Malcolm in the Middle s02e14 Episode Script

Hal Quits

Mom, dad guess what! The mouse Perez wine.
Really? What gave you? A couple of bucks? A stone, and half a stick of gum.
Malcolm, Reese! Malcolm 2x14 - Hal resignation Made by matiasmab21 "From fans for fans" See this Francis, I can make milk out my nose.
It's pretty good at it Sadly, I'm just jealous! Reese, everything that comes through your nose as you return to put in your mouth! This toast is not thawed yet.
I'm sorry honey.
Meti other toast on the plate Francis the toaster is too small.
Is it your fault that my toast is frozen? Sorry.
Francis you have to hurry or be late Inventory your first day.
Yeah, thanks Mom for getting me the job .
My friends will spend the spring rafting in the river Do not know what will be jealous when they know I'm counting shampoo bottles in the lucky 8.
Sorry Francis, but it fits perfect.
We needed people and had no choice.
Look at the sexy teacher! Dad, are you going to carry all that crap to the class of Dewey? If Malcolm, this is my first presentation I want to surprise them.
I want that Dewey is proud of this man.
One of the four would not be so bad.
Dad, boys 6 years.
So we have to be fun, start with the scheme and countless statistics.
Do I have to do this? Malcolm Relax, your teacher says it's OK Will give you notes after school.
You know, I'm hoping that as it arrives.
I think this is going to be fun.
Well no, not everything I do I there are some things important .
very interesting .
Could you repeat the question? Your work sounds horrible.
Well of course it's awful, it's a job! Makes me want to mourn Yes, it's a disaster.
Look, you have to understand is that all jobs are horrible and there is nothing they can do with that.
I mean, are tedious and boring Being a firefighter is not boring.
It is true but you have to take into account the lack volcanic, is very easy to die in a fire.
My dad is a firefighter.
Dad will morir> .
Actually work in a very high floor and could something happen.
Questions? If your work is so boring and do not like, why do it? Did you leave your job? Lois please trust me Just ordered a short absence for a kidney problem.
Than good.
It's drastic, but you do not need to make many questions.
Very good.
Did you do this only by what you said the other child? It was horrible, did mourn dad! The boy was rude but fair.
His father gave us a puppet theater.
I'll tell you, life is crazy One day you're in college showing off your stuff but then need money so you get a job Think is only temporary, but then you go up, and then a salary increase and a lot of doors open Except that there are doors, are traps! And suddenly .
Bam! got this in my life? To you love them very much but the house damn! Guys, I want to talk with his father alone.
? Go into your bedroom, we are eating.
Just kidding, seriously! Hal Are you suffering from a crisis? Do not know what it is just know I have to do something.
And what is it you plan to do exactly? I'm always talking about doing something that turns in my head for years.
Is the painting? Yes, I can see so clearly! Every line, every line, every spot, the bright jets of carnecí, the bright blue The magenta hues enlighten them.
Yes Hal I've heard this before but Lois I have that out of my head.
You know how crazy that is? Yes.
You were going to leave for retirement when they give the same to be crazy Hal, I really expected to see an old man wandering around painter the house with paint stains on the face I'm sorry honey, I can not just wait.
Maybe it could be the gardener old man.
Yeah, seriously? This is important for you And discard those five minutes, you're a good father and husband, you deserve it.
Thanks You deserve something really great.
I wish I could buy it from you but I have to use savings for painting.
Felita to all, passed a tough selection process to take inventory.
They should be proud of, is a great team! After we foster mutual trust ready for battle.
As I explain the managers want us to compete with downtown market so that the inventory runs out first will get a plaque y.
Yes, a question.
Which of these products would kill me faster? You're going to start counting the waste.
The begi oven cleaner, or rodenticide rodenticide .
is fine.
It's weird All my life, Dad has risen every morning to a job he hates with all his strength I can not believe that not even noticed.
Guess who cared only for my stuff.
My God! What if I feel the same? A quarter of amber varnish, a paintbrush number 2 camel hair Or maybe a brand collisky.
Camel hair, collisky brand, how you know all this? Never painted anything in your life.
Blocks have been painting for 15 years Lois, "here.
" Hi honey.
Do you have any idea what that kind of stupid work can do to a person? Kills your soul.
It makes you the mind and reduces your spirit gelatin powder! He called Greg, you should go tomorrow at 7 pm instead of 8 hours.
And do not make much noise when you wake up, I sleeping.
Malcolm, the streets are said to your father went crazy at work.
What? Is it true that ignited the table and started dancing around it? They say he did because he fought with the cleaning.
That's crazy! Where did you hear all this rubbish? My dad is fine, only taking a few days at work because she hates it.
You know, all this made me think of something.
What will I do when I grow up? Do not have plans for the future? No.
Malcolm's okay, no big deal sorry is allergy Do you already have planned their careers? Of course I do, I'll take care of a particle accelerator.
With my intelligence and my political agenda heaven no limits Well How much? Keisha URIN xD Better write it.
Is it a number? Where are you? Red alert! There team meeting.
Attention, according to my information the center found a Reyman human calculator type in a homeless But we're not going to let it come to help, so will have to work tonight.
Francis the discount that the candy did wrong, I want Recheck stock.
Do you have also the 40 in your tummy? I heard that.
I paid for those.
Things are starting to get really strange here.
It's Dad It's so happy.
These meatballs are amazing, Your recipe? The same as always.
Come on, something is different, I can feel it! Well, actually, so did not put tomato ketchup.
See? I can taste it.
Are they good right? What child? A girl at school called me "Dewey-Bug-basos" Is it the same girl who always puts glue on the hair right? You know, she is doing this because like you.
It's for your attention.
So do not think I'm drooling? Of course not! You're right.
Hey Dad, I have a similar situation and maybe you can help There is a girl I suggest you leave it in peace before I go to the police.
Okay, thanks.
What? What do you mean? I've noticed that you do not stop looking at me.
Do you see? Scary! Hal, I have to admit, not working is good for you, you look so happy, so caring, so patient with the kids Hal! My God, you're beautiful! Good team did a great job yesterday.
But unfortunately I lost all the numbers I think I sent my mom accidentally.
Yes, so "oops" So why not begin to run again I will go to market the center to prepare a new "strategy", you know.
Gorckage, I leave in charge.
"We're putting him in charge? He does not speak English.
Gorckage not even know if it's really his name.
You might as well call Also has not challenged any of the decisions I made.
That's because you can not! What about us when we go to relax? I can not hear you.
Do not you could use an aspirin? I'm working for a pirate.
Of course, if affection.
Your boss is an idiot, your colleagues are incompetent and under pressure.
Welcome to the world of work.
Why do people do this? Well let's see If you want to eat, sleep indoors and that kind of luxury, you will not have another option.
But Dad he had no choice.
Every 20 years you have a crisis left brain I can not wait.
He says: "Go back to your job!" I really appreciate you let me do this test career I know it is usually for older kids But he needed help, would not be wrong to decide.
Well Are your test results? Yes.
What do you say I should do? Well According to this Whatever you want.
What? Yes, your score was excellent in all areas.
And According to this test There is no race on the planet where you can fail.
Well but that does not explain anything to me I was expecting something like No, boy there are a lot of people would kill to have professional skills in both the Gulf and neurology and succeed.
Yes, but that does not help me I mean how am I supposed to decide if I have no parameters to guide me? I am very sorry that you have unlimited potential, keep your tears in my plastic bag.
Is this test can not say what they like it? Aside from disclosing when a teenager does not yield in their studies no! I can do the test again? No.
Now if you'll excuse me I have to take the bus to my night work.
Even if you think that you do not care.
What are you doing up dad? They are like 5.
30 in the morning.
Do not tell me should I go to bed.
What are you doing? I go to work, maybe you remember Francis, Can I borrow 20 bucks? "I need to buy paintings.
Yesterday I bought 6 pots of paint, what did you do with them? I used them.
Why are you questioning me? How can you use 6 pots of paint in a day? Francis, please, really need them.
I am so close, is nearing completion.
Do you have any idea how hard I have to work for get $ 20? Agree agree I do not preach.
Hey Dad, I can ask some advice? The girl who was bothering Dewey does not let him alone! Now call me "Dewey" The Dwarf " I told him cheap shots should be returned We should find some nickname for her and expand throughout the school, church and courtyard.
Well, everywhere.
It's a good idea.
So what do you think of the nickname good idea? Well, let's get to work.
What was the name the child? Regina Tucker.
Do not worry, we think of something.
Another day disgusting.
Too many handouts.
That supervisor idiot.
Be careful.
As you wish I'm so tired.
Hal It is midnight, Are you coming to bed? No! How I can go to bed if you can not find what I want? Honey This is your dream.
It's supposed to be fun! Are you talking about fun? Is this funny? This is driving me crazy! I'm just .
I can not finish! Well, you have to finish it! Look! You're killing yourself! One day .
that's it I just need one more day! Hal, you must have gotten about 500 kilos of paint there.
What about that? Yes .
Well it's over.
I just had to say the center finished the inventory.
We lost.
Chideris wi re ak! xD Gorckage I think spoke for all.
I'll be in the aisle of cookies.
Done with the rest of the numbers and go home.
Wait a minute, "Go home? Did not you hear? We lost! Spring wasted counting slippers and candy They say that all this was for nothing? Yes.
Do you know how many parties I missed this week? In many moves could have been how many girls could have known that drunk would have taken it off if I had been at his side to encourage them .
You can not tell that it was for nothing .
! We can not give up! Come on guys! We take it as a challenge! I will stay until this is over The right way.
Who's with me? Why do not you translate? It makes no sense! But please .
That's it.
Okay, we see ourselves.
Keep your eyes closed.
We I appreciate their patience.
They waited a long time so Here it is! Es .
If Did you finish? Yes.
It's perfect.
I mean, is exactly how I imagined it.
So watch it What? Look at your painting.
I can see it.
Hal, I want you to look at that picture and tell me you're satisfied with it! Damn! I knew it.
You have not finished! I can not do Lois, is driving me crazy! I've been giving painting covers every day and I got nothing! Do not get what I want so I will better forget.
Listen Hal You'll never work until you finish the table in your head.
No! You do not understand is useless.
You will not give up! Will you stay here until you finish! I will not go through this every five years when you want to a sculpture or god knows that another work of art, going to finish it now! Okay! Want to finish it I'm gonna end! We'll put a little paint here, another here and there! Y.
Amazing! I do not think so This is it! This is what was in my head! I'm sick, all the store are lazy! Hal, I'm so proud of you! What I did! Finally I made it! What is that sound? I do not know It sounds a.
Be careful, the paint falls off! I'm fine, I'm fine! Honey, I have to go.
Francis, we'll take you to the bus station.
The holidays are over, sir, we must back to routine.
Come on.
You know, all this made me think There will plan because it could end up with a wall cayéndome above.
I will just enjoy being a kid for now.
There are plenty of things you can do when you a child.
That's why I stepped across the room.
No pressure, no responsibilities.
Malcolm, how many times I have to tell you make your bed? Going to do all the beds of us starting this month today.
I think I understand very well that my situation is unprivileged.