Lego City Adventures (2019) s03e09 Episode Script

Makeover and Over

[theme music]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[siren blaring]
[Mayor Fleck] To whom it may concern,
I find it presumptuous
you've read this far not knowing,
specifically, if this may,
in fact, concern you.
-Furthermore, I
-Mr. Mayor!
It's happening!
He's coming to perform in our city!
The world's most famous opera singer
You know, Whatshisface!
Wait. Yuno Whatshisface
is going to perform here?
I thought he never sang
outside his native country.
Apparently, he got a flyer
for Mr. Produce's
In Praise Of The Yam sale,
buy 40 yams, get one free,
and found the idea so compelling,
he had to come honor the city.
There's only one problem.
Hey, that's a record low for us!
Right? But it's a big problem.
We don't currently have an opera house.
Our old one is now part
of the Fendrich-Sinclair Arch.
[Mayor Fleck] Ah, yes,
the city's official landmark.
It still fills me with wonder,
mostly wondering
about whether that thing is,
in any way, even the slightest
bit structurally sound.
Master Architect Ave Empire
built that opera house.
We should get him here
as soon as possible.
True, according to the flyer,
the yam praising ends this week.
Good thing Mr. Empire's already here.
Ave! What do you think?
-[groaning, sighs]
-[bones cracking]
[groans] I agree, Mayor Fleck,
these units are much too teeny-tiny
to rent as single apartments.
[Shifty] So, what's the verdict?
Am I officially a landlord?
I'm sorry, Shifty,
I have to reject your application
for an 827-unit apartment
building above your shop.
Oh! This is about me refusing to help you
because I irrationally,
stubbornly insisted
you were a vampire, ain't it?
What? No!
It's because of the size of the
[groans] Typical petty vampire!
[sighs] But I'm not a vampire
-[door slams]
-[sighs sharply]
Ave, listen, Yuno Whatshisface
is coming to sing
and we don't have an opera house.
Yuno is from my country!
We go way back, Yu-Yu and me.
I built the opera house there, too!
He said the acoustics
and sound were perfect!
I used the same design here,
but it never sounded as good.
Can you build another one in,
oh, let's say 12 hours?
No can do.
Yuno Whatshisface refuses to sing anywhere
but in my original, perfect opera house.
[spooky music plays]
Oy! I gotta change that text alert.
Ah, it's from Yu-Yu!
Okay, okay. Yeah. I thought as much.
Yup, yup. That makes sense.
Well, problem solved.
What did he say?
I was right.
Yu-Yu will only sing in my opera house.
So how is the problem solved?
That's odd.
He sent it ahead? An opera house?
Total Yu-Yu move, eh?
Full on.
So, Yuno Whatshisface plans
to sing in an opera house
on the deck of a ship. How novel.
What with the wavey and the wavey,
and the up and the down? No, no, no.
This opera house is perfect
and must be put in the perfect location
to achieve the perfect sound!
It's too bad Mary Sinclair
closed her Opera House Towing company.
That would have been helpful.
Wait! Helpful! That's the answer!
So, Harl, you want to build
a massive crane
to pick the opera house
off the Guardian of the Oceans
and place it in the city?
Yup! As you can see,
I've been working on the problem
in case it ever came up!
I call it Preventative Helping!
[Harl] I've also cracked the problem
of teaching a goat dentistry.
Has that come up, too?
Yes, a few times.
I wish you'd said something earlier.
Whoa, whoa, are you sure this is safe?
That opera house is perfect,
nothing can happen to it!
Of course, it's safe! Watch.
[Harl] Uh, well, sorta like that,
only much, much bigger!
[Ave] All right. After a careful
study of the city's layout,
I've determined the ideal sonic location
for my beautiful opera house
is right here.
[Harl] On the corner of Wreckage Street
and South Cacophony Boulevard. Got it!
Oh, boy,
he built that big crane in a jiffy.
Are we sure it'll work?
I'm sure of two things,
Harl Hubbs is the most
helpful person I've ever met,
and with Harl, it's best
not to think about it too much.
[Carol] Okay, Harl,
we're all set on this end.
We'll monitor you from here.
Roger. I'm moving the crane now.
[people screaming]
[Harl] The bacon is off the pan.
I repeat. The bacon is off the pan.
Harl, we're not using code words.
Okay, Harl, you're over the spot.
[Harl] Wait, the bacon,
I mean, the opera house
won't fit in the space!
No, no, no! It must be in that location.
[Harl] I know what would help!
I just need to put
the opera house down for a sec.
There's room in the park!
My outdoor cooking demonstration
is starting soon
and nobody is here!
[loud thud]
[Timothy] Luckily.
My perfect opera house is in the park?
Exposed to the elements?
Isn't it always outside?
How is being in a park any different?
Different elements!
I have to protect my baby!
Now, all I have to do
is move The Home For People Who
Are Terrified Of Helicopters.
Uh, okay, where do you plan to put that?
[Harl] I see a spot!
-[people screaming]
Harl, you put The Home For People
Who Are Terrified Of Helicopters
next to the Helicopter Testing Factory!
[Harl] Oops! Sorry! I'll fix it!
[people screaming]
Don't worry, perfect opera house,
I won't let anything happen
As I was saying, I won't let anything
[grunts, groans]
Anything happen to you
Remember, you can't spell flambé
without raging inferno,
if you can't spell!
[Ave] Oh, no!
A burning ember got in! Not good!
Okay, Craig, why don't you just
-[indistinct chatter]
[helicopters whirring]
[Carol] Oh, no.
Harl moved the Helicopter Testing Factory
by the TV studio!
Harl, you have to move the factory.
Craig Woodman can't do his work!
Don't worry, Mayor. I'm on it!
[people screaming]
-Why are you doing this?
-I can't believe it!
[Grizzled] Yeah, yeah, okay, into prison.
I get it, robbing Shifty's
before he robs you,
but, still, you know, the law.
[loud thudding]
Hey, hey, hey!
I got a paying tenant in there!
[loud thud]
[spluttering] Train!
Yoo-hoo! Here, ember, ember.
Where are you,
you little burning fireball?
I better get the fire extinguisher!
I put this fire extinguisher
up way too high.
I need a ladder.
Ah, right, the supply closet's
in the basement.
Maybe not so smart.
Okay, now, where's the basement door?
[Carol] Okay, Harl, almost there.
Now, move the Courthouse to City Square.
Good, then, finally,
swap the donut and the mattress stores
And would you mind moving
my loud neighbor anywhere else?
Huh. Great! The city is back to normal!
Now go get that bacon, Harl.
Roger that, Mayor Fleck!
I have a surprise for you.
Ah. An opera program.
Hey, the Yuno Whatshisface classic,
My Boom Boom Heart!
will be playing here for two years!
You hear that, ember?
I won't let you ruin a cool show!
Yu-Yu even insists, at the end,
they set off a real explosive!
[sniffing, gasps]
No. A prop fire extinguisher?
What was I thinking?
Wait, I hope they didn't store
two years' worth of explosives
in the big prop storage trunk
I designed near the stage.
Oy, come on, already!
Ave, good news! Harl's moving
the opera house into place now!
Yes, and some bad news,
the opera house is a little bit on fire
and filled with explosives.
[Carol] What?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, the terror in your voice
really does sound beautiful in here.
[Carol] Wait, you're inside
the opera house?
We've got to put it down!
[Ave] No, no, no!
If this thing goes kablooey,
it'll take a whole block with it.
Ave, you have to get out of there.
It's an opera house,
for crying out loud there's
gotta be parachutes somewhere!
Not a big opera buff, are you, sir?
[Ave panting] I'm working on it.
So many stairs.
I should have put in an elevator.
[sighs sharply] Harl, we have no choice.
We have to toss
the opera house into to sea.
But, Ave, your perfect opera house!
[Ave groans] Yeah, about that.
The sound might be perfect,
but I can see now,
in terms of basic, practical design,
not so much.
Hang on!
[sighs sharply]
-[spooky music plays]
-[phone beeps]
So I texted Yu-Yu that instead
of placing his opera house
in the ideal place for the perfect sound,
I blew it up and threw it in the ocean.
He says no problem,
he'll just sing at Produce's stand.
Took it pretty well, I gotta say.
[Mayor Fleck] I think I speak for everyone
when I say we should all take a moment
and praise the yams.
[Harl gasps] Yay, yams!
[theme music]
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