Mirzapur (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Lions Of Mirzapur

I'm nervous.
What if nobody turns up?
Don't start worrying already,
just focus on your speech.
What's all this?
Just making good on my promise
- that I'd canvass for you.
- Hello, sir.
What do you think, sir?
It all looks great.
I think she likes it.
Well then
we've done our bit.
Your turn now.
Vote for Golu Gupta.
Golu Gupta, remember that name.
There she is.
I am Gajagamini Gupta
aka Golu,
your presidential candidate.
I'm a bit nervous.
you have no reason to trust me
but neither do you have
a reason to distrust me.
I might not have
any political experience
but I know the difference
between right and wrong
which is why I guarantee you
We'll head there and shut it down.
Quite a speech going on there.
a college is not just labs,
libraries, or classrooms.
Its identity is its students.
Shaped by you, by me, by all of us.
If you give me your vote,
it's not me who'll come into power,
it's you who will be empowered.
I will just represent you.
Finally, I just want to say
that if we win,
we'll work together and
make this college a better place!
And if I don't win
well, I was happy
studying in the library
and I guess that won't change.
The decision is yours.
Vote for Golu Gupta!
Vote for Golu Gupta!
Vote for Golu Gupta!
Vote for Golu Gupta!
Vote for Golu Gupta!
Oi, motherfucker!
Get the fuck out of here, assholes. ??
Golu, get down from there!
Golu, just listen to m
I decided to contest this election so I
could help reduce the violence in college.
And if I am the one
If you want to use weapons,
you're done canvassing for me.
Is that understood?
Can I ask you something?
How long can you keep this up?
I didn't choose to
start this violence, Golu.
But you can choose to end it.
Violence is all very well
until it knocks on your own door.
What happens when you
have a family of your own?
Marriage isn't some necessity
and given my way of life,
it's best to never think about it.
You wrote a nice speech for me.
Thank you.
What's done is done,
you handled it well.
Hello, Guddu sir
I mean, Guddu.
All okay?
All is well.
The young bosses have
sorted out the system,
profits are through the roof.
Sirs, I'm officially a fan.
Right, the intel you wanted about
the informants near the Bihar border,
I have it.
I've made contact
Munna bhaiya!
- Bhaiya! - Hey!
Well, motherfucker?
You're canvassing against
me in the election?
And you beat up my boys?
Munna bhaiya,
I'll explain everything,
have a seat, please.
Usman, tea for Munna bhaiya!
Look, it's no big deal.
These two landed up there, pulled out
their knives and scared the students.
Yeah, so?
Munna bhaiya, this canvassing
it's my personal business.
How's it personal, huh?
Let it go, Compounder.
This is needless
It's personal because
Golu Gupta's sister
is my girlfriend.
What did you say?
Golu's sister,
Sweety Gupta
I'm her boyfriend.
Don't you dare utter Sweety's name.
Don't you dare.
Sweety is my love.
Sweety might be your love
but I am Sweety's love.
What did you say, motherfu
Sir, for you
and you,
you too.
Why don't you lay out the
whole fucking buffet, cocksucker!
You were asked to bring
tea for me - one cup!
Does your mother warm
their beds at night,
to elicit such sycophancy?
What is it, huh?
Let's go.
Bhaiyaji, this is their new car.
Shall we leave our mark?
No, man,
we're gonna hit them
where it hurts now.
Okay, bye!
See you tomorrow.
Come on.
I wanna show you something,
I got this.
Oh, wow.
New dress?
you know my friend, Shabnam?
I got this stitched
especially for her wedding.
This is so beautiful!
What's the plan, Munna bhaiya?
What do you guys want?
What do you?
What the hell are you doing?
Get in the car.
Let me go!
Asshole, let her go!
Sweet slow down.
Where did they go?
Munna's taken Dimpy!
Motherfucking cuntlicker!
Where have they gone?
They're heading out of town!
- Let me g
- Shut up!
I'm going to kill Munna.
I'm going to kill the motherfucker.
Hello, Maqbool.
Munna has just kidnapped
Dimpy from the college.
Snatched our sister!
She's just a kid, man!
Should I squeeze it?
I'm talking about the trigger.
Now should I squeeze it?
Stop the car.
Or I swear I'll do it.
Do it,
put a hole in him.
Stop the car or I'll shoot.
Hey, hey, hey, Dimpy Pandit!
You don't wanna mess
with Munna Tripathi right now.
Not another sound or I'll rip out your
tongue and drape it around your neck!
Sit down.
- Motherfucker, I'll destr
- Do it then.
Kaaleen bhaiya has
summoned all of you.
Didn't I tell you that
women must be respected?
Have you lost your damn mind?
Why did you abduct their sister?
Yes, I have lost my mind!
And I took her because
she's their sister.
I'll kill him!
Guddu bhaiya, lower the gun.
She got away this time
but I'll show her good next time.
I'll drag her by the hair,
rip her clothes off,
and fuck her till she
I'm not a fool,
I didn't abduct her on a whim.
They're canvassing
against me in the election!
Now please don't tell me that
this helps your business too somehow.
How is your preparation
for Mr Purvanchal going?
Fine, sir.
Stay focused on it.
We'll take your leave, sir.
What's wrong, Munna bhaiya?
You've been drinking
and snorting nonstop.
Please stop, that's enough.
You're right, Compounder,
enough is enough.
That's how he slapped
me in front of Guddu and Bablu.
What, what are
what are you doing?!
I hope you know, Akhanda
this time around,
it wasn't all Munna's fault.
I know, Bauji.
You're my best friend, aren't you?
Of course.
Thank you, Sweety.
For trying to save Dimpy.
Don't be so formal.
After all,
Dimpy and Sweety are old friends.
Let's go up to the terrace.
Sis, you guys chill here,
we'll be around.
You don't need to thank me.
Dimpy's your sister
so she's my family too.
Family? Do you mean?
Well, just thinking long-term.
You were right, Golu,
violence came knocking
on my own door today.
I was terrified when Munna took Dimpy.
You know something?
Our talk today,
your take on violence
I appreciate that.
It made me respect you even more.
If you want to kiss me,
I won't stop you.
Go on.
Slow down, Guddu, there's no rush.
- Guddu!
- Hold on.
Th the birds are
especially melodic today, eh?
And the stars the stars
are shining real bright tonight!
The stars shine just
like this every night.
Yeah, but
just noticing them today, I guess.
You've never done it?
What if I say I have?
Does that make me bad?
Not at all.
Maybe you could give me some tips,
I sure could use them.
Sure, you wrote my speech,
I'll write you sex tips.
Yeah, perfect!
Want some tea?
Come on, it won't be that bad.
I'm sure I could drink
it the rest of my life.
how was the tea?
Hey, listen,
how do you feel about Sweety?
I mean, as your sister-in-law,
Well, it's your decision,
I like her.
I think we should send
Dimpy away to Lucknow,
Mirzapur isn't safe anymore.
What the
Watch out!
That way! After them!
- Motherf
- Look ahead!
Fucking sons of bitches.
Guddu bhaiya, forget the car.
We need to move.
[Local news plays on the television]
[Local news plays on the television]
Secure all entry and exit points!
Don't let the fuckers get away!
You guys head upstairs,
I'll look here.
Move it!
Open the door!
Everybody out!
Hey, show me your face.
Show your face!
Get out now.
Take the kid inside.
Don't let the bastards slip away.
Find them, dead or alive.
Don't you move, motherfucker.
Motherfucking sons of bitches.
He's on the first floor balcony, get him.
Farookh! Farookh, are you okay?
Wait, cocksucker!
Shoot to kill the fuckers!
- Mummy!
- Move ahead.
Move it.
Son of a bitch.
Tell me where your brother is
or I'll shoot you right here.
Tell me now!
Guddu, come on.
There they are, on the third floor!
The cocksuckers are on the top floor!
Come on.
Look in every room!
Don't let them escape!
Check there!
Come on.
They blew up our new car, man.
I pointed a gun at
Munna the other day,
you think Kaaleen
bhaiya sent these guys?
That's out of the question.
Kaaleen bhaiya could shoot
us in broad daylight, if he felt like.
Wait, I'm gonna call him.
we were ambushed right now.
And those guys were definitely
not from around here,
they were clearly well-trained.
Could it be Rati Shankar Shukla?
No, not him,
we agreed to a truce.
Listen, lay low for a few days,
get out of Mirzapur.
Why should we leave Mirzapur?
It's our town,
we'll track those guys and kill them.
You'll track nobody.
Yes, sir?
Explain to your brother,
not to use his mind
if he doesn't have one.
Do as I say.
Yes, sir.
Sir, the Bihar border informants
we have their intel from Gupta.
We could head there and
Fuck this shit.
I'll speak to you soon.
I think it's Maurya.
He's lost his mind.
Keep an eye on Munna.
Will do.
Who the fuck are you calling now?
Hang up.
I'm running out of pills
and the contest is almost here.
Compounder isn't picking up.
Pick up, man.
Motherfucking shit!
What the
I'll fuck Compounder up
if he doesn't give me those pills.
Calm down, we'll head there first.
Where are you, man?
Who leaves their bloody phone at home?
What the fuck?
Now we can go, bro.
Bablu, where are we headed?
There's an informant waiting
for us at the Bihar border.
What happened, Maqbool?
Your friend Compounder
tried to kill me.
has he said anything?
Ask him yourself.
Why did you do this?
Speak up, Compounder,
you'll have to 'fess up.
I'd heard that
the business was doing really well,
that there was a lot
of cash in the house.
I came for that.
Suddenly, Kaaleen bhaiya appeared
and I instinctively attacked him.
I'd heard that he's loyal to you.
He's been loyal, yes,
no doubt about that.
I made a mistake, Munna bhaiya.
Do it.
Do it.
You don't have a choice.
Kill me.
One clean stroke.
Maqbool, make sure word
of this doesn't get out,
people might get the wrong message.
Three officers are
still in the hospital,
no casualties.
Put it down in the records that the
officers got injured during routine training.
Right, sir.
Survey all the entry
and exit points to this place
and have some boys stand guard.
- Yes, sir.
- Alright.
This way, sir.
How do you like the room, sir?
This is the best room in
the best hotel in all of Ghazipur,
I booked it myself!
If this is the best room
in the best hotel in all of town,
then Ghazipur must
be a pretty shitty place.
Come on, sir,
you were the one who
said "keep it discreet",
that's why I selected this place!
Yes, yes, the room's great.
The thing is
Mr Gupta called a few days ago.
He said that you were
coming here to make some deals.
There's an interested
party from Bihar.
If you wish,
I can talk to them.
Do you understand
what 'laying low' means?
We came to Ghazipur
because we are in hiding.
Let's meet them.
We're here,
might as well make some money.
We've got the sample guns.
How long can we stay
in this shit hole?
Get to work.
Okay, sir.
Come, come, gentlemen.
I think I just creamed my pants.
We'll need an advance for the guns.
Your move, man.
Son, get the money out.
You guys should look into
the prohibition in Bihar as well,
get some booze flowing.
I have another client.
If we impress him,
he'll want a shitload of guns.
Give me the details,
I'll see to it.
Alright, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Shall we go, Guddu bhaiya?
This is a bad idea.
Look at our profits
and stop cribbing, will you?
I've been thinking.
Are you certain it
wasn't Kaaleen bhaiya?
Yes, I'm certain it
wasn't Kaaleen bhaiya.
He didn't order the attack and he's told
us to lay low so let's just do that. Okay?
Why are you so fucking scared of him?
We're in hiding
and we're still bringing in profits.
Listen, we're hitting
the road tomorrow,
there's another buyer.
Alright, we'll deal with that
shit in the morning, just sleep now.
What else is there to
do in this fucking room?!
Even the TV
even the motherfucking
TV doesn't work.
Have you lost it?
Wait, Jaunpur?
That's Rati Shankar's territory.
Our new client is there,
don't worry about it.
Think of it as a market survey.
Stop the car.
Come on, man.
I'm telling you. Stop the car!
Do you get a kick out
of doing shit like this?
You're not using your head,
Guddu bhaiya!
Well, apparently you're the
only one who's allowed to use it.
I don't want to argue with you.
All I'm saying is that
if you're going to Jaunpur
I'm not coming along.
Fine, don't come, I'll go alone.
Do you have a fucking
problem with this too?
No, sir.
This is good,
get one more.
One more.
Two more.
Might as well get two samosas too.
Samosas too, please.
Relax, lads.
I'm the client.
But, I don't want your guns.
Nobody in Mirzapur would dare to fire
a shot without Akhanda's permission.
And you guys were attacked
fired at indiscriminately.
Who do you think ordered the hit?
Think about it long and hard.
Look, Rati bhaiya
Let's hear him out, Bablu.
You're the younger one, right?
Keep quiet.
I'm talking to your big brother.
Sit down.
I hear Munna had
abducted your sister too.
Every Tripathi generation
is a bigger asshole than the last.
You seem to have gathered
a lot of intel on us.
Because you and I, we're the same.
I used to work for the Tripathis,
you work for them too.
I was loyal,
so are you.
I got fucked over,
you'll get fucked over too.
Join me.
Together, we'll rule Mirzapur.
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