Minx (2022) s02e05 Episode Script

A Stately Pleasure Dome Decree

- [MAGGIE] Hey.
- Maggie!
[MAGGIE] It's only a matter of time
before George gives you a byline.
You are so beyond a researcher.
- We both are.
- Thank you.
You're more than happy to lap up
the attention when it suits you.
You're more than happy
basking in my reflection.
- Should we have sex now?
- Oh, no.
- I, um I I can't do that again.
- What?
We need to be friends.
[RICHIE] You think anyone
else knows how good we are?
Not a chance.
[DOUG] You know, I haven't have
a boss since I was 16 years old.
And now I have two,
and one of them is
Joyce fucking Prigger.
[CONSTANCE] I've decided to
not move forward with Beyond.
I need you to come up with more ideas
your big Renetti ideas.
Well, were you fucking wowed tonight?
I have to defer to Joyce.
Doug, the answer's no.
[SINGER] You ♪
Are you really not gonna
speak to me this entire ride?
I'm sorry I vetoed your dance troupe.
Well, it could've been a revolution.
Historically, I don't think revolutions
- involve that much baby oil.
- Okay.
- Listen, Doug, it wasn't
- If you say "it wasn't personal"
- to me one more time, Joyce
- It wasn't.
I'm just getting hammered on all sides.
I mean, Connie kills
my science magazine.
You murder my sexy boys.
I'm on the goddamn schneid.
"Schneid's" a losing streak.
That's what you call
schmoozing in Sin City
cutting international deals
and bathed in glorious neon
surrounded by games of chance?
I'm selling foreign
rights to Minx, Joyce.
I'm not exactly attending
Frank Sinatra's birthday party.
No, that's next weekend.
- Me back in Vegas this is a huge mistake.
This town has a nose for failure,
and I got the fucking stink, so
You know, this city
shouldn't even be here.
It's an oasis built on hustle and moxie.
This is where people come
to turn their luck around.

- Thank you.
- [DOUG] Thanks, boss.
- Would you look around?
- [DOUG] Yeah.
- [JOYCE] Oh, come on.
- How can you be depressed in Vegas?
- [DOUG] I'm not depressed. It's just
[JOYCE] Thank you.
- Man, I miss that sound
money and tears. [CHUCKLES]
"A stately pleasure-dome decree."
You know, maybe you're right, Joycey.
Maybe things are getting better.
- [PERSON] Renetti.
- Yeah.
This is for '65, fuckhead.
[SINGER] If you want it ♪
If you want it, baby ♪
Get on it, ah! ♪
If you want it ♪
[RICHIE] I think we got the shot.
- [PERSON] Whoo.
- [PERSON 2] Thank you.
- [BAMBI] Good match, everyone.
- Hey.
- Killer forehand, bro.
- Thanks, man.
Nice work, boys, nice work.
This issue's gonna be huge.
Our readers love a
clean-cut sportsman or two.
[TINA] Sorry I'm late.
Got caught arguing ad rates with Kotex.
I hope you didn't cave
to those terrorists.
Tampax will pay us
double for exclusivity.
That would mean breaking our contract.
Oh, well, they might try
and wiggle out themselves
if the environment is inhospitable.
I guess I'll get creative.
I guess you will.
Another masterpiece, Ricardo.
[RICHIE] Honestly, you didn't miss much.
Prigger special, rackets,
dick, oh, look, there's a lady.
- She's in power.
- The usual.
Last chance, Richie, okay?
The boys are coming,
too. It's gonna be fun.
Uh, me and Danny still have
some work we need to finish up.
You go on ahead.
Hold on. What's happening here?
We're hitting the Palomino to
watch the Battle of the Sexes.
- It's the event of the year.
- Ooh, I'm racing home to watch.
I wouldn't miss Billie
Jean for the world.
- Did I tell you
- About your chance encounters
on the junior-tennis circuit?
Holmby Hills in '62.
Well, don't forget Toluca Lake in '65.
She complimented my skort.
- Wow.
- You know, I like tennis.
- Oh, I would've invited you.
- [RICHIE] She would've said no.
- Yeah, you do always say no.
- Okay, maybe lately.
That doesn't mean I
don't want to be invited.
Yeah, but you're ascending
to the corporate plane,
leaving us mortals behind,
but we're very proud of you.
I'm still here, on the
fun plane, being fun.
- Let's watch here!
- [SHELLY] Oh.
[TINA] It'll be great.
Just like old times.
Uh, t-that's actually a bad idea.
Yeah, fancy new offices,
plush carpet, our bosses
Are out of here and done
giving us unnecessary feedback.
I'm in charge.
Good Time Tina says watch
party at Bottom Dollar!

[SINGER] What you want ♪

See it in motion ♪

Hear her talk ♪

You got to sell the notion ♪

That you want to follow her ♪
Wherever she goes ♪
- Well, look at you. You look sharp.
- Thank you.
My outfit's the opening
volley on my panel remarks.
I'm thinking of saying, "I'm
here to talk female demographics,
but I'm also quite fun."
Oh, right, your, uh,
chitchat thing, huh?
- You mean me forging
essential bonds with
other professional women?
Shouldn't you be forging
some fiscal bonds of your own?
No need.
What happened?
Nothing. I just don't have to
hustle for buyers. They came to me.
What, in the 30 minutes
it took me to change?
That's enough time to fuck things up
but not make things good?
Look, concierge had a stack
of these for me at check-in.
My room is full of fruit baskets.
Everybody wants in.
So all I have to do is
play London off of Paris,
gin up some old grudges from
the war, you know, Europe shit.
We'll set our own price.
Doug, this is incredible.
Yeah, if I can get all these
deals done before dinner,
I can get on the last
Greyhound to Los Angeles.
The bus?
I'm tired, Joyce.
It's possible, verging on probable,
that I have underappreciated
your contributions.
What? You underappreciated me? No.
You brought Constance in. You
pitched her the global vision,
and now you're about to
make it happen. I mean,
you should run the thing.
Is that something you'd even want?
To run an international
publishing empire? Me?
- [BOTH] Yeah.
- That'd be mildly appealing, I guess.
But, you know, Connie's
the big boss on this,
- and she'd have to get on board.
- No. No, she's been deferring to me
on everything Minx.
I assure you I will
make my strongest case.
- Well, that's a lot of travel.
[CHUCKLES] I just don't
know where I would call home.
Would it be Buenos Aires,
Amsterdam, Monaco? [LAUGHS]
I think London is less debauched,
and, also, it's commonly acknowledged
to be the center of
international publishing,
which would be none of my business,
because off American
soil, Minx would be yours.
- [RIGGS] Well, I get along very well
- with a lot of girls.
[BILLIE] I don't think you give
us credit for having any brains.
Billie's gonna wipe that
smug smile off his face.
I'm loving this.
I'm rooting for the plucky lesbian, too.
Oh, whoa, whoa. [CHUCKLES]
Billie's happily married.
Her husband's a hunky blonde.
Right. Sorry, I'm new to women's tennis.
[TINA] It's a Good Time Tina recipe.
What are the measurements?
Pour until there's nothing left.
This whole thing's a joke.
Men are better at
sports than women, okay?
I'm sorry. I'm not
pretending they're not.
Billie Jean's not just a woman.
She's the best of her generation.
I could return that serve
with my hands behind my back.
- [SCOFFS] Oh, really?
- [DUSTIN] Yeah.
Okay, prove it.
- Prove it?
- Yeah, prove it
outside, right now, my serve.
- Hands behind my back, lady.
[ANNOUNCER] Astrodome,
it's the Battle of the Sexes
Billie Jean King versus Bobby Riggs.
[SINGER] Anything you
can do I can be part of ♪
[PHIL] My money's on Dustin.
There is no beating testosterone.
How's he gonna hold the racket?
Wasn't on his résumé.
The only special skill
he listed was "abs."
[PHIL] Hmm.

Sorry, Danny needs me for a sec.
It's a darkroom thing.

- [DUSTIN] Hey.
- Huh? Huh?
- Whoa.
He should've listed
that as a special skill.
[DUSTIN] Little party
trick from my Chico days.
You think this is the
first time I've seen a penis
stuffed someplace it doesn't
belong? I got two boys.
Come on, love-all.
- All right.
- [BAMBI] Whoo, Shelly!
- [PERSON] Tough talk.
- Thank you.
[PERSON] Tough talk.
- [DUSTIN GRUNTS] Oh, shit.
- [BAMBI] Whoo.
- [DUSTIN] Get the racket.
- You maim the official,
- that's a forfeit.
- That was out,
- second serve.
- No, that wasn't out.
- What, are you calling me a liar?
- Yeah, 'cause it was not out. [CHUCKLES]
- Second serve, toots.
- Don't call me toots, asshole.
Oh, God.
[BAMBI] It's okay. You got this.
- [JJ] You got this.
- What is he doing?
- Come on, wrap it up.
- I'm I'm wrapping it. I'm wrapping it.
- Can you hurry it up?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Here we go.

- [PERSON] Yes!
- [PERSON 2] Yeah!
- [BAMBI] Yeah!
- Point.
- For me.
The challenge was return the serve.
I did. I win for men.
- Men!
- No. No, no, no.
- [ALL CHANTING] Men! Men! Men!
Men! Men! Men! Men!
- [ALL CHANTING] Men! Men! Men!
[CHUCKLES] Guys, I, uh
- I might be in trouble.
- [ALL CHANTING] Men! Men! Men!
[PERSON] Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to Meet the New Woman,
all-new women's magazine
for the new woman.
Please take your seats.
Hello. Checking in.
- It's Joyce P
- Of course, Ms. Prigger.
Green lanyard for speakers.
Ooh, so official. Thank you.
[SOFTLY] Thank you.
Would you mind?
My pleasure, Beatrice.
Anything for a reader.
This was a good one.
- They're all good, Ms. Prigger.
- Stop. [CHUCKLES]
Um, have my fellow New Women checked in?
I'd love to coordinate a group photo.
- Oh, yes, right there.
- Thank you.

[GEORGE] Joyce.
- George.
- I can't turn around
without seeing your smiling face.
Success agrees with you.
Uh, you're here for my-my panel?
Sort of. Uh, my monthly is up there.
I left New York
magazine, started my own.
- [JOYCE] Gal!
- Exclamation mark and everything.
- [LAUGHING] Yeah.
Oh, I'm sorry. I must have
missed that on the stands.
Oh, we're still in the growth mode
you know, test issues in select cities.
- Great response so far.
- Oh.
Boy, have women been waiting
for someone to figure out
how to combine the personal
and political, make it fun.
Gee, I hadn't noticed.
Fellas, meet the famous Joyce Prigger.
- [GEORGE] Meet your fellow panelists.
Marshall Jensen, Healthy Lady.
Gerald Scott, What Women Wear.
Blaine Peters, Good
Woman, Better Kitchen.
Better than what?
Quite the lineup. [CHUCKLES]
Uh, George, I promise
I'll take it easy on you.
Oh, no, no, no, I'm not speaking.
My editor is.
- Joyce, look at you in that dress.
- Maggie,
- this is unexpected.
- [BEATRICE] We're about to begin,
if you'll please take your seats.
- Uh, Joyce.
I was hoping that we could
have a second to chat,
- you know, clear the air.
- Oh, we're needed onstage.
[DOUG] Nah, if Italy wants in,
add another zero, my friend,
- and then we can talk.
- A zero?
Ma che cazzo dici.
Doug, that's insanity.
Well, Berlin does not think
so. They think it's fair.
- Oh, come on.
- [DOUG] Do me a favor.
Find me when you're ready to
play with the big boys, okay?
- Come on.
- No, you come on. Be fucking serious.
At Minx, when we consider
ads, we start with the premise
that there's nothing wrong with women,
- and diet pills don't check that box.
You disagree, Marshall?
At Healthy Lady, we run ads that
are relevant to women's lives.
I know that the main gal
at Gal! feels the same.
Like it or not,
women are interested in losing weight.
That feels reductive.
Seems like the ladies
- disagree on this one.
[MAGGIE] Joyce, I know that you
Minx maintains a high-minded
approach in some areas,
but research shows
women want diet pills.
That sells.
I don't know, Maggie. My magazine
just cracked three million,
and we didn't have to convince women
that their bodies were a problem
in need of fixing to get there.
Uh-oh, the claws are coming out.
[RICHIE SIGHS] Oh, my dinner's in there.
- What happened?
- The male ego.
He was proving that men are superior,
and he nailed it.
How you doing, Dustin?
[DUSTIN] She said the
cold would make it shrink,
- but it's starting to burn.
- Where have you been?
[SHELLY] Whoo! Yes!
- Bow down, Bobby, bow down!
I need to handle whatever that is.
Ugh! Gross.
Is that glue? Uh,
Danny spilled some
You've really got to get in there.
That was a lot of glass breaking.
[SIGHS] I don't know what
you and Danny have been up to,
but these are your
models, too, so fix this.
- Please.
Pick around the glue, basically fine.
Oh, who won?
Who won that set, Phil? Say it, punk.
- [PHIL, SOFTLY] Billie Jean.
- [SHELLY] No, louder, Phil.
- [PHIL] Billie Jean.
- [SHELLY] That's right.
Goddamn right! Only one more to go.
- Yay, Billie Jean.
Maybe we celebrate her on the ground.
No lady business from you.
This is tennis time right now, okay?
I don't want your big-eye lady smiles.
Get out of here.
[BAMBI] What's our next move, boss?
[TINA] I don't know. Um
Wait a second. Are you shadowing me?
Jumped off the Doug
bus onto the Tina train?
It's just you're always
calm in the eye of the storm,
and I got so invested in Club Minx,
I just want to be cool, like you.
I don't want to be your role model.
I just want to have fun.
Why won't anyone let me have fun?
Oh, come on, look at that drop shot!
Oh, do you love that?
- So, uh, Lenny at home or
[TINA] the office, in
case you needed to call?
An aggressive woman on the
court, taking what she wants!
- I mean, look at this.
- [JOYCE] Mm-hmm.
First, she rips you off,
then she tells you
you're doing it wrong.
[GERALD] Takes a lot of nerve, Maggie.
You don't even give
out circulation numbers,
and we all know what that means.
- Well, we're new
an emerging voice.
- More like a whisper.
Yes, Gal! has some
creative overlap with Minx,
but Maggie's also bringing
a different perspective,
which is something I find thrilling.
- What?
[JOYCE] This is a
women's magazine panel.
Maggie belongs here. It's
you I'm not so sure about.
- Watch yourself, missy.
He's been doing this
since before you were born.
- Well, maybe that's the problem.

You sure you want to risk that dough?
You're gonna need it if you
want a shot at Minx, bud.
[LAUGHS] Lady Luck!
[LAUGHS] I got it today.
Why is it when you see two
women stepping into power,
your first instinct is to
pit them against each other?
- That is not what's
- Well, I can only assume
- it's because they're afraid.
[ANNOUNCER] Billie Jean King
is brimming with confidence.
- [SHELLY] Old Man River's not getting to that.
Yes! You can do it!
- [PERSON] Come on! Come on!
Is that why you don't have
a single woman listed here,
but you do have five Johns
on your editorial staff?
- What do you have over there?
- Three Peters and two Pauls.
- And not even one Mary.
I'll have you know
we've invested heavily
in several women who
left us in the lurch
by going off and having babies.
Well, it sounds to me like
they wanted to look after
one whining infant instead
of an office full of them.
Mothers want to be at
home with their babies.
Just ask my wife.
Oh, there are a lot of things
I'd like to ask your wife, Blaine.
[CLICKS TONGUE] That ain't one of them.
[ANNOUNCER] Match point. Beautiful.
Tell me you dealt with the dick.
In-in a way, yes.
- [TINA] What the
[RICHIE] JJ had a lot of advice
on the smartest way
to handle the problem,
so I suggested that we
use the scientific method
to see if we can duplicate the results.
- And we did.
It's not funny.
You wish your dicks were
big enough to get stuck.
Yeah, it was a lot of that.
[LAUGHING] Men are so dumb.
[JOYCE] Is it bad to say that was fun?
Oh, my God, the look on Marshall's face
when you asked for his home address
What? He promised to start
hiring female staffers.
The ladies need a place
to send their résumés.
- Oh, my God, I miss this.
Look, what what
happened in New York
[JOYCE] Oh, no, it's behind us. It's
It's just so good to see you.
I finally have a friend
I can actually talk to.
[DOUG] Can I have a word,
Prigger, please, alone?
[JOYCE] Pardon my male counterpart.
Oh, right. Okay. [CHUCKLES]
- What?
- Do you hate me?
Is that it? Do you hate me?
No, I've even taken to complimenting you
- behind your back.
- [DOUG] Oh, you have?
Then why are you sabotaging
me? I don't understand.
[JOYCE] What?
[DOUG] The panel
what the hell was that?
An hour ago, Gal! was nothing, right?
But then you take the spotlight
that is directly on us,
- and you move it right on them.
[DOUG] Why? No, there's room for more
than one woman-led magazine.
Then why do I have a
bunch of European buyers
who all of a sudden have cold feet?
You made them think that
there was a cheap alternative.
Come on, Maggie's not our competition.
- Well, she is now
- [DOUG] because of you.
- Mm-hmm.
So fix this. Play the game.
What is the point in being number one
- if you can't change how the game is played? Doug
- I can't do this with you right now.
- Oh, my God.
- [DOUG] Just fix it.
- Come on!
- Back on the schneid!
First female president this decade
I would bet my kids' lives on it.
[LENNY] Shell,
sweetheart, how you doing?
- Oh, it's my hubby!
- [LENNY] You okay? All right.
Ooh, he's a doctor, kind of.
He can save the penises.
Well, strictly above the neck here.
Oh, but we've got a
whole car full of drugs.
We hand them out to our
friends at dinner parties.
[LENNY] Ooh, shh!
Warning career jeopardy.
- I would never do that.
- He's so supportive.
He's just like Billie Jean's Larry.
[CLEARS THROAT] You know what?
Why don't I run to the car?
I'll get my bag, see if I
can help you fellas out, okay?
Uh, do do you guys
have some latex gloves?
Oh, we should have some left
over from the naked-nurses shoot,
which I will go get.
- I'll come with you.
- [TINA] No.
Do you feel it? Do you feel
it? It's the year of the woman.
- Oh.
That's our money shot.
[TINA] What the hell is this?
Are you shooting food porn?
General Mills loved my portfolio, okay?
They asked me if I could take a swing
at bringing my signature look
to their novelty-cereal line.
On spec?
[SIGHS] I need a creative outlet, okay?
You know that I haven't been
feeling fulfilled lately.
- What if this is my calling?
- This?
Tiny marshmallows never jammed
tennis rackets on their cocks.
As your friend, I am thrilled
people are seeing your talent.
As managing editor, I have to tell you,
you're in breach of contract.
You're exclusive to Minx.
- Okay, good to know.
- On spec?
Have I taught you nothing?
[SINGER] Well, I'm makin' all right ♪
[CHORUS] Well, I'm makin' all right ♪
[SINGER] From Monday
morning till Friday night ♪
Oh, those lonely weekends ♪
Really went for the jugular back there.
Give a guy some warning.
I apologize if I was pointed,
but I stand by what I said.
I never would've agreed to
help you with your little show
if I'd known it was
gonna go down like that.
Right. Our little show.
Maggie told me you
were on the same page.
I guess we, uh, strayed
from the the plan,
- uh, a bit.
- [MARSHALL] A bit?
What happened to me lighting the match?
Get the conference buzzing?
- I guess we took it in another direction.
- Huh.
Well, next time leave me out of it.
I didn't come here to be embarrassed.
Neither did I.

You were right. Gal!'s a problem.
Great. Finally. Let's get
you talking to France, okay?
The guy's a well,
he's a bit of a perv,
- so if there's anything you can do
- What? No, that's disgusting.
I have a different idea.
If it has a whiff of kumbaya
No, actually, I was thinking of
something a little more aggressive.
This isn't gonna hurt one bit,
and even if it did, I know
you're gonna be so tough.
You, uh, have a great bedside manner
very cool under pressure.
Well, I recently went through a
male-dance-revue-related heartbreak,
so I'm exploring nonattachment.
- I'm studying the Tina method.
- Hmm.
Smart going with the ten gauge.
- It's good for increased
- Maneuverability?
- [CHUCKLES] Yeah.
- How did you know that?
Well, I did background work on MASH.
I was Hot Lips' hotter protégée,
but then I died in a submarine accident.
- In a land war?
- Yeah, they never take my notes.
[SHELLY] Aw. Friends.
[TINA] Tell me this is gonna work.
Well, assuming phalluses
respond exactly like molars,
we're in business.
- [JJ] Hell, no. No, no, no, no!
- [DUSTIN] No, absolutely not.
You're not gonna stick that
up my dick you're a dentist!
Wow, wow, wow, not too bad.
- [UGO] Pretty good.
Deal me in.
Oh, thank God you're here.
- I have no idea what I'm doing.
- Oh, don't sell yourself short.
I am so glad that we've reconnected.
You know, I had a feeling we would.
If we could get past sophomore
year, we can survive anything.
I mean, we've been friends forever.
- Nothing could ever change that.
- [MAGGIE] Mm.

Can you believe those men?
It is so desperate to
pit us against each other.
[SCOFFS] They're the worst.
I will raise.
It's like you said they're threatened
when they see two strong
women supporting each other.
And if we can't be there for
each other, then who will?
Why not?
[JOYCE] Oh. Well
Sorry. It's just beginner's luck.
- No, you deserved it.
[GEORGE] Nicely played, Joyce.
I guess you really are all grown-up.
- Excited to be working with you again.
- What?
Oh, meet our new owner and publisher.
- We've been acquired.
- [DOUG] Welcome to the family.
- [GEORGE] Yeah.
How wonderful.
It was nice playing with you, Maggie.
- [DOUG] See you.
- [GEORGE] Yep.
[BAMBI] Okay. Come on, be my brave boys.
[LENNY] You can have a lolly afterwards,
if that'll make it better
you can choose the flavor.
[JJ SIGHS] This is all
Billie Jean's fault.
- She's not even hot.
- [SHELLY] How dare you?
You know, you two have a lot
of opinions and nothing else.
- But I
- No, no, the only things
I should be hearing from you are, "Ow,"
"Sorry for ruining your night,"
and, "I should've been nicer to my mom,"
because if you spewed this much bullshit
in the half day being here,
18 years must've been
a fucking nightmare.
You're not good enough to
string Billie Jean's racket
just two JV morons who jammed
their only redeeming quality
into an aluminum tube.
And women are supposed to find you sexy?
[LAUGHS] Please.
The only thing anyone
here is feeling is pity.
[CONNIE] Wow, looks like
I missed all the fun.
Tina, moment alone?

us, there was, like,
a ten-percent chance it was
gonna make them sterile, so
[TINA] Let me explain what you say.
[CONNIE] I know what I saw.
I just came back to share some good news
from our friends in Las Vegas.
And the last thing you expected
was to come back to chaos.
- [CONNIE] Well
- I lost control.
And regained it. We work in
media, not Buckingham Palace.
[CHUCKLES] I promise I'm not
normally that mean to the models.
- They probably deserved it.
- Mm-hmm.
Why don't you make us a cocktail,
and we'll have a little chat
about this company's future?
And yours.
- Sounds good to me.
- [SHELLY] That was incredible!
- Billie beat him!
- It was. Yeah.
Yeah, she can do whatever she wants.
- She's free. I just
- [GRUNTS] Sure bet.
She came straight down, and
she showed that Bobby Riggs
- [LENNY] Whoops, whoops, you all right?
- [SHELLY] Yeah.
- [LENNY] Good?
- [SHELLY] I'm okay.
- [LENNY] Okay.
- [SHELLY] You know she complimented my skort, right?
So Joyce can go off and write a book,
but I glance at a marshmallow,
and I'm history's greatest monster. Hmm.
I don't get it. Are
we not enough for you?
[RICHIE SIGHS] No, it's not you.
This whole place has changed.
Doug's bouncing around
like some lost boy.
Joyce doesn't listen to me
anymore. Tina's all business.
I'm trying to get mine
before it's too late.
Well, what about me?
You'll be fine. Everyone loves you.
[SINGER] Oh, crazy ♪
[SINGER] For thinking ♪
That my love could hold you ♪

I'm crazy for trying ♪
[DOUG] Europe is ours.
Minx is going global. [CHUCKLES]
- [BOTH] Cheers.
- [DOUG] It's unbelievable.
I'm so impressed.
Shifting gears from seller to buyer,
buying up Gal! just to kill it,
that's a big move, Joycey.
I didn't know you had it in you.
- Neither did I.

Is it supposed to
to feel this, uh
This what? Good?
Yeah, that's the thrill of it.
And your pal Connie
she's over the fucking moon.
- She loves this shit.
- Yeah, she did sound pretty pleased.
I don't know. This doesn't make me evil?
Makes you the queen.
[SINGER] Crazy ♪
[JOYCE] Hit the tables?
- No, we should go home.
- Our rooms are comped.
Nothing in Vegas is free.
Let's leave while we're up.
Trust me. Let's leave while we're up.
[SINGER] I'm crazy for trying ♪
Crazy for crying ♪
Crazy for loving you ♪


[SINGER] I am the roving gambler ♪
I've gambled all around ♪
Wherever I meet with a deck of cards ♪
I lay my money down ♪
Lay my money down ♪
I lay my money down ♪
I've gambled down in Washington ♪
I've gambled up in Maine ♪
I'm on my way to Georgia ♪
To gamble my last game ♪
Gamble my last game ♪
Gamble my last game ♪

Mother, oh, dear Mother ♪
You know I love you well ♪
But the love I have
for this gambling man ♪
No human tongue can tell ♪
No human tongue can tell ♪
No human tongue can tell ♪
Mother, oh, dear Mother ♪
I'll tell you if I can ♪
If you see me coming back again ♪
I'll be with this gambling man ♪

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