Mirzapur (2018) s02e01 Episode Script


Come on!
Fixed them proper.
Munna Bhaiya!
Munna Bhaiya is a rockstar.
Life oughta be lived like this!
Otherwise, hell, even the
hair on your balls is alive.
Who's the lawyer?
Ramakant Pandit.
Hello, Auntie.
So, the thing is, you won't
meet the groom's family again.
What if you're not home the
next time Munna goes over?
That's a risk.
And what if the next time Munna Bhaiya
comes over, he doesn't return alive?
That's a risk too, Kaaleen Bhaiya.
Will you work for me?
The two of you can't
possibly be my sons.
I want you to expand the gun business.
You have a free hand.
Earn what you can with these.
But remember
keep the guns firing.
There's bloodshed in Mirzapur.
Clean up the city.
Rati Shankar had always been
conducting minor attacks.
But now he has gone after
Munna and then me.
F, G, H, I J.
You could've lived had you
bothered attending school.
I don't want any part of this
I want Mirzapur, Sharad.
You have Jaunpur.
Isn't that enough?
You rule over Mirzapur,
the throne of eastern Uttar Pradesh.
Where is my money, Tripathi?
The elections are almost here.
I want greater quantities of "silk".
I'm about to come.
You leave me panting like
a bitch in the heat every time.
Kaaleen Bhaiya never lasts this long.
This is Maqbool's nephew, Babar.
Keep him with you,
show him the ropes.
If you've taken up responsibility,
fulfill it faithfully.
Your son is an idiot.
That he's an idiot is unimportant,
What's important is
that he's my son.
Contribute generously to the campaign
after we win, I'll get the
chief minister to hand you Mirzapur.
I need more money.
If you support me now,
I'll help grow your business.
When will you become
the chief minister?
Will you stop dancing
if I become the chief minister?
We've put down a
deposit on an apartment.
It's in Papa's and your name.
Munna Bhaiya will be king
of Mirzapur one day.
And his bride will rule over the town.
What's the plan, sir?
To eliminate, Sinha.
Start with them.
I'll make you tea with my
own hands someday.
You'll be careful, won't you?
With myself, and you.
Sweety is my love.
-What do you guys want?
-What is this?
What the hell are you doing?
Stop the car or I'll shoot.
You're my best friend, aren't you?
Your friend Compounder tried to kill me.
I think we should send
Dimpy away to Lucknow.
Mirzapur isn't safe anymore.
What the--
Listen, lay low for a few days.
Get out of Mirzapur.
I think I just creamed my pants.
Sir, I have another client.
Join me.
Together, we'll rule Mirzapur.
My men
don't touch a hair on someone's
head without my permission.
Look, bhaiyaji
it felt right in the moment,
so I did it.
Are you angry because
Compounder tried to kill your father
or because he failed?
I want Mirzapur, Sharad.
When Guddu and Bablu signed up,
they said that they'd come
together or not at all.
So, they'll go out together too.
And so begins the
dance of destruction.
I know about you and Raja.
Only the Tripathi
seed will fall into you.
It's time to punish
your partner-in-crime.
Chop it off.
The Akhanda you met
was a businessman.
And I am a don.
You're here?
Hey, dumbfuck uncle!
Get some rest.
Or I'll ensure you rest in peace.
This is my daughter's
wedding reception.
I don't remember
receiving an invitation.
Ms. President doesn't
know how to fire a gun?
Fuck off!
I'm pregnant.
Munna! Munna!
Munna! Not Bablu! Please!
Ah, eyes wide open now?
Watch this!
So, Guddu Bhaiya
I'll kill you.
I'm going to kill you in cold blood.
I'm not going to die.
I won't die.
Shoot me all you want
I won't die.
No matter how deep the fall
I won't die.
I won't die.
Munna Bhaiya.
Munna Bhaiya.
This is Kaaleen Bhaiya.
Motherfucker I will destroy you.
All you motherfuckers
Munna Bhaiya.
His mother
is your grandmother.
Right, Bauji?
What happened to Guddu, Papa?
Son, get better.
Then we'll talk.
After so many days
you're finally conscious.
What happened to Guddu?
We found his car in the jungle.
Completely burnt.
That place is crawling
with wild animals.
We can't be sure.
I've got men searching for them.
Where's Beena?
She's still ill, sir.
She's had some
medicine and is sleeping.
One person pops
some pills to wake up
the other pops some to fall asleep.
This is a strange house.
Don't worry, Akhanda.
Let her rest if she is unwell.
You gave me such an important
job for the first time, Papa.
-And I--
-You did well.
But I didn't finish the job.
I wanted to make you proud.
If you do what the
family wants you to do,
you'll make us even more proud.
I will, Bauji.
I definitely will.
Even death doesn't scare me now.
Send an offering to the
Vindhyavasini temple for Munna.
Death doesn't scare him anymore.
Fuckin' hell.
Hey, you wait here.
What happened to Pankaj?
He didn't survive, bhaiyaji.
Got shot in the chest.
And you survived, motherfucker?
The bullet only grazed me.
Count them.
Okay, bhaiyaji.
Motherfucker, don't count the next one.
That's my asshole.
I'm not stupid, bhaiyaji.
I know the asshole well.
You have threatened
to hurt it many times.
Bhaiyaji, five.
Five bullet holes
but I still didn't die.
I'm no less than a
fucking Bollywood hero.
Nobody can kill me.
I'm worthy.
-Long live
-Shukla Bhaiya!
-Long live
-Shukla Bhaiya!
-Long live
-Shukla Bhaiya!
-Long live
-Shukla Bhaiya!
-Long live
-Shukla Bhaiya!
Thinking of Papa?
So, you did become the don of Jaunpur.
You didn't want to get mixed
up in all of this, right, Sharad?
That's what I wanted then.
But this is my destiny.
Papa's legacy can't be that
two goons shot
him openly and got away.
Until I change that
I'll be here.
You'll have to take
over Mirzapur for that.
That's what your father wanted.
Victory is certain only when
victory and defeat
are both within your control.
Mr. Lala, we had some questions.
At your daughter's reception
do you recall anything
more from that night?
I have no clue who those people were.
Have you found out anything?
Haven't found any witnesses yet.
If we learn any new information,
we'll inform you right away.
And if you discover anything,
let us know.
You do know who Munna is.
So why didn't you tell them?
If I tell the police
they'll stick their nose in
and sniff out our opium.
It's risky.
Wait till the time is right.
We'll sort it our way.
Be patient, Yusuf.
Easy for you to say, Lala.
It was my son who died.
Those who have left us are
not the ones who suffer.
The suffering is for
those who are left behind.
Sita and Gita watched silently.
But they didn't utter a word.
Run! Run!
Come on!
Hurry up, come on!
I will strangle you, motherfucker.
-Open the lock.
-I won't let you go!
-Is it open yet?
-Get the gun.
I've caught Munna!
What are you doing?
Give it to me!
Dimpy! Golu!
Fire the gun!
Golu fire!
Stay away, Bablu!
I've got it!
Guddu Bhaiya!
-I won't let you get away.
-Let him go!
I'll hang your naked corpse
in the middle of Mirzapur
-or I'll change my name.
-Let him go!
Leave him, Guddu Bhaiya.
-I'll piss on your face.
-Leave him!
I'll piss!
-Be quiet.
Fuck this asshole.
Bastard, I'm trying to heal
you and you're throttling me.
And who is this fucking Munna?
Because of whom I would've died.
Show me his damn face!
Does he look like me?
Almost done.
Give me water.
My throat is dry.
Wait a moment.
He was mumbling in pain.
I went to check on him.
And he pounced on me.
And you don't even leave
the fucking light on.
He's always itching to get up and leave.
If you have to tie someone up,
tie him, not me!
He's a fucking madman.
I'm telling you,
I'll poison him someday.
Nobody will know.
Are you done?
Or are you going to babble some more?
I need to piss real bad.
Won't be able to
hold on much longer.
I'm warning you!
And you?
Can't you remain calm?
Don't you want to get better?
Listen, I'll wet myself.
I don't want to get better.
I want revenge.
Give me your hand.
Why aren't you telling me where I am?
I'm talking to you.
Why aren't you telling me?
My bladder's gonna burst, let me pee.
Take me to Mirzapur.
I'm not talking to you,
I'm talking to her!
I want to go to Mirzapur.
Take me there.
Let's go!
I'll kill every one of you!
I want to leave this place!
Let's go!
Now! Now! Now!
It's alright, I've stopped it.
Get up and go to Mirzapur.
Who's stopping you?
I'll tell you what
pick this up.
Come on.
You done?
Everybody who's lost
someone wants revenge.
But you need to be strong enough.
We've got your injections.
Take them.
Go to sleep.
Have your medicine.
It'll help with the fever.
Only then can you attend to me.
The lion
has tasted blood.
And now he's hungry.
He wants to taste the
doe's warm flesh again.
I want you to recover,
that's why I've got you the medicine.
Have it.
Today's Aam Darbar's coverage
should play on every news
channel for the next two days.
Nonstop. Understood?
Yes, sir.
You called, brother?
Yes, we'll talk.
Be patient.
This is the party's work too.
the park is looking great.
Yes, sir.
If a park can have elephants,
why can't it have mangoes?
Absolutely, sir.
When does the work start?
This month.
I wanted to talk to you
about something important.
Yes, tell me?
Brother, she's a party worker with me.
In private, JP.
Brother, she's part of the party.
Feel free, go on.
This is why I said
I wanted to talk in private.
Did you enjoy getting
humiliated in front of her?
Where are you going?
Please stay.
If you don't see the inner workings
of the party, how will you manage it?
You're a first-class moron.
If you weren't my younger brother,
I'd stick you up a pole and
have you hoist the fucking banner.
On minimum wage,
because that's all you deserve.
What did I tell you?
No violence.
I told you, didn't I?
But your people decided to
piss right out in the market square!
In all other weddings,
DJs entertain guests,
but here in UP, gunfire entertains them!
Brother, I told them
But nobody gave a rat's ass!
The party's reputation has been stained.
And before the election,
I want us to look pristine.
Can you manage that?
Or will you come crying to me again?
It'll be done, brother.
Let's go, Anand.
Every jungle has its own laws.
And every animal living there
has to follow them
except of course, the Lion!
Lala fucked it up, Papa.
Otherwise, I'd have shot Guddu too.
Sit down, Mr. Gupta.
Sit, we need to talk.
I understand your pain.
How, bhaiyaji?
How will you understand my pain?
I'm not just a don,
I'm a father too.
I understand the love for one's child.
My child died,
not yours.
Why did you kill my Sweety?
What did she ever do to you?
Nothing, I loved her.
That's why I killed her.
My sorrow is greater than yours, Gupta.
You have another daughter.
I just had one love.
Where's your other daughter?
Any news on her whereabouts?
one didn't survive,
it's important that the other does.
What's done is done.
The guilty
had to be punished.
Keep looking for her.
Constable Lakharam.
PSI Arun Sharma.
PSI Amit Rathod.
Sir, I want to
join you
in cleaning up Mirzapur.
Just give me the power
and I'll dig their graves.
Put your shovel back in to your pocket.
There's no need to dig anything.
You're a bit too late.
Have you ever played on that thing
a see-saw?
Up-down, down-up.
When you were flying high,
you wanted to drag me down.
Now that you're down, I've gotten off.
I'm not playing anymore.
I don't understand.
I'll explain. Have some ice cream.
He killed my entire team,
right in front of me.
If he'd killed me,
it wouldn't have changed a thing.
My wife would've gotten a cheque.
The usual.
Seeing all this
I don't have the courage anymore.
Your family has been destroyed.
I don't want to destroy mine.
This department will continue
the way it always has.
Yes, hello?
I'm safe, don't worry, on my way.
Eat the ice cream and calm your mind.
You sound happy.
Guddu proposed to me,
of course I'm happy.
Didi, how are you so
sure about everything?
Like this marriage.
I'm sure because I think with my heart.
Not like you, always with the head.
But thinking with the heart, it's risky.
You keep saying
"One man's good
is another man's evil."
I like to go with the flow.
The tea is actually quite nice
Did Bablu teach you?
-What are you--
-I have an idea!
All four of us can get married.
They've both fallen asleep.
You should sleep too.
I'll keep watch.
Sometimes, I wonder
with Dad's help,
could we have stopped Guddu Bhaiya?
You know
none of us have cried yet.
What happened?
Shall I start, bhaiyaji?
I'll talk to them.
Is the liquor business doing well?
Yes, sir. It's going well.
-Any trouble from the police?
-No, sir. Nothing at all.
So, Chadda's commission
and my payment will continue?
-Absolutely, sir.
Sir, these two
Olandganj and Jaycees Chauraha.
Neither of them pay your commission.
Your father tried
to make them understand.
Shall we finish them off?
You guys don't plan on paying up?
We never paid your father,
as for you, you are still just a child.
You won't supply them
with liquor anymore.
Sir, I'll suffer losses.
No, you won't.
That supply will go to these two.
But, sir
where will we sell it?
The demand isn't that high in our area.
Sell it on their turf.
Jaycees Chauraha.
And I don't want any
commission from those sales.
Undercut the extra profit,
sell the liquor for cheap.
And if there's any
trouble between you all,
figure it out, don't come to me.
The supply won't stop,
that's my guarantee.
What the fuck?
Do you think we're idiots?
This is the business.
Whoever owns the liquor owns the turf.
And the profit.
I'll fuck you up right here.
Move it, motherfucker.
Mr. Sharad.
Yusuf Zadran speaking.
Go ahead.
I wanted to talk to
you about Munna Tripathi.
Wanker Lalit.
Wanker Lalit.
Wanker Lalit.
Wanker Lalit.
Shall I show you something amazing?
Yes, bhaiyaji.
Turn around, fucker.
Oh, son of a bitch.
-Isn't it mind-blowing?
-Yes, bhaiyaji.
I'll tell you something.
There's not a lot of difference between
a man's penis and his gun.
What? How?
They're both considered weapons.
When you hold either in your hand,
your mind just shuts down.
And when you fire them both,
it's fucking fun.
Yes, bhaiyaji.
Here, try it.
In the room?
On me.
Come on.
Didn't I tell you no one can kill me?
Fire it.
Told you I'm immortal.
Motherfucker, I said, fire it!
It was empty.
Motherfucker, I'm immortal,
not a moron.
Then, son, why are you being moronic.
Come bathed and ready early tomorrow.
There's a prayer ceremony
for your long life.
Fuckin' hell.
I'll get the food.
Bring your feet forth.
God bless you.
You seem better, Beena.
I'll get the food.
Get me some turmeric.
Please go ahead, bhaiyaji.
Bauji, Lala won't supply
us with opium anymore.
We need to increase our gun profits.
We'll do that.
After all, I handle the guns.
How will you increase it?
No, I mean
I haven't figured it out right now.
But I will.
Be patient, Munna.
If I need your advice, I'll ask you.
Don't strain your brain.
You don't use it often,
so it's rusted away.
Are you done?
Slurp-slurp nonstop.
You've already gulped down 4 bowls.
Just get a bucketful and bathe in it,
why don't you?
Go on, the ceremony is over.
Bauji, since Rati Shankar died,
Jaunpur is vacant.
Sharad seems to be taking over.
He's smart, educated.
Could attack us at any moment.
Perhaps we should make the first move.
If you take Jaunpur
every don in Purvanchal will know
that the Tripathis
remain as powerful as ever.
Guddu and Bablu's departure
makes no difference.
Throw this out.
I'll cook.
Instant noodles are not proper food.
They make me constipated.
Hey, listen.
Can you make some rotis?
Make some for me.
Whether you guys kill me or not,
these fucking noodles will--
Uncle, here they are!
Been robbing the
entire town at gunpoint.
Move back.
Oh, motherfucker.
This is Guddu Pandit, no?
Hey, you!
Haven't told anyone else, have you?
No, sir.
I came directly to you.
I figured you'd give me the reward.
Came here for a raise,
and hit the jackpot.
Kaaleen Bhaiya will be pleased.
Come on, pick him up.
Go on.
His leg is injured.
Come on, help her.
He's a bodybuilder.
We can't lift him.
You, help them.
Have you come here for a free feast?
Come on, lend them a hand.
I'll definitely lend a hand.
I'll help lift him.
I'm just helping.
If it bothers you so much,
lift him up yourself.
Guddu Bhaiya!
-What about him?
-Brother, wake up!
The fewer the witnesses, the better.
He's temporarily silenced.
-Bhaiya, open your eyes!
-Let's make it permanent.
Let it go!
Got fucked in the ass, motherfuckers.
Fuck, I'm definitely
going to get AIDS now!
Fuck this shit.
What the--
You little
Fucking whore!
I'm going to carve you up!
Kaaleen Bhaiya will reward me,
even for your dead body.
Mr. Yadav
what brings you to Mirzapur?
My balls have been busted, Tripathi.
That's why I've come here.
And now it's your turn.
What am I, Tripathi?
Am I a child?
That I'll come here and talk to you,
and return waving your empty promises.
I am a politician.
Making a fool of people is my job.
Instead, you've been
playing me for a fool.
I told you, no violence.
But, no!
First you polished off Rati Shankar.
And then you turned that
wedding into a blood bath.
At this rate, how the fuck
will the party win this election?
-Look, Mr. Yadav
-What? What?
Quiet! Motherfucker.
Just keep quiet.
Who needs to win the election?
And who needed the money?
What business am I in?
I don't sell beads and bangles.
If we sell weapons,
violence is bound to increase.
And it might get out of hand.
If you don't understand this
then I'm not playing you for a fool.
You are a fool.
Don't forget, you're my guest.
And guests shouldn't misbehave.
A wave of my hand from Lucknow and
You survive because I let you.
We both survive because of each other.
And the guesthouse you're
seated in is in Mirzapur.
That makes you the guest.
Like you said,
guests shouldn't misbehave.
I didn't come on my own.
The chief minister sent me.
And this isn't a request,
it's an order.
The government must look like
it's doing something about the violence.
And there are just two ways to do that.
Either there is no violence.
Or if there is any,
the guilty be punished.
What do you want?
I want Munna.
He's done all this, hasn't he?
I won't apply Section 302.
Just a sentence of a few years.
I'm giving you 24 hours.
After that, I'll pick him up myself.
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