Mirzapur (2018) s02e02 Episode Script


You want Mirzapur.
I want Munna.
Let's join hands.
I just want to meet Munna alone once.
I'll give you whatever you want.
Let's sit after the prayer meet.
Till then, please have lunch.
You're our guest.
It's our custom.
Bhaiyaji, Munna isn't picking up.
Try again.
Please fold your hands and
pray to Lord Pundarikaksha.
We pray to you, Lord!
Please bless the soul of the departed.
You alright, Sharad?
I'm glad you came.
How's Dadda?
Papa is fine.
He has sent something.
May Ratishankar Shukla's soul rest in
peace and peace fall upon the family too.
My regards to Dadda.
Let him in.
You didn't invite us
to the prayer meet, Shukla.
If we can't be there
for our near and dear ones,
what's the point of this throne?
Quite a grand ceremony.
Why are you here, Munna?
To take over Jaunpur.
Won't leave until I do.
And if, during that process,
some of your people die,
well, you're already
holding a prayer meet.
We can have a couple of minutes
of silence for them as well.
But, if nobody shoots,
nobody will die, Munna.
You want to take over, right?
I never said no.
I'll run Jaunpur
under you.
But, Mirzapur should protect us.
With Papa's death,
the old enmity dies too.
We're a new generation,
so our rules should be new too.
There's just one rule, Shukla.
This is the first time
you've come to our house,
we won't send you back empty-handed.
That's enough.
You wanted to meet Munna, right?
How have you been?
Don't stop eating.
We tried our best to apprehend them,
but he couldn't survive.
The motherfuckers
killed him and took off.
We're too late, sir.
If you learn anything new, inform us.
Relax, don't worry.
You've dozed off four times
in the last 15 minutes.
If I wanted to fuck you over,
I could've pulled over
and run away ages ago.
Without firing a single bullet?
Well, Papa, you remember,
you'd said
my mind had rusted away.
So, I decided to use my
brain and not a gun this time.
You keep count of the
bullets you do give me.
So, why waste bullets unnecessarily?
I tried to react like you would
in the same situation.
If I do that,
then I'll be able to rule Mirzapur.
You got Jaunpur without
shedding a drop of blood.
Made Sharad prove his loyalty.
You're learning.
It is necessary to inspire fear,
not to kill.
Kaaleen Bhaiya, if you'd been there,
you would've applauded him.
He royally screwed Shukla.
Well done, Munna.
I will continue to do so, Papa.
But don't go anywhere
without telling me.
You met JP Yadav.
What happened?
He was barking at me
like a fucking dog, Bauji.
Befriend the dog's master,
the dog won't bark at you anymore.
I agree, Bauji.
I'll go to Lucknow tomorrow,
with Munna.
Yes, bhaiyaji?
Will you come with us?
Just like Maqbool is to me,
you are Munna's right hand as well.
Be here tomorrow morning.
-Off you go, Munna.
Some people are born rulers.
Some must be molded.
I will make him one, Bauji.
You squandered a good opportunity.
Could've let Yusuf
take care of Munna.
You wouldn't have dirtied your hands,
and the work would've been done.
Who rules Mirzapur?
Munna or Akhandanand?
Having Munna killed,
wouldn't get me the seat of Mirzapur.
For now, a living Munna
is worth more than a dead Munna.
He will become my
pawn to conquer Mirzapur.
It's hot.
Where's my tea?
Right, I'll make the
tea and serve it too,
while you sit there like a sloth.
Sloth, me?
I was washing up.
I've been driving all day!
That too, at gunpoint.
Whether a woman
is from Chambal or UP,
if she carries a gun,
she must be in trouble.
You all can stay here
as long as you wish,
it's no trouble.
I've laid out your beds.
We'll sleep on the roof.
Why will we sleep on the roof?
It's teeming with mosquitoes.
You've got guests to our home,
haven't you?
Then treat them well.
Come on, follow me.
Lippi, come.
Where is the damn mosquito net?
You haven't massaged
my legs for a while.
Do it today.
You don't have to force me.
I've been meaning to tell you.
But today I got the chance.
That day, what you made me feel
I've never felt so pleasured before.
I've never experienced sex like that.
I'm feeling weak today, Bauji.
And my period will start soon.
Once that's over,
you can do as you wish.
I'll want it too then.
I thought
the lion has aged,
but he isn't old.
We've run out of oil,
I've ordered more.
Tell me, how can I be of help?
Some goons have been
harassing my granddaughter.
The cops refuse to file an FIR.
I am very worried.
Ma'am, why are you being apologetic?
I am like your son.
We will sort this out right now.
The complaint is from Rai Bareeli.
-Call the DM.
Any other complaint?
DM office?
The CM wants to talk to him.
Yes, Kamath?
Jai Hind.
Mrs. Phoolkumari,
from Civil Lines is here.
Some goons are harassing
her granddaughter.
The cops aren't even filling and FIR!
Yes. Please get this sorted today.
And listen
better give that SHO an earful.
Jai Hind.
Ma'am, if you ever
have any other problem
this is my PA, Mr. Anand.
Take his number.
You can call him anytime you want.
Thank you.
How long have you worked here?
Go sit there.
What's your salary?
Come to Mirzapur.
I'll get you double the amount.
I'm Munna Bhaiya's right-hand man.
Let him talk.
Go ahead.
I'm done.
You're done?
Sit down.
He will see you now.
I do public meetings all the time.
Why didn't you just come there?
That's for the common man, Chief Minister.
I dislike meeting anyone
without an appointment, Mr. Tripathi.
But you still met me.
You must have inquired about me.
Chief Minister,
the election is almost here.
And we too want you to win.
Get to the point.
You're a politician.
And I'm a businessman.
Why do we need JP Yadav
to be our broker?
He's my younger brother.
But he's an utter moron.
Like Vibhishana, he will destroy
his brother Ravana's kingdom.
Chief Minister,
we'll deal with you directly.
We'll give you the money directly.
And try to reduce the violence.
I'll personally increase
your vote percentage.
With your blessing
we have significant
influence in Purvanchal.
Munna is a youth icon.
He does social work.
Youngsters look up to him.
He'll tell them to vote for you.
Just one condition.
We don't want to deal with JP Yadav.
He wanted me to sacrifice Munna
for the Gorakhpur wedding massacre.
Does anyone ever
sacrifice their own son?
And my party's image?
That'll be cleaned up.
There's a scapegoat on your sofa.
He was there at the shootout,
gun in hand.
Witnesses will be found.
Yes, bhaiyaji?
Were you there at the
Gorakhpur wedding shootout?
Yes, bhaiyaji.
What did you have in your hand?
A gun, bhaiyaji.
Tell the chief minister about it.
Let me go!
Munna Bhaiya!
Go ahead.
JP won't trouble you anymore.
Remember your promise.
Thank you, Mr. Chief Minister.
Clean this up.
Show this as an encounter
and give some cop a medal for this.
He's asked you to wait for ten minutes.
What did you learn, Munna?
That when
the time comes for a sacrifice,
one sacrifices the pawn.
The king must stay alive
to sit on the throne.
Let's go.
Here you go, bhaiyaji.
I got everything just like you asked.
Will you teach me how to fire it?
Your head and arm should be aligned.
That's how you'll hit the target.
Get used to the sound.
You'll never hit the
target if you flinch.
What happened?
I don't want to learn.
Learn to control your
breathing as you fire.
Keep your shoulders aligned.
No, no!
A little higher.
Let me show you.
I want to go home.
I didn't want to
involve you in all this.
Study in Lucknow.
We'll get your admission done.
-But Mirzapur--
-Bablu wanted this too.
It's risky in Mirzapur.
I won't let you take that risk.
Listen to me.
I'm your elder brother.
Let me meet Mum and Dad once.
Then I'll do as you say.
And you meet them too.
Don't you want to?
We'll leave for Mirzapur tomorrow.
Think about it with a cool head.
I'm sure you would like
to meet your dad as well.
Right, Golu?
-Greetings, bhaiyaji!
-Greetings, bhaiyaji!
Give Munna a chair.
Sir, we wanted to meet you.
We're worried.
Usman, Munna handles the gun business,
talk to him.
What happened, Usman?
You've survived in
this business for years.
What's scaring you now?
Sir, Guddu and Bablu
increased our profits.
But, now--
Guddu and Bablu did as I told them.
We are the owners, after all.
And your profits won't decrease.
Start collecting the
guns from us this week.
I'm bringing back
the old credit system.
Earn as much profit as
you desire for two months.
Then get cash,
and buy the guns from us.
And the way the police used to
come after you when
Guddu and Bablu were around
that won't happen anymore.
Fuck their image.
You're family.
You and your family are cardinally invited
for a dinner at the Tripathi Mansion.
Bauji, we invited
Mr. Maurya and his family.
And you've come alone.
If you'd gotten your wife along,
she could've struck
up a friendship with Beena.
I had asked her but she
was hesitant and I
didn't want to push her.
The thing is,
I am pretty scared of her.
Isn't that true for every household?
If a married man
doesn't fear his wife,
there's something
wrong in that marriage.
Don't you agree, Beena?
You know, I didn't think
you believed in the caste system.
I mean, my plate is Made in China
and everybody else's
Munna said that officers
eat from these plates, right Munna?
I'd gone to a function,
that's where I saw it.
These plates break easily so
-Do you eat meat?
-Of course.
It's made with the
famous Champaran recipe.
Here, please.
Mr. Maurya.
You were talking
about the plate, right?
That's the plate you meant.
On it lies the food that
never satisfies your hunger.
Above all caste and creed.
Bon Appétit.
I hope I don't get indigestion.
No, Mr. Maurya.
You're a senior officer,
you can handle it.
Just let the rest of your team know,
that the homespun gun market is open.
Consider it done.
I think when the time comes
Munna will be able to rule Mirzapur.
The food was delicious today, Beena.
Oh, Binny.
I'm in the mood tonight.
I'm not.
When you feel like it,
you just climb onto me.
And when I do,
you want to act pricey.
-Come on, now.
-Don't force me.
Just because you're in
the mood doesn't mean I am too.
Fucking hell
I've become an NPA for her.
Non-Performing Asset.
Time to seek out an expert.
Who's there?
Who is it?
It's us, Mom.
My child!
Get a hold of yourself, Papa.
Won't you stay?
Your mother missed you a lot.
And you?
Now that you're home, we can--
I haven't come home for good.
We must leave soon.
I am moving Dimpy to Lucknow.
She wanted to meet you both.
We'll clean your room,
but peel the peas first.
Nobody sleeps without
having turmeric milk.
I'll start with the room.
Dimpy, begin peeling please.
We won't be able to eat.
Why not?
We won't be able to eat.
They haven't returned.
How can we return?
life always gives you choices.
The choices we make define us.
Two people from this
family have already died.
Not two.
She was pregnant
So, you're responsible for not two,
but three deaths.
Can I say something, Papa?
unhappy that Bablu died
but you're unhappier that I survived.
You would've preferred if
I had died instead of Bablu.
that's how it should have been.
Can a father be happy
about his child dying? Tell me.
Tell me!
He doesn't eat,
he forgets to bathe.
How can you talk about
dying in front of me? Tell me!
-Tell me!
we don't want anything.
Not the machine,
not the clothes, nothing.
Just come back.
Please come back.
Tell him, please tell him.
Come back here only
when you want to surrender.
That won't be possible, Papa.
telling me who owns this house.
But I am going to own this town.
You always said that
you wanted your daughter
to rule Mirzapur.
If not the elder one,
the younger one will rule it.
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