Lego City Adventures (2019) s03e21 Episode Script

Give 'Em a Hand

[theme music]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[siren blaring]
[announcer] Here they are,
the world's greatest stunt team,
Billy "Chomper" McCloud
and "Mad-As-A-Hatter" Maddison Yea!
[crowd cheer]
The hardest thing to win
is the love of the crowd!
Billy and Maddy will now attempt
the most difficult stunt of all,
The Flying Quadruple
Triple Dipple Jackknife
Flippy-Wippy Jump Of Ultimate Doom!
-[both grunt]
-They're almost at the ramp!
[announcer] Can
Billy and Maddy
land this impossible stunt?
-[both grunt]
-[bodies thud]
Maybe we should pay attention
to the meaning of "impossible stunt."
Good effort!
A "two on board jump" is difficult,
considering the variables:
velocity, wind, balance,
and weight distribution.
"The Flying Quadruple
Triple Dipple Jackknife Flippy-Wippy
Jump Of Ultimate Doom"
is a rad stunt name!
It's all yours. My stunt days are over.
You failed, but you failed with style.
Yeah, it's just as exciting
to watch someone
totally blow a stunt
as it is to watch them land one!
At least we stayed up on the board
all the way to the ramp this time!
[Rocket] Exactly.
They say it takes 10,000 hours of practice
to become an expert at something.
How long till we're stunt experts?
Nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine
and a half hours.
Yes! We're halfway there!
I think his stunt skills
have surpassed his math skills.
-[car approaching]
-[tires screech]
[Wallop] Whoa. Swanky car.
You think they'd let me run
a monster truck over it?
That's Mary Sinclair.
She owns half
of the Fendrich-Sinclair Arch.
The Sinclair half.
Oh, don't mind Morris and Morris,
their bark is worse than their bite.
Though, the fact that they bark
and bite is a bit troubling.
I'm Mary Sinclair,
and this is my granddaughter, Sweetie.
Your show is ever so exciting!
Thank you, I'm Rocket Racer.
This is Raze, Wallop,
Spotlight and that's Incognitro.
[chuckles] Goodness.
Your parents gave you unusual names!
[Raze chuckles]
They're stage names,
except for Incognitro, I think.
[leather squeaks]
[Sinclair] Every year, I sponsor
a City-Wide Kids' Obstacle Race.
And Sweetie,
not only helps plan the course
she's also quite the competitor.
This year will be the grandest yet,
inspired by your remarkable show.
I hope you two will participate.
Yes, you simply must join the fun!
Uh, thanks, but we have plans then.
Yeah, so busy, whatever day it is.
I thought so. Chickens.
You wouldn't stand
a chance, anyway.
Pity! Please do take a flier
in case your schedules open up,
and you wanna eat my dust.
[Sinclair] Come, Sweetie, we mustn't
be late for our meeting with Mayor Fleck.
It was a pleasure seeing you all!
Why don't you guys wanna race
with your friend?
You could totally win!
Sweetie Sinclair is not our friend.
And she has all this cool, high-tech gear
so she always wins!
There are countless winning strategies
we can teach you.
Yeah, you helped us with our show,
and now we can return the favor!
Whaddya say?
Should Team Chomper
and Mad-As-A-Hatter Maddy
teach Sweetie a lesson?
Huh, I wasn't expecting so much garbage
would be involved.
A junkyard is a rad place to train!
You just have to go with the flow.
Actually, it's all about careful planning.
According to the race map,
you'll face a lot of different obstacles.
[Rocket] Say this
workshop is a bus blocking
the fastest way to this point.
Try to find the most efficient route
through these smaller obstacles.
Just look ahead,
plan the best path and stick to the plan.
Makes sense to me!
-[Maddison laughs]
-[Billy grunts]
[Maddison giggles]
[Billy yells] Whoa!
[Billy] Okay, I've hit rock bottom
and I'm only nine.
If the bus is blocking the fastest route,
why not just go over it?
On the real course,
there might not be a convenient ramp.
[Spotlight] It's best
to just follow the script.
On the real course, there might not be
an inconvenient bus.
[Wallop] There's no script in real life.
But you can't see ahead of you!
[Billy yells] Whoa!
-[bike clatters]
Raze's way will help us win for sure!
What? You would be junked
if those mattresses weren't there!
Rocket's way is smarter.
Agreed. Planning beats luck.
It's not "luck," it's intuition!
Well, I'm racing Rocket's way
because I wanna win!
Well, I'm racing Raze's way
because I'm gonna win!
Guys, this is ridiculous!
I can prove, scientifically,
planning ahead is the superior approach.
Ugh! Come on, Billy,
we'll show these guys
the power of intuition!
Hello fans of intenseness!
Dynamo Doug here at the annual
Sinclair City-Wide Kids' Obstacle Race
which promises to be the intensest yet!
You're gonna do great, Maddy.
Remember, stick to the plan.
[rock music plays over stereo]
You're going down, Mad-As-A-Hatter!
Yeah, down the track
faster than you, Chomper!
[tires screech]
-[car door opens]
-[crowd cheering]
[crowd chanting] Sweetie! Sweetie!
Well look who's decided to be humiliated
in front of the city that loves me.
[crowd cheering]
Hey, I'm trying to insult you here!
[whistle blows]
And the race is intensely on!
[all cheering]
Showboat all you want, Raze.
Maddy's focus won't be broken.
Ha! Watch your precious "laws of physics"
bend to Billy's will.
[Doug] Now the kids have
to navigate through Garbage Alley!
Oh! Carter and Bleak wiped out
while Sweetie knocks down garbage cans
like bowling pins!
Gross and intense!
But, look, Maddy Yea,
just cut through the alley
like an intense surgeon
and takes the lead!
[tires screech]
Go! Sweetie!
[tires screech]
[tires screech]
Whoa! For those watching at home,
we're bringing the intenseness
right to you!
[tires screech]
[crowd cheering]
[Doug] And Billy McCloud
intensely moves into first place!
He's really showing
the value of a totally reckless
lack of foresight!
[Doug] Only Sweetie,
Maddy and Billy left
as we reach the final obstacle!
Inspired by the stunt show's
Sweetie Sinclair has made her
own giant monkey!
The kids have to climb the monkey
and skateboard down the ramp
to the finish line!
We are at peak intensestness!
-[tires screech]
[crowd cheering]
I got a plan for this!
Do you?
Yeah, just go with the flow!
[Maddison grunting]
[siren blaring]
[siren blaring continues]
-[car approaching]
-[Billy] Oh!
-[Billy grunts]
-[crowd cheer]
[Sweetie] Oh, so sorry!
You didn't know there was an elevator?
[Maddison scoffs, grunts]
[Doug] Uh, oh!
A problem that requires thinking!
Billy's in trouble!
Billy! Don't worry!
Grab the bar up to your left
and put your foot
on the bar you're holding!
[Billy grunts]
Good! Now, climb up to the left!
[Sweetie chuckles]
It's time to show everyone
why Chimpanz-Evil
-is so well-named.
[Sweetie grunts]
-[Maddison yelps]
-Don't avoid the hand!
Jump into it!
What? That's nuts!
No, that's bananas!
It's a monkey hand!
Be the banana, Maddy!
[Maddison grunts]
[Doug] Unreal!
Maddy and Billy have joined forces
to defeat Chimpanz-Evil!
Too intense, can't deal
Oh, dear.
Only one skateboard left?
So much for teamwork!
[crowd cheer]
[Sweetie chuckles]
Oh, thank you.
[crowd cheering] Maddy! Billy! Maddy!
[cheering continues]
Oh, come on!
Now what do we do?
[all] The Flying Quadruple
Triple Dipple Jackknife
Flippy-Wippy Jump Of Ultimate Doom!
-[Maddison] Whoa!
-[Billy] Whoa!
[both yelping]
[crowd] Whoa!
[crowd cheering]
-[crowd cheering]
That was ever so inspiring!
You two deserve this more than I do.
[crowd] Billy! Maddy! Billy! Maddy!
Billy! Maddy! Billy! Maddy!
Uh! Seriously, people?
That was so nice of me!
I won the race and totally showed heart!
I'm the one who deserves cheering!
Oh, forget it! Ugh!
[crowd cheering]
To Team Chomper and Mad-As-A-Hatter Maddy!
[leather squeaks]
[theme music]
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