Mirzapur (2018) s01e09 Episode Script


is an important day for our college.
I request you all
to think and cast your vote
for the right candidate
and your college.
[ballot box]
[indiscernible whispering]
As per the final count,
Golu has won.
You've come in second.
Second out of two candidates, sir?
How about a recount?
Come now, sir.
Give these guys a break.
Was the voting fair and square?
No monkey business, right?
That's it then.
Hey, man.
The students must
be waiting impatiently,
announce the results, please.
Oh, listen.
Come here.
Here are some sweets to celebrate,
it's a joyous occasion.
Shouldn't you give
Miss Gajagamini the good news?
Y you want me to tell Golu?
Yes, of course.
Here, I'll do it.
- No, I
- Come, give it to me.
No, I'll call.
Yeah, sure.
In the diary?
Look under 'G'.
Golu, where are you?
You knew the results were to
be announced today, right?
Well, you've won.
Alright, I'll see you then.
So, where is our dear President?
She said she's going to Gorakhpur
with her brother-in-law and sister.
- Oh, I see.
- The whole family, in fact.
Right, of course.
Alright, sir.
I'll be off.
What's happened to you, Munna?
You've lost.
That's why I'm going
to congratulate the winner.
All the way to Gorakhpur.
Long live Golu Gupta!
Long live Golu Gupta!
Long live Golu Gupta!
Long live Golu Gupta!
Long live Golu Gupta!
Bhaiyaji, who are we
looking to fuck up?
Not just fuck up.
Guddu and Bablu.
In the jungle,
if the lion cub is not the predator,
he becomes prey.
Follow Munna,
just to make sure.
Yes, sir.
Nobody is going anywhere.
You handed Munna your gun,
now let him use it.
He's a Tripathi.
It's in his blood.
I know you're his father.
But, he must come into his own.
Look a little happy, Golu.
You've won the election.
That's huge!
That's why I need to
be in college right now.
It makes sense for you
to go since you're family.
Why am I being dragged
to Dimpy's friend's wedding?
Oh, so you're not family?
And did we drag you here, or
did you decide to give
Bablu some company?
Dimpy, don't you start!
Actually, I could use your help.
You know what this is, right?
Withdrawal from the steroids.
You'll be fine in a few days.
Come on.
Feeling better?
Let's go.
How're you feeling?
I'm nervous.
What, why?!
Just be careful, okay?
Come here, you.
You're smudging my lipstick!
What's all the excitement about?
Golu won the election!
I knew she would.
She won everyone's hearts
with her very first speech.
I mean, yes, everyone's.
Congratulations, Golu.
Thank you.
Usually, you get congratulated
after you've proved your worth.
Only in politics is it
the other way around.
So, I'll deserve this congratulations
only after I've done some good.
Stop boring us, man.
I want another ice cream.
I'll call for it.
But it's the president's treat,
to celebrate her victory.
Yeah, definitely.
Double scoops all around,
and chocolate for me.
Looking nice?
Is Golu looking nice?
That's who you're adjusting
the mirror for, right?
I, what
I was just
You're so quiet.
Are you alright?
Won't talk, huh?
J Jasmine.
Why are you beating
us so mercilessly?
You found opium on us, right?
Take us to court then!
Big shot lawyer now, are you?
Throwing the book at me?
Move over.
Go on.
Are you ready to talk?
Or do you want to go another round?
Look here.
Sit up!
I don't care about the opium.
I care about the suppliers.
You deal with Babar
Khan, don't you?
Babar Khan works for
Guddu and Bablu.
Who do Guddu and
Bablu work for?
Akhandanand Tripathi.
The buck stops at him, right?
King of this jungle, isn't he?
Name him on record, I'll let you go.
Yes, Gupta.
Looks lovely.
She's arranged rooms for everyone.
Uh, where's the bride's room?
That way.
You guys get dressed.
I'll go meet Shabnam and come back.
You're here!
I thought you ditched me.
How could I?
I promised.
How do I look?
Can you
I'll do it.
It's upside down.
How do I look?
I have something to tell you.
You're going to be a father.
Did you hear me?
You're going to be a father!
I've laid out your clothes.
Get dressed and come down, please.
Great white sharks have
a fairly long lifespan,
with some of them
living up to 70 years.
Bauji, are you done?
They're considered the ocean's
greatest and deadliest predators.
Tonight, for dessert
please make some
carrot pudding.
Consider it done, Bauji.
Ma'am likes carrot pudding too.
The Gorakhpur contact is calling.
Pick up, pick up.
Yeah, tell me.
I just spotted Guddu and Bablu.
Bravo, where are they?
Munna speaking.
Greetings, sir.
Shove your greetings up your
ass. What's the address?
Celebration Hall.
Medical Road.
Greetings, everybody. Give the
married couple a warm welcome, please!
And now for the
highlight of the evening.
Come on, let's go.
Guddu bhaiya, come!
What's happened to him?
Take the gift, we'll come.
Guddu bhaiya.
Come on, you can't just sit there!
Yes, Abbu?
Did you invite them?
Yes, Abbu.
This is my friend, Dimpy
from Mirzapur.
You've met her.
Those two are her brothers
and that's her sister-in-law.
I'll be right back.
Where's he going?
He's gone to the bathroom,
let's sit.
Yes, sir?
People have forgotten why they fear us,
it's time to remind them.
Listen to me carefully
Hello, Munna bhaiya.
Everything is ready.
Call your contact.
Yes, sir.
- Come on.
- Hold 'em.
Chilli peanut curry. Biryani. Dal
I'll just call Mum and be right back.
Two minutes.
I've been watching you,
watching us, motherfucker.
What is it?
Nothing, sir.
Shut up and move.
The bastard isn't
picking up.
You stay here, block the door.
Be with him.
You, come with me.
No fuckups.
Tell me.
Sir, honestly
I'm just a guest.
You're stunning.
He's with me.
Nobody move!
Get down!
Hey, dumbfuck uncle.
Stop the music.
That's enough now.
Rest a bit.
Or I'll make sure
you rest in peace.
What's all this?
You here?
This is my daughter's
wedding reception.
Your daughter?
Oh, I had no idea!
Don't remember
receiving an invitation.
That's alright.
I'm not going to hurt her.
She's just my
insurance policy.
Golu, follow me!
Right, then!
I'm here for Guddu and Bablu.
Come on out, boys.
Let's not make things messy.
Guys, I'm done being patient.
- No!
- Son!
Don't shoot, she'll get hurt.
- Dara!
- Hold her.
Control yourself.
Yusuf, control yourself!
Come on out, pal.
Your brother has fallen.
Don't listen to him.
As you wish.
Bablu! Bablu!
Guddu bhaiya.
It's done, Bauji.
I know about you
and Raja.
It's time for a lesson.
The lady of a respectable household
should not look for
satisfaction outside.
Bolt the door
and come here.
I know you won't try and run.
You can't escape us.
Only the Tripathi
seed will fall into you.
Munna, what will you do when
Kaaleen bhaiya finds out about this?
I'll collect my reward.
He's the one who sent me here.
Miss President doesn't
know how to fire a gun?
How will you run the college?
Here, hand it over.
I said, give it to me!
Let them go.
No, Munna.
No, Munna.
What are you pleading for?
- I'm not going to hurt y
- I'm pregnant!
I'm pregnant.
Sweety, I loved you more than life.
And you're carrying
someone else's
It's time
to punish your partner-in-crime.
Both must suffer.
Pull down his pyjamas and awaken him.
I've always been a
disappointment in my father's eyes.
It's impossible to bear
when you're worthy
and others fail to recognize it.
You don't know what it's like.
But I've learnt from you, pal.
It's just as important to use
your mind, as it is to use your gun.
time for a demonstration.
Munna! Munna! Munna!
Munna, don't kill him!
Don't kill him, please.
Kill me instead.
Munna, don't!
Guddu bhaiya.
Guddu bhaiya.
Guddu bhaiya.
Ah, eyes wide open now?
Watch this
Turn him into the pansy
the world believes him to be.
Chop it off.
Bring them.
Any special reason
for this hospitality?
I am
Akhandanand Tripathi.
We've met before.
The Akhanda you met
was a businessman.
And I am
a don.
Mr Maurya.
You've made your move.
My turn now.
What'll you do, huh?
The rest of your special team
has met with the same fate.
Mr Maurya, the town you serve
I own it.
This is turning out to be too easy.
Let's lighten the mood a bit.
Start the music.
Darling, dance.
That was an accident.
Hey, dumbfuck uncle.
Come out.
Move faster, man.
I want you to dance.
Join her.
Do you know the Hrithik Roshan step?
The cobra dance!
Show some passion.
Won't kill you to put some effort into it, asshole.
Pick up the gun.
Pick up the gun, Golu.
Golu, pick it up.
Lala, about this sorry.
But don't worry, there'll be many
people lining up to marry your daughter.
Listen to me carefully.
Hold the barrel,
pull it towards yourself, hard
and let go.
Put your finger on the trigger,
the index finger.
Now Golu, take aim and shoot him.
Just do it!
So, Mr Purvanchal
Let's end
I want Mirzapur, Sharad.
At all costs.
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