Lilyhammer (2011) s02e07 Episode Script

The Freezer

fresh tenderloin you told us.
Local food.
This has been happening for months! less than what we paid for.
the farmer a little better.
I owe you a lot of money! is just a click away.
I was hooked.
it can't be that much.
These statements here show money wasted.
internet, we wouldn't even be here today.
a herd of reindeer from my uncle.
for quite a lot of money.
could be a landslide.
a payout in the millions.
- And how do we get hold of him? This is my cousin's cousin.
especially happy, so I think we should go.
- No, it's almost done.
I don't have any gloves.
for this type of work.
I'll go get some bags.
midnight snack and just fell in? after the reindeer stuff now.
Gimme 5 seconds.
He had to close his refugee center.
Nobody likes him.
seen what I have seen, Afghan mine victims.
with hijab-clad women under the Northern Lights.
Eritrean children how to crochet.
I have lots of irons in the fire now.
and get right back on the horse again.
that what we're doing is right? two millon dollars for an hour's work? - How do you know what reindeer feel? It's like pulling pike out of the river.
- No, but My God! when I pull it out of the water.
- The landslide will wipe out the entire herd.
-Yes? consequences of our actions first.
-Don't be a cunt.
I'll do it myself.
- Torgeir.
- Go on! Shoo! - Shoo! Go! - No, no, no.
It's from the boss.
typical reindeer farmer.
has thought about it.
You can do it.
we rely on the insurance money.
to this to get financial backing, It must have been misdirected.
However, going to write themselves.
when American decolonization goes too far.
phone will ring soon.
I know it.
No to cuts in the public sector! He's ready to pee his pants.
No to cuts in the public sector! a father in the nursery.
Forget it.
days to find myself a nice dress.
It's good to see you.
- Yes.
Lots of lice and fleas.
to the embassy? Hello? Excuse me.
- Might as well.
- I did.
- Great.
wants everybody else ready.
You'll have to do t.
Okay?? - It'll be fine.
Look at me.
You can do it.
- I can do this.
and everyone loves the ladies.
Together, sort of.
put on a show people have not seen before.
and there is plenty of cash in it.
I don't get it.
It's actually my boss that arrange a reindeer race.
Correct? - Reinsdeer race?