Lego City Adventures (2019) s03e22 Episode Script

Natural Habitat

[theme music]
[siren blaring]
[tires screeching]
[siren blaring]
[announcer] It's time for
Craig Woodman's City Exposé
with Gabby Tocamera.
Hi, I'm Gabby Tocamera.
On a very special and strangely named
"Craig Woodman's City Exposé,"
I'll explore our green city,
and how being environmentally friendly
impacts the whole planet,
which, according to recent polls,
is where most people live.
I'll speak to city officials,
business owners,
and average citizens
about ways everyone can make
our city a safer, cleaner place.
[Gabby] I'll also speak to my producer
about less annoying places to film.
While our city is one of the most
eco-friendly places in the world,
Mayor Solomon Fleck explains
how his recent Green Initiative
will up our green game even more.
Much like the concept of work,
the environment is a vital issue.
When I took office,
we had a Blue Initiative
and a Yellow Initiative,
which I combined to create
the Green Initiative.
Our goal is 100% clean,
self-sustaining energy.
So as we work to help the environment,
the environment works to help us,
which only seems fair.
[Gabby] First Deputy
Mayor Carol Yea had this to say
about how the city's
Green Initiative is working.
If anyone needs proof of our success,
they need look no further
than the city's famous sewer dolphins.
Our water is so clean,
dolphins actually live
in our sewer tunnels.
Now that's a clean city!
[Gabby] Working hard to keep
our city clean
is Waste Management Expert Shirley Keeper.
[clears throat] Yeah.
Our new recycling plant can process paper,
plastic, glass, metal, wood,
You name it, we recycle it!
It's one of the easiest ways to help.
There's no excuse not to recycle.
In fact, I wrote a new, modern,
avant-garde song about recycling
I'd like to perform for you.
Paper, plastics, glass ♪
[crane whirs]
[Gabby] I'm, uh, attempting
to be here with Police Chief Wheeler
to discuss reducing carbon emissions
to keep our air clean.
Gabster, I'm a green dude
from, like, always.
Thrashing on a skateboard,
a bike or simply walking
is gnarly exercise
and 100% pollution-free!
Pretty rad, huh?
Rad, indeed.
And so, isn't a goal
of the Mayor's Green Initiative
to have all vehicles run on clean energy?
Totally, dude.
Pretty soon, every car
in the city'll be green.
Way ahead of you, Rolly Cop!
[upbeat rock music]
[Gabby] While municipal actions
lead by example,
it's the small, everyday acts
of the average citizen
that are the real heart
of our green city success.
I'm here with Tophat Tom
with his own unique solution
for eliminating
those plastic shopping bags
that we all know can be harmful
to the environment.
Gabby, an absurd amount of top hats
are more than
a self-defining fashion choice,
they can save the world
by doubling as shopping bags!
Yes, but don't most people simply
reuse canvas or cloth bags?
Pfft. That might be fine
for my arch rival,
Canvas Or Cloth Bag Tom,
but, if I've not made
this abundantly clear,
I'm Tophat Tom!
-[Tophat yelping]
-[loud thud]
[Gabby] Tippy Dorman,
reformed master criminal and doorman,
incorporates eco-friendly ideas
into his daily occupation.
An average door opening
allows 36.5 seconds
of cool air to escape on hot days.
I've cut that down to 2.9 seconds,
saving precious energy!
Ah, good day, Dr. Contagioustein!
[Gabby] You're never too young
to help the environment.
I'm on the rooftop garden of local kids,
Maddison Yea and Billy McCloud.
Tell us about the amazing work
you've done here.
Billy and I noticed this free space
is perfect for an organic garden!
We started off with strawberries,
then apples, kiwi,
grapes, peaches and more!
See, they're just ready to pick!
In fact, I'll make a big fruit salad
for dessert tonight!
-[Billy munching]
-[Maddison] My fruit!
I'm with R.E. Fendrich,
whose factory has been targeted
for being extremely, almost cartoonishly,
harmful to the environment.
My factory manufactures
these delightful statues of me gloating,
I planned to put in the park
in response to
[screams] Sinclair's
giant S sculptures,
but we needed a cheaper
safer substitute for plastic.
So we created Benzdiplanetruinthtyl,
which is twice as cheap as plastic,
but, as it turns out,
twice as dangerous to the environment.
So you're closing the factory?
Yes, uh, through a lot of soul searching,
and threats of legal action
and billions in fines,
I decided to do my part
for this environment thingy,
and close it.
Know anyone who needs
10,000 Benzdiplanetruinthtyl
statues of me?
We're at the annual Sewer Dolphin Day,
which celebrates the playful,
magical creatures beneath our city,
as well as the hard work
we put into keeping our city
safe and clean.
Today, we celebrate
our beloved sewer dolphins,
a unique symbol of our
environmentally friendly city!
How many major urban centers
have sewers so clean
sea mammals happily frolic in them?
Now here's wildlife expert,
Westbrook W. Sleet.
Let's all say hello
to everyone's favorite dolphin, Dayna!
[Westbrook] Strange.
Dayna loves to show off and play.
It's not like him to not show up.
[Westbrook] I'll try his language
[imitates dolphin's calling]
Uh, lemme talk to him.
[imitates dolphin's calling]
[Westbrook] I don't see Dayna.
There doesn't appear
to be any dolphins at all!
[all gasp]
Something's wrong.
The sewer dolphins have vanished.
Well, this reporter plans
to get to the bottom of it.
In the meantime, let's go to Craig Woodman
for an environmental
round-table discussion
with firefighter Buster Lloyd,
stunt celebrity Incognitro
and the frozen Dr. Barnaby Wylde
Well, this is certainly
going to be informative
I'm at City Harbor with Captain Facepatch
of the Guardian Of The Oceans.
Captain, the sewer dolphins
have mysteriously disappeared
from beneath the city.
As you spend so much time at the dock,
have you seen any dolphins recently?
Well, Gabby, I
Look, to tell you the truth,
I can barely see anything
with this thing on my face.
I'm not even sure why I wear it.
It's just that my name is
[Captain Facepatch sobbing]
I'm, I'm sorry! I, duh Excuse me!
If the sewer dolphins' presence
proves how environmentally friendly
our city is,
could their sudden disappearance
mean we're not as green
as we previously thought?
[Gabby] I'm at the Eco-Power Plant
with Dr. Floyd Wexler,
inventor of the Green Energy Optimizer,
which plays a major role
in the Green Initiative.
Dr. Wexler, could the mysterious
of the sewer dolphins stem
from a problem here?
Don't be a silly person, Ms. Tocamera.
My Green Energy Optimizer
works better than expected,
which is saying a lot,
considering my inflated ego.
My Optimizer, amplifying solar, wind,
hydro und geothermal energy
had us up to 79% of Mayor Fleck's goal
-of 100% clean energy.
-[electricity crackles]
Then I realized I could harness
the power of genius itself!
My added brain power
boosted us to 94%!
I only needed a little more
help to reach our goal.
I pondered where one
could find such helpful power,
-then it hit me!
Even my brain is helpful!
[electricity crackles]
[Gabby] If the problem
is not in the ocean,
or at the Eco-Power Plant,
that means the solution
to the missing sewer dolphins
may very well be down
in the sewers themselves.
This could be very dangerous,
but a reporter can never let danger
get in the way of the truth.
I'm going down there.
Okay, I'm now in the sewers.
It's dark and creepy,
and there are no dolphins in sight.
[bats screeching]
[Gabby] Huh, there are discarded
dolphin toys.
A beachball, juggling pins,
and Dayna's ukulele.
He never goes anywhere without it.
These dolphins obviously left in a hurry.
[Gabby] Oh, it's just one
of Fendrich's statues.
That's strange.
I wonder what it's doing down here.
[gasps] More statues.
[Gabby] They seem to be leading
towards the juncture up ahead
Oh, no. The whole sewer
is blocked by these statues!
[Gabby] No wonder
the dolphins are missing.
They couldn't access the sewer system!
When Fendrich shut down his factory,
he just dumped
his entire inventory of statues
down the closest manholes.
[Fendrich] That's not true!
Some of the manholes
were a few blocks away.
Mr. Fendrich! How could you?
Dumping garbage in the sewers
is not environmentally friendly,
plus it's illegal!
Why didn't you just haul them
to the recycling station?
I crunched the numbers!
If you include fuel for the trucks,
plus time and labor,
it would cost me an outrageous 28 bucks!
The recycling center pays by the pound.
You'd make thousands for all this stuff!
Thousands minus 28 bucks!
That's money outta my pocket!
Besides, no one is going to find out
about this, Ms. Tocamera.
Uh, actually, you know
we're filming this, right?
The camera?
The feed is going directly
to the news station.
Ah, right. I mean, Vito, why did you dump
these 10,000 me statues into the sewer
instead of the recycling center?
It's not environmentally friendly,
plus it's "illegal!"
-But, boss, uh, you said we should
-No excuses!
Obviously, it's a simple
misunderstanding, Ms. Tocamera.
Thank you so much
for bringing this to my attention.
So, once again, our beloved city
is back to being the greenest
and cleanest place on the planet.
If this special report
has taught us anything,
it's that, when it comes
to the environment,
even the smallest acts
can add up to a big impact.
So maybe it's time to ask yourself,
what are you doing to help our planet?
For Craig Woodman's City Exposé,
I'm Gabby Tocamera,
doing my part to help our city
be the best it can be.
-[Dayna squealing]
-[ukulele strums]
[water splashes]
[theme music]
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