Lodge 49 (2018) s02e01 Episode Script

All Circles Vanish

1 How do I join? Larry committed massive fraud.
What the hell is that?! - I'm Sovereign Protector.
- "For lease" sign's gone.
If I don't walk out of here debt-free, I will throw myself off a bridge.
I saved the Lodge! MAN: Wallace Smith had a diary.
DUD: The Knight, Squire thing.
So, you'll always know where to find me.
El Confidente? We're going to Mexico.
We got a couple leads on the scrolls.
- Aaahhhh! Soñar el sueño impossible.
"The impossible dream.
" We did it, man.
Gentlemen, the dream is over.
Uh, I pushed something and sort of set the engine on fire, so we need to jump.
You said you can fly a plane.
In my heart, I thought I could, but don't worry.
There's three parachutes.
Okay, there's two parachutes and obviously, I should take one, because I'm more important! [EXPLOSION.]
Whoa! Lamar! What the hell, man?! I'm sorry, but you know it's true! Society needs me! I'm a genius! I create timeless works of literature! Okay, I'll see you around the Lodge, boys! Wait! And don't forget the scrolls! Lamar! Geronimo! Wait! Wait! Hold on! The scrolls! Hurry! But how are we gonna do this?! We're gonna do it together! Okay.
I won't let go! All right.
Go! Six Weeks Earlier.
Ra, ra, ra Ra, ra, ra Ra, ra, ra Ra, ra, ra The forehead is where the diamond rotates All circles vanish, All circles vanish Burning beyond the logical lake All circles vanish, All circles vanish There are no emotions In my head, disparate sounds There are no emotions In my head, disparate sounds Mercy me, rising high Masses, ashes And classic glasses in mind The boy and the longing sow the sun Ra, ra, ra Ra, ra, ra Falling, calling, call all falling Ra, ra, ra Ra, ra, ra There are no emotions In my head, disparate sounds There are no emotions In my head, disparate sounds Mercy me, rising high Masses, ashes and Classic glasses in mind [THUNDERING.]
In today's room [THUNDERING.]
Hey, do you have a cigarette? LIZ: No.
You got like $1 so I can get a taco or something? Uh Sure.
I have $3.
Thank you.
Uh, sorry, actually, um, I forgot.
I I kind of need that.
I forgot I have to pay for parking.
I'm on my way to Long Beach Memorial.
- You gave it to me.
- I wasn't thinking.
I I need it back.
You really suck.
You know that? - Like, as a person.
- Oh, I know.
I know I suck.
But if you could just forget my suckiness for today, that would really help me out.
Ah! Too late.
Lady bitch.
It's taco time! Give me the Goddamn money! Now! [MAN SCREAMS.]
I'm pretty much 100% healed.
Does look better.
Shark bite healed my snake bite.
The constellations, man.
Everything clicks one by one, the bird of Hermes descends.
Yeah, it does.
He's also been on heavy antibiotics for two weeks.
Your sister picking you up? Yeah, she'll be here in a minute.
Thank you! Everybody's really looking forward to getting you back at the Lodge.
We could use a boost.
It's been kind of a downer with Scott in charge.
I can't believe Jocelyn let him take Ernie's throne.
- Mm-hmm.
- Hey, have you seen Ernie? No.
He asked me to watch Fernando and his crow for a few days.
Took a vacation.
Santa Barbara.
He's been slammed at work since he got back.
Santa Barbara, that's cool.
That's cool.
He hasn't been around the Lodge at all.
I think after everything that happened, he just needed some time to himself.
Oh, yeah, that's that's cool.
Oh, hey, I got your supplements.
- Oh, great! - Yeah.
Uh, hey, also, tomorrow, come find me in the library.
Strange doors are opening, Dud.
I think I found something important.
Oh, what? Nothing.
Just the secret fire of life.
Gentlemen! None of us got into the plumbing game to get famous.
We do what we do, because we love it.
But some of us are destined for greater things.
Every month, the Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors of Southern California puts out its newsletter.
And every month, it sits on my desk collecting coffee rings.
But not this month.
Because look who's on the cover.
- Ooh.
- How'd ya pull this off? I was in Mira Loma making shit happen at distro.
Wayne from PHCC was there.
He said, "Could we put you on the cover next month?" I said, "Nah, man.
I don't need that noise.
That's not what I'm about.
" But he kept begging me, so I finally said yes.
Did him a favor.
Well, you did us all a favor.
It's like what John Keats said.
"A thing of beauty is a joy forever.
" He was talking about a vase or a willow tree or something.
But he might as well have been talking about.
West Coast Super Sales.
What's the matter, Ernie? Never made the cover of The Flow? What? Me? No, no.
I know you've been getting beat up all over town cleaning up after Captain and Orbis.
You want a break? Maybe hop on the order desk with Speedy? Order desk? No way, I'm a road man.
The road is great when you're selling.
'04 to '06, those were golden years, for sure.
But time tells.
I don't know, Bob.
You ever get the feeling you made a wrong turn? Like, your life could be something else? Jesus, Ernie, that's gloomy.
I don't like it.
You want to say on the road, you gotta get your fire back.
Do something to clear your head.
I signed up for an online poetry class.
The gal running it has a Master's degree in Fine Arts.
I am jazzed on language in a whole new way.
I see poetry everywhere.
The juices are flowing.
Get it? I get it.
Thanks for the pep talk.
You're awake.
Am I? We found you sort of, um, incapacitated at the tavern.
Too much whiskey, perhaps.
Wasn't the whiskey.
What was it? Is this Lodge 1? Do you remember us helping you up here? I don't remember anything.
I never do.
I have the feeling of having a memory, just not the actual memory.
My tongue feels like sandpaper.
Have some water.
Connie, um we have all enjoyed having you the last couple of weeks.
But still, some of us have been a little worried that here in London, you might, um There's a glass right there.
Hey, have you talked to anyone about the bill? Well, yeah.
Admin guy.
Yeah, he said there's stuff I can do, you know.
Funds from the state and, all I gotta do is the paperwork.
Liz? Come on, relax.
What are they gonna do, I mean, like repo my stitches? Your follow-ups, your medication.
Yeah, no, Blaise has got me covered.
He's hooking me up, yeah.
Getting better way ahead of schedule.
All I gotta do is convalesce on the couch for a little while, then I'm moving into the trailer full-time, out of your hair, I promise, right? Hey? Hey, you want to hit up Donuts? Sure, but before we do there's something you should know.
It's a family.
They start moving in last week.
This is great.
This is great.
Yeah, this is great.
It's a family biz.
Keeping it a pool shop.
Come on.
I love it.
Love it.
Good luck, Pool Party.
Love it.
So, that's the final word.
No Grand Tour.
London's phasing it out.
It's, uh it's too expensive.
Although, there is, um, a CD-ROM you can send away for.
It's a kind of virtual interactive tour of various Lodges around the globe.
That's fine.
No, I understand.
It's the smart thing to do.
People have to learn.
I just want everyone to understand that I have London's full blessing.
I feel there's been a little confusion around here as to who's in charge.
Um, how do you mean? Well, I some people might think that because you're here, from London, you have more authority than me.
Oh, don't worry, Scott.
You're definitely in charge of Lodge 49.
Although, obviously, as the Lodge is technically under probation, I will need to sign off on any proposals you might have going forward.
Gerson, this is just a standard performance review.
You didn't have to wear a suit.
Uh, "speaking on behalf of the entire executive carousel at Omni Capital Partners Food Service West, your work here in greatly appreciated.
" Thanks.
"But due to the capricious nature of global markets, it is impossible at this time to authorize the" Listen.
There aren't any raises.
I tried.
- I really tried.
- Rat! - No, hey, come on.
- No, no, there's a rat! [RAT SQUEAKING.]
Ooh! Ooh, shit! Oh! Um [WOMEN SCREAMING.]
The rat is the king of history.
He always wins.
Well, this sucks.
LIZ: I needed grocery money.
Burt gave me $75.
Hey? You've got roof access, right? So, you know, you don't have a TV, go up and look at the stars.
You can't see stars in Long Beach.
You know, I could hook you up at Temp Joy.
Ross said if I bring a new client, I get 50 bucks.
Split that with you.
My connections are paying off.
God, come on, look.
I know things look a little shaky right now, but you're in a great spot.
We both are.
Liz, you paid off your debt.
Everybody dreams about doing that and you did it.
And my foot it's healed.
Don't you see? Liz, we made it through the worst year ever.
And now we're free, we are in open water.
Dud, you almost died.
I know.
I know.
But it was different this time.
I saw something.
What? I saw light.
I I can't explain it really, but I just, the The shark was a gift.
And it changed me.
And it's like I got a message from Dad.
The universe is good and I'm on the right path.
What are you talking about? Dud, that day on the beach, I thought I'd lost you.
And if I lost you, I'd have no one.
I am all alone.
Wait, you're not alone.
I'm always here.
Look I think you should come to the Lodge.
I know, I but I found a mentor there.
You know, someone that's there for me and someone that cares about me.
Liz, hey? Hey, are you are you awake? Liz? What do you want? I wanted to tell you something.
I couldn't wait, sorry.
Liz I'm proud of you.
For what? I don't I don't know.
I just am.
I've done nothing with my life.
So what? You have so many great things inside of you.
Dad used to say that a lot.
It actually kind of scared him and he didn't know what to do with all that great stuff inside you.
Dad didn't understand me sometimes.
But he loved you.
Something is missing.
I just don't know what.
No, as as kids, me and my brother would play Chutes and Ladders and for some reason, I always thought it was more fun going down the chute than climbing the ladder, even if that meant losing, so That was screwed up, obviously.
But when I paid off my debt and got to zero, I thought I'd be like, "I'm a zero!" But instead, it's like, "I'm a zero.
" You know what I mean? Zero? Nothing in my life adds up.
Where have I been? Nowhere.
What have I been doing? Nothing.
Like, restaurants, retail, six months as a paralegal.
I mean, I told people I was a paralegal, but I was really like, just an office assistant, you know? Files, getting coffee.
The lawyer was the sister of this idiot I dated for like three seconds in San Diego.
And that was my best job! It's all just a zigzag to nowhere, I mean Yesterday, I assaulted a homeless guy in the park.
- What? - So, you you ask me what I'm looking for? I don't have a clue, Ross.
I'm just like, sliding down through the cracks.
I'm sorry.
I had like, three coffees before I got here.
I know hearing about my crap isn't your job.
No, it kind of is.
I'm here to help.
I mean, I can't really speak to some of these deeper things, but you should know that from what I've seen, your feelings are in line with a large portion of the workforce.
You're right.
I don't know why I'm being such a crybaby today.
Your test scores are good.
You've got a great recommendation from your brother, who's one of our best.
And to be honest, you're not the first person to come through Temp Joy with some past legal issues.
So, yeah, we'll get you in the mix.
Liz! - Rats? - Champ has a fever.
He's hoping it's bubonic plague and says he wants to take that ride.
Wait, so, Shamroxx is like, gone? Yeah, the building's condemned.
We got our notices immediately.
Janet sent out a memo saying it was all net positive.
She said something new was about to rise from the ashes.
I need to find something fast.
Sarah's not working right now.
Something will come up.
It's great to see you, Liz.
I think we've done a good job repairing our relationship since the affair.
We didn't have an affair.
Well, we made-out.
No, we didn't.
- We kissed.
- Not really.
Our lips did touch.
I mean, you have to face that fact, Liz.
Technically, fine.
Well, if I hear Omni's got any stuff going on, you know, I'll I'll let you know.
Uh, I'll take my chances elsewhere.
Good luck.
Holy shit, what is that? No one else knows about this.
I want to keep it that way.
So, you're gonna do it! You're gonna complete the magnum opus, just like Wallace Smith! Yeah.
Well, actually, I don't know that he did.
Uh, his final act baffles me, but I'm been preparing, collecting instruments and ingredients for the material process, which mirrors the spiritual process.
Making gold.
In a way.
No, I get it.
It's an allegorical metaphor, but still.
First, I I need to crack the code on the diary.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, right.
But, uh, don't you think that we should go, you know, find El Confidente? You know, get some info on the scrolls? We don't even know if El Confidente exists.
He might just be a figment of Larry's imagination.
I mean, El Confidente's probably just another metaphor.
Shadows and riddles, right? - Exactly.
- Yeah.
The diary is the thing, so I've been collecting all the books written by Merrill, trying to find a clue, but it's a lot, yeah.
Which is why, Dud I was hoping that you would be my apprentice.
Are you serious?! - Yeah.
- Yes! Of course! - Great.
- Uh, yeah, but why me? Because I'm way behind on all this stuff.
Seen and unseen, man.
You know what I'm talking about.
You got a glimpse of it on the beach in the light.
Seeing your dad, the Tongva.
The star field at Orbis.
Did I tell you all that? In the hospital.
The painkillers.
Yeah, I mean, I I guess it could just be all the toxic fumes in Orbis.
Could've been all that blood that I lost on the beach.
Don't do that.
I don't think so, either.
Thanks, Blaise.
God, but what do I do with all that? So, Merrill was a polymath.
He wrote books on alchemy, economics, geology, architecture.
Nobody reads 'em anymore, because his ideas are obsolete.
- Mm-hmm.
- The Hollow Earth theory didn't really pan out.
But you can't take him literally.
He loved maps, so he wrote a book on cartography.
He had this idea that everyone navigates the world using two maps, a physical map, cities and the streets, but underneath it, there's a mystical map - Huh - that shows the spots where the world seems to let us in on a secret.
Most people navigate using just the physical map, but alchemists move between the two.
The daylight world, going to work, eating burritos, but then there's that other map waiting down below.
This is crazy.
This is crazy.
I just feel like everything in my life's finally starting to add up.
Lightning in a bottle.
Lightning in a bottle.
Just [SIGHS.]
Feel free.
I feel free to do whatever I want.
What would you do if you could do anything? That's easy.
Clean pools.
You know, Alice, I really want to get you something nice for saving my life.
I told you, I don't want anything.
I know, I know.
But, you know, it's just, I can't help but feel it's not fair that I'm the one getting celebrated in the paper - and you're not.
- No one's celebrating you.
Ehh Yeah.
What about a new board? Or like state-of-the-art electronics? [LAUGHS.]
You don't have any money, dude.
Sean Dudley? Yeah? I'm here to give you money.
DUD: So you're a lawyer.
Call me whatever you want.
I read about you in the paper, you were in pain.
- I'm here to fix that.
- Oh, my leg? No, I mean, it hurts a little bit, but it's healing okay and it's gonna have a crazy scar.
You suffered a tragedy.
You deserve to be compensated.
The responsible party has to pay.
Well, I don't I don't think you can sue the ocean.
State, county, city.
What if I told you they all knew about the shark problem and they covered it up, those greedy bastards? Shit.
- Really? - Oh, yeah.
That could definitely be true.
Okay, look, now that we're working together, you only have one job - and that is to trust me.
- Yeah.
- Got it? - Mm-hmm.
They don't want to go to trial.
They're gonna want to settle fast, so I will provide my law services pro bono, - which is Latin for "free" - I know what pro bono means.
until we get your medical expenses paid, plus, a nice, fat chunk on top of that, okay? Now, I'll just need you for the occasional deposition.
I like to go deep, get a lot of detail.
Other than that, you just sit back and wait for the money.
It's guaranteed.
So this is pretty much guaranteed? So, this is pretty much guaranteed.
And what I want to do, Burt, is leverage some of my future shark earnings.
Okay, let's say, mmm, a grand, for now, okay, on friendly terms, okay? And then down the road, I'll give you, like, 10% of my settlement.
Where did you go to law school? Yale.
Yale, Burt.
30% on the grand, month term, plus, I get a dime on whatever your law provider brings in.
I'll write it up.
Great and, uh, I'm gonna grab Liz's TV while I'm here, because we need that.
Uh, and I'll take one of these, too.
- You're like an angel.
- Mmm.
Yeah, yeah.
I am.
Ooh! That looks like a Goddamn dragon bite.
Dragon of the sea, man, yeah.
Uh, is Ernie here, 'cause I can't wait to tell him the whole story.
Didn't he come to the hospital? Nah.
Are you sure you can drink, taking antibiotics? Yeah.
I think that's just something doctors say.
- [Unintelligible.]
- People?! I've been ringing the bell, let's go! Come on, you Knights and Knaves, let's start the meeting.
Maybe we should wait for Ernie? So, mark your calendars.
We have Mystic Chords of Memory coming up.
Plus, the rummage sale and the official start of bowling season.
Uh, finally as you know, London has put us under probation.
Which means it is incumbent upon all of us to come together and meet their stipulated benchmarks, in terms of boosting membership numbers and maintaining our financial responsibilities.
Now, I'm going to be placing more ads about renting out the hall.
Weddings, funerals, seminars, whatever.
We cannot have this place sitting here empty on the weekends.
So, that means more volunteers to oversee events.
Also, I am calling in everyone's bar tabs.
What?! No! Scott, this is nuts! - Austerity doesn't work! - Exactly.
It's a Puritan wet dream.
- Yeah, total wet dream.
- Jocelyn, man, did you approve this? Uh, well, Scott and I went through the books together.
Whoa, whoa, wait, wait, wait a minute.
I approved it.
Okay? Me.
Sovereign Protector, all right? That's all that matters.
Oh, come on? Larry let this place fall to pieces! Now, we have to face reality, okay? Oh, nice! Nice attitude, Rooney.
That is an Orbiscope.
Merrill designed it himself.
Oh, you're fine.
I didn't mean to sneak up on you.
I'm Clara.
Don't remember the last time I saw someone else in the archive.
You looking for something? My mind.
Uh, I don't know.
I saw an old engraving in the tavern.
It wasn't marked, but I swear it looked like the view from Signal Hill in Long Beach.
Wait, Lodge 49? You're Connie, yes? Yeah.
I've heard about your exploits in the tavern.
Thank you.
I grew up in Long Beach.
I'm trying to write something about it, but I can't.
Writer's block? Yeah.
You're on a deadline? Oh, yeah.
I swear to God my mind is melting.
Melting? Do you ever see things that aren't there? Oh, my God.
Listen to me! If you wouldn't mind, I'd like you to talk to my boss, Melinda.
Melinda? I think she could help you.
1 2 3 4 Nocturia.
There's pills I can take.
That's good.
Alice's mom keeps yelling at me to get checked.
Uh, Paul, right? I'm Greg.
This is my beautiful wife, Greta, and this is our son, Booie.
We're your new neighbors.
Well, just wanted to come by and say hey.
Uh, also, we need to talk about parking.
Uh, I don't want any of your customers in front of Pool Party.
Booie needs two spaces to park his truck.
Cool? Great.
Also, I've noticed some graffiti around.
Street gangs.
I think that we could all keep an eye on that.
Well, Booie, do you want a latte? One latte for Booie.
You want some whipped cream on that, Booie? Uh we don't have latte.
Booie?! Honey, it's okay! We can go to a real coffee shop! They won't last.
Ernie? I'm at Harbor Municipal.
Where are you, man? This is like total flakeage.
Uh No, seriously, no no worries, no worries, no, you know, I just thought I might catch you here since I didn't really see you at the hospital and you're not returning calls.
Um, I'm I'm sure you're just slammed at work, so can't wait to hear about your all about your vacay to Santa Barbara.
Uh so elegant there, isn't it? I mean, the, uh, wine and the artichoke dip.
I've never really been there, but, um, still Anyway, uh Yeah, nothing new with me.
You know, besides, uh, shark attack and, uh, I'm feeling great, healing fast.
So, yeah Uh, looking forward to catching up, man.
METZ: Stone felt at home among the Fjords.
The cold water, the jagged rocks, the purifying wind.
Yes, this was just what he needed after the unholy events that took place hours earlier on the Slottsplassen.
- 18 people dead - [DONKEY BRAYING.]
some of them friends, some of them lovers.
All of them burnt to a crisp by a flamethrower.
- Ooh.
- Oh, hi.
Um, do you know if there's a Dr.
Kimbrough in there? Uh, no, he's over there.
We share a waiting room.
I'm temping for him.
Uh, well good luck with "Doctor" Kimbrough.
MAN: Shut up and eat your pudding! No, you are the pudding toad! I'm hanging up.
I'm hanging up.
Who are you? Uh, Liz Dudley.
Temp Joy sent me.
- Are you Dr.
Kimbrough? - Yes, I'm Dr.
God, Jesus! Who else would I be? No, I just thought this was going to be a doctor's office.
I have a PhD in accounting.
Okay, why don't you answer the phone? It's your job.
Hi, you've reached Dr.
Kimbrough's off [WHISPERS.]
What? Who is it? Who is it?! Uh, a woman.
She said she wants the toad to call her back.
She's the toad, I'm not.
Do you understand? Yes.
Hey, where'd you get that? It's a gift from a client.
Do you know how to shred? - What? - Shh! You're going to shred everything in all these boxes.
- What is all this? - Shh! It's just old files.
Excuse me? Hold on.
You said Temp Joy sent you? How do I know that that is even true? What Can you prove it? You can call Ross if you want.
- It's it's - [SNIFFLES.]
Ooh Hi! What can we do for you? Hmm.
I'm sorry, are you okay? Hi.
Um, I'm sorry, just, uh The place looks really different.
You guys did a a really nice job.
Uh, yeah, the place was a dump.
You should've seen it.
Um I'm actually Sean Dudley.
My dad and I were Dudley & Son.
I'm Son.
Uh, right.
Uh Listen, when I said "dump," I just meant that the place had been empty for a long time.
Yeah, I get it, you know.
Actually, I'm glad you're here.
Uh, because I wanted to come in, introduce myself and, uh, if you don't mind, offer my services.
Services? Yeah.
Like, inventory, maintenance, installation.
I got it all wired.
You know, I'd be happy to come on, offer myself as a consultant and, uh, when I get off these - [CHUCKLES.]
- jump back in.
I don't have a vehicle right now, but I do know every pool from, uh, Los Al to Lakewood, so Oh.
This is our son Booie.
That's his job.
Hi, Booie.
No, I'd be happy to, uh, you know, show you the ropes.
Or just help out in here.
That is so nice.
Uh, but to be honest with you and, uh, don't take this the wrong way No.
hiring you would be like starting a cruise line and hiring the captain of the Titanic to be a consultant.
- Right.
- You get what I mean? Uh, yeah.
Um Greta and I own three Pool Party locations.
Newport, Irvine, Aliso Niguel.
We know how to run a business.
We really feel like this is an emerging neighborhood.
Emerging from what? And it gives a chance for Booie to shine.
He, uh he really loves to clean pools.
Uh, what do you love about cleaning pools, Booie? Bitches.
I'm sorry, what? Oh! [LAUGHS.]
Booie! Actually, you know, I'm I'm glad you stopped by.
We We have something for you.
It, uh it came with the lot when we bought the property out of receivership.
It's just, uh, you know, some old ledgers and some Rolodexes.
We were gonna toss it, but, you know, since you're here.
BILL: Hey, there, Long Beach.
Keep your water crystal-clear with the help of Dudley Pools.
It's the commercial.
Oh, my God.
I haven't seen this in, like, 20 years? our store and stock up on everything you need to keep your home pool sparkling.
Or hire us, and we'll make sure your pool stays ready for a good time.
- It's always summertime - Mom.
Look at those shorts.
or supplies, just stop on by.
Or call 562-194-0027.
Ernie? Ernie?! Are you in there?! ERNIE: Dud? Hey! [CHUCKLES.]
There he is.
Yeah, I saw your Caddie in the driveway, I thought you were home.
Took a stroll to the liquor store.
Well, it's a beautiful night, huh? See the moon.
I mean, not right now, but it's up there somewhere.
Dud? I'm sorry.
I've been a little AWOL.
I'm glad to hear you're feeling better.
I feel I feel great.
We, uh we missed you at the meeting.
Everybody did.
We need you, man.
We need you, 'cause Scott, it's like not really, you know, and, [SIGHS.]
, it's your throne.
And you can't just sit back and let him like Scott'll be fine.
Don't get all wrapped up in it.
Okay, fine.
Actually, there was something else, um, that I want to talk to you about.
'Cause there's this family and they moved into our pool shop Listen, man.
Whatever problems you got, you need to figure it out on your own, okay? I gotta demo a pipe threader for some plumbers up in Riverside at 7:00 A.
Uh, maybe I'll see you at the Lodge, okay? Hey.
Hey! Why do you treat me like a stranger? You don't return my phone calls.
I took three buses to get to the golf course and you don't even show up.
I mean, is all that stuff that you said about being there for me, was that just bullshit or what? Dud! Yeah.
I mean, I I was in hospital, Ernie.
I almost died.
And it's like you don't even care.
That's not it, man.
I got attacked by a shark, but it's like you're the one that's in shock.
What's going on with you, man? I mean, something happen in Santa Barbara? Did Did some Hey? Hey? We can talk about it.
Ernie, we can talk about anything, 'cause there's so many great things going on right with now.
Me and Blaise, we're onto something big and I really can't talk about it, I'm not supposed to tell you anything.
But you know what, screw it.
I'm gonna tell you right now.
We're gonna complete the magnum opus.
- We're gonna make gold.
- No.
I don't want to hear it.
Chasing shadows like a damn fool.
Never again.
Captain, man.
That shit put me in a serious hole.
Do you understand me? All I want is to get my normal life back.
I I got my hopes up, I got everyone's hopes up, and it was like poison.
A normal, quiet life, you'll miss it once it's gone.
Believe me.
Otherwise, you go down some crazy path and there's no coming back.
You'll be stuck in the van forever.
Every wrong turn haunting you.
Stuck in a van? What are you talking about? [SIGHS.]
You know what? Enjoy your normal life.
But guess what? Got some bad news for ya.
I'm still part of it, yeah.
So, if you ever need me, you can just pick up the phone and call, because I'll actually pick up, 'cause I'm your friend.
You dickhead.
And And you know what? I'm not gonna rest until you're on the throne and and the Lodge is everything that it's supposed to be! BOB: Ernie, Roto Rudy wants to know if you can get to Riverside by 6:00 A.
I told him no problem, just an FYI.
EL CONFIDENTE: Pick up the phone, Ernesto.
We have unfinished business.
Shit got crazy in Comala, but we have to face up to it.
You can't run.
You left me high and dry and stole my goddamn tiger van.
But I'm in a forgiving mood, Ernesto, because this is bigger than you and me.
The scrolls, man.
We're brothers now.
Our bodies are marked with the truth.
So, you'd better get your ass back to Mexico.
Hey, Alice? Hey, Alice, where are ya? Hope you're free and better now [DOOR DINGS.]
Your ceiling's gone Hope you're getting out more Now the roof ain't on Thanks for SAVING MY LIFE! Love, Dud.
Deanimation king who did not Come to fix things Doesn't have to tell you why So kick off your shoes And feel some kind of free What are you doing? Going into business.
Come on.
Come on.
I do not mean to interrupt your day But something got me Really carried me away Ahh! Yeah! Yeah!