Lilyhammer (2011) s02e08 Episode Script


-What? I've ever sung in public.
at landing the lead in our Glee tribute.
That's the name of the game.
do with those British guys.
the babies' swim teacher.
It'll only take a couple of minutes.
something so it's not a good time.
- Pretty funny what your boy Johnny did.
-Framing me for a car violation.
what you're talking about.
swim class at exactly the same time.
-We haven't finished talking.
Heggedal from Lillehammer Police know if you can come down here and get her.
that you were at a musical audition.
and look what happened to him.
flick, drinking beer, eating chips, version of Paris Hilton.
-Okay, okay.
That CIA story never added up.
agents on this case? paid trip to the Big Apple.
were you born in a cave? in the big city Torgeir.
-Jet lag.
It's too much.
-Stakeout? to see the Statue of Liberty.
the security at Delucci's.
think that's a good idea, It gives me a bad vibe.
thousand things to do in this town.
security guys are watching.
Church to lend us this stuff.
in the building.
If Aldo's guys see you apres-ski party at Hafjell.
They're talking about the fucking Nicks! forward to this New York trip.
or Times Square or the Sex Museum or It sucks.
-The part? the Glee musical tribute.
I know you'll be great.
and 200 on Vidar, right? And now for the fifth race as Ingrid is showing us.
A round of applause for Ingrid please.
And now we'll see Mikkel and Mojito in lane one and Asgeir Olav with S.
Louisstadt in lane two.
Two minute warning to place your bets before the start of the race.