Love Life (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

Sara Yang

[cell phone alarm ringing]
[female narrator] Friendship is harder
the older we get.
Eventually, the auspiciousness of youth
melts away and calcifies
into the certainties of adulthood.
Since Magnus, Darby had been cautious
and set high standards for herself,
especially with men.
Meanwhile, Sara had been living recklessly
and with no standards.
Darby had reached a stage in life
where she could finally buy expensive bras
and take taxis to JFK
instead of the AirTrain.
Meanwhile, Sara was still
throwing out her ATM receipts
so she didn't have to see her bank balance
and hadn't been to the dentist
in seven years.
When Mallory announced she was engaged
to her girlfriend, Taryn,
Darby was thrilled for them.
On the contrary, Sara spun out,
suddenly running through
the less desirable realities
of her own life.
And though their bond was being tested
by these divergent roads,
still their love remained.
[Mallory] I just I don't understand.
Like, how is she not even up yet?
- Is she dead?
- [Darby] Babe?
Are you good? We're all ready out here.
[Sara] What? Yeah! No, totally. I'm up.
Okay. Do you need help with anything?
- [Sara] What? Oh.
- [Darby] Oh.
[Sara laughs] Um
All right. Everybody, this is
- [whispers] Tony.
- Tony.
Tony, that's everybody.
Um, I'm sorry.
I'm gonna be super-quick and pack.
- I just need, like, five minutes.
- Yep. Five minutes.
She'll just need five minutes.
["Alaska" by Maggie Rogers playing]
[Taryn] Dar, what's going on
with the gallery?
Uh, Lola promoted me to sole curator,
and I'm working on a show
that's all Mexico City artists.
- Can we get some air back here?
- [Mallory] It's freezing.
It's actually really stuffy.
- [Darby] I'll drive next.
- [Mallory] Thanks, girl.
[song continues]
- [Mallory] Oh, my God. Is this the house?
- [Taryn] So cute!
[woman 1] Yeah, I love. Let me get this.
- Okay.
- [woman 2] This is amazing.
Darby, I love you.
- Looks like the pictures.
- Yes!
- [Taryn] You have outdone yourself.
- [Darby] Good. Hey!
- To Tallory! Whoo!
- [cork pops]
What do you think, guys?
- You know, I'm, I'm good.
- No? Anybody? Darbs?
- Maybe after it's chilled. Yeah.
- Mmm.
Hey. Who's gonna help me
unload this margarita machine?
This bitch.
- Okay.
- [Sara] Right here.
- Hey, I'm Sara.
- Hi, I'm Ramona.
Nice to meet you.
- Oh, my God!
- I know.
- Who's all belted up?
- [Ramona] It's huge. I rented it.
[Sara] I know, right?
[both speaking indistinctly]
- Something smells nice.
- Mmm.
Thank you, by the way, so much for
everything you did to make this happen.
- Oh, I barely did anything.
- Oh, come on.
You went to three stores for morels
so Taryn could have her "vegan scallops."
It's more than I'm gonna do
when we get married.
- [laughs]
- Don't tell her that.
- I'm so happy for you guys.
- Thank you.
It feels weird, right?
Like, when did we become these people?
I had a thing the other day
where I was walking past a window
and I caught my reflection.
I swear, I was like, "Who's that lady?"
- Like, "Who's this grown woman?"
- Ugh. Yeah, this lady.
[both sigh]
I'm really proud of you
for getting out of that Magnus sitch.
You know, the weird thing is, like,
once I did it, it was surprisingly easy.
- Does that make sense?
- A little bit. Yeah.
- I always knew you were a badass.
- Oh.
Ah. That makes me so happy.
- It's a beautiful sound.
- Mmm-hmm.
[laughing] Oh, shit.
Uh, I think this is the kind
that already has tequila in it.
Okay. Okay.
Whoo! We about to get turnt, ladies.
Regular amount of alcohol.
Okay, dinner's ready.
Holy shit.
- Darb, this looks incredible.
- [Darby] Thanks, guys.
This looks great.
- Where's Sara?
- I saw her go upstairs with Ramona.
- Maybe they're hooking up.
- Oh, Sara's straight.
That's kind of Ramona's thing.
They better not hook up tonight.
Ramona had a nervous breakdown
after her last straight girl.
- Okay, I'll go find her.
- [Taryn] I'm starving.
Here, I'll just put that in
- [sniffs] Oh. Fuck.
- [Ramona chuckles]
There you are. Oh.
Perfect. You're doing cocaine
off a picture of a garden gnome.
Are you a Capricorn?
[chuckling] Controlling.
Hey, Darbs, have a little appetizer.
Uh, no, that was actually
an epiphany of mine.
Every time I'm about to do coke,
I can just not do coke, you know?
I don't think it's that kind of party.
Yeah, but it could be.
There's two women down there
on in vitro drugs,
so I think probably not.
You wanna come downstairs, and we can eat?
- Boo. Party police. Boo.
- [chuckles, shushes]
Jesus. We're gonna
have to separate you two.
Okay, fine. We will go downstairs.
Let's just go downstairs
'cause I love eating dinner on coke.
Ramona, we're gonna meet you there.
- God damn it.
- What the fuck?
Mom, I'm sorry.
I don't know. It was getting
really boring down there.
We haven't even eaten dinner yet.
I'm sorry it's not, like, Studio 54 vibes.
Yeah, but you know that's, like, my vibe.
[scatting electronic music]
I'm being serious.
I feel like you're on thin ice
with Mallory as it is.
Okay, well, if I'm messing it all up,
maybe I shouldn't be here
for parents' weekend.
Or you could
act like a normal human being,
and everyone would
be delighted by your presence.
- I will be on my best behavior.
- Dude, I'm trying here. I'm really
You can do whatever you want.
- What?
- Do whatever you want.
I'm being serious. I'll I'll be so good.
- Okay. Great. I'm looking forward to it.
- I'll be so good.
I'm gonna be so good.
Can somebody, um,
pass me the tofu meatloaf?
No, I think that's the tofu lasagna.
I'm actually not sure.
I honestly [laughs]
- I'm honestly not sure.
- [all speaking indistinctly]
No, I think
'Cause it has more tomato sauce.
- Hey-oh!
- Oh!
- Um
- [chuckles]
I just wanna tell these fuckers
how much I love 'em.
[all] Aw.
Um, Taryn, you guys are just so cute.
It makes me wanna kill myself.
See, Mal and I go way back.
- Don't we, Mal?
- [Mallory] Yeah.
When we were in high school
and we were all emo and shit,
drinking vodka out of soda cans
in the bathroom.
She was drinking. I was smoking cloves.
- So
- [woman 1] I fucking love cloves.
And I got made fun of for being Asian,
and I stayed home from school
for a whole week
because Michelle fucking Mooney
threw packs of soy sauce at me.
And baby Mal came over to my house
to try to get me to come back to school.
And that was the day you came out to me.
So I wouldn't feel so alone.
And because I didn't know what to do
with my feelings for Nikki Smith. So
I want you to know that
that is the person you're marrying, Taryn,
a true blue, ride-or-die bitch.
And I just hope one day I am lucky enough
to marry someone as solid as Mal.
- I love you.
- Okay.
- Big feelings.
- Hey.
You're okay. We got you.
- I didn't wanna do this. [sniffling]
- It was beautiful.
- We got you.
- Hey.
Oh, God.
- I just
- To, um To Mal and Taryn.
- [all] Yes.
- [woman 1] Beautiful.
[woman 2] So sweet.
["Hold You" by Gyptian playing]
Yeah, yeah ♪
Gyal, me wann fi hold yuh ♪
Put me arms right around ya ♪
Gyal, you give me the tightest hold ♪
But if they survive,
then it's like a new beginning.
- Like that?
- Right.
Gyal, you give me tightest hold ♪
Me eva get inna mi life
Mmm, mmm ♪
Me eye dem dry and me nuh care ♪
Mi tek it anytime, anywhere ♪
Inna de square, seh me nuh fear ♪
And as a woman, I will be there ♪
Mi want a gyal who can wine pon me ♪
Mi want a gyal who can take care of me ♪
And mek mi feel it, and mi reveal it ♪
Ooh, my haf fi really squeeze it ♪
Gyal, me wann fi hold yuh ♪
Put me arms right around yuh ♪
Gyal, you give me the tightest hold ♪
Me eva get inna my life ♪
Gyal, me juss wann fi just squeeze yuh ♪
Put me tings all around yuh ♪
Gyal, yuh give me tightest hold ♪
Me eva get inna mi life ♪
Oh, Lord, like a fast bike ♪
Pon di road, roo-room, roo-room ♪
Gyal, pon de back and she
A boom, boom, boom, boom ♪
Gime mi da maga one or the fat
Tun, tun, tun, tun ♪
When a player as one time
We come to come, come ♪
Me outta control ♪
A more fire she want inna her soul ♪
She say more pon more
And still she groan ♪
And still me multiply more ♪
Gyal, me wann fi just hold yuh ♪
Put me arms right around yuh ♪
Gyal, you give me the tightest hold ♪
Me eva get inna my life ♪
["Call My Name" by Haerts playing]
When you know it's time
And you dare to be free ♪
When you hurt too much at loving me ♪
That's when you're leaving ♪
Leaving me alone ♪
When you plead to me
But I'm not really there ♪
When I close my eyes
Afraid of your stare ♪
That's when I'm leaving, leaving ♪
Dude. Dude!
- What?
- What the fuck, man?
- Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
- Dude, what the fuck?
Did you drive last night, drunk?
You could have killed somebody.
I wasn't drunk. What?
You ran over their camping chairs sober?
I did?
Dude, what the fuck is going on with you?
I Nothing. I just wanted a burrito.
What? Get out of the car.
Hurry, before everybody
fucking comes out and sees you.
- God damn it.
- Oh, my God.
Don't just stand there, do something.
- What?
- Get rid of the chairs or something.
- Where?
- I don't know, the bushes!
Maybe I should
just tell her what happened.
You want everybody to know
that you were drunk driving?
- Fuck.
- For real? Babe.
- Come on.
- Okay.
[women laughing, speaking indistinctly]
[woman 1] Now. T-A-L-L-O-R-Y.
Tallory is Now.
[woman 2] Choreograph it.
[woman 3] She's a good dancer.
We'll make that go.
- [Mallory] Sara.
- Hey.
- You going in that?
- Uh
- [Ramona] I think she looks cute.
- [woman 3] Hiking in pajamas.
- It's a clutch move.
- [Sara] Yeah.
I'm not feeling super-great.
You guys all go ahead.
- [woman 4] Sure?
- Yeah.
[woman 4] You'll miss the ice caves.
[Darby] I think she's feeling nauseous.
- We should let her rest.
- [woman 2] All right, let's go.
- You ready?
- [Mallory] Yeah, yeah!
[women] Yeah.
[Mallory] I like to be in the car ♪
[Ramona] I prefer it to hiking.
[Taryn] Come on.
- [Ramona] Right now ♪
- [woman 4] I'm in the back ♪
[breathing heavily]
- [door opens]
- [footsteps approaching]
[women speaking indistinctly]
- [Darby] Hey.
- Hey.
- The place looks amazing.
- Oh, good.
Thank you. That was sweet.
Well, at least
I'm good for something. [sniffles]
- [clears throat]
- Yeah. I'm sorry I was so harsh earlier.
Oh, my God. Why are you apologizing?
I'm the one who fucked up.
[Sara sighs]
What Come on. Don't You're not leaving.
- No, there's a
- You're not leaving.
There's a train in an hour.
I should go. I feel like I'm in the way.
Mallory will be really upset if you leave.
Will she?
Everyone will be really upset
'cause everybody loves you.
- Really?
- Yeah!
Oh, come on.
Yes, everybody loves you.
Do you want me to brush your mane?
Fan you with palm fronds?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
We love you. Please stay.
- Maybe a little mane brushing.
- Okay.
[Sara sighs]
Maybe just slow your roll tonight.
The roll will be slowed.
I promise.
[Ramona] Okay, ladies.
Who's ready to put their face
in some titties?
[all whooping]
Ramona, Ramona.
- Um, can I ask you a favor?
- What's up?
Uh, can you just kind of
give me a hand with Sara tonight?
She's kind of going through a lot, so.
Yeah. Yeah, I can keep an eye on her.
- I'm gonna treat her like a queen.
- Okay.
We're gonna get turnt.
Okay, opposite. Fucking opposite.
[hip-hop music playing on speakers]
[woman] Wow.
I didn't think I'd be
into the whole strip club thing,
but this is kind of working for me.
I'm proud of you, Darby.
Come to the light side.
Are straight people the dark side?
Yeah, obviously.
Yo, where's our waitress at?
She's getting motorboated by that biker.
[Mallory] Aw.
I'm gonna miss you guys.
It's Minneapolis.
It's not like it's Siberia.
I mean, you're splitting hairs.
I'm kidding, I'm kidding.
- Can you guys let me out?
- Uh, yeah.
[Sara clears throat]
- You okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
I'm just gonna get another Coke.
Our waitress just became a stripper.
That's so hot.
[bartender] What can I get you, hon?
- Just a Coke, thanks.
- Gimme a sec.
Thank you.
[clears throat]
- [woman] I mean
- [indistinct conversations]
Hey, just ignore me
putting on fake eyelashes.
No judgment here, girl.
[Sara sniffs]
Um, is this your purse?
It was on the floor, next to the toilet.
Oh, I am such an idiot.
Always happens
when I drink Long Island iced teas.
- Thanks.
- Yeah, no worries.
[hip-hop music playing]
Taryn's enjoying that,
like, a little too much.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
Ramona's totally sucking Sara's face off.
Jesus. I give up, I give up.
You should. She's on her own path.
No one saw a lesbian
named Ramona on that path,
- but
- I mean, how drunk is she?
Well, I know how drunk
I'd have to be to kiss a man.
Now, ladies, if you'll excuse me,
I am gonna go peel that stripper
off my fiancée.
[Darby] Mmm-hmm.
[Mallory] Okay, thank you, Megan Fox.
- [Taryn] Hi!
- Okay, thank you.
- [woman] That's her!
- [bouncer] Excuse me.
This woman says you stole some money.
- What you're talking about?
- I had cash in an envelope.
- I get paid in cash. Check her purse.
- [Sara] I don't have one.
Check her pockets, asshole,
every orifice, but she took my money.
Calm down. What's going on?
Seriously gonna treat me this way
after I was a good Samaritan?
I found her fucking bag
and gave it back to her.
Bitch, you were snorting coke.
That's when she took it!
- Wait, what?
- [woman] Okay, check her purse.
- It's still in there.
- Fucking drunk!
- [clamoring]
- [bouncer] Whoa. All right, all right.
- Listen, you gotta come with me.
- No, fuck you!
- Sara!
- Fuck you.
- Fuck all y'all. Good night.
- [glass breaking]
God knows what you did!
I knew we shouldn't have invited her.
- I know.
- Should I go after her?
She's clearly not okay.
But I don't want her
to get run over or something.
It's my bachelorette party.
I don't wanna spend it
trying to save somebody who's not ready.
I'll go find her.
[car approaching]
[Darby] Get in.
Get in, or I'll run you over
like a camping chair.
Without the cigarette.
Just tell me the truth.
Did you steal that money?
No, of course I fucking didn't.
What the fuck?
Look me in the eyes
and just tell me the truth.
[clears throat]
I did not take that woman's money.
If you know in your heart that's
the truth, you didn't take her money,
then I accept that.
- Are you fucking kidding me?
- Oh, my God.
- No.
- This is such bullshit.
I have gone to bat for you all weekend.
The only reason that I've done that
is because I know that this isn't you.
Just fucking tell me the Just say it.
- Tell me the truth.
- Okay, fine!
I stole it. It's not a big deal.
[gasps dramatically]
- Oh, my God!
- What?
I mean, she's just gonna spend it on coke.
- You're just gonna spend it on coke!
- [sighs]
That might be her rent.
She might have kids.
Dude, why? Why did you do that?
I don't know, Darby. I don't know.
It was there, I saw it, I grabbed it,
I thought it would be fun.
You thought it would be fun?
I'm just really fucking lost.
Everything good in my life
has just turned to shit.
And Jim choosing a fucking house over me.
I mean, he couldn't wipe his ass
without telling me first
and now he's just fucking fine without me?
And then I lost my job,
and then I've been
on all these shitty dates,
and, um, my credit's fucked,
and nobody can hang ever
'cause they're too busy.
It's all just fucking bullshit.
My life is bullshit.
And you don't even need me anymore.
You're my best friend.
Of course I fucking need you.
It's not the same anymore, Darby.
Do you think that I'm a bad person?
No. Sara.
I think you're really struggling right now
and you could use some help
and I want to help you get help.
'Cause I'm really sick
of seeing you hurt yourself.
I'm sick of worrying about you,
it's too hard.
Yeah, it's just been a really bad year.
Stop. Come on.
I think it would be good for you
to get some professional help.
- And don't be mad. Please, don't be mad.
- Fuck me.
But maybe even rehab?
Fuck off.
Look, yes, I'm sad,
but I don't need rehab.
Sara, I'm legitimately
worried you're gonna die.
I can't do rehab. I've got shit to do.
No, you don't.
I'm sorry, babe.
I tried to quit drinking before.
What? Why didn't you tell me?
I don't know.
'Cause it's like
maybe when you start a diet
but you don't actually want
to have to do it.
Yeah, okay. [sniffles]
I think that's why
getting some professional help
will be so good for you.
You know, that's how my dad did it.
When he hit bottom. There's this story.
I was too young to remember,
but he climbed in my crib
'cause he was so drunk
and then he ended up getting help and
I mean,
that's how he met Nancy.
Turned everything around.
- Nancy.
- We love Nancy.
What do you think?
We can just go in the morning.
I can arrange everything.
I'll be right there with you.
What do you think?
Okay, fine.
Yeah, okay.
But I fucking hate you.
That's okay, that's okay, that's okay.
It's okay. You can hate me.
[Sara crying]
You're gonna crush it.
- You're gonna be the best at rehab.
- [chuckles]
You're gonna be amazing, kiddo.
I'm so proud of you.
Oh, fuck.
Ooh. It's heavier than it looks.
- [Ramona] Go this way.
- That way, let's go.
- Going in like that.
- [Ramona] Okay.
Just lay it.
Yeah, like that. That's great.
[Mallory] Not on the
What the fuck happened to this?
Maybe there was a bear or something.
- [woman] Yeah.
- Giant bear.
- Hey, morning, sunshine.
- [Sara moans softly]
We gotta get on the road. Um
Check-in's at 3:00
and I coordinated
the whole thing with your sister.
- [Sara] Wait, you called my sister?
- Yeah.
But we're all with you, babe, I promise.
Oh, yeah.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
[Sara moans softly]
Sara, don't do this. Please.
We got really lucky
that there was a spot at all.
I honestly have no idea
what you're talking about.
I'm just trying to sleep.
I can't keep doing this.
You're either gonna come with me to rehab
right now or I'm out.
Re Fuck.
I'm not gonna lend you money anymore, man.
I'm not gonna vouch for you
with our friends.
I'm begging you to get up right now
or I'm done.
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