Malcolm in the Middle s02e04 Episode Script

Dinner Out

A launch point.
I'll get the first strike.
Take this.
The launch ! Gosh, We are so dead! So, game over.
Yes, then do it for me? What? Pass the table is a home run.
Two runs great.
That ball was a foul! Are you crazy? It was right to red line! It was a foul.
Shut up.
You're not playing, do not grab the ball Was fair.
Let's do it again.
Shit! Now we are really dead.
But that was a touchdown.
Go back to your post.
Malcolm 2x4 "dinner out" Matiasmab21 facts, enjoy ^ ^ When I think of Stevie to play video games Is incredible because it has the games I play.
"When I was 4 years.
Finished! The rainbow .
¬° I win Gold! Do not have something with a little more violence? "Fishing for small fish " Sometimes Drown! Guys I brought some snacks.
Hands! Well, Who wants applesauce? Yo! Stevie, do not need to alter your voice.
And I have something similar if they are crazy.
Do you feel crazy? A little.
That's my mom.
She always called screaming.
Tell him he's welcome to come whenever want, while I do not bite.
It is not personal, I think she expressed well with everyone.
MALCOLM! Why do not you going? I do not want to make mad.
It is always crazy.
MALCOLM I mean, not eating NO ICE CREAM.
And she No matter no matter Stupid.
I cheated.
We are doing this new thing called "the circle of the coup" Basically, if you get another look your hand while you are well.
Under your eyes you can hit on his arm.
Stupid behavior but You can beat him.
It broke my pants.
Boys! Kitty was Kenarban.
Want to go out to dinner.
That sounds pretty fun.
Good for you, dear.
He referred to the whole family.
Mama, do not think it's a good idea The Kenarban are something like bored.
Are refined, Malcolm.
And it would be the worst thing in the world they teach them a couple of good manners to you.
Just do not think that will wear well.
Do not be silly.
I think it's nice that we ask to go to dinner with them.
Much time has passed since someone invited us to go somewhere.
I wonder why.
I think I see some seals hungry! Cadets.
As you know, I'm not reveal my personal side.
But after 20 years of improvement.
My mother has agreed with me come visit this weekend.
She's very demanding and I have not seen for a long time.
I want the best.
That means you do not have time to horseplay, pranks or stupid.
No problems that I depart the time with my mother.
This is important for me.
Which makes it IMPORTANT TO U.
So it is clear as crystal.
Do not bother me this weekend.
Yes, sir! Okay.
To me it sounds pretty serious.
Yes, it's time we started have fun.
What are you talking about? Did not you hear what the lieutenant told us? If I heard it was going to be busy with her mother to pay attention.
What kind of party you have in mind? I do not know.
Maybe drink a lot, with music and girls.
How are the girls? As I can see have been here enclosed by let me see The last 6 months? Would you like to come to our party tomorrow at night? Wait, Are you going to let? Of course and a great time.
Kill or die to go to your party .
Seriously do or die Okay, that's the idea.
Well, I'll take you, to you and you and you Wait a minute, Sweets are unpleasant? Well, you do not.
And you and you I will eat this and this And these too.
Is not this beautiful? No clutter, no ice cream scoops spilled on the kids Hal, look! "Please, wait to be settled.
" Look, a dollar! It's mine! Damn! I never thought would use this deception.
I will say this once and only once We have to be respectable people tonight.
" Be well educated and stabilized, so give me one hand, understand? Well, this is the plan for get out of here.
At first I will say that I feel bad Hal! I do not want us to leave, I want us to stay.
They are a nice people want to become friends of ours.
So you're telling me I'm alone now.
Holaa, we! How long! Abe.
"Como .
I think I'm wrong or something Sorry I'm late, but idiot parked in handicap space Guys, why are not sitting, I have to find something in the car.
Already come.
Why did not this before? Do not you think they are making some noise? To be in only two buildings away.
Ladies, this is great, but could volume down a bit.
IRS, say the target! Remember, do not throw ice, do not play with butter .
Do not eat chewing gum or hide the table below.
Are warned.
You are very pretty, Stevie.
Great "Who me shed? At the game I want to play.
I do not know, Stevie.
It's pretty tough.
Vamos! It's just a game.
If he wants to play, then plays.
Remember Stevie, do not look at this Or this.
Es .
Well, that's nice.
I had not done anything well for a long time.
I do not know why we did this before.
Do I have a fever? No.
What would you like to drink? Yes .
this He will drink a diet soda.
And you sir? A glass of lemonade.
I want an iced tea.
We do not have.
What should I ask then ? Wait a minute.
What is taking that guy? That's hot tea.
This is ridiculous.
If you have tea, you have ice.
Prepare some iced tea.
No no, okay, I love to take a hot tea.
This is really nice.
Yes Well, I have to go to the bathroom.
I also think I have to go to the bathroom.
Try to be quiet, please! Why do not you Francis? Listen, I promised girls, girls not quality.
Well gentlemen.
I've had it with the bottles, so I will look to Spangler.
No! We are not losers, we can solve this for ourselves.
I will start to fix this now.
Listen girls Save my underwear! Good blow.
Stevie leaves the game.
You are just hitting you! Not even won once.
Oh yeah? So how can you see this ? Damn! So when you said that I felt exalted 5 seconds before you go.
Oh yeah? Cheers Weak men drink a drink on the sly to relax from their wives.
I'm sad.
No, no.
There are like me and Kitty Of course that left him in charge of the normal things, but when important matters come, Daddy is in charge.
Hello Kitty! Gotcha.
Dominated by us.
I liked that.
These guys.
Hal probably drank in the bar, such Once you are drunk so I'm a.
No no, that's fine.
Give us a chance to speak.
Here we go.
Lemonade soda and juice fruit.
"Fruit juice? I told that fool you asked for tea and do you bring a fruit juice? Excuse me.
No, no no, that's fine.
Any problem? Yes, my friend ordered a tea and you brought him fruit juice.
I think not.
Well, enough discussion for me.
Why do not you go back to the kitchen and do ? No, no no.
I like fruit juice.
Very sanitary facilities.
Reese Enough is enough.
No is fun.
Okay, okay.
Hey, I can show this on my knuckles? I'll beat you when you return.
Even I knew he was to do that.
She will not let me put butter on bread.
But worse, I have not done for 10 years! How did this happen? Not always been so.
Actually I do.
History class, I grew up with a grandmother and 4 aunts nasty Used to wash your hair on Saturday night.
Never had the chance.
Enough is enough.
You're the boss, Abe.
Go, go, go! Sir? Go away! ! I said I did not want be bothered! I'm busy, away! But he said it was his mother, sir Go away! I wish I could sir, but we are in a difficult situation We decided to have a party and then we can not I do not care.
I'll see it in the morning.
Yes, but Morning! Is that some girls invite the people y.
Village Girls "?! Are there any girls in town within the school? Have you killed anyone? No sir.
But I saw the worst things you can imagine.
Hurry up honey.
One minute mother.
Do you know what you did? All academics can not exist without the support, predispocisión and cooperation of the village community.
The police chief and the mayor sent them reports to the governors.
The fire chief is a supervisor.
And right now, there are girls in psychotic terroritario military.
Not be long in coming us.
What shall we do sir? They will do what a respected member of society is in a situation like this We will stay calm.
But they are destroying the school! Well, that's all they make cadet.
I'm afraid this is like a fire oil We have to let it burning inside.
Yes, I forget.
One of the buildings is burning.
So Have you seen any good movies lately? Well, the last we saw was "Make sleep a pony" Did you see? No.
The last movie I saw was "The computer was saying shoes' in the cable.
My God! Carol Russell! Yes! I continue making films from Disney.
Me too! Especially in sight .
Nidium, the wrist! It was so cute Did you see the strongest men in the world? As 50 times.
That thought! I always wanted that flashlight.
I'm so terrible.
Seriously, this has to stop.
I'm starting to feel bad but also incredibly boring.
My God! Is that a snake? Stevie! Moron.
Snake I asked for this.
I'm so glad we came to dinner.
Me too.
Now I feel much better.
Better? About you and your family.
What?! For Malcolm and Stevie, because they spend much time together and now we've known me feel much better.
Wait a minute.
What do you mean this was not to Let us be friends? Yes! No, it was not.
Were checking our level, you wanted to see if we were good enough for your family.
No, no no.
I would not say so.
I do.
Because that's what you're doing.
How dare you? You can not judge.
You are not so perfect and successful lady.
You are one of the most despicable people I met in my entire life.
Did you know that Russel was a boy Curl Young and won an award? Not change the subject.
I'm talking to myself here.
You say something and change the subject, that's what you do.
What about you? Well if something is wrong with me is wrong with me.
Problem solved.
Well, that's weird.
"I hit with my left? Think Stevie.
Me I give up to self.
Why do not you, Reese? Damn! Why no a man give me a moment of Victory? You have a very serious problem.
"Never has someone shouted your entire life? Just do not see sense to take out.
Are you kidding? Many times if you do not cry, do not listen! Lois, our situation is quite difficult, I have too much negativity.
What situation, you mean Stevie? He is right! He is not pretending you're sorry all at the same time.
Why not take all a break? Heavy forward, get over it.
Let me help you.
Break your bones! Finally Justice! I mean, just going to kill him.
Stevie, What the hell are you doing? You are in many problems, this behavior is totally unacceptable.
We are in a restaurant! What about you? Do not try to talk to me.
Expected to get home.
I broke a bone! Reciver or not Good for you, I knew she was in her blood! Do not mess! Excuse me I could calm down Would you mind go to hell? And absolutely I asked for tea, how is that you are so stupid to forget it? Kitty.
We have to calm down.
And you you went to the bar leaving me alone How do you think I felt? Honey, calm down.
And another thing there were 2 people in that bar.
You know, I feel great.
And you have to organize, do not be stupid.
I think everything was destroyed.
I say we are lucky, because a previous time in 1972 we had to bury a fellow.
It's Gordon.
Hey Gordon, are you okay? What happened? Francis terrible things, terrible things.
I think I'll homosexual.
Quick, quick! Well, an interesting dinner.
Stevie overcame evil in this case, Reese.
Her daddy got drunk.
And his mom is totally out of control.
My God! How many changes!