Mirzapur (2018) s01e08 Episode Script


The uniform suits you.
Tripathi, Akhandanand.
Ram Sharan Maurya.
Where's Munna?
Right to work, I see.
You're here for the first time
as my honored guest.
Have something first.
Yes, this is my first time here.
But a guest, I am not, Mr Tripathi.
Citizens have no respect
for authority anymore,
for people like you and I.
I worry about Mirzapur.
Well Mr Tripathi, it's not
like you're some "king" of Mirzapur
to worry about its people.
So, you just worry about your safety,
the police will handle the town.
And I'm here, of course.
I hear Munna had
abducted your sister too.
Every Tripathi generation
is a bigger asshole than the last.
Join me.
Together, we'll rule Mirzapur.
You're one hell of a cunt.
It's an internal issue,
we'll sort it out ourselves.
If a snake extends
a hand of friendship,
you know he's bullshitting,
because he has no hands.
A snake, am I?
I was giving you a choice,
Easy there.
Sir, shall we make
them recite the alphabet?
Yes, we will.
This is my territory, assholes,
don't you tell me
how to run my affairs.
I'll fuck your moth
Yes, Yadav?
I'm getting fucked in the arse,
Why don't you have a go too?
A truce was brokered in the conclave.
Was I crazy to patch things
up between the two of you?
And now your boys
have gone and shot him!
You want the alphabet, motherfucker?
A, B, C, D, E
F, G, H, I, J
K, L, M, N, O
P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X
Y, Z.
You can either choose to be with us
or lie with him.
Not much of a choice is it,
Put your guns down
if you want to live.
Do you have no control over your men?
Did you even give the order?
I did.
He was needling my boys,
I just needled him back.
He was in over his head,
don't let it bother you.
I'm not bothered by his death!
But if you ordered the hit,
you broke the code.
Purvanchal will spiral
out of control without the code.
Mr Yadav.
Purvanchal is in my control.
And will so remain.
I'd like to see someone
challenge my authority.
Focus on the election,
leave all this to me.
I'll be off, Tripathi.
Kaaleen bhaiya.
That's what my men call me.
And my men call me "Sir",
See you.
Sir, water?
I won't be having any
water till the competition.
Why're you so quiet, huh?
You know damn well why.
I don't!
If I open my mouth,
it'll only be to swear at you.
Rati Shankar was Kaaleen
bhaiya's enemy, wasn't he?
So what if I offed him?
Set fire to all of
Mirzapur for all I care
so long as it's on Kaaleen
bhaiya's instruction.
How many times has Kaaleen bhaiya said
not to do anything without his permission?
How many fucking times?
And for just how long
will I be wiping your arse?
Why are you shitting yourself
over a little shooting?
It's not the shooting,
it's the fun you're having
killing people that worries me!
here comes the call.
Hello, Kaaleen bhaiya.
Here's the loot.
Everybody leave!
Sir, I'll
Keep it.
Yes, sir.
ask them to sit.
Sir, whatever happened in Jaunpur
You fucking idiots!
My men don't touch
a hair on someone's head
without my permission.
the situation got out of hand.
- And anyway, Rati Shankar
- Let me talk, don't interrupt!
Look, sir.
Rati Shankar was your
nemesis after all, wasn't he?
All of Mirzapur knows
your history with him,
we heard the stories too growing up.
Taking him out only helps you.
The point isn't
whether Rati Shankar was our nemesis,
the point is that
you took a decision
without our permission.
We're sorry, Bauji.
Sorry for what, man?
There you go brown-nosing again!
Sir, we're in your service
but not your servants.
He had AK-47s aimed at us,
gave us an offer to join his gang,
insulted us to our faces!
Should I have called and asked
for your permission at that moment?
I just shot him.
If we come running to you for every
little thing, how will any work get done?
And what about all
the profits we've made you?
Is it really necessary to
consult you before every decision?
Look, sir,
it felt right in the moment,
so I did it.
It's a free country.
I guess every man can do as he wishes.
Even I.
Kaaleen bhaiya agrees with me.
We have the authority,
get that through your skull.
Can we leave, sir?
Go on.
Your worms are turning
into snakes, Akhanda,
tread carefully.
It needed clarifying,
and they understood,
we're invaluable to them, Bablu.
No reason for it to escalate to Bauji,
we're not like Munna, man!
All this nonsense about protocol,
Drop me home.
You're going back to the factory?
I said, home!
Or have you forgotten
where we come from?
I won't go in.
When do I come get you?
Sweety! How are you?
You just vanished
after what happened that day.
Wham, bam, thank you ma'am.
Guess we're done then.
Where are you?
Let's try our luck
around station road.
We'll find some customers there.
If there is any stuff left
What, sir? You wanna see?
Shall I?
You ain't showing us nothing,
get in the van!
Do we have to pay off
senior officers directly now?
Why did you pick us up, sir?
It's strange, of late I've
seen you guys around a lot,
but not once have I seen you begging.
Why did you give money to Babur Khan?
Oh, that
that was nothing, you know our madam,
I see, go on.
She was very ill, sir.
We needed money for her
operation and we didn't have any.
So we borrowed it from Babur bhaiya.
Jasmine, they must've
seen us returning the money.
Okay, alright,
so how is she now?
Uh, who?
She's much better, still weak though.
You know, we try to give
her whatever little we ca
That's very generous of you.
Take care of her, understood?
Otherwise I'll beat the
shit out of the both of you,
and dump your bodies where
no one will ever find them.
You guys love exposing your
privates in public, don't you?
Go on, show me.
Pick it up!
Enough, down.
Pick it up.
Here, feast your eyes, sir!
Yeah, yeah, enough.
Go on, get out of here.
Come, Jasmine.
Wait a minute.
There's nothing in the saree,
but what about the blouse, huh?
What's in there?
It was an accident, sir!
Make them shit.
It should be done by the next hearing.
Thank you, Mr Pandit.
You're the only one who
cares about people like m
I'm always here
as long as you need me.
Mr Sharma, we'll talk,
you should go now, goodbye.
Will you have some tea, Papa?
I'll make it just the way you like it.
I really need to talk to you.
Papa, my job
it's just like being
employed anywhere else.
Work hard, use your mind,
keep the boss happy,
get a paycheck,
come home and get
a good night's sleep.
I treated it like any other posting.
But, now
I'm scared, Papa.
What happened, Bablu?
Do you think I had a choice?
To stay out of it?
The path I'm on
I can't help but wonder
what lies at its end.
There's no doubt, Bablu
that it will end in hell.
I don't know what's harder,
joining the mob in the first place
or leaving it.
Once you make up your mind,
nothing's difficult, son.
Sweety, I have just one thing to say.
I love you.
I've even discussed
our marriage with Bablu.
I'm not exactly dying to marry you.
Okay, but I am.
Yeah? How much?
So much that I could
marry you tomorrow.
If I say yes, you're trapped.
Consider me caught,
hook, line and sinker.
We're getting married tomorrow!
It's gonna be perfect!
It'll be a small affair.
As for my family,
I don't even know if Papa will come.
Just one thing
I'll want a dowry.
Now you want a dowry too?!
Guddu, are you fucking with me?
Oh, man
just bring me a pocketful of luck
so that I smash everyone
at the competition.
Sign here,
you here.
You are now husband and wife.
Munna bhaiya?
Get up and shave, come on,
you've been moping in bed for days.
I don't want to.
You don't have to,
I'll shave you.
I'm sorry I couldn't
come to the wedding.
Guddu's Papa wouldn't,
so I couldn't either.
But, you're very welcome here.
This house is yours too now.
Come in.
No, it's fine.
Come here, I'll bless you too.
This is closer.
Welcome, Sweety!
Come with me.
You go on, he won't stop you.
Don't ask me to, we have issues.
Go on.
Bless you.
You're the first bride in this family.
I should've come to the wedding.
But, he's endangering your life
by marrying you.
Anyway, you're welcome here.
Begin the rituals for the bride.
You too!
Come in.
Now that you're married
have you given your future a thought?
Look, Papa, this path
is a one-way street,
no reverse gear, no U-turn.
So don't waste your time
because I'm not either.
Just stop worrying.
You'll only understand
when you become a father.
Where's Bablu?
Why do you care,
you have a new roommate now!
You just focus on Sweety, yeah?
The room's all decorated.
Get lost!
Come on!
Can I say something, Munna bhaiya?
You're good at making
others wield the razor.
Are you angry because
Compounder tried to kill your father
or because he
I don't want to shave anymore.
I could give you a sponge bath.
I can bathe myself,
I'm not a child.
I know you're not a child.
You're all grown up,
Now try to think like an adult too,
make sure your friend's
death isn't in vain.
Are you just gonna sit there?
Sweety, I
if you're okay with it
can we not today?
Tomorrow's the Mr
Purvanchal competition.
I need to save my strength for it.
I mean, if if you're okay with it.
Drink this milk, at least.
It's a ritual.
Nah, I got my own ritual.
Just a sec.
Bodybuilders always pop
diuretics before a competition,
gives the muscles definition.
It's mindblowing.
You look nice.
I look even better without this.
It's a lot more exciting
in your room, on Kaaleen bhaiya's bed.
Let me concentrate!
Bauji, I just
I was about to bring you dinner.
I was just looking for Raja.
So sexy.
You'll win easily.
Who is it?
I- it's it's me.
It's me, grandma. Munna.
Munna? Are you alright, son?
I yes.
Subodh hasn't come home
for days, son.
Yes, I'd I'd sent him out of town
for some work, he'll be back soon.
When will that be, son?
He sent this for you.
If you need anything, call me.
I'll come.
He even left his phone here.
Listen, Pankaj.
I don't believe that
Compounder attacked Papa on his own.
Surely somebody else
must have been involved too.
You remember he was on his
phone constantly those last few days?
Where are you?
I'll be there.
What do you mean, what are we doing?
Throwing back some shots, what else.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to
this year's Mr Purvanchal!
Alright, calm down, everybody.
The event starts soon.
A huge round of applause
for our contestants!
And another round for
our volunteers as well.
Flex too hard,
and I'll bury you alive.
Sorry, sir.
And let's all welcome
Kaaleen bhaiya!
Go say hello to him.
Greetings sir.
Presenting our contestants!
Give it up for
Guddu bhaiya!
Give it up for
Guddu bhaiya!
Give it up for
Guddu bhaiya!
Give it up for
Guddu bhaiya!
Give it up for
Guddu bhaiya!
Give it up for
Guddu bhaiya!
Give it up for
Guddu bhaiya!
That was a smart move.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's time
for our first contestant
to take the stage.
Puttan Pathan from Mau.
Jonga Mishra of Balia.
Rohit Sharma from Gorakhpur.
Sir, you need to come home.
There's something you need to see.
Well done!
And last, but not the least
our very own Guddu Pandit
from Mirzapur.
Go, Guddu bhaiya!
Alright, folks, get ready.
The judges are tallying the scores.
Come here.
Something has come up,
I need to leave.
Guddu must not win.
Okay then.
You guys stay.
Where's he going?
Are you ready?
It's time for the winners.
Prize distribution by ex-MLA,
Mr Ranjan Tiwari.
Third place goes to
Lallan Pathak from Bhadohi.
Sir, these two were
talking up a storm.
Look at the date and time,
an hour after
Compounder attacked you.
Second place goes to
Puttan Pathan of Mau.
He's winning for sure.
12 missed calls,
Guddu must've been
eager to know the result.
And now for the winner
of this year's Mr Purvanchal!
First place goes to
Jonga Mishra of Balia.
What just happened?
There must be some mistake.
First place huh, asshole?!
Fuck, Guddu bhaiya!
I am Mr Purvanchal!
Stop, please!
You want the trophy, motherfucker?
Leave him alone!
Not a step further, bastard!
Guddu bhaiya, leave him.
Guddu bhaiya!
I'll kill you, motherfucker!
I told you
that when the time's right,
I'll hand you the reins.
That time is now.
When Guddu and Bablu signed up,
they said they were
two bodies and one soul,
that they'd come
together or not at all.
So, they'll go out together too.
Are you ready?
Yes, I am.
You've placed your trust in me,
for the first time ever.
I'll do it.
Here, son.
And so begins the
dance of destruction.
And I won't stop
until Mirzapur is mine.
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