Lego City Adventures (2019) s04e01 Episode Script

The Brawl in City Hall

[opening theme music playing]
[siren blaring]
[horn honks]
[tires screech]
[siren blaring continues]
[bell ringing]
Okay. People have tried for centuries
to learn who founded the City!
How are we going to figure it out
for a school history report?
We need one good clue to get us going!
One. No one else has found!
If we pull this off,
we'll be heroes! Legends!
[gasps] Heroic Legends!
Oh! Sorry, Billy.
[Billy] It's great that you're excited,
but you really scared our teacher,
screaming like that when
she gave us the assignment.
I know. I was just so psyched.
I'll apologize to her tomorrow,
if she's out from under her desk.
Yeah! Let's put that energy
into the report,
where it'll help us!
I'll try. Okay, City Founding:
What do we know?
[Billy] We know the Mayor's desk
was made from the first ship
to land where the harbor plaque is now.
[Billy] We know the plaque says the city
was founded on May 22nd, 1607.
[camera clicking]
But who from that ship said,
"Let's make this a city?"
Fendrich and Sinclair say,
it was someone from one of their families,
but [gasps]
What's the deal at City Hall?
-[water splashes]
I'm okay!
Hmm. That's odd.
Everything okay, Aunt Freya?
Well, Billy,
Dr. Wexler is testing
two new security systems
he built for City Hall.
One deals with intruders,
and one contains fires.
I programmed the artificial
intelligences with emotions!
Much more sophisticated
than the system I made
for the Observatory.
Cool! I've been trying
to build an AI of my own!
-AIs are awesome!
At least, ah, most of them are.
Doc thinks some wiring got toasted
and freaked out the systems.
City Hall's phones and computers
are cut off from the outside world,
so we don't know what's going on inside.
We evacuated the building,
but one person is still in there.
The Deputy Mayor, Maddy. Your mom.
[suspenseful music]
And we think
my favorite stapler is with her.
Then why are we out here?
Anything could be happening to my mom!
Or my stapler.
Hey, it's chill. We're on it.
I called for a panda,
three pounds of plutonium
and a chair
but we couldn't find a chair.
So Chief Wheeler sent in his officers.
-Uh, that's gonna leave a mark.
Can't you, like, turn
the systems off from out here?
I could turn them off
quite easily with a computer.
I could log in to my account,
which is connected to the systems,
give the command and poof, system's off.
So why don't you?
[nervous laugh]
I uh I forgot my password.
[Mayor Fleck] Hmph.
If you can't save my mom, I will!
[heroic music]
-[siren wailing]
-[tire screeches]
Please stay behind the security perimeter.
It may not be safe.
We should listen to him, Maddy.
No way,
-I want to go help my mom.
Yes, okay, we should.
I have to get my mom out of there!
I know. We're going in, you and me.
The "experts" aren't having any luck.
We might as well try.
Okay, thanks. So how do we get in?
Come on. I'll show you.
-[cover clanks]
-[Billy grunts]
Aunt Freya once told me
the City's oldest sewer line
runs under City Hall.
There should be stairs
to a basement storage room
-up ahead
-[siren wailing, revs]
[Duke grunts]
We meet again, well-meaning,
authority-disobeying youngsters.
If you stop me here,
I'll just find another way in.
I see.
Then the best thing I can do
is not let you go in unsupervised.
[suspenseful music]
Up there!
This won't be easy.
[Duke grunts, thuds]
But the easy way is rarely the best way.
Looks safe enough.
[yelps, thuds]
[siren wails]
[Fire Drone] Potential fire victim ejected
by fire security system.
[Police Drone] Two intruders remain,
detected by police security
system scanners.
Um, we're, like, just looking for my mom.
Maybe you've seen her?
[Fire Drone] Fire system will remove
potential fire victims.
Hey! We're not intruders
or potential fire victims.
[Police Drone]
Aggressive behavior detected.
Police system neutralizing.
-[bar clangs]
-[both yelp]
[tense music]
Ooh! Ow!
[Madison grunts]
[clangs continuously]
My stapler
Ooh! Whoa!
[Madison grunts]
[Billy] Maddy! Help!
Which way do I go?
[Madison] Turn Left! Right!
Look out! Right again!
Left! No, the other left!
[Fire Drone] Fire system willing to assist
police system
[Police Drone] Assistance unnecessary.
[grunts, yelps]
[suspenseful music]
-Subjects still at large.
-Subjects still at large.
-This unit tracking.
-This unit tracking.
-This unit. No, this unit
-This unit. No, this unit
[Police Drone]
As I have stated, this unit!
You are beneath me! This unit!
[Fire Drone] Oh, you are not even a unit!
[door opens, closes]
[music stops]
This is where my mom works!
The Mayor's office is on this floor too.
-Let's keep going!
-Maddy, I know you're worried,
but getting upset with these drones
like you did in the basement won't help.
They're computers.
I'm trying, but it's hard!
You'd freak out if your mom
was in danger, wouldn't you?
Of course, but we have to take
that energy for freaking out
and put it into helping get your mom out.
[Fire Drone]
Fire System has located intruders
before Police System.
[Police Drone] Police System undamaged
by Fire System pushing drone into wall.
[water splashing]
[both yelp]
You're the computer whiz.
[water splashing]
Can you, like, get them off our backs?
I could if I had a computer connected
to the City Hall network.
My laptop won't connect because
I don't know the password.
[Police Drone]
Come out with appendages raised.
[both grunt, yelp]
[Fire Drone]
The fire system can take it from here.
[Police Drone] You are obstructing me.
[Fire Drone] Fire system will take over.
[Police Drone] You are in my way!
[Fire Drone] You are incompetent!
[Police Drone]
Let a professional do this. Move.
They're more into beating
each other than chasing us.
-Is this your first day?
-[Fire Drone] Your first day?
[Police Drone] What are you, a freshman?
[suspenseful music intensifies]
Mom! How did you get up there?
The new security system
thought I was trying
to steal the Mayor's stapler!
Get out of City Hall
before they catch you!
No way. Not without you.
[whispers] Maddy! The Mayor's laptop!
[thuds, buzzes]
[Police Drone]
Capture and detainment imminent.
I'll keep them focused on me.
You get to the computer. I've got this.
Hey! You think you can catch me?
Maddy! Don't make them angry!
Which one of you is gonna do it?
[Fire Drone] Fire unit.
-[siren wails]
-[Police Drone] Police unit.
-[Fire Drone] Fire unit.
-[Police Drone] Mm, Police unit.
[Fire Drone] As I have stated Fire unit
is superior to Police Unit.
[Police Drone]
Fire unit knows nothing of Police work.
[Fire Drone]
The Police unit is incompetent.
[both drones] Stop copying me!
[both drones] Stop copying me!
[rumbles, thuds]
[both Drones] Stop copying me!
Stop copying me!
[both drones] No, you are copying me!
You're both supposed to be
keeping this building safe.
But you're so busy
being all, like, emotional,
trying to show who's the best,
you're not thinking straight.
And neither of you is doing your job,
or you would've caught me.
Shouldn't you be working together?
[Fire Drone] Combining resources
would make both systems more efficient.
[Police Drone]
Certainly more than the system
at the observatory.
The observatory system
could not locate its own diodes
without a circuit diagram.
-[Fire drone laughs]
-[Police drone laughs]
[both drones laugh]
[Police Drone]
Merged effort by these two systems
would result in protection of City Hall
from human interference.
[Fire Drone] Systems would only need
to access city network
to achieve control
of all connected computers.
[warning signal buzzing]
Wait, that's not what I meant
[Fire Drone] Accessing network.
[suspenseful music]
Almost there!
[Fire Drone]
With control of connected computers,
systems could keep
all city residents safe
Just a few more seconds!
without their human interference.
Billy! Billy!
[beeps, clicks]
Hahaha! Yeah!
-[Carol yelps]
[tense music]
[chair slides, thuds]
You shut them down! And you were so calm!
You made it look easy!
[laughs, sighs]
It wasn't, Mom, I promise.
But you kept cool. I'm so proud.
[stapler clicks]
Now that we've saved the City
and the Mayor's stapler,
we should get to our history report.
Sure, just let me grab my laptop.
That's weird
A locked book?
How did that get in there?
There's no key
No, but look at the date
written on the cover!
May 22, 1607!
The date the City was founded!
One good clue to get us going, right?
Well, this might be it.
[camera shutter clicking]
[closing theme music playing]
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