Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Scotland By Land, Air, and Sea

[epic music]

Well, I think we've picked
a really great spot to start.
-[Sam] It's a beautiful day.
-And I-I reckon
-Oh, yes.
we're gonna cycle
up to the very top there.
-[Graham] No problem.
-[Sam] Easy.
No problem.
I've cycled all over Scotland.
I'm ready.
These bikes are gonna
do it for us.
Beautiful day.
What can go wrong?
I'll leave you for dust.
-Race you.
-[grunting] Bastard.
Ah! Ha ha!
I'm after you, Heughan.
-I'm after you.
-[Sam] See you at the top!
Yes, I'm coming!


[both breathing heavily]
We're nearly at the top.
It's all right.
Listen, I think we just picked
the wrong gear
-for that-that turn, and
I mean, we were so close, mate.
We were so close.
-Aye, I know.
-Come on, mate. Come on.
-It's all right.
-Ah, just got to leave it here.
-Oh, God.
It's just, I-I don't think
I can go any further.
I think it's the wrong hill.
Oh, p--oh, what?
[exhales deeply]
[Sam] I think we were supposed
to be on that one.
[upbeat fiddle music]
[Graham] Sam!
[bicycle bell rings]
[man singing in language]
[traditional Scottish music]

Here we are,
in the natural beauty
of Scotland.
[Sam] Everywhere you go in
Scotland, round every corner,
I think, you know, you-you
just can't help
but be struck
by the-the beauty here.
And I think
we're gonna explore
some really cool places.
-We're climbing up a rock.
We're going up in the air.
And I think we're gonna be
on the sea.
We are.
I mean, we're literally
seeing it by sea,
by land, and by air.
[Graham] I mean, look how still
the water is.
It's like glass.
[Sam] With the mountains
in the background there.
Every corner, every turn,
you see something new,
something that takes
your breath away.
[Graham] There is no shortage
of natural beauty of Scotland.
I know everyone knows and--
or has heard about
the Highlands of Scotland.
But there's--you know,
there is a great deal more
to it than-than that.
I mean, we have the Islands,
which are--
-have their own identity.
-[Graham] Absolutely.
And we're making sure that
we're going to visit them.
Gonna go see some of them.
Clans that-that ruled over
the--uh, the-the water
and the Highlands
and the Islands,
they were so powerful because
that was the way to get around.
-It was a
actually a really quick way
to get around Scotland
-Yeah, yeah, it was.
-was to go by boat.
Yeah, the logical way to get
around, absolutely.

[Graham] But since our trusty
camper van can't swim,
we'll be taking her out
on a ferry across the Minch.
It's the channel
between the mainland
and the Western Isles.
-Ah, the romantic car park.
-[Sam] Ah
Look. Lovely.
[foghorn blows]
[birds squawking]
Look at these midges.
They're dive-bombing me.
[both chuckle]
-Oh, yes, that'll work.
-Yeah, yeah, fist, fist.
-Fuck you.
[Graham] Fist the midge.
That's it.
That's it.
There's one on your balls!
[both laugh]
[upbeat music]
[foghorn blows]
One of my favorite things
about traveling around
Scotland is going on a ferry.
[Graham] Yeah, you love
ferries, don't you?
-Why do you love them so much?
-[Sam] I love it--I do, I do.
I don't know;
there's something magical,
really romantic
about getting on a ferry
and going to one
of these islands and--
Where are we going?
[Sam] Well, we're crossing
from the mainland
over to Lewis
across the Minch.
Oh, yes, good.
And, actually, interestingly,
there's-there's so many stories
about the creation of Scotland.
I mean, you look out at, like,
the mountains
and-and the sea in between,
and all these little islands
are dotted about.
And these stories
are-are shared
not only
in sort of Scottish culture,
but in-in Irish,
and even Norse.
-And there's one--
a great one
about the-the old hag
that created Scotland.
It's not a very nice name
for her, is it?
-Yeah, an old hag.
She was called the what?
The cailleach?
-Cailleach in Gaelic.
-The cailleach.
Cailleach, yeah.
She's this--
I don't know why they decided
to call her a hag.
-Seems a bit mean.
-Seems rather unfair.
But she apparently
would travel
across Scotland
with her wicker basket.
And she would drop these rocks
out of her basket,
and these became mountains
and islands.
[Graham] So she wasn't
a giantess or anything.
-[Sam] She was a giant.
-[Graham] She was a--
-oh, she was.
-[Sam] A giant hag.
-[Graham] She was a giant hag.
And the old hag,
she-she would apparently
rule over winter,
and then there
would be a-another hag.
A smaller hag or still?
A sort of summery hag,
-and she'd look after summer.
-[Graham] Right.
[Sam] They were a bit harsh
in those days, weren't they,
calling everyone hags?
So these are some
of the smaller stones
that the hag threw
out of her wicker basket,
the ones over there?
-[Sam] I-I imagine.
-[Graham] Okay.
[Sam] I mean, I wouldn't
obsess about it.
So they were different size?
I mean, it wasn't
a literal hag.
No, I'm taking this
very seriously.
So-so she had really,
really large stones
and then, like, little
kind of pebbly ones
that she'd just sort of throw--
-threw out at the end?
This is the most
-I'm so glad you told me this.
-I wonder who made this up.
Yeah, I mean, there are
a great number of stories,
and you can see why.
It's such a sort of inspiring,
-kind of romantic landscape.
-Oh, no, it
[Sam] One of the most famous
myths or legends of Scotland,
the Loch Ness Monster,
is a kelpie.
-It's not a kelpie, though.
-Well, I believe it is,
because kelpies
they're a water horse.
there's a mythical creature.
And the Loch Ness Monster,
I think,
has a lot of different forms.
[upbeat fiddle music]
[Sam] I think we need to go
to Loch Ness
and see if we can find
the monster.
You are the Loch Ness Monster.

Here we are, the Great Glen.
[Graham] Loch Ness.
It's such
an iconic landscape here.
Yeah, and, you know,
it was caused by this glacier
moving and cutting
this huge sort of scar
across the center of Scotland.
-And here it is, Loch Ness.
[Sam] It's this really deep,
really long loch.
What a view.
Do you think we'll see Nessie?
Wouldn't that be amazing?
-[both laugh]
-[Graham] Wow.
I know it's good just to stand,
just quietly,
and take it all in
without being disturbed
by anybody or
It's so peaceful.
[singing indistinctly]
Is that?
Oh, no.
[continues singing]
[Sam] Ah, well, it looks
like there's something
even more menacing than Nessie
out there:
Outlander's very own
Colum MacKenzie.
Now that I have all three
of you weasels
gathered together,
who would like to explain
Fort William?
[Gary] In you get,
you pair of reprobates.
-[Sam chuckles]
-Let's go.
[mellow music]
[Graham] You know,
we couldn't have picked
a more beautiful setting for
anOutlander family reunion.
-[Sam] I like that.
-[Graham] Stroke!
-[Sam laughing] Stroke who?
-[Graham] Stroke.
[Gary] Thanks for bringing me
out here.
-[Sam] Thanks.
-[Gary] Yeah, definitely.
[Sam] We're in the center
of Loch Ness.
-[Gary] Yeah.
-[Sam] It's an incredible loch.
And it's amazing, when you get
out to a spot like this,
you know, or top of a mountain
or in the middle of Loch Ness
with a madman with a rowboat,
you really feel connected
to the land, you know?
And it's amazing
to see this landscape.
This land tells a story
of its people, doesn't it?
Well, that's-that's
a good point, Graham,
because, uh, one of the key
things you understand
is, like
for the Gaels, their
relationship to the land,
wasn't that
they owned the land.
It was like
the land owned them.
They-they lived in the land.
So the whole idea of ownership
is something
altogether different.
-[Graham] Mm, yeah.
-[Gary] So aye.
[Sam] Thank you for bringing us
out this far, Gary.
Should we go?
[Graham] As fast as you can,
that would be really helpful.
-I'm getting used to this,
ferrying you around.
-[Gary] There you go.
-[Graham] Very good.
-Row, boys.
-[Sam] Row.
See, we capture
that relationship
with the land,
with the water, aye?
[Sam] I hope we get back
in time for dinner.
[upbeat fiddle music]

What words come to mind
when I say
"natural beauty of Scotland"?
Someone that doesn't use
many products.
-Ah. Interesting.
So if Scotland was a person
Scotland would be
very natural.
A little wild.
-[Graham] A little wild.
-[Sam] A little unkempt.
Maybe the hair would be long.
The hair would certainly be
long--in-in a lot of places.
Quite quite, uh,
rugged features.
A passionate expression.
Mm, a little bit wet
around the edges.

I-I was actually visualizing
a a face there.
You embody Scotland.
Rugged featured and coarse.
And wet around the edges.
-Got to drop that.
-[both] Yeah.

Are we ready to rock?
Are you ready?
For we, who are about to rock!
Are you ready?
Ah! Ah!
-[Graham humming rock music]
-[continues humming]
-Are you ready?
Oh, yeah,
Satan, Satan, Satan ♪
[Sam growling rhythmically]
[both chuckle]
[upbeat music]

It's beautiful, isn't it?
Look, there's a ship.
I mean, there's a boat.
Ah, now, what's the difference
between a ship and a boat?
Oh, I don't know.
What is the difference
between a ship and a boat?
A ship has a boat on it.
I just told you that.
You didn't tell me on camera.
It doesn't count.
Yeah, all right.
So that's a boat.
[Sam] That
[chuckles] That is a boat.
And we are on a ship.
And we're on our way to
The Isle of Skye.
And there are over 900 islands.
Gigha, Arran, uh,
Barra, Harris, Lewis,
South and North Uist,
Are you gonna
just name them all?
-Try and name a few.
See if you can name ones
that I haven't named.
Okay, I'm gonna go
for Skye, Lewis, Harris.
-Named all of those.
-Um, Staffa, Iona, Rona.
-St. Kilda.
-St. Kilda
That's not an island.
-Not even close.
Aren't these great names?
I used to spend a lot of time
on the Isle of Eigg,
which is incredible.
It has-it has one road
on the Isle of Eigg.
That's it, one road
that goes from-from
I literally learn something
about you every day.
It's not something that would
drag the tourists in, is it?
-Well, it's Gaelic.
-It's Gaelic.
-There's also Muck.
Again, not a great name.
You've definitely drawn
the short straw
on the island naming
if you live on Muck.
-You know. "Where do you live?"
-"I live on the Isle of Gigha."
-"What about you?"
-"Oh, the Isle of Muck."
-Just up the road from
fro-from Earwax.
-From Ear--yes!
-Bodily fluids.
-Aye, beautiful.
Earwax is
a very under-visited island.
I know.
-There's only one inhabitant.
And he can't hear much.
Look, it's beautiful!
[upbeat fiddle music]

Ah, the Isle of Skye.
You have to take it slowly
going through Scotland
because there are so many
places to stop and enjoy.
It's absolutely beautiful.
I love going through at
sort of the pace of a bicycle.
You're in luck,
'cause we actually
are gonna go cycle.
We're gonna be cycling
on the Quiraing.
[Graham] Why is it called
the Quiraing, by the way?
I don't know.
Why am I even asking you?
-[Sam] Yeah.
-[Graham] You don't know.
It's a wonderful destination.
I'm glad I'm visiting it
with you, Sam.
-[bicycle gears whirring]
-[Sam] Oh, God.
Oh, God, that's cars.
That is totally
-[Sam] Huh.
-totally amazing view.
-Look at that.
-[Sam] Worth it, huh?
[Graham] Look at that.
Wow, the Quiraing.
-I'm really glad
you suggested
we come up here, actually.
It's beautiful.
I've always thought
that cycling in Scotland
is like a metaphor for life.
You know, you get your uphills
and your downhills.
-You know, there are--
-[Sam] And the bit in between.
And the bit in between.
[Sam] Over there's
the Old Man of Storr
just behind that outcrop.
[Graham] Ah!
I've climbed that.
Don't say anything
about "old man."
Ah, now, this is
a question for you.
Why is it called
the Old Man of Storr?
-You don't know.
Ah, I figured.
[Sam] A lot of films
are shot here, actually.
Have they really? Which ones?
-[Sam] Aliens.
-[Graham] Aliens?
Guardian Knights, transform.
Dragon is yours to command.
And now Men in Kilts.
[Graham] Yeah, there's a lot
of similarity
between Aliens, Transformers,
and Men in Kilts,actually.
-Now, I was hoping
to go somewhere
that we could warm up a bit,
because it's, you know, it's
it's great when you're going up
the hill,
but when you stop,
it's a bit [shivers]
-You feeling a bit chilly?
-Yeah, a wee bit.
I can see
you're a little chilly.
[Graham] Please.
-The nipples are
I've got just the spot for us.
Somewhere warm?
Warm, um
Think spa.
Oh, we're going to a spa?
Volcanic pools, heaters.
Do they have them here?
No, but somewhere similar.
Come on.
[light music]
[Sam] We are gonna go see
the Fairy Pools at Skye.
I'm looking forward to that.
Wild swimming is important
in Scotland.

-[Graham shivers]
-[Sam] This isn't hot.
No, it's, uh, it's freezing.
It's mountain water
from Scotland.
Ah! Midges!
Ah! Ah!
It's gonna be worth it.
Ah! Midges!
Come on, my friend.
[upbeat music]
Ah! Ah!
Oh, my God!
F freezing!

Ah! Ah!
-[Graham laughs]
-[both shout]
-Oh, my God!
[shouting indistinctly]
Oh, my oh, my

Oh, my God!
[shivering angrily]
[upbeat music]

Where to next, Dad?
-[Sam chuckles]
-Where shall we go?
We shall be taking a seaplane.
Oh, yeah.
-Great. I love those.
-[Sam] Yes.
-Have you ever been in one?
-[Sam] I-I have.
I've been in
this very seaplane, actually.
Ah, and we'll be going
across Loch Lomond
and seeing Ben Lomond.
Another part of Scotland
is the mountains, you know?
You love climbing them.
I love climbing them.
Ben Lomond was one of the first Munros that I climbed.
-[Sam] Unsuccessfully.
-[Sam] Yes.
-I fell down half of it.

[dramatic music]

Oh, guys, nearly ready to go.
Slightly different feel to it,
the takeoff.
But we've got a little bit
of wave action.
So it's a bit like running
over a cobbled street,
you know, like Edinburgh
or someplace, you know.
We're approaching warp speed.
The takeoff's gonna be
a little jittery.
-[Sam] Oh, yes.
-[imitates plane shaking]
It's shaking. Oh.
It would be
really quite difficult
to pour a glass of whisky
right now, wouldn't it?
Hold on to your kilts.
[bright music]

Where are we going now?
We are going to fly
by Ben Lomond
-[Graham] Ah.
-which is a Munro.
Munros are mountains
that are all over 3,000 feet,
and there's about--
just under 300 of them.
There's 280-something of them.
H-how many have you climbed?
How many have I climbed?
I think I've climbed about
-25, 27, I think.
-That's pretty good.
[Sam] I've been--
also been up Ben Lomond.
Oh, you have climbed it?
[Sam] I have; I climbed it
in wintry conditions.
You literally can't see
You just have to be
very careful
because there are sheer drops,
especially on
on Ben Lomond.
-It is
on one side of it,
quite steep.
[upbeat music]
You are clear to land.
That is, uh,
Men in Kilt Airways.
That'll be the landing.
We made it.
Ah, yes.

[Graham] So I'm just gonna try
and imagine
I've never been
to Scotland before.
Yes, you've arrived,
and I've picked you up
in this beautifully decorated
camper van
that smells like the inside
of a whisky barrel.
[in American Southern accent]
I'm gonna say that, uh,
I'm from from the Deep South
of America.
Oh, that's an American accent.
Right, okay.
And I've arrived here
in-in Scote-land,
and, uh, we're driving
to wherever you're taking me.
Aye, that's right.
excuse me.
Just, uh, just wait.
Uh, is that English
you're talking there?
Aye, that's right, that it is.
It's a little bit of English.
[in American accent] Nah,
you're sounding real weird.
Is this normal,
by the way, the rain?
It was sunshine
about ten feet back.
[Sam] Aye, there are
four seasons in every day.
Four seasons in every day.
[Graham] And now I'm in some
kind of a monsoon.

[Graham speaking normally]
And now we segue very artfully
to mime work.
-[Sam] Ooh. Oh, I like it.
-Um, abseiling.
Actually, I was pulling
myself up.
-That's not abseiling.
-Oh, you did
Did you study mime?
Like that.
I would do some right now,
but I am driving.
How do you feel
about abseiling?
Just to be clear,
you're talking about me going
backwards off the side of a
attached to tiny ropes?
You do remember that I'm
terrified of heights, don't
you Sam?
It was the whole premise
of the show, it was.
Yes, yes.
Yeah, it was gonna be named,
you know,
Ways of Winding up Graham.
I think, "Oh, yes, death
is just around the corner,
quite literally."
[epic music]

[wind howling]
[dramatic music]

Fantastic location.
It is a beautiful location,
beautiful, beautiful heather.
I just need to tell you,
I mean,
this whole abseiling thing
I am genuinely quite, uh,
nervous about this.
You scared of heights?
-[Graham] Yeah, you know I am.
-[Sam] Yeah.
We're gonna meet this fantastic
person from Skye Adventures.
-We're on
-Does he know what he's doing?
I hope so because this cliff
looks pretty high.
-[Sam] Matt.
-Aye. How's it going?
-[Sam] How you doing?
-[Graham] Matt.
-How're you doing, guys?
-[Graham] What a pleasure, yes.
Where are we?
Uh, so we're on Kilt Rock
right now.
-Kilt Kilt Rock?
And I think it's called that
because it resembles
the pleats of a kilt.
There are a great many places
you can do this all over Skye.
-Am I right?
-Ah, yeah.
So we got lots of sea cliffs.
We got lots of cliffs
in the mountains.
Yeah, have you ever abseiled
in a kilt?
Ah, I haven't.
Um, I think it'd be quite
a painful experience.
Yes. How high up are we?
Good question.
[Matt] So we're about
100 meters above the sea here.
100 meters?
Yes. How you feeling
about that, Graham?
Listen, I just do need
to say
um, I probably haven't
confessed this to you, Matt
that I uh, do have a fear
of heights.
-Yes, I do.
So I'm not joking.
Um, I do have--
it's when people smile when you
say that, you go [chuckles]
-"Right, yeah,
I have a fear of heights."
"Oh, good."
Yeah, well, I'm looking forward
to it because,
man, I did know he's afraid
of heights,
so I thought this is the ideal
way to get over your fear.
Um, I see you have it
all set up for us.
-Let's go for it.
-Should we get ready?
[Matt] Okay, um, step
into these harnesses.
[Sam] This is a bit
like you wearing your
Don't saywhatever you were
about to say, don't say it.
It's quite fetching, isn't it?
[Matt] So we just want to pull
that nice and tight
so you definitely don't fall
out of it.
-[Graham] Some kind of
-[Sam] Do I just pull these?
-Ah, no, don't!
-Keep him away from me.
-[Sam] No, I'm just gonna--
Like, keep him away from me.
Keep away from me!
-Keep away.
-Are you trying to stall?
-Oh, stop.
-Are you trying to not do this?
Would you just stop?
Right. What do we need
to know, Matt?
Okay, so abseiling,
so it's just descending
a cliff.
Um, so all you need to do
Just descending a cliff.
one, is to walk backwards.
And the second one is to hold
on to the rope at all times.
Please remember
to hold on to the rope.
I do need you
for the rest of the show.
Will it involve me having to
look at his ass if I go first?
[Matt chuckles]
No, only if you want to.
-I really don't.
Just concentrate on the rope.
I've seen Outlander,
and I don't need to see
any more of it.
[playful music]
Okay, so um, I'm walking now.
[Matt] Graham, so if you
just, uh, step over there
-[Sam] Any famous last words?
-[Graham] Shut up.
-"Shut up"? Is that gonna be
Is that gonna be
your famous last words?
That's gonna be on my tomb:
"Shut up."
- [Sam] At your funeral
-"Heughan, shut up."
I'll be like, "Oh, well,
the last thing he said to me"--
I'm rewriting my will so that
you will not be allowed
to even attend anything to do
with my funeral.
I'm gonna be, um,
the first person to speak.
I'm gonna do a nice eulogy
for you.
-Just stop talking.
-[Sam] Okay.
You want to come over
this way?
-You okay?
-No, I'm not okay.
-But thanks for asking.
-Be really careful now.
The cliff edge is just there.
I'd really rather
you didn't come anywhere
near me, actually, Sam.
Oh, you gotta be careful, mate.
That's just--
it's really close.
So, uh, we're just gonna attach
you to the rope.
[Sam] Please get
a closeup of this.
[Matt] So I'm just gonna feed
the rope through
near the gusset there.
-[Sam] Matron.
-[Matt chuckles]
-And I'm gonna
-Oh, I think I know
-how to do this, Matt.
-Don't. No, no, no!
-No, I think I do.
-Oh, no, no, no. Oh, no.
-I do.
-Stop it.
-[Sam] I can get it.
No, I don't want you to do it.
-I don't want you to do it.
It's a really good knot.
-Trust me.
I-I don't trust you.
I don't trust you.
Please carry on.
That doesn't look quite right.
Round the bottom there.
[indistinct chatter]
I really hate him.
Come on there, mate.
Oh, it is high, isn't it?
[Graham] Okay, you really
will have to help me, here
-[Matt] Yeah.
-[Graham] 'cause I am--
I am genuinely
a bit frightened.
That's good.
So all we need you to do
is take a couple steps
back towards the, uh,
the precipice.
So just just take me
through it, Matt.
What am I doing?
[Matt] So what were the two
things that you had to do?
Yeah, hold on to the rope
and and walk backwards.
-I know that.
So that's genuinely it.
Hey, I'm very impressed.
You're doing very well.
So don't forget
to keep breathing.
Okay, and you're just gonna walk
backwards now.
-[Sam chuckles]
-[Graham] Yeah.
So we just just concentrate
on moving your feet.
[Sam] Right.
One step at a time, my friend.
This is good.
So just keep moving your feet.
-[Graham gasps]
-All right.
-[Graham] Right.
-Now we're good.
-That's it, buddy.
-[Matt] Okay.
[Matt] So then you're just
gonna keep walking backwards.
[dramatic music]
There you go.
Main aim is to keep
your feet moving.
Keep moving
that foot back as well.
-Yeah. [shuddering]
-[Matt] That's it.
-And you've got it.
-Oh, God. Oh, God.
Oh, God.
So if you just feed that rope,
the back rope.
[Graham] I can't-I'm not--
I don't know what's happening.
[Matt] Just keep those legs
nice and straight.
Just stand up.
There you go.

Okay. Oh, jeez.
[Matt] Just, yeah,
over this side a wee bit.
[Sam] That's it.
Going over the edge, dude.
-You're doing really well.
How's the view?
I really need you
to stop talking, Sam.
-I'm serious, okay?
-[Matt] That's great.
[Sam] You're doing
really well, buddy.
Good man.
Well done.
[Graham sniffs]
Oh, God.
-Oh, God.
-[Matt] All right.
Keep your legs nice
and straight.
Oh, God. Jesus Christ.
Ah. Oh.
-[Sam] Lovely.
Oh, fuck.
I actually feel a bit bad.

[Matt] Great stuff.
[Sam] Good stuff, mate.

So you've Have you got me?
[Matt] Yeah.
Okay, just want to stand up
on the ledge there.
-That was so terrifying.
-[Sam clapping]
That was
so fucking frightening.
Well done, buddy.
I am--that was
so fucking frightening.
-[Sam] Nice one. Well done.
-Jesus Christ.
I actually feel really bad.
Holy shit.
What the fuck?
[Sam chuckles]
Come on, bud.
That's it.
You're doing really well.
Almost there.
Come on.
-[Matt] Have you got it?
-[Sam] Well done.
-[Matt] Yep.
-You got it?
-[Graham] Yeah.
-[crew cheers and applauds]
-Well done, mate.
Well done.
-[cheers and applause continue]
-[Sam chuckles]
I am
Never again.
[Sam laughing]
That is probably one of
the most frightening things
I've ever done in my life.
I-it looked pretty scary.
-I actually felt quite bad
-[panting] Oh, fuck.
that uh, we made you do that.
So, uh
Well, we'll go back, then,
shall we?
I'm gonna No, I want to see
you do it now.
-No, we don't have time.
-Oh, shut up.
-[Matt chuckles]
-[Graham exhales deeply]
I'm a little embarrassed.
I wouldn't be embarrassed.
That was impressive for
-[Matt] That was great.
-[Sam] someone that is
so strong and brave.
No, no, I'm terrified
of doing that stuff.
Yeah, you did really well.
I'm-I'm really impressed.
-Thank you.
we'll do
the-the bigger one tomorrow.
Ah, lovely day for a
a descent.
So annoying how chirpy you are.
Look at you.
Oh, Jesus.
Oh, holy
Pretty high up.
-[Sam] Wow.
-[Matt] Nice work.
Yeah, it's lovely.
[Graham] I had a flicker
of fear across your face there.
[Sam] We should've brought
a drink with us, mate.
It actually looks amazing
from here,
-seeing you down there.
-[Sam] Yeah.
It's an-an incredible view.
You can see
right across the coast.
[Graham] Do you know
what I had a view of?
The rock right in front of me.
Well done, Sam.
-[Matt] That's it.
-[Sam] Thank you, mate.
Well done.

-[Sam] Oh, God!
-[Graham] Oh!
Oh, mate, well done.
-Well done yourself. Well done.
[light music]

Wow. I'm, uh
I'm still just coming down
from that
really quite challenging
You're buzzed, aren't you?
Yeah, I'm just very,
very grateful to be alive.
I'm grateful
y-you're alive as well
-because to be honest, mate,
you know, it's been amazing
sharing all these experiences
with you.
We've seen a lot of Scotland,
and it really is
-And--and we
-Just remarkable.
We froze in, uh, those pools
That's--we got
While we were
eaten alive by midges.
Yeah, the combined midge, uh,
freezing-cold water, yeah.
But it was very beautiful.
So come to Scotland.
It's beautiful.
-It is. No, it is.
-And look, look.
-[Graham] Look at that.
-[Sam] Mm.
This is a great place
to share a dram.
Oh, you brought--
you brought a flask?
-Oh, mate.
Well, I only brought one,
'cause I thought
you wouldn't survive,
so I thought I was just gonna
have this on my own, but
cheers to you surviving.
Well, thank you, and I'm
I'm glad I shared it
with you, truly.
Yeah, just leave me some,
will you?
[soft music]

[Sam] Uh, I, too,
have been naked onstage,
and, in fact,
my first job onstage,
I remember o-opening night,
in the front row
were a lot of critics
-and my mum.
Yeah, it's always a bad moment,
isn't it?
She must've been so proud.
I did it onstage.
Um, the director had the idea.
He said, um,
"I was thinking of you being
nude in this scene, Graham.
-How do you feel about that?"
-[Sam] Mm.
And I was so into it
and everything.
My mum and dad, they always
came to see everything.
My mum dragged my dad
to everything.
I'd warned them
that I was gonna be nude.
And after the play,
my dad just looked
at me and went
"There was no need
for that, Graham."
-[Sam chuckles]
-[Graham] "No need for that."
no need for that.
We'll never talk
about it again."
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