Mirzapur (2018) s01e06 Episode Script


Grab him! Grab him!
Don't let him go!
Grab him! Grab him!
Pin him down!
This is no fun, Tripathi.
Let's wager on it.
20,000 on Baggi.
You're on, Mr Yadav.
My guy is- -
What's his name?
Uh Raaka! Raaka.
Raaka. I'll bet 20 too.
Your lad's got spunk, Tripathi.
Come on, start.
Yes, yes.
Alright, start.
Yes, come on, Baggi!
Grab his leg, Raaka!
I've put money on you.
Go Raaka!
If you lose, I'll fuck you in the ass!
Did you see, Papa?
Just like Salman Khan.
Go, Raaka! Bravo, my lion.
Bravo, bravo! Excellent.
Come on, you got this!
Throw him!
Hold him!
Get a grip!
Flip him over, turn, Raaka!
Turn, turn!
- Don't let him up!
Keep him pinned!
Ey, motherfucker, are you a moron?
See that?
Baggi won!
Well, Munna? Wasn't that fun?
He destroyed him.
I never lose. Now gimme my money.
You're our guest after all,
you ought to win.
Come now.
Let's get on with the real
reason we're here, the sit-down.
Yes, let's go.
I wanted to formally invite you
and you must come -
don't forget, you're our Chief Guest -
for the Mr Purvanchal
bodybuilding contest.
Yes, yes.
Please do come.
Make it grand!
Yes, sir.
How're your studies going?
Not much studying happening,
but the fucking's going well.
So, gentlemen, this was
the main reason for the sit-down.
Elections are almost upon us.
So, the violence must be
Not because the public
needs to be safe.
But because they need to feel safe.
That's when they vote
for the incumbent party.
Somebody explain this
to Rati Shankar Shukla.
What happened?
Where are you going?
Check, will you?
Going for a piss.
You wanna come along and hold it?
You can't make an omelette
without breaking some eggs.
We have to send you the money.
So, there will be some violence.
Sure, but keep it controlled.
More money, less violence.
The Chief Minister's
image shouldn't be tarnished.
have the money put in his car.
Jai hind, sir!
This way, sir.
Your office.
Jai hind, sir!
May I come in? I am Parshuram Gupta.
Yes, yes, Mr Gupta. Come in.
I've been waiting on you.
Sir. Chetan. Akram.
Please have a seat, sir.
Yes, I'd like to.
I am quite tired from the journey.
But the room's so dusty,
my uniform will get dirty.
Yes, sir?
Sorry sir, it's
Don't be sorry.
It's just that a clean environment
inspires you to work better.
Dust the officer's room!
Come, come.
So, I read the report on Mirzapur.
You guys seem to be
running a tight ship here.
So why's the media filling up pages
with stories of crime and corruption?
Oh no sir, just the stray incident,
and we caught them all too,
just that there wasn't enough
evidence, so we had to let them off.
And the media just
loves to fuck with us.
Tell me something.
You sure you aren't
trying to fuck with me too?
I mean
if there's any extra cash to be made,
you'll let me know, won't you?
I hear there's a mafia
conclave in Mirzapur today.
There you go looking worried again.
I'm not saying it's a problem.
Holi is a festive occasion after all,
there will be visitors.
Alright, off you go.
Yes, sir! Come.
[singing a folk song]
Hello, Maqbool.
How are you?
I'm well
and secure.
I have something for you.
A, B, C, D
You make your victims recite the Hindi
alphabet before you kill them, no?
How about I ask your son, Sharad
to recite the Urdu alphabet?
Any chance he'd know it?
No more intrusions into Mirzapur.
Sharad must not be harmed, Maqbool.
So what if Holi is four days later?
We're celebrating it today.
Come, give me a hug.
Your hands are stained.
Ah, Zarina's here. Let the fun begin!
Oh, this heart of mine.
It's crazy about love.
Crazy, oh so crazy.
Drawn like a moth to love's flame.
Oh, I know very well.
The feel of love's burn.
Don't even bother trying, beloved.
You can't escape.
Oh, this heart of mine.
It's crazy about love.
Oh, this heart of mine.
It's crazy about love.
Oh, this heart wants.
And it gets whoever it wants.
I'd sacrifice myself just upon
the mention of my beloved's name.
Oh, this heart wants.
And it gets whoever it wants.
A true lover who would sacrifice himself just
upon the mention of the beloved's name.
I take a life in exchange for mine.
Oh, this heart of mine.
It's crazy about love.
Crazy, oh so crazy.
Drawn like a moth to love's flame.
What the hell, huh?
Stop the music, motherfucker!
Go on, leave.
Take him away.
How could you slap Munna
in front of everybody?
Your son is an idiot.
That he's an idiot is unimportant,
what's important is
that he's my son.
This is not good.
Munna is like my son too.
He made a mistake, I smacked him.
It's Holi after all, Akhanda.
Come, give me a hug.
Hey, start the music.
You want Mirzapur,
don't you, Shukla?
Why ask me what you already know?
Because I can deliver it to you.
Contribute generously to the campaign,
after we win, I'll get the
Chief Minister to hand you Mirzapur.
Once upon a time, you were
humiliated and thrown out of Mirzapur.
Now, it's his turn.
As for Munna
You'll get the money.
But on one condition.
Akhandanand won't
harm me or my family.
I won't leave him in a position to.
Did you try the sweets?
I've had a word with Shukla.
He's agreed to a truce
only on my insistence.
Now we need your word too, Akhanda.
Well, at least he had
the sense to listen to you.
I have a condition.
My carpet trucks
should get free passage
through his territory.
No interference.
There you go. It's settled.
From this day, your enmity is over.
Embrace each other!
I hope you're keeping an eye on Munna.
He's in a drugged haze all day.
Is he trying to cut down at all?
You called, Papa?
Come here.
This power you wield
you haven't had to
do anything for it.
You just inherited it.
But power
is like the hand that
holds the homespun gun,
you might lose it at any moment.
Yes, keep scolding
him like it's his fault.
First you let Mr Yadav get
away with slapping our boy in public,
and now you're bestowing
your pearls of wisdom.
Go and relax, Munna bhaiya.
I'm involving Guddu and
Bablu in the carpet business.
Munna bhaiya.
Shall I?
Everyone is fucking me.
My turn now, fuckers.
I'm gonna take care of the curse
that is this surname - Tripathi!
I've been told since I was a child
that everything is mine.
But I got nothing!
[Announcement on loudspeaker
for school admissions]
Look I think
you should at least
file your nomination.
I've never really thought
about getting into politics.
Unless fresh blood enters politics
how will things improve?
Let's assume you fill this form,
run for election,
and win.
At least Gajjumal College will end up
getting a better president than Munna bhaiya.
Don't you think?
Everyone is fed up with Munna bhaiya.
But nobody in college
dares to speak up.
You're working for him, aren't you?
I don't work for him.
I work for his father.
Kaaleen bhaiya.
Anything else?
No, thank you.
You don't like tea?
No, no.
I like it.
Alright, then.
I'll make you tea with my
own hands someday.
My father says I make excellent tea.
He refuses to let anyone
else make it when I'm around.
Sir, sweets?
Did you get them from
the local sweetshop?
It's dark chocolate.
Oh, I've liked chocolate
since childhood! But
this looks strange.
It's opium.
It's called "dark
chocolate" in the business.
Fuckin' hell!
Hang on, so the other day when we
transported the body in the truck
we were delivering opium
in the carpets too?
I'd promised you
that if you improve the gun business,
I'd involve you in the bigger game.
Expand this too.
We'll come up with a plan.
Look here.
Oye, Hulk.
Listen carefully.
I'll only say this once.
Whatever you do,
check with me first.
Sir, these foreign brands
have already hit the business hard,
and people are suddenly
obsessed with juice.
The company's running at a loss.
But I still sent
you the money last week.
The situation has changed, Chadha.
I need more money.
If you support me now,
I'll help grow your business.
How's that, sir?
I'll help you expand into Mirzapur.
Mirzapur is ruled by Kaaleen bhaiya.
Rulers can be overthrown, Chadha.
Greetings, Mr Yadav.
You remember your promise
about Mirzapur, don't you?
I'm putting together the money.
Send the money, Rati Shankar,
and trust me.
Mr Yadav, I'm doing
this because I trust you.
Alright, then.
Go to Shahpura.
Saxena is building
two new hotels there.
And you go to J C Avenue.
Laxmi Travels just started
running eight new buses there.
Kiss or kick their asses;
get me the money they owe us.
Yes, Sweety?
Alright, I'll be there.
Same place. Yeah.
Sweety wants me
to meet her father!
Oh, bravo! Nicely done.
They're even bigger now.
This is nothing, wait till you
see the rest of my body.
Every muscle stands
out, like in an X-ray.
I look forward to seeing
the rest of your body.
Yeah, of course you'll
get to see it
in the Mr Purvanchal competition.
It's almost here, then
you can see all of me.
I'm warning you.
Dad doesn't like me
hanging out with boys.
Please don't pressurize him anymore.
He literally stopped and prayed
at every temple on the way here.
He swore that if this
meeting with your father
goes well,
he'll take you on a holy pilgrimage.
Papa's here.
Guddu sir, you?
Bablu sir?
Oh! What are you doing, sir?
Yes, yes. You sit.
Oh, you sit.
Okay, yes.
You sit.
Bablu, come here.
Sit, sit.
Yes, you too.
Is this him?
Five cups of tea?
Yes, son.
Samosas are on the way.
Sweety, you never told me that
Guddu sir is your friend.
Papa, at least don't call him sir.
He's a good choice,
I approve.
Oh, are you two also?
Papa, you- -
Wonderful, that's wonderful!
Both my girls marrying
into the same house!
What can be better than- -
Papa, it isn't like that.
We're just friends.
Just friends?
Come in, Mr Pandit.
Please sit.
You've put together a solid case
of public interest litigation.
But it's useless.
Ask any child in Mirzapur, and he'll
tell you everything you need to know.
But where's the evidence?
if my sons wind up in jail,
they won't be able to murder anyone
nor will they get murdered.
I'm just trying to somehow
stop them.
I understand.
My advice to you is to
act like a lawyer,
not a father.
Sugar, two kgs.
I'd said two kgs of rice,
this feels like three kgs.
And all this
and I'd only asked for
one kg of black gram.
That's two kgs too.
the boss sent extra stuff.
Extra stuff? Why?
Is he not gonna charge for it?
Boss said he won't
take money for this.
It's all free.
Why's it free?
Someone's giving you
free stuff on his own
and you have a
problem with that too?
You don't have to eat it.
Plenty of people in the family.
If it's for free,
no one will eat it.
Take the money and go.
Sir, I Er
Are you taking it or
should I make you?
Man, just take the
money and go.
Go on, beat it.
Oh, the groceries are here.
Why'd you call me
out of my prayer meeting?
It was going so well.
Go on.
What's this?
We've put down a
deposit on an apartment.
It's in Papa's and your name.
Should I just sit
at home then, huh?
You'll provide for my
pension too, I'm sure.
Now you guys will
do everything.
At least look at it first.
Mummy, I'll talk to Papa.
Mummy, listen.
Bhaiya wants you
to meet somebody.
[movie dialogue offscreen]
[movie dialogue offscreen]
Here, have some.
I like these a lot.
Take this.
I'm happy to meet you.
You know what
Guddu does, right?
I do
and I'm fine with it.
So am I!
The two of you
will get along well.
It's not cold.
But the bottle feels cold, sir.
Anything else, sir?
I thought you were going to
I'm here with family,
won't just start a fight randomly.
Wasn't there a rom-com on?
I hate action movies.
I've decided to
submit my nomination.
Will you come with me?
I'm a bit nervous,
could use some moral support.
Yes, of course,
Bablu bhaiya has signed up
for a lifetime of moral support,
hasn't he?
First for Guddu bhaiya when
he wanted to meet Sweety.
And now for you when you
need to file your nomination.
Go on.
Wasn't the food better
than the movie?
It was okay.
Gave her the royal treatment and
she didn't enjoy it.
But, it wasn't good!
You're all grown up now.
Bought an apartment for your old man.
So I guess you can find a
place for yourselves too.
We're on different sides now.
You can't be serious.
How can you just
kick the boys out?
Do you want to join them?
Go on.
No problem.
Or get inside.
My decision is final.
This isn't right.
They're our boys,
how can you- -
This is ridiculous.
This is our home now.
[R S Maurya]
Yes, sir?
Get me the files of everybody
above the rank of Sub-Inspector.
Go to my house.
Yes, sir.
Get my diabetes meds
and my dinner. Go on.
Gajagamani Gupta.
Make sure your deeds are as mighty
as the weight your name carries.
Campaign vigorously, child.
Now that I've decided to contest
I will give it all I have.
Best of luck.
- Thank you, sir.
- Alright?
Have you planned ahead?
Yes, putting together the next steps -
strategize for the campaign -
- focusing on that.
Hello, sir.
Look at Munna
bhaiya's poster!
I am Lallan Rai.
BA second year.
Do put in a good word to Munna bhaiya.
I will.
Okay, now I'm worried
Are you on Munna
bhaiya's side or mine?
What do you think?
I'll stay in the background
but I'll canvass for you.
First, we need to figure out
your logo and poster.
I already have.
Greetings, brother.
Yes, tell me.
Yes, I've arranged for the cash.
You'll get it soon.
You just focus on
winning the election.
Leave the funding to me.
The party rests
on your shoulders, JP.
Well, I'm your younger
brother after all.
and a humble servant of the party.
Alright then.
When will you become
the Chief Minister?
Or will I have to dance my life away?
Patience is bitter,
but its fruit is sweet, Zarina.
Will you stop dancing
if I become the Chief Minister?
No, but I'll dance
Only for you.
You summoned me, sir?
Come in.
Will you have some ice
cream, Mr Gupta?
No, sir. Thank you.
I asked because you look like
somebody who enjoys food.
Your belly has acquired
a life of its own.
Are you a policeman
or a confectioner?
Th- - thank you, sir.
Show me your hand.
Looks like a pretty
expensive watch, eh?
Tells the time
correctly, does it?
Okay, I'll come
straight to the point.
How much do you
make every month?
Uh, sir?
I don't mean your salary.
The toppings, so to speak.
I know your salary.
Look, sir
I do my work with
complete integrity.
And in this job, I've
only earned one thing,
That's all you've earned?
I know you're confused right now.
New boss in town.
What's he thinking?
Which side is he on?
No, sir. It hasn't
crossed my mind.
Well alright then.
Thank you, sir.
One more thing
I'm a pretty open-minded guy.
If you feel like there's
something I ought to know,
then let me know.
Yes, sir.
Go on.
This Maurya is really
fucking with my head.
He just keeps eating
ice cream and smiling.
I tried a lot.
But, I just can't
figure him out.
Patience, Gupta.
We'll know eventually.
Yes, but
as per protocol, he should've
come to meet
you by now, right?
Anyway, he's of
a lower caste.
In society, between the
lower and upper castes
Whether he's of lower
caste or upper, Mr Gupta
don't forget that Mr Maurya is
a central government officer.
He was sent to Mirzapur as
officer on special duty.
It's no laughing matter
to clear the central examination,
and reach his position.
Whatever his caste may be,
if he's on our side, he's an ally
and if not, he's an enemy.
It's simple.
Right, sir?
You didn't hire us
because we're upper caste.
You must've seen
something useful in us.
They always have
a peculiar viewpoint.
I completely agree.
These two are quite smart.
Hey, listen.
Thought of a distribution plan
for the dark chocolate yet?
Found a guy
who can do it?
Not a guy.
Huh? Not a guy
What then? You'll
make a woman do it?
Not a woman either.
Sir, this is opium.
You don't have to use it.
Just sell it.
Even the police
doesn't frisk you guys.
Didn't you say you
have a solid network?
You have a finger on
all of Mirzapur's pulse.
That makes you the
ideal candidate for us.
Do y'all think that
I'll just agree?
Because then,
be it rain or sunshine,
you'll never have
to beg again.
You'll earn money
and live with dignity.
Look, we're not forcing you.
Only agree if you wish to.
You see, we believe
that in business,
partnerships can't be forced.
Did you just say "partner"?
No one's shown me that
kind of respect before.
I'll do it.
There'll be profit-sharing.
The more you sell,
the more you earn.
Well then, sir
better get some more,
for the whole gang.
Make an entry for this batch.
Pande Motor Car Bazaar.
do you want to
buy a car or sell it?
What's this?
This car has been
in many accidents.
They used to run it in the
Well of Death at the carnival.
We play with death too.
we've moving up in the world,
from two wheels to four.
Now, we'll mow down Mirzapur.
I've read all your annual
character reports.
Here, have some.
You all have bad
So, you must be
decent officers.
The problem is
this town is full of rogues.
So, we'll have to go rogue too.
What's the plan, sir?
To eliminate, Sinha.
That's why I've put
together a special team.
I'm giving you a free hand.
Clean up Mirzapur.
Yes, sir.
Start with them.
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