Lost In Space (1965) s02e26 Episode Script

Trip Through the Robot

[ Man ] Last week, as you recall, we left our space pioneers checking their electrical system unaware that Dr.
Smith's carelessness could result in the fatal destruction of their faithful Robot.
Well, we've replaced all the transistoroids.
All that remains now is to lay in the relays.
And make sure we get back to full power gradually.
Well, that'll be Smith's job.
Do you understand what you're to do? - Of course I do, Professor.
It's a very simple procedure.
- Good.
All right, Smith.
Let's hear you repeat it.
I am fully aware of my responsibilities, Major.
As I have said many times in the past: Never fear, Smith is here.
Oh, I know this is a mistake.
All right.
Let's go over it once more.
When you see the yellow light go on, hit the blue button.
Then wait two seconds and hit the black button.
Then wait three seconds and hit the green.
- Child's play.
- Well, that's why we picked you to do it.
Bah! [ Scoffs ] Nothing to it at all.
The yellow light, the black button the blue button and the green button.
- Would you like some coffee? - Why, thank you very much, dear lady.
Black, if you don't mind.
Now, let me see.
What was it? Ah, green, blue, black.
Blue, yellow, uh, green, uh, black-- Is something wrong? Uh, nothing at all, madam.
Just solving a simple problem.
- [ Beeping ] - What's that for? A signal from your husband.
Now, let me see.
Whatever it is John wants you to do, I think you'd better do it.
By all means.
Now, which button was it? Ah! The green button! Of course! There! Oh, John! Something appears to be wrong.
I'd better press the blue button.
Smith! Dr.
Smith! I'm innocent! The professor probably got his wires crossed.
- I did everything perfectly.
- Look, Don and John are in there! We've got to get to them! Perhaps you should go without me.
In the event of a further disaster, I will care for the children.
- No, you're coming with me! - I don't see any reason why we should both risk our lives! - Come on, now.
They may be badly injured! - Oh! Can't you turn the power off? All systems are damaged! It would take too long to locate the source! We're all gonna be killed! Except for the end, the cable's insulated.
- If I could just get my hands on it.
- Oh, no.
It's too dangerous! - Ohh! - It's got to be done! Smith, give me a hand! [ Cries Out ] I have a phobia about electricity! As a child I received a severe shock! - Smith, hurry it up! - No, no! It's too much! I won't do it! [ Yelling ] - [ Screams ] - Don! We can't just stand out here and do nothing! I'm going inside! Wait! Danger! Danger! I think you'd better stay here, Will.
There might be some more explosions.
- I wonder what could have happened? - When a mishap occurs it is wise to seek out its source.
I refer to the jinx of the Robinson family.
A man whose stumbling feet go crushing blossoms without end whose fumbling hands are thrust among the heartstrings of a friend.
How dare you, you unctuous underling! I may made some trivial mistakes in the past but everybody knows that to err is only human.
Easy, fella.
That's a nasty crack you took there.
Oh, I feel just great-- like I got hit by a truck! - Oh, what a mess! - Yeah.
Well, that's another disaster for which we can thank Dr.
John, this is one time you're not gonna stop me.
He's gonna get exactly what he deserves.
Oh, now, Don.
Don't be too tough on him.
I'll be just as tough as I have to be, Maureen.
Look, I'm as much to blame as anyone else.
I should have never trusted him with an important job.
Punishing Smith-- How's that gonna change this? Well, maybe it won't, but at least it'll give me a little satisfaction.
Judy, take Will and Penny inside.
They're too young to see what I'm gonna do! Smith, you and I are gonna have it out.
Forget it! We've got other important things to think about.
It'll be weeks before those power units are fixed! And all because of you, Smith! [ Dr.
Smith ] I admit to some minor responsibility, Major.
However, there could have been an error on your part as well.
- I'm warning you, Smith.
- [ John ] Now, that'll be enough out of both of you! You can save your energy.
You're gonna need it.
Let's get back inside and clean up this mess.
You pusillanimous pip-squeak! It's all your fault! I could not compute where he was but I knew what he was doing-- eating, as usual.
My appetite always increases when I am unhappy.
Everything Dr.
Smith does seems to affect his stomach.
- Hold your tongue! - [ Groans ] Dr.
Smith, something's wrong with the Robot! Probably burned out a computer talking too much.
[ Groans ] I feel faint.
I'll bet I know what it is.
When's the last time you recharged him, Dr.
Smith? - Two or three weeks ago.
- [ Groaning ] I think I'd better go lie down.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with you, you hypertensive hypochondriac! And he's supposed to be a doctor.
A real quack, if you ask me.
- Nobody did! - Come on.
We'll go to Dad and he'll get you recharged in no time.
Thank you, Will Robinson.
[ Groaning ] I hope you don't mind my leaning on you a little.
It's all right now.
Come on.
He's just trying to make me feel guilty.
Well, just for that, I won't.
[ Sighs ] Smith should be doing this.
Oh, it's damaged now but if the good doctor so much as touches it, it'll never work again.
- [ Will ] Dad? - Yeah? Dad, the Robot needs recharging! My power supply is getting very weak.
We'll have to do it very quickly, or he'll go dead completely! Shall I hook him up to the auxiliary power unit? - No, Son.
- But we have to! Will, recharging the Robot would put too big a strain on the auxiliary power unit.
It might even burn out the system.
And that's a chance we can't take.
But the Robot will die if he's not recharged! I'm as fond of that robot as you are but I've gotta consider this from the standpoint of cold logic.
The Robot's our friend.
He'd try and save us if we were in trouble! Now try to understand.
It boils down to a simple question: the Robot's survival or our survival.
I just don't think that it's fair.
I think we should take the chance and use the auxiliary unit.
[ Robot ] Your father is right, Will Robinson.
I am only a machine.
I am expendable.
But, Dad-- I'm sorry, Son.
Come on.
Let's get back to work.
I seem to be the only one with an appetite.
How could you be hungry at a time like this? [ Will ] Right now the Robot's out there somewhere and his power's running down and all you can think of is building yours up! Once and for all, let me settle this question of the Robot.
He walks, he talks, he experiences a minimum of emotion.
But with all that, he is a machine.
Well, you're the only one who feels that way about him.
Oh, dear.
You're late.
We've already started dinner.
Oh, I'm sorry, Mom.
You ought to be ashamed of yourself, playing your tape recorder at a time like this.
Music always helps me when I'm sad.
I'd like you all to hear something.
We are rationing our power, my dear.
You are needlessly wasting a perfectly good battery.
You'll find this very interesting.
This is the Robot speaking.
I have a message for my friends.
Dear ones, I realize the problem which faces you.
I understand the brave fight you have made to survive on this planet.
Rather than place you in further danger I have made a decision.
When you hear these words, I will have gone out of your life forever.
In the future, think fondly of me.
Greater love hath no robot.
Well, that settles that situation.
Did I say something wrong? What is the matter with everybody? Smith, for once, will you shut up? It is a far, far better thing I do than I have ever done before.
[ Groaning ] [ Groaning ] I must not stop.
I am still too close to the Robinson campsite.
[ Groaning ] My power is at an end.
I cannot continue.
But I must.
I must.
[ Groaning ] I must.
I'm getting weaker.
I'm getting weaker.
[ Slowing Down ] Weaker, weaker.
[ Crash ] This is the end.
Farewell, beautiful world.
[ Snorts ] Dr.
What? What? What? What? Oh! It's you, William.
- I'm sorry I woke you up, sir.
- And so you should be.
I was having the most delightful dream.
What are you doing up at this hour? I'm gonna try and find the Robot.
Indeed! In the middle of the night? I absolutely forbid it! Well, then I'll have to go without you.
William Robinson, if you leave this ship I shall awaken your parents immediately.
I didn't think you'd be a squealer, Dr.
Not "squealer," William.
Oh, very well.
I knew you wouldn't let me down.
Spare me the gratitude.
Already I regret this decision.
It's very drafty in here.
I'm afraid I've caught a cold.
[ Sneezes ] - Who turned off the light? - You did, Dr.
Never mind.
Take my hand.
We are wasting our time, William.
For all we know, the Robot may have committed hara-kiri.
The Robot's somewhere near.
I just know it.
William, I insist that we return to the spaceship and the comfort of our respective beds.
Let's hunt a little longer.
I could be back in my comfortable chair with my comfortable book.
Howsoever, lead on! This whole thing is ridiculous.
And well I know it.
I'm completely exhausted, and I will not go another step.
Do you have any idea where we are? Yeah.
We're at the entrance to the Valley of Shadows.
What? Don't you remember the orders? No one is allowed to venture into this area.
I guess you're right.
We'd better turn back.
All this walking has given me a voracious appetite.
We'll have a nice little snack to tide us over when we return.
[ Robot Groaning ] Dr.
Smith, did you hear that? It's the Robot! Don't go another step, William.
You're imagining things.
[ Groaning Continues ] There it is again! It's coming from around those rocks.
Robot! It's Will Robinson and Dr.
Smith! - Is that you? - [ Groaning ] It is the Robot, Dr.
Let's go! William! Come back here at once, do you hear? William! William! Oh, dear! William, where are you? I'm right here, Dr.
I looked everywhere, but I just can't find him.
William, we must leave here immediately.
The atmosphere in this area produces very strange reactions.
Besides, who knows what terrifying creatures are lurking about! [ Robot ] Will.
Will Robinson.
- It's the Robot! He's over there! - William! Dr.
Smith! [ Dr.
Smith ] Oh, no! Good heavens.
He's as big as a house! Go! Leave this place at once! For once this overgrown ninny has given us some sound advice.
Let's get out of here immediately, William! We can't just go and leave the Robot in this terrible condition.
Indeed we can.
There's nothing we can do for him now.
Smith is right.
I am beyond help.
No! William! Come back! I won't leave you! There must be something we can do! Negative, Will Robinson.
Because of atmospheric conditions I have experienced a molecular reaction.
This has reversed my ionic flow causing my great increase in size.
You have my deepest sympathy, dear friend.
I see no reason to linger in this desolate area any longer, William.
I regret to say it, but I fear the Robot has had it.
Let's go.
There is something which might work.
You have a plan of action? If we can reverse your ionic process, you might turn back to normal size.
You're grasping at straws, my boy.
It won't work! [ Robot ] The idea has merit.
But even if this difficult task were accomplished there is the problem of my power.
It is almost at an end.
Well, your wires could be rerouted so that only your tread section worked.
Then you could walk back to our campsite, and we could use the auxiliary unit to bring you up to full power.
No, no.
As I recall, your father vetoed the suggestion that he be restored and recharged.
He changed his mind.
He told me so last night before I went to bed.
Professor Robinson has a very tender heart.
Unlike a cold and calloused doctor whose name I will not mention.
Cold and calloused my foot, you ninny! Howsoever, William, I, too, want to give him every chance for survival.
But your scheme has one major flaw.
- What's that? - If we do as you suggested it will mean that we have to remove his chest plate and as big as he is now, it will take a crane to lift it off! I've got a solution for that too.
All we have to do is take off these four bolts.
I fail to see how that would help.
- Well, that'll loosen the Robot's treads and give us enough room.
- Room for what? To go inside the Robot, of course! Then we can make our way to his chest section and make all the necessary repairs.
Good thing I brought these tools along.
Inside the Robot? Oh, the pain, the pain.
It won't work! What shall we do? We're gonna have to use the handles.
There's not a screwdriver in the world big enough for these.
All right.
[ Grunts ] - There.
That's the last one.
- All right.
- Uh, what do we do now? - Lift.
Be careful, 'cause it's heavy.
Oh! It's extremely heavy.
[ Grunts ] Oh, good heavens! This is all your fault, you cumbersome clod! - I'm not strong enough for any of this! Oh! - You take that side.
I have it.
Don't drop it on my foot! [ Grunting ] This weighs tons! There.
Let's drop it.
Watch your foot.
Ah! We don't want to lose any of these.
Pick up those tools, Dr.
- We'll need 'em.
- Yes, I will.
Oh, that this should happen to me! [ Groaning ] - Here they are.
- Okay.
We're ready to go.
Oh, William.
Before we plunge into something for which we may be exceedingly sorry perhaps we should reconsider.
- You don't have to go, Dr.
I can go without you.
- Very well.
You will need someone to protect you.
The Robot will never forget what you're doing for him, sir.
Neither will I, if I survive.
- Help me.
- Okay.
- Are you sure we're doing the right thing? - I'm sure.
Ohh! Oh, dear! [ Grunting ] Okay, now.
Here I come.
[ Whirring, Pulsating ] Good heavens! What's that noise? It's the Robot's tunnel diode timer.
It's kind of like a mechanical heart.
[ Gasping ] We'll never be able to do anything with that dreadful noise booming in our ears! The diode timer's not beating as fast as it should.
[ Robot ] Forgive me, Dr.
I was unnerved by your entrance.
My sensors are under control now.
And high time too! We're gonna try and make our way to your main sensory areas.
I shall do all I can to assist you.
We appreciate it! Now, what's to be done? Several of my parts have become detached because of a lack of attention by Dr.
Also, I have some wiring which needs repairing.
How ungrateful you are, you gigantic gargoyle! After all I've done for you! Dr.
Smith, you and the Robot can argue later.
Right now, we've gotta make our repairs and get the Robot back to normal.
[ Gasps ] Careful.
- Don't step on that.
- All right.
Help me.
- Whoops! - Careful.
Oh! My foot is stuck! William, help me! I can't get it loose! [ Gasps ] There! I got it.
All right.
Help me out.
[ Grunting ] Oh, darling, you'll feel better after you've had a good, hot breakfast.
Well, unlike Dr.
Smith food isn't a cure-all for me.
You're still worried about Will, aren't you.
He's got to understand that I can't jeopardize the safety of everyone for that robot.
If I've picked up the gist of the conversation correctly -you haven't changed your mind about the Robot.
- That's right.
The auxiliary power units won't stand the strain of a recharge.
Listen, you don't have to justify your actions to me.
I agree with you.
But then again, I'm not a 12-year-old boy who's very fond of a robot.
Oh, thanks a lot! - Like some coffee? - Please.
William, which way shall we go? Perhaps this way? - No, this way.
- Halt! Dr.
Smith! Warning! Danger! Aah! What is it? It is my infrared heat-seeking laser unit.
- Is it dangerous? - Exceedingly.
Its purpose is to destroy alien bodies in my interior.
[ Cries Out ] Do something, you blithering booby! Stop it! We are not alien bodies! Unfortunately, in here, you are! - [ Screaming ] - Dr.
Smith, get down! Save me! Help! [ Shouting ] Help! Somebody save me! It's trying to kill me! Help! - Dr.
Smith! - He is very frightened.
To tell you the truth, so am I.
I better go find him.
There is no time, Will Robinson.
My power is rapidly dwindling.
If you do not accomplish your task quickly, it will be too late.
- But what about Dr.
Smith? - I shall locate and direct him to my computer zone.
- He can meet you there.
- I guess you're right.
Now I shall give you instructions how to proceed.
Listen carefully.
You must avoid the center section of my body, as it is radioactive - by going through my audio canal.
- Check.
William? Oh, William, where are you? [ Cries Out ] It's another one! Get away! [ Screaming ] Ohh! Oh, dear.
Oh! Oh, my heart.
I shall never survive.
One, two, three-- I've missed a beat! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
William, where are you? Oh, William! I need you.
I'm alone and I'm frightened! Oh! There you are.
Thank heaven.
[ Screams ] Get away! Get away, whatever you are! [ Robot ] Dr.
Smith, are you all right? I think so.
I am very sorry you were frightened.
And so you should be.
If you had been looking after my well-being this dreadful incident would never have occurred! There was no danger.
You are in the automated reflex portion of my body.
The hose considered you a new part in my system and wished only to lubricate you with graphite.
Inform that ridiculous contraption that I am not rusty! A little graphite might have been very beneficial.
Your jokes are quite old and creaky.
[ Wheezing Laughter ] Stop that sickening sound this instant! You are right.
I should not laugh.
It wastes precious power.
Your problems are of no interest to me! Get me out of here! Affirmative.
If you will follow my instructions.
- Go to your right.
- Yes.
No, no, Dr.
Smith! The other way! I know the way, you gargantuan goose! [ Groaning ] What time is it, Don? Five minutes later than when you asked me last.
Are you worried about Will and Smith? Yes, they should have been back long ago.
Yeah, it's not like Smith to miss breakfast intentionally.
John, please, forgive me for mentioning it, but don't you think that you and Don should-- We're leaving right now to look for them.
Break out the lasers, Don.
I know.
I'm being like an overprotective mother.
Well, that's all right, darling, because you're looking at an overprotective father.
Let's go.
Boy, this sure is complicated.
[ Robot ] My trunk section is the same as before.
I am only bigger.
Yeah, by about a hundred times.
I'd better get to work.
[ Robot ] The sooner this unpleasant business is over and I am normal again, the happier I shall be.
When's Dr.
Smith gonna get here? In a few moments.
He is passing through my temperature control unit now.
I'll need him to disconnect some of your wiring.
- [ Beeping ] - Dr.
Smith! Stay away from there! I told you to walk to the right! Go back! Hurry! - What happened? - Dr.
Smith is in terrible danger! - You must go to him at once.
- Where is he? Between my computer tubes and straight ahead.
Quickly, or you will be too late! [ Groaning ] Where am I? Where am I? William? I shall never survive.
Never! This is a terrible ordeal! [ Groaning ] Oh, William, save me! Oh, dear! [ Screaming ] Oh, dear! This is too much.
I cannot endure any more.
I'm completely exhausted.
[ Groaning ] What's this? Stop it! Stop it! I'd better turn this on in case they try to reach us.
Oh, come on now, girls.
Don't look so glum.
Let's go to work.
Well, I think we should hunt for them.
Don't you agree, Judy? Well, we could search the caves near the swamp.
- Dad and Don would never think of looking there.
- No, you're going to stay here.
- Oh, but, Mom-- - Now that's enough! That whole area is full of quicksand.
- Now, I suggest we just drop the subject.
- [ Device Beeping ] Oh, that must be Dad.
John? John? [ John ] Maureen? Are you receiving me? Yes, loud and clear.
Is there any sign of Will and Dr.
Smith? Not yet.
We've covered a 10-mile section to the west of the Jupiter 2.
We'll start looking south now.
John, do you think they could be in the Valley of Shadows? No, I doubt it.
Will's too smart to go in there and, well, Smith would be too frightened.
You will let me know if you find them, won't you? Of course.
Now don't worry.
They're all right.
- I'll check back with you soon.
- All right.
William, save me! Help! Oh, dear! [ Screaming ] - Dr.
Smith? - William! Out here! Help me! I'm being pulled into this monstrous machine! There doesn't seem to be any way to turn it off! Do something! Anything! Just get me out of here! [ Robot ] Calm yourself, Dr.
I shall try to help you.
- Don't talk! Act! - I've gotta save you! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry, before it's too late! - William! What are you doing? - I can't find the controls! There must be a control! Hurry! Hurry! Oh! Careful! Be careful! Help! - Hang on, Dr.
Smith! - Oh, hurry! Hurry! It'll be too late! The end is near! Ohh! I'm too young to die! Robot! Help us! - Help us! - [ Robot ] Calm yourself, Dr.
I shall try to help you.
Robot, if you can just tell me where the switch is! The control unit cannot be stopped.
It operates by sensitivity to internal and external temperature.
Spare me the explanations! Destroy it! By exercising my full computer strength I can make the control unit inoperable.
Then do it! What are you waiting for? The effort will require almost all my remaining power.
The choice is obvious, you computerized clump! I wouldn't be in this predicament if it weren't for you! Very well.
I shall try to stop the control unit.
Hurry, Robot! Please hurry! I have succeeded.
Help me out of here.
Help me out of this terrible thing.
[ Groaning ] That this should happen to me-- Oh! Oh! I'm saved.
Saved! What a horrible experience.
The Robot saved your life, sir.
I shall thank him later, as soon as I get out of this incredible madness which I'm happy to say will be immediately.
- You can't leave, Dr.
- I can, and I will! - But the Robot needs us! - As far as I'm concerned, it's every man or robot for himself.
- How do I get out of here! - [ Robot, Slowly ] Let him go, Will.
For me, the battle is over.
I am turning off my audio units.
You heard what he said, William.
There's nothing we can do for him.
We'd better go.
All right.
You can go.
But not me.
I feel that we owe it to the Robot.
I consider my debt to him paid in full.
Don't forget to watch out for the Robot's infrared laser unit, Dr.
Infrared laser unit? It's still running around somewhere loose inside.
On second thought, I believe I will remain and help our dear friend.
I wouldn't dream of deserting you in your time of trial and tribulation.
I knew you wouldn't let him down.
Shall we get to work? Yes, William.
To work.
To work.
Well, the Robot passed through here.
That's for sure.
Yes, and Smith and Will followed.
Look at their footprints.
- You think we should tell Maureen? - I think so.
Maureen? Maureen, do you read me? Yes, I'm right here.
Did you find them? No, but we've pinpointed the area.
Where are they? - In the Valley of Shadows.
- Oh, no.
It may not be as bad as you think.
- Do you suppose they followed the Robot? - Yes.
We're gonna leave the Chariot here and proceed on foot.
All right.
Well, I'll be standing by.
Be careful, dear.
She sounded worried.
So am I.
Let's go.
- [ Whistles ] - It's real, Don.
I was hoping we were seeing things and it would disappear.
Well, now we know why they didn't come back to the campsite.
They went inside that robot.
Our Robot's a complicated and dangerous piece of machinery.
I hope they know what they're doing.
Well, they must have had a good reason for going in there.
Let's find out what it is.
Will! Will, can you hear me? Will? Smith? - Will, can you hear me? - Dr.
Smith! [ Machinery Whirring ] Is that Will? Will! Will? Will! Let's try this way.
No, that'll take us right back where we started.
- What's that? - I don't know.
Looks like some kind of laser machine.
- It's aiming right at us.
- We'd better get rid of it.
- That was close.
- Yeah.
- William, what was that? - I don't know, Dr.
Smith and we haven't got time to figure it out.
We've gotta reconnect the Robot's electrical system.
Then we've gotta reverse his ionic process to shrink him back to normal size.
- [ Whirring ] - It's going faster.
William, we've got to get out of here! Who knows what this infernal machine will do next? Dr.
Smith, that's just the Robot's diode timer.
We'll never get out of here alive! Never! I know it! Listen! It's getting louder! Dr.
Smith, there's nothing to worry about.
The diode timer's like a heart to the Robot.
- Is there any danger of it exploding? - Of course not.
I still don't like it.
Why does it have to beat so loudly? Because the Robot's power's extremely weak.
It's struggling to keep functioning.
- Now, help me with this.
- Yes.
Very well.
- Hold this.
- William! Listen.
That dreadful beating is slowing down.
He's failing! The Robot's power must be exhausted! I still cannot understand why you're so concerned! After all, it's just a mechanical contraption! Dr.
Smith, please! You've gotta keep beating! You've got to! Come on! Try! [ Whirring Slows, Stops ] We can forget about trying to save the Robot, Dr.
He's gone.
I'm sorry, William.
Well, there's nothing to keep us here any longer.
We may as well go.
I guess you're right.
Cheer up, my boy! After all, we cannot mourn the departure of a machine.
The Robot was more than a machine to me, Dr.
He was my friend.
I must admit, that silly old ninny did have a few good qualities.
He wasn't old, Dr.
He was just made two and a half years ago.
So young, and cut down in the prime of life.
But when the diode timer goes, there's nothing can be done about it.
- Pity he didn't carry a spare.
- What'd you say, Dr.
Smith? - Nothing important.
- The Robot doesn't carry a spare but he does have a small power reservoir! William, we must leave here immediately.
He cannot be revived.
You said so yourself.
But you don't understand.
That was before I remembered his reserve power supply! We can't leave now, Dr.
I may be able to bring him back! Please, sir.
Just for a few minutes.
Very well, but you had better succeed at the first attempt because there will not be a second.
- Now, let's get on with this nonsense.
- Yes, sir.
Give me a hand, will you? All right.
Will! None of the Robot's automated machinery seems to be working.
Yeah, which means he's used the last of his power supply.
We've gotta find Will and Smith but fast.
- Yeah The problem is, where do we start? - Your guess is as good as mine.
I'm fairly familiar with the parts of the Robot when he's normal size but when he's like this, I'm lost.
Yeah, let's try down there.
We're wasting our time, William.
This contraption is deader than the proverbial doornail.
I haven't even tried to activate it yet.
Now, if I release his reserve power too quickly he could blow up his computers.
What? Did you say there could be an explosion? On the other hand, if I release it too slowly he might not get enough energy to activate.
William, why don't we forget the whole thing? Eventually, we will have our full power supply at the Jupiter 2.
Then we can get him recharged and back to normal without any danger.
Smith, you don't seem to understand.
If the Robot's diode timer isn't kept running, it'll freeze in one position.
Then all the power in the world couldn't get it started again.
Now-- Might as well try it.
Here goes the power.
I'll have to release all the energy at once.
Well, that, as they say, is that.
I guess so.
Wait, Dr.
It's working! Look.
the diode timer's responding! He's normal! Isn't it wonderful? It appears that you cannot keep a good robot down.
I think we did that very well, William.
The Robot's diode-- It's started again! - Now if we can just find them.
- Yeah, but where are we? Judging from the sound of the timer, I'd say somewhere in the computer area.
It's like trying to find your way through a puzzle.
A puzzle made up of machines.
- Don! - What happened? - Are you all right? - Yeah.
I ought to know better than to go placing my arm on high-voltage equipment.
Well, this whole place is loaded with high voltage.
Either one of us could have made that mistake.
But one more like that, and it'll be my last.
Surely you're finished, William.
I've just got this one more wire, Dr.
Now all the Robot's power will be used to move his treads.
Now can we leave this dark and dismal body? As soon as I reverse the Robot's ionic process and shrink him back to normal size.
Almost ready, Dr.
[ Gasping ] - What's happening? - I've reversed the Robot's ionic process.
- He's starting to shrink.
- So quickly? How much time do have to reach the outside? I don't know, but you're right-- He is shrinking fast! We've got to get out of here immediately! I've got one more adjustment to make.
You go on ahead without me.
I'll meet you there.
We'll be crushed inside him! No! No! Dr.
Smith, wait! The Robot's shrinking! Now we know what Will and Smith were doing in here-- reversing the ionic processes.
We'd better move, fast! Which way do I go? I'm lost! No! No! Stay away from me! Please! No! No! [ Screams ] Stop! Get me out of here! Help me, somebody! Get me out, I say! Aah! I'm being crushed! Aah! Help! Help! Help me! Aah! Come on! [ Dr.
Smith Yelling ] Listen! Come on! [ Shouting ] Oh, thank goodness.
I've never been so glad to see anyone in my entire life! - Where's Will? - We've got to get out of here immediately.
We'll be crushed! - Answer me! Where is he? - He's outside.
- Are you sure? - He must be.
I got lost, but I'm sure he's safe by now.
We can't afford to stay in here any longer.
All right.
Let's go! Wait! Wait for me! [ Yelling ] Dad! Dr.
Smith! John! My hand's caught! Smith, give me a hand! No, no.
I can't.
I can't! I've got to get out of here! - Help me! - No! No! Don, easy! Easy.
All right.
Are you all right? Okay.
Let's go.
Dad! It's getting smaller! Help me! I'm caught! I'm caught! I can't get out! - Help me! - Leave him here! He deserves it! - You can't do that! It's inhumane! Help me out! - All right, all right! Pull! - Pull! - [ Grunting ] Oh, how kind you are.
- Listen, are you sure that my son is out there? - He must be.
John, the hole's getting smaller! There's barely enough room to get through now! - Are you absolutely certain? - I am! I am! Hurry! All right! Get going! Will? Will! - He's not out here.
- Perhaps he went back to the campsite.
Without knowing you were safe? That's hardly likely.
Then he must still be inside that robot.
I've gotta get him out.
John, it's too late.
The opening isn't big enough now for you to get through.
We've gotta keep it from getting smaller.
Dad! Dad! Hold on! Will! Can you hear me? Will! Can you hear me? - Here I come, Dad! - Will! Hurry! Hurry! - Hold the door open! - Come on, boy! You can make it! Hurry! Hurry, Son! Hurry! Now! Come on! You can make it! You can make it, Son! Come on! - Are you all right, Son? - I'm fine, Dad.
Just fine.
[ Robot ] Will? - Yes, Robot? - Thank you, Will.
- That's all right.
- Aren't you forgetting something? [ Robot ] And you, too, Dr.
It was nothing.
Nothing at all.
It was nothing.
Nothing at all.
[ Whistling ] Let's get him back on his feet.
- How do you feel now, Robot? - Almost back to normal.
A few minutes more, and I shall be bursting with health.
Don, accelerate the Chariot.
The Robot needs a little bit more power.
That ought to do it.
- Well, how do you feel? - Mmm! Delicious! Fine! All right.
Cut the power.
Well, now that we've taken care of that troublemaker's needs madam, can you spare a few moments to take care of mine? - Why, certainly.
Are you injured? - In a most vital spot.
Oh, I understand.
You're hungry.
[ Dr, Smith ] I'm failing fast.
I must be recharged immediately - or I shall cease operating.
- Well, hang on, Dr.
We've just got a little more work to do out here, and then we'll take care of you.
But I can't wait that long! I must have food, nourishment, or it'll be too late.
Oh, now, that's all right.
You can stop the act.
I'll feed you.
- Thank you, dear lady.
You are indeed kind.
- I know.
You know, it's a good thing that we don't have to recharge that robot - as often as we have to feed you, sir! - [ Robot ] Affirmative.
My power is diverted into work.
- Dr.
Smith's is diverted into fat.
- [ Dr.
Smith ] Indeed.
I have never been more fit! Has the barrage begun yet? You'll know just as soon as the rest of us do.
Why doesn't someone answer me? I'm hit! You will be, with this, Smith, if you don't simmer down.
Oh, dear.
Night attack after night attack.
No peace.
No sleep.
This was not the time for Professor and Mrs.
Robinson to abandon us.
Going on a trip to observe volcanic activity isn't exactly the same as being abandoned.
If only we could be sure that the attacks have ended.
They may have ended already.
It's 30 minutes later than last night, and an hour later than the night before.
Warning! Warning! The barrage begins! All right.
It's over for the night.
I've been hit by shrapnel! I feel it! It's your belt buckle, Dr.
You've got it all twisted.
If we only knew why they were attacking or who they are or what they want.
Well, it's the third night of attacks.
My only guess is that they're using some kind of a softening-up process.
Yeah, but for what reason? To render us helpless and impose their will on us.
It's a cardinal principle of von Clausewitz's philosophy of war.
- Gosh, I never even heard of him.
- [ Will ] I have.
He lived in the days of horse cavalry and squirrel guns.
He's kind of outdated.
Yeah, well, so's Dr.
You three check out the controls.
And as for you, Clausewitz, let's go out and see if we can get that force field energizer back on its feet.
Something dire is afoot.
I know it.
- [ Whirring ] - Well, it seems to be okay.
At least it'll keep whoever they are from getting too close to us.
They're much too close for comfort now.
- In fact, I-- - You what? Nothing.
It's nothing.