is this what you want?
It's exactly what I want,
to buy a big, stupid
dynamite factory
for my big, stupid
Kaboom It headquarters!
Listen, Lieutenant Detain,
just 'cause you cuffed
and fingerprinted a gal,
doesn't mean you know
the first thing about her!
Sorry. Daisy "Kaboom" Lewis is my friend,
but you're right.
I don't know the first thing
about Daisy "Kaching" Lewis.
Haven't they delivered my chair?
No, sorry, Ms. Lewis.
Have a seat!
-Um, Ms. Lewis? No good?
-[door opens]
-Got a problem? Kaboom It!
Welcome back,
Daisy "Kaboom" Lewis.
So, renting this space
in the dynamite factory
means you'll be up
to your usual shenanigans, huh?
I thought I wanted
to reach the stars,
but they're just
big balls of fire.
I had to get back to
what I love, blowing stuff up.
Well, I'm just glad you finally
got a place of your own.
I love you,
but you were driving me crazy.
-[vacuum whirring]
-[doorbell dings]
Duke? What's going on?
Daisy Lewis,
you're the prime suspect
in a series
of mysterious billboard explosions.
We have a warrant to search
the premises for explosives.
It's a dynamite factory.
Have fun.
Is this because of what I said?
Because, you were right.
I'm sorry.
Think of it as a ritual.
A hideout isn't "official"
until your first police raid.
Glad you're back Daisy.
Aww. Thanks, Duke.
Good to be back.
Ma, better call Stacy Strikeout.
Anything to get her off my floor.
She's remarkably comfortable,
but it's getting weird.
[theme music]
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