Lego City Adventures (2019) s04e04 Episode Script

Wreckless Driving

[opening theme music playing]
[siren blaring]
[horn honks]
[tires screech]
[siren blaring continues]
[Madison] Earth to Billy!
-Do you hear me?
-[Billy] Yeah.
You used the tree
Captain Portentous gave us.
[sighs] I used the "key"
Captain Momentous gave us
to unlock the antique book
from the Mayor's Desk.
The Captain of the ship
that brought the first settlers
to the City and wrote it!
But the writing
on the last page faded away!
If we had that, maybe we'd know for sure
if a Fendrich or a Sinclair
that founded the City!
[Madison] What is with you lately?
It's like you can't focus on anything!
[Billy] Ha-ha, totally.
[suspenseful music]
[clangs, tire screeches]
[Wallop] Woo! Yeah!
[Wallop laughing]
[siren wailing]
[Madison] Billy, I'm talking to you!
-Billy, broccoli people
from planet Rutabaga are invading!
That's amazi Aw!
[thuds, grunts]
Billy, look out for that mailbox!
You're right, Maddy!
My concentration is all over the place!
I just can't focus!
Maybe you've been gaming too much.
Game apps! Of course!
Game apps are rotting my brain.
So, take a break for a day or two.
What good will that do?
These things are ruining my life!
I got to get rid of them forever!
Burger Racer! Deleted!
Airport Samurai IV! Flight canceled!
Viking Baseball! You're out of here!
Okay, you're overreacting a little!
Or am I not overreacting enough?
Don't give this back to me!
I'm not touching anything
that looks like a game ever again!
[tires screeching]
-[engine revs]
-[siren wailing]
[tense music]
[Wallop] What's Up!
I was just cruisin' back to the stadium
after an epic flower arranging class!
Reckless driving!
[Madison] He's reckless?
Yo, you just destroyed
Mr. Produce's stand!
Wallop drove through a pool party,
left skidmarks on Tippy's hat
and made a mime cry! Out loud!
And that's just the last block!
Wallop's a legendary stunt driver!
He invented the Orinoco Slide!
Ah, I don't even remember doin' it! Ha!
[Duke] I don't even care!
Save the driving tricks
for tonight's Stunt Show!
I need to catch
the Ice Cream Truck Bandits,
not play tag with you!
Pass a safe driving test,
or you'll be banned from City roads!
What! Wallop can ace any driving test!
He'll pass one right now!
[quirky music]
Mister Wallop.
Is that the Tablet-tron X-3000
with a FireLizard processor
for blazing gaming speed?
[Madison] Easy, Billy.
Mister Wallop,
I'll be your Motor Monitor for this test.
Sweet. Let's ride!
[door opens, closes]
[engine starts, revs]
[tires screeching]
[screeches, bangs, thuds]
[screeches, thuds]
We made it! I'm alive!
[whispers] He didn't pass.
Billy! We can't let this happen, right?
Maybe, Wallop should give up
his bonkers driving
for his own good.
Now I can only drive in the Stunt Show
Aw, I don't wanna be stuck in the stadium
the rest of my life!
If I can give up game apps,
you can give up wild driving! We'll help!
How? We're kids! We don't drive!
But we know people who do!
[engine revs]
[light music]
Sure, we'll help! Wallop is family!
All we need to do is
change his entire personality
before tonight's show!
Just let me draft a detailed
safe-driving training program.
It's like a game.
[exciting music builds]
-Stay strong, Billy.
[music fades abruptly]
Pretend this is an ordinary street.
Just drive carefully to the other end.
Billy will be at the controls,
providing some audio distractions.
It's like a game.
Uh, maybe I'd better do it.
[buzzes horn]
[tire screeches]
-[engine revs]
Yeah! How'd I do?
[somber music]
Patience in traffic like we practiced.
-[tire screeching]
[engine revs]
[bangs, thuds]
[quirky music]
[quirky music continues]
[blows horn]
[Spotlight] This is it. The ultimate test.
[breathes heavily]
[low engine revs]
[suspenseful music]
Dude! You didn't cause an explosion
by driving into that TNT truck!
Give us a celebratory spinout!
[laughs] That'd so violate
City vehicle code section five. [chuckles]
Who taught you guys how to drive?
O-kay Let's go ace that test!
[sigh] Wow.
How long does a driving test take?
[engine revs]
-[engine stops]
-[door closes]
How bad was it?
I've never
seen a driver improve so much
in just one day.
You're cleared for City streets!
-[Rocket Racer] Oh, yes!
Fantastic! Whoo-hoo!
We did it, Wallop.
You passed your driving test,
and I've given up game apps.
Isn't that awesome?
I've never been so stoked?
Okay. They're not weird at all.
We gotta jam! It's almost showtime!
Okay, there's still time to run
through our Bananas Flambé Finale.
Billy, could you control Chimpanzevil?
Ah! I, I I mustn't.
Wow. Willpower.
[Spotlight] Remember, all four cycles
do a quarter pipe 180
over and under Wallop
as he flips over the bananas,
exactly as the pyros go off,
lighting the bananas flambé!
Timing is key! Now, let's do it!
[engines rumbling]
[tense music]
[engine revs, tires screech]
[Wallop] Full stop, look both ways.
[engines rev]
What the headlight is Wallop doing?
It's like he's a different guy!
Aw, man, I'm sorry!
Can we try it again?
I don't know what happened!
I know what happened.
To be a safer driver,
Wallop can't let himself be Wallop,
and it's tearing him up!
Oh, it's too late to change the stunt,
and the timing's all messed up!
The show must go on,
even if we get booed
out of the City forever.
[Spotlight] And now,
for the blazing finale!
The Return of Chimpanzevil!
What a disaster.
Wallop's messed up every stunt!
At least the crowd isn't booing.
They aren't doing anything.
[indistinct murmur]
[engines rev]
[Spotlight] Can our heroes calm
Chimpanzevil with his favorite,
Bananas flambé?
[ice cream truck sounds]
[siren wailing]
The Ice Cream Truck Bandits?
They're not part of the show!
[siren wailing]
[Duke] Reckless driving!
Unlawful entry without valid ticket stub!
[Spotlight] Be careful!
All those props are rented!
I mean, Isn't this exciting, folks?
[nervous chuckle]
[tires screeching]
-[crowd gasps]
[Spotlight] Not everyone
has the driving skills of our stunt team.
[nervous chuckle] Oh.
Wallop! Do the Orinoco Slide
and stop 'em before they escape!
I, I can't. Should I?
The Slide is really reckless,
and I told myself I'd never
Just because you gave up
doing something you love
in certain situations
that doesn't mean
you have to give it up forever!
We need the Orinoco slide!
[Wallop] E-even if I wanted to do it,
I'd need the ramp
at exactly the right angle
the moment I hit it.
Then you need the precision
and reflexes of an expert gamer!
Billy! Are you sure?
[knuckles cracking]
Wallop, this is a stunt show.
You can let your wild side out. So do it!
-[engine revs]
-[Wallop laughing]
[Wallop] Yeah!
[upbeat music]
[Wallop yells] Orinoco!
[Billy] Yes!
[all cheer]
-[chain clangs]
It's the cooler for you three!
Totally worth it! So epic! Whoo!
[crowd cheering]
[cameras clicking]
Now that I know gaming isn't everything,
I can celebrate with fifteen minutes
of Viking Baseball every day.
Ahhh! Doesn't the sun seem brighter,
and the wind feel cooler?
[giggles] You definitely seem weirder.
Bwa-ha-ha-ha! Woo!
Oh, yeah! This rules!
Trust me, this way is
better for everyone.
[closing theme music plays]
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