Lego City Adventures (2019) s04e02 Episode Script

Who is Ludmilla Ersatz?

[opening theme music playing]
[siren blaring]
[horn honks]
[tires screech]
[siren blaring continues]
Could we just cut the strap?
And maybe lose our only clue
to who really founded the City?
The book could fall apart!
Carol, can you Maddy!
Well, you just keep growing, don't you?
I remember bringing Maddy to your office
when she was a toddler.
Once, she grabbed your pen
and sat behind your desk and yelled,
"I'm in charge!"
Yes, that was cute
Work-disrupting, but very, very cute.
"Cute?" Definitely me,
but I never took your pen.
That's odd. I remember it clearly.
Can you proofread this?
It's for today's press conference
where Daisy "Kaboom" Lewis
will sign the contract
to demolish the Fleck-O.
The "Fleck-O?" What's that?
Mayor Fleck built
the Fleck-O Museum of Modern Art
as "the Museum of the future."
Unfortunately, it didn't have
the plumbing of the future.
The toilets turned into geysers
anytime someone tried to flush.
Oh! We built a new museum,
and now we finally
can tear down the Fleck-O.
But why Daisy?
Given her track record,
she might try to blow up
more than just the Fleck-O.
She said she'd do it for free.
And Daisy working for the City for once,
could be great PR,
and I look for great PR because
"I'm in charge!"
[Fendrich] Daisy! Working for the City?
So this is why
she's not returning my calls.
Well, I'll show her.
[shouts] Drink!
[yells] Embarrassing footage!
[keyboard taps]
[explodes, clangs]
[Daisy growls]
Ding-Dang Dynamite! [groans]
[keys clacking]
Humiliate away.
[maniacal laugh]
Maddy, everyone remembers your,
"I'm in charge!" incident.
It practically became your catchphrase!
You'd say it when you stole my pens too!
I'm older now.
Smarter! Cuter! A different person!
So what happened then wasn't me
and didn't happen!
[Daisy] But, it did happen.
Aw! Your voice is finally changing.
That wasn't me.
It was Daisy?
[Daisy] It totally happened!
The Mayor chose me to kaboom the Fleck-O!
And I'm gonna do it for the City!
[Madison] Are you sure it's for the City?
Or are you up to something sneaky?
No! I've always just loved
blowing stuff up, I swear!
And this might be my one chance to do it
without anyone getting mad at me.
We believe you.
And if there's any way we can help,
-we'll do it.
-[Daisy] Thanks, guys.
But I really don't see
how anything could go wrong.
[Daisy growls] Ding-Dang Dynamite!
[people laughing]
[Daisy] Ding-Dang Dynamite!
[people laughing]
[Daisy] Ding-Dang Dynamite!
[people laughing]
[Daisy] Ding-Dang Dynamite!
[Daisy] Ding-Dang Dynamite!
[people laughing]
Mr. Mayor? Oh, I agree,
the video is bad PR.
Yes, Sir.
I'll explain everything
at the special press conference
you've called today.
How can anyone say for sure
it's you in the video?
We can't even see your face.
Oh, no. It's definitely me.
I was inexperienced, young,
and always embarrassing myself.
Over time, I buried that "old Daisy"
and became someone new.
But now my past has caught up with me.
Maybe not!
What if that wasn't you,
just someone who looked like you?
Someone like this!
There! You're a different person.
Maybe you should just tell the truth.
People might understand.
[Madison] But if you tell the truth,
maybe you won't get this chance again.
[indistinct chatter]
[Gabby] Daisy, Gabby ToCamera, City News!
Is it you in the video?
What does "Ding-Dang Dynamite" mean?
Um, that's not me in the video.
We're both kaboomers,
and people mix us up a lot.
But the person in the video is actually
Ludmilla Ersatz! And here she is.
Hallo. It is me, Ludmilla.
"Ding-Dang Dynamite!"
[crowd cheers, clapping]
[awkward laugh] I am so sorry
people laughed at Daisy
when it was me in the video.
But it's okay.
It was funny!
As an "expert kaboomer",
why have we never heard of you until now?
Ah, good question!
I will wake up my publicist
and have an explosive
conversation with her!
[crowd laughing]
Uh, wait. Daisy wants to say something.
"Ding dang dynamite!"
I think you've created a monster.
Ah, Ludmilla is the real deal, Gabby.
I wish I was more like her.
Ah! Daisy is too modest.
Her skill, "blows me away!"
-[crowd laughing]
-They love Ludmilla!
I should've created a fake person
to blame my embarrassing moments
on years ago!
[camera shutter clicking]
[upbeat music]
Ludmilla! Who's really better
at kabooming, you or Daisy?
Daisy! She's way better!
[raised accent] Uh, it's what me,
Ludmilla thinks.
[quirky music]
[groans] I can't keep this up.
Just a little longer!
[quirky music continues]
Daisy's gonna lose it!
She should tell the truth.
The embarrassing story about you,
and the Mayor's pen
hasn't ruined your life.
Daisy can do this.
And when she does,
nobody will remember the pen
I mean, nothing can stop her!
Ludmilla, I'm so impressed
by how you've accepted
your embarrassing past,
I'm giving you a chance
to "win" the Fleck-O contract
in a "Kaboom-Off" with Daisy tomorrow!
[chanting] Ludmilla!
Ludmilla! Ludmilla!
This might be "the thing"
that can stop her.
-[upbeat music]
-[crowd cheers]
Ready to get intense for the "Kaboom-Off"
between Daisy "Kaboom" Lewis
and the gal who puts the "T-N-T"
in "En-T-ertai-N-men-T?"
[crowd chanting] Ludmilla! Ludmilla!
Oh, yeah! But first, here's the rules.
The best at blowing up their Fleck-O model
without damaging the buildings
around them,
wins the contract!
Competitive! Combustible! Ka-Booom!
Mayor, you gave Daisy the contract first!
This isn't fair to her!
[growls] I told you!
I never took your pen!
You were always very driven and direct,
even as a little girl.
I'm glad to see that hasn't changed.
[Dynamo] Hey, hey!
how would you like to meet
our first combustible contestant?
[crowd chanting] Ding-Dang Dynamite!
Everyone is waiting
for the star of the event.
Oh, wait, it's the other one
[competitive music]
-[balloon pop sound]
[disappointed groaning]
Intensely unspectacular!
Now bring on the lady we all came to see.
[crowd chanting] Ludmilla!
Ludmilla! Ludmilla!
[Madison] Daisy, stop!
You don't have
to "rewrite your past" to win!
I was wrong.
Even the kid stuff I wish, didn't happen,
made me the cooler,
smarter, cuter person I am now!
Yeah, you're right.
It's time for Ludmilla's big goodbye.
-[Daisy grunts]
-[Dynamo] Whoa!
Ludmilla is really upping the intensity!
[tense music]
[crowd exclaims]
[both gasp]
Oh, no! Poor Ludmilla!
The explosion must have sent her flying!
Ludmilla is lost forever!
[crowd low chanting] Ludmilla! Ludmilla!
No! She had to land somewhere!
This is Gabby ToCamera,
asking you to help me find her!
[crowd chanting] Ludmilla!
Ludmilla! Ludmilla!
[yells] No, wait!
"Ludmilla" wasn't real!
In the video that was me.
[crowd gasps]
I made Ludmilla up.
I was ashamed of my past.
But that past made me an awesome kaboomer,
and I'm proud of that.
Daisy, it's clear to everyone here
that you are the best and only choice
to demolish the Fleck-O
[indistinct whisper]
if we were going to demolish it.
But the Kaboom-Off raised
so much interest in the Museum,
we're going to re-open it to the public!
[crowd chanting]
Fleck-O! Fleck-O! Fleck-O!
We'll just tell everyone
the bathrooms are "modern art."
[Billy] Think you'll check out
the Fleck-O when it opens?
But I will give this back
to the Mayor tomorrow.
[Billy gasps, giggles]
[Madison] Sorry,
you didn't get the contract.
Ah, actually, it's a relief.
Being two people is two too much.
Besides, if I can't blow up the Fleck-O,
at least no else will.
Unless it's
[in another accent] Ernestine Shamfake!
A new explosives expert.
Ah, loosen up! C'mon, I'm joking.
Daisy played the "honesty card,"
but she still won't return calls!
Well, I'll find another video!
-[soda spills]
-[laptop zaps]
[Fendrich yelps]
[Fendrich shouts] Ding-Dang Dynamite!
[closing theme music playing]
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