Lego City Adventures (2019) s04e03 Episode Script

Crisis on Moonbase: Momentous!

[opening theme music playing]
[siren blaring]
[horn honks]
[tires screech]
[siren blaring continues]
How's your powdered
gelatinous meat product, kids?
Delicious, right?
We haven't actually been able to try any,
Captain Momentous, sir.
It's hard to eat like this.
Simulated Moonbase Momentous,
named for my father,
legendary Astronaut and
City space program pioneer
Colonel Momentous,
was built so astronauts could
train for life in space, Billy.
And sometimes in space,
you gotta eat upside down.
If I wanted to eat right side up,
I wouldn't have become an astronaut.
[groaning, coughs]
Wish I had my phone.
My "blech face" would totally go viral
on Digestion
[laughs] Sorry, Maddy,
but we have to do everything here
just as we would on the moon.
And there's no Wi-Fi on the moon!
But let Lieutenant Rivera and I
show you the many
other fantastic things on the moon base!
Computer! Release magnetic boots!
-[Billy grunts]
[both groan]
That's our hydroponic farm,
where we grow non-powdered food,
our sleeping quarters.
Here's our lab.
There's our solar powered generator
and the moonbuggy garage.
And that concludes our tour.
Captain, sir, I know everything about you.
You're my hero.
It's true. When Billy was little,
he zoomed around
in a cutesy-wootsy twirly beanie
pretending to be you!
Hey! It happens to be a super cool
um, twirly beanie,
and I don't carry it with me anymore!
Sir, what advice would you
have for someone interested
in following in your magnetic boot steps?
You're not the first
to ask me that, Billy.
Let me prepare.
This speech is a long one.
Grab some snacks.
But make sure they're not expired.
We threw out some bad
powdered beets this morning.
Almost ate through the trash can.
Hopefully, he finishes
before today's rocket launch,
so I can watch it.
It's crucial it goes perfectly.
The rocket's carrying parts
of the actual moonbase.
[clears throat]
In the early days of the universe
[coughs, clears throat]
Could I have some powdered water, please?
-[suspenseful music]
Aliens wearing terrible human disguises!
How did you get inside the moonbase?
Are you planning to invade Earth?
You won't get our defense
codes from me, Moonlings!
That wasn't powdered water
it was powdered anchovies.
And they expired
before you kids were born!
Oh! Oh, no! I didn't even look!
"Temporary side effects
of consuming expired
powdered food includes
delusions, eye twitches
and brief uncontrollable singing."
[singing "1812 Overture"]
La la la la la la la la la ♪
We have to keep the Captain under control
until this wears off so he doesn't damage
any key equipment!
Can't catch me, you vicious,
scaly extra-terrestrials!
[Billy] Captain Momentous, wait!
Sir, it's me, your old
space-partner Rivera, remember?
Rivera? Why are you helping the aliens?
Or maybe you are an alien!
What have you done with Rivera,
you little green fiends?
It really is Astronaut Rivera! See?
Hey! Watch it!
If you ruin your heroic reputation, sir,
I'll never forgive myself!
Don't let the anchovies win!
-[shutter clicking]
-[indistinct chatter]
You've re-created Earth here on the moon,
to use as your training grounds!
Is there no end to your evil evilness?
[clicks, alarms]
[gasps, panting]
Well, this oughta be a rush.
He's activated our fake Moon Base's
authentic destruct sequence,
and I don't know the code to disarm it!
I knew we should've stayed home
and worked on our City Founder report.
[action music]
Ha! Eat heroic moondust, Moonlings!
[alarm continuously playing]
Oh, my gosh! There he goes!
[alarm blaring continues]
Forgot helmet.
[chokes] Can't breathe.
Ah! [deep inhale]
They've imported air
into their simulation.
Impressive! But I shall escape!
Full speed ahead!
[crowd cheering]
[blaring stops]
Captain Momentous'
Space Camp locker combination,
when he was a kid. Come on!
I have to save my hero
from the mess I put him in!
Billy, I could've handed him
those anchovies
as easily as you did.
Don't beat yourself up.
Keep those seat belts buckled, kids.
This baby has a full charge,
and I'm lettin' her loose!
[lively music]
They advertise their invasions
on giant billboards? Ha!
I'll find their launch site
and thwart their plan.
And I'll let the aliens know
I invaded their planet first!
Ha! I claim you for Planet Earth!
Boom, Earth!
I claim this
and that
and you!
And you and your hat!
[cars horn honking]
[Duke] Attention, slow driver! Pull over!
[lively music]
[engine revs, siren wailing]
[tires screech]
[siren wailing]
[tires screech, bangs]
How did I lose him?
[Captain] Good thing these buggies
have all-terrain tires.
We're gaining on him!
Man, this mean machine has speed to burn!
My whole life,
I've wanted to be like Captain Momentous
and always do the right thing.
Instead, I met him and I broke him.
You did not.
The effects are temporary, remember?
Yeah, but what he might
do before the effects
wear off could last a lot longer.
Yo! Space hero at ten o'clock
[upbeat music]
There! The launch site!
They've made it look just
like our Space Center!
What sinister geniuses.
That is our Space Center, Captain!
Ah! Great gassy giants!
Let me help you, sir!
Help me leave Earth defenseless?
No way, tentacle-breath!
[grunts] Ya! Ya!
[grunts, laughs]
[engine starts]
[upbeat music]
[zaps, clicks]
Gotta give him props,
that was a sweet move.
Too bad now he'll sabotage the launch
and set our space program back years.
You do still carry it with you!
I brought it for him to autograph.
And a few dozen other things.
If I needed help, he'd help me.
He's always been my hero.
Now I have to be his.
Whoa! Ah!
[Madison] Ah!
[Billy] Don't worry. I'll, I'll get there!
All right, Captain Momentous!
I hope you're ready to be saved!
Captain Momentous?
[Mission Control]
T-minus two minutes to launch.
Guidance system deactivated.
Of course, I'll never make it back down
before the rocket launches.
But I gladly make this sacrifice today.
So, goodbye, Earth.
Hello, flying Moonling.
I'm not a Moonling, sir.
I'm Billy McCloud, your biggest fan.
See? This is my Captain
Momentous souvenir collection.
Patches from every mission you've led.
The original manuscript of the speech
you made the first time
you went into orbit
all three hundred and twelve pages
single spaced, six point type.
And my favorite
a fragment of the meteor
you rode back to Earth
after your space capsule broke.
I, I landed it in my front yard
Crushed my favorite lawn gnome
When you did that,
it inspired a young boy
to dream of being a hero.
Tommy Keeler?
I always liked him.
No! It was me, Billy! I am that boy!
And you're my hero!
Stronger than expired powdered anchovies!
Fight the fish, Captain! Fight the fish!
Must fight the fish!
Ah! Great frosty comets!
I must repair the
rocket's guidance system,
or it'll crash on liftoff!
[Mission Control]
Launch in T-minus 30 seconds.
Captain, there's no time!
There's always time, Billy,
for something momentous!
System fixed! Fly away, youngster.
I have a poignant speech to finish.
[Mission Control] Three, two, one.
-[Billy] C'mon!
-[Misson Control]blast off!
[revs loudly]
You saved me, Billy!
That was incredibly courageous of you.
It's what you would have done, sir.
[Captain] True. I am pretty incredible.
Billy, for your heroic actions,
I present you, this really old key!
[Captain] My father gave it to me.
He told me it was
the "key to the universe."
It dates back to when my family
arrived on the first boat
to reach what became "The City."
Awesome! Thanks, Captain! This is
The Momentouses have always been pioneers.
There was my Great-great-
great-great Aunt Soliloqua,
-the first momentous to reach
-I'm gonna go watch
the rocket flight
and eat powdered popcorn.
Did you hear that?
These date's back to the City's founding!
Like the old book we found
in the Mayor's office with the lock on it!
You don't think
and then of course there's
myself, Captain Momentous,
the first human to survive a space-wedgie.
Kids. Can't even sit still
for a good old-fashioned heroic speech.
Rivera, do we have
any more powdered water?
[closing theme music]
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