Lodge 49 (2018) s01e10 Episode Script

Full Fathom Five

1 Afternoon, gentlemen.
Geez, Alice.
Doesn't your old man ever give you a break? Hey.
Have you heard from Dud? Yep.
Scheduled the surgery.
Best guy in Managua.
Do you think he's gonna be Oh, yeah.
Talked to him today.
He's in great spirits.
- Aha! - And there he is! Thought you left already.
Ah, still making arrangements.
Hit a couple of snags.
No biggie.
It's good that you're going down.
Oh, sure.
Uh Have you got a sec? There's something I want to ask you.
So, I got a favor to ask, okay? Sure.
I was wondering if, um w-while I'm gone, if you could keep an eye on the shop for me.
'Cause I'm I'm expecting a couple deliveries and Oh.
No problem.
All right.
Thanks, neighbor.
Much obliged.
I'll give you 4 grand.
Bet you're wondering where I got that primo watch, huh? It's actually It's kind of a funny story.
Well never mind then.
I-I won't waste any of your precious time.
So Burt showing you the ropes? Teaching you how to be a greedy sack of shit? Thank you for your business.
Thank you.
This thing's fake.
It's worthless.
I know that.
But he doesn't.
Then why'd you give him 4 grand? You heard what happened to Dud.
Bill needs the money to go get him.
Damn, Burt.
Eventually, one of the Dudleys will buy it back for twice what I paid.
- They're sentimental.
- Oh.
Believe me.
It's an investment.
So, I think I'm gonna go get in the water.
I'll lock up.
You want to come? No.
I'm good.
- See you tomorrow.
- Okay.
Aah! Hyah! Get out! Ohh! Ugh! Details remain murky in the growing scandal surrounding the redevelopment of Orbis.
City Council has come under fire for a lack of due diligence Have you been following all this? in green-lighting a proposal by a consortium Not really.
$5 on pump two.
I talked to some dude who said he heard the ground at Orbis is so toxic, it's causing hallucinations.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah, man.
It's like the whole city's been trippin'.
And apparently reports are [Seabird What the? You took my car, you asshole! You read the terms.
What are you gonna do with it, Burt? Huh? Herman wants to buy it.
It's a classic.
Okay, but hold on.
See, I didn't have the money.
My finances were all tied up.
But now I have it.
See? I've got everything.
All of it.
All the interest and everything.
It's just right here.
I'll get the papers.
You know what? Forget about it, Burt.
You're just gonna take everything anyway, eventually.
So there's no use fighting with you.
Might as well get used to it, huh? You really want the Thing, Herm? Mm-hmm.
I'll give you 50 bucks for my bike.
Thank you for your business.
I changed the starter out myself a couple years ago, so don't let a mechanic talk you into a new one.
Oh, and if it gets vapor lock, just, uh, clamp a few clothespins to the fuel line.
That should fix it, at least for a little while.
My cousin knows about cars.
I'll bring it to him.
Take good care of it, okay? It's damage control, Ernie.
I have no choice.
I spent years building those accounts.
You can't just hand them to Beautiful Jeff! He's ready.
He doesn't have the experience! He's a bitch-ass little bitch! Experience doesn't matter anymore! Beautiful Jeff has that "it.
" You can't take your eyes off him! The way he moves - We're just lucky to have ya.
- Duh.
Hey, Ernie, you know what my secret is? - I don't try.
- He blew it in the desert.
I'm the one who brought in Captain! Yeah, and how'd that turn out? That wasn't my fault! Here's the problem, Ernie.
You got everybody's hopes up.
I started making calls, word got around, and half your wholesalers started placing orders, trying to get ahead.
That stock is just gonna sit on their shelves.
Because of you! Hey, you got conned.
The whole city did.
Even Captain, from what I'm hearing.
And he's in a coma.
Poor guy he got carjacked then shot in the head.
What? I heard he fell off a beam at a job site.
A piece of rebar went through his heart.
Hey, it's Captain.
All kinds of rumors are swirlin'.
We'll probably never know the truth.
But the point is, we all need a fresh start.
Fresh start? You're sticking me with every dog-shit wholesaler from here to Oxnard.
You're my butter-and-egg man.
I know you'll come through.
Hey, I tried telling ya, Ernie.
These big razzle-dazzle projects never pan out.
Remember me? Look, I know I've been a little out of touch the past few days Out of touch? You jumped off a boat.
Do you Do you understand the the amount of panic that you caused? I know.
That's why I called to let you guys know I was okay as soon as I got to the shore.
Look, I lost my phone in the water.
I had to ask a guy Harbor Patrol was looking for you.
Janet was in tears! Janet was crying? Well, almost.
And you don't answer your phone? I told you.
My phone was like I know you were at home when I came by.
But you just let me stand out there, knocking like some sort of maniac.
Well, I just didn't feel like talking.
Oh, my God.
So, what? Are y-you here to apologize? No, I just want to say I am ready to work.
Do you actually think after what you You're acting like nothing happened.
Well, look, I figure, you know, Janet's not a conventional thinker, and she'd look at the whole thing and be like "Blammo! Let's give her another chance.
" Well, I I also wanted to see you, obviously.
You want to get some dinner or something? I tried, Liz.
I tried saving you.
But it's pointless.
All right? You find something good, and you blow it up.
- You just can't help it.
- Yeah? And And you can't help being some sad, pathetic, little corporate lap dog! - How dare you - Get out.
Any chance I could get one of your watery domestic lagers? How's it going? Uh, getting there.
Have you seen Ernie? I need to go through a few things with him before I submit the report.
He hasn't been in.
Scott said you made him Sovereign Protector.
Well, he asked, and I thought why not? It doesn't really matter at this point.
It's not official.
Gonna miss this place.
I don't really want to go back to London.
Then why don't you do something about it? I mean, can't you call somebody? Don't you have any pull? I'm just the emissary Can't you mess with the books, buy us some time? And face an inquiry from the Accountancy & Actuarial Disciplinary Board? - I think not.
- Come on, man.
This is your chance to be a hero.
You're a 49er now.
We need this place.
I mean, look at Blaise.
How sad is that.
- Aah! Ooh! - Hey.
I just I just Uh, the door was open.
- Damn.
- So Is that a crow? Where Where'd you get it from? I found him.
He hurt himself somehow.
How do you know it's a boy crow? What are you doing here? And why are you so sweaty? Well, I just rode my bike over.
You know, for the exercise.
And I just wanted to say what's up.
You know, I haven't heard from you in a few days.
Brought some refreshments.
Huh? What'd you do to your hand? Nothin'.
I banged it.
Yeah, I've kind of been avoiding the Lodge.
You know, I'm too embarrassed after my dumb speech.
I haven't been over there, either.
Too depressing.
And I don't want to run into Scott and Connie.
- So - Total radio silence.
I've tried to call her a couple times.
She's back with him.
So that's it.
Have you been watching the news lately? Everything's happening just like Gary said it would.
- Mm-hmm.
- Poor guy.
Well, I guess Jocelyn's just about ready to drop the hammer on the Lodge, huh? So, I was wondering if maybe, you know, afterward, you and I could still Listen.
I could say, "Yeah, we'll keep in touch.
" But when the door closes, we'll go off and do our own thing.
That's how it happens.
Yeah, but the Knight, Squire thing.
You know? Like, you're like my mentor.
Mentor? If I'm your mentor, then you're screwed.
Look at me.
I'm 59.
I live alone.
With a cat and a crow.
I have to grind just to make it month to month I'm not a Knight.
I'm a toilet salesman.
Do you understand? Well, yeah, sure.
Listen to me.
There's no magic out there.
No short cuts.
It's just the grind.
Every day.
The grind.
And the sooner you accept that Get your life together, Dud.
Start thinking long-term.
Don't end up like me.
So, my cousin is baptizing his son.
I'm the godfather.
Oh, congrats, man.
- Ohh.
- Yeah.
I-I just don't know that I'm ready for that kind of responsibility, you know? I just hope that I can protect him and add to his happiness.
What do you need to protect him from? I don't know.
Like wild animals.
- Yeah.
- Uh, car crashes.
What if someone tries to give him poison soup? Poison soup? I mean, I'm just coming up with examples.
You could put poison in any kind of food.
- That's true.
That's true.
- Yeah.
Who Who would want to poison your godson? - Yeah.
- I mean, I don't know.
That's That's what I have to figure out.
It's a mystery.
Hey! You're back! Hey! I've returned to Shamroxx.
Like a dog to vomit.
- Oh.
- Liz, we heard about the Mingle.
You You jumped off the boat.
Night sea journey, huh? Yeah, we've all been there.
Well, don't listen to rumors.
But, yeah, that's exactly what happened.
But those people sucked.
I couldn't deal.
But now I'm back.
Can I get some tables? Oh.
Uh, no.
Sorry, Liz.
I hired two new girls.
They're young women.
There's no shifts.
You said I'd always have a home here.
And I absolutely meant it.
But more as a metaphor.
Oh, God.
I hate being manager.
Making decisions that affect other people's lives.
It's too much.
- Oh! - Forget it.
Don't hate me, Liz! I-I really think this is for your own good! Well, uh, with all the chaos over at Orbis, - those security jobs are gone.
- Hmm.
And I've been trying to get in touch with Gary out in the desert, but I haven't heard back.
But we should be getting some new temp assignments in soon.
Oh, no, I don't want temp work.
I mean, I'll take it, but, um, I-I really need a career.
That's good to know.
Uh, we actually do some in-house training.
Office skills, computer programs.
Is that something you'd be interested in? Absolutely.
I'll, uh, get you in the mix.
Hey, um, thanks for always being there for me, Ross.
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Go free! Don't come back! Yeah! - See ya later.
- See ya.
I thought I'd find you in here.
You shaved.
I know.
I look really good.
You know, it kind of smells like piss in here.
There's probably a homeless guy camping out.
Well, the "For Lease" sign's gone.
Maybe Mr.
Lang finally found someone to rent it out.
Hey, did something happen to your phone? I tried calling you yesterday, but It's at the bottom of the harbor.
Yeah, my junior-exec training thing didn't really go well.
Oh, really? I'm sorry.
It's fine.
How's your real-estate deal? I miss him.
I had a bunch of voicemails from him on my phone.
Now they're gone.
I think you're right, Liz.
About Dad.
What? I think he spent his whole life trying to give us everything.
And it And it wasn't enough.
It was enough.
He knew this was all going away.
And he just couldn't tell us.
I don't know what happened, okay? I just said all that stuff because I felt it.
I don't know if it's true.
I was standing right here.
I was standing right here.
And he asked me if I wanted to go with him.
I said no 'cause I was too embarrassed about my foot.
I was standing right here, and I just I just watched him walk out the door.
If I would've gone, I c No.
Listen to me.
This is not on you.
Okay? It's not on me.
It's not on Dad.
It just is what it is.
Anything could've happened to Dad out there.
We will never know, Dud.
And we're just gonna have to live with that.
We're lucky we had him as long as we did.
We're the two luckiest assholes on planet Earth.
The shop, you know it was like a ship.
He sailed it as far as he could.
It got us here.
But where are we? Oh, yeah.
I almost forgot.
Where'd you get that? Cockfight.
I know.
It's I was gonna bring it by your place later.
It's 3 grand.
Keep it.
No, come on.
I don't want to owe you anything.
Come back to the apartment.
I gave it a good clean.
I got my own setup now.
I don't want to be a burden anymore.
Dud, it's it's awful what happened to you.
Your foot.
You know, it's not so bad.
Besides, it's kind of nice to know that, like, the worst thing that could ever happen to me already happened.
Yeah, well, I just mean We're the Dudleys.
We're water people.
You need to get back in the water.
I heard something.
I thought it might be a mouse.
Um Are Are you Are you just sitting there, in the dark? Is this a benevolent universe? Or something else? Which way do the signs point? Um I-I-I don't know.
Everyone thinks they're on the right path.
They can justify any failure because they assume it's leading someplace good.
It's always the other person who makes the wrong turn and finds the Minotaur.
W-w-why don't you come downstairs? I couldn't handle med school.
Or the seminary.
Or the commune.
Or India.
Then I found the Lynx and alchemy.
But it's just another dead end.
Where you've been? What happened to your arm? - Yeah.
Who'd you punch? - Cairo.
Have Scott and Connie been by? Uh, haven't seen Connie, but, um, Scott's here.
Where is he? Uh - Sanctum Sanctorum.
- He's what?! Uh, hello, Melinda.
Um, it's, uh, 10:00 here in California.
Uh, my report should be with you when you get in this morning.
Um, as you'll see, it's pretty devastating.
I've never seen fraud and dereliction on this scale.
It's worse than Belfast, although they weren't running guns here.
Anyway, uh, that said, I feel I feel strongly that it would be a huge mistake to close Lodge 49.
What the hell is that?! I'm Sovereign Protector.
Get over it.
You're Sovereign Protector of nothing.
There is no Lodge! I don't care! I'm on the wall! And as long as I'm on the wall, if you're gonna talk to me like that, you're not welcome here! Don't! Stop that.
Ooh! Unh! Ow! We shouldn't let the actions of one Sovereign Protector determine the fate of a truly special place.
Damn it! And I believe saving them from bankruptcy would be, not a financial loss, but an investment in our future.
These are good people who have been dealt a losing hand.
It's the fate of the working class.
Or perhaps the middle class.
Um, things are a little more fluid here.
It's difficult to distinguish who's who.
But I do know that the more technology isolates us, the more we need places like the Lodge.
A place to meet different sorts of people, face-to-face.
My time here has been a revelation.
For the first time, I see what it truly means to be a Lynx.
It means community and brotherhood Huh? You like that? You like that? Melinda, this could be beautiful! A Renaissance, a fulfillment of Merrill's dream! So, please, ignore my report, and do whatever you can to help Lodge 49.
Should we break it up? - Or should we call Connie? - Nah.
Let 'em do their thing.
It's probably for the best.
Come on.
You don't get to have everything, Ernie! You don't get to be Sovereign Protector and have her.
I don't have shit, man.
Larry ruined the Lodge.
Left me with nothing.
And Connie chose you.
What the hell are you talking about? I thought she was with you.
I haven't talked to her in a couple days.
I thought she was with you.
I was I was giving her space.
Me too.
Where the hell is she? She's sick, Ernie.
W-What? She She's got a brain thing.
She has seizures.
Doctors gave her a couple years, but they don't know.
I promised to take care of her.
It was beautiful.
And then we walk in here.
And she sees you.
You asshole.
Where are you? It doesn't matter.
I wanted you to know I'm okay.
And I figured I'd better call before you and Scott blew this up into something stupid.
Have you seen him? We talked.
He told you everything.
Why did I have to hear it from him? I had a right to know.
Of course.
But here's the thing.
I didn't want to tell you.
And I had a good thing going.
I don't understand.
Scott looked at me one way.
You looked at me a different way.
I needed both.
I wanted both.
Maybe that's selfish.
You're damn right it is.
And it's not fair! Stop whining.
It's unattractive in a man.
So, how do I look at you? You, Ernie Fontaine look at me like you always have.
With stars in your eyes.
What is wrong with you? You sound like you're having a blast.
I am, actually.
Tell me where you are.
I-I'll come and get you.
I'm gonna be gone for a while.
On my own.
Don't do this.
Calm down.
I'll be back.
Things won't be like they were.
As long as you get that, we'll be okay.
But, baby.
You don't have the time.
Don't worry about time.
I'm on a clock.
So what? So's everybody.
So, please, don't worry about me.
Everything is gonna be okay.
When will I see you again? I don't know.
But you will.
And I love you.
- Huh.
- What's going on? Welcome.
There we are.
Oh, there he is.
Back from the continent.
Huh! Well, the weather was a little nicer at the Côte d'Azur.
- Ah.
- I love the rain.
Where are you from? Oh, Anil.
This is Connie.
She's from California.
Uh, Lodge 49.
Lodge 49.
That's, uh, where Jocelyn is right now, yes? I hear that, uh, things are a little complicated out there? Your Sovereign Protector is Larry Loomis.
Great guy.
He just committed a couple felonies.
And that wasn't even the craziest part.
Larry really lost it at the end.
He had this whole story Story? Do you know anything about the "True Lodge"? 38, 39, ah, 40.
Come in.
I just wanted to let you know that I filed the Marseille report.
- All's well? - Yes, yes, but, uh Stephen had some questions about the amortization.
- Fine.
I'll get in touch.
- Okay.
Thank you, Melinda.
Oh, uh, by they way, there was an American woman in the Tavern earlier.
She's from Lodge 49.
Oh, that mess.
We're shutting it down.
Ah, yes, I've heard.
This woman, Connie, she had some wild stories about their Sovereign Protector.
He claimed that his mother had infiltrated the True Lodge in the '60s and stolen Merrill's scrolls.
The True Lodge.
Yeah, people will say anything to cover up a crime.
96, 97, 98.
We have a problem.
You helped me the last time.
Did I? I took a mug.
Those went fast.
Okay, your account.
The outstanding balance is $80,513.
That is outstanding.
So, here's the thing.
Uh, I've realized I just don't have a place in my life anymore for this debt.
I hear that a lot, actually.
That kind of attitude really helps when you're paying it off.
Oh, I can't pay it off.
No, I'm just done with it.
Here is everything I have.
The fruit of my labor.
You want me to apply it to your account? Take it as payment in full.
You'll still owe more than $60,000.
No, I won't.
Look, I'm not entirely sure if this counts as leverage, but, uh, someone told me I have a death wish.
I wasn't seeing it before, but I think I think they were right.
So, if I don't walk out of here today debt-free, I will probably throw myself off the Vincent Thomas Bridge.
Don't look at him.
Look at me.
I'm not trying to be a dick.
I just can't live like this anymore.
That's just the truth.
So, when you say I'll still owe whatever, that's not real.
Because you'll never get it.
No matter what happens, I'll be dead before I pay what I owe.
What is real is this $18,808 in cash.
Let me speak with the branch manager.
Go ahead.
Do your thing.
Tell him what I told you.
Every word.
What's up? Hey.
Is everything okay? Yeah.
I, um I was just thinking about goldbricking it the rest of the day, and, um if you're not doing anything maybe you would want to join me.
Really? Yeah.
Where are you? So, I-I interlock my pinkie and my index finger? - Like that? It feels weird.
- That's how Larry taught me.
But, uh, he was horrible and I'm horrible, so just do whatever feels right.
Just grip and rip, baby.
Grip and rip.
I hit it! Whoo! I hit it! All right! Yeah.
It's pretty cool they let you drink on the course.
Muni life.
Enjoy it while it lasts.
So she wouldn't tell you where she is? Nope.
Oh, my God.
Well, maybe she just needs a different doctor.
I think Connie knows what she needs.
That woman she's a piece of work.
She just told me not to worry.
And that's what I'm gonna try and do.
Yeah, so, I think I should be able to find something, you know? Yeah.
How'd you get into industrial plumbing sales, again? I answered a classified.
20 years later, here I am.
In loving memory of a lying asshole.
Larry was a liar.
Pretty much ruined everything for everybody.
But he did it for us.
I mean he did all that stuff to keep the Lodge open.
Keep everybody together.
Give 'em a place to go.
The Lodge is gone.
Yeah, I know.
But I'll be here at the same time every week.
You hear me? Every week.
So you'll always know where to find me.
[Vehicle Lod Um, Lodge 49.
Jocelyn, it's Melinda.
Oh, yes! Um, I-I've been waiting I heard your message, and I was moved by your words.
You've convinced me that it's in the best interest of the Order to keep Lodge 49 open.
I'd like for you to stay there for the time being, if you don't mind.
Um, I'd love to.
I did it! I saved the Lodge! What the? Hey.
I've been waiting for you.
El Confidente? Yep.
Come on.
Let's get going.
I don't want to be stuck in traffic on the 405.
- What?! - We're going to Mexico.
I got a couple leads on the scrolls.
Hey, Larry said that if anything happened to him, I could trust you, so Hey.
I don't think so.
Don't think, Ernesto.
Just get in the van.
Screw it.
- All right.
Let's go.
- All right.
What's up? What are you doing out here? Ah, nothin'.
Just How was it out there? Was it good? It's great.
Why don't you get in the water? Yeah, I Well, I don't have any of my stuff and Borrow it from Lou and Tony.
I told you it was a shark.