Mirzapur (2018) s02e03 Episode Script

Viklaang Quota

These days, everything in
society is going through a downfall.
Politics, stock market
A complete collapse.
Our bodies are also
suffering a similar downfall.
Premature ejaculation.
A man must suffer indignities.
He can't have children either.
I would've come home.
Why did you trouble yourself?
No, no.
It's better to discuss
these things in private.
After all,
talking about this publicly
isn't easy for Maqbool.
The patient must sit.
Yes, please sit.
Whenever he tries
he doesn't last for
more than a minute.
I see.
Go on.
Don't be shy.
You shouldn't be ashamed
of talking to a doctor.
This is the common disease.
We've a special medicine,
and a single dose
why don't you give me the details?
You seem to be in the loop.
I think
it's an old problem.
Nothing to worry about, bhaiyaji.
I'll tell you something
we'll just get a test done.
Never be ashamed
of talking to a doctor.
In the dense jungle, a deer finds
it difficult to see a predator.
It relies on its sense of hearing.
The deer can sense the
lion's presence from afar.
And her life is now in danger!
If she wants to save her life,
she must tread lightly
and move ahead with caution.
You know Mom keenly waits for
biryani every Friday, right?
Yes, she
Why are you late?
Where were you?
wasn't feeling well.
I've brought biryani,
and it's freshly cooked.
Shall I serve?
Have you given marriage a thought?
No, uncle.
Not yet.
Don't end up like me.
It's been a while since this
house has lit up for celebrations.
Your grandma wants the same.
You're staying the night with us, right?
No, uncle.
I'll leave.
I've to go see the doctor
in the morning as well.
Keep it.
I just has a word with Uncle Maqbool.
Sharad and Munna killed Yusuf.
And Munna Bhaiya
has taken control of Jaunpur.
Lala has refused to meet.
We need to meet Lala.
Sir has said no.
-He's said no?
-He is occupied.
We'll need your help, Dimpy.
Why have you come now?
What happened?
How are you?
What do you think?
All alone.
At least you are in your own home.
I've been on the run with
my brother, ever since.
He's outside,
wants to speak to your father.
Please, just once.
I'm a businessman,
not a mercenary.
You're human too, right?
You must want revenge.
If not for yourself,
for Shabnam.
I love my daughter beyond reason,
which is why I didn't go there,
to kill or be killed.
Which is second nature to you.
I can certainly offer you some money.
Buy many bullets.
Kill them.
I won't just kill them.
I want to snatch their
power from them, Lala.
And Mirzapur too.
You've lost your mind.
You were born yesterday.
You want to take away from
the Tripathis what they value most?
I didn't ask for advice.
I asked for help.
That's to your benefit.
Where's Yusuf?
He went to Purvanchal.
Munna and that
split open his skull, didn't they?
You didn't go to kill or be killed.
But they might come here.
Only I know
how they think.
The need is mine right now,
could become yours too.
Your business in Purvanchal
has stopped, right?
I could be useful there.
Yusuf didn't listen to me.
He suffered the consequences.
Anyway, as for you
my money,
my business,
but revenge
A one-sided relationship, is it not?
If it is balanced,
I'll think about it.
So, I still have it in me.
I've made you a mother finally.
After a long time
a new Tripathi will be born.
Munna will see the competition
and try to do better.
The next nine months
I will take really good care of you.
And after that?
You'll take care of the child,
and I'll take care of you.
It's not right to sit on
the ground in this condition.
So, is it okay if I don't
massage Bauji's feet?
You don't have to ask.
It's okay.
-I'll go tell Bauji the good news.
He'll be happier to hear it from me.
Sweet Lord!
Baldev had started falling
for his cousin.
She had left the door open
when she went in for a bath.
Seeing her naked--
It's yours.
You have a right to know,
so I'm telling you.
I won't let him find out.
Take care of yourself.
You're carrying the scion
of the Tripathi family.
Whether or not Akhanda
takes care of you,
I will.
I know.
That's why I told
you before anyone else.
I will continue to survive
and so will you.
Get me the small screwdriver, please.
Why don't you get
a repairman to fix it
instead of trying to do it yourself?
That cash you got,
what's to be done with it?
Keep it safe,
it'll come in handy.
Who is that now?
Go check.
Mr. Pandit, this matter has been solved.
The case has been closed.
Mr. Maurya, you know quite well
that night, Lalit wasn't
the only one to fire a gun.
Munna did too.
He's killed people.
He must be punished!
Look, Mr. Pandit, you've
come to my house, you're my guest.
So, I must respect you.
I might not be able to
entertain you like this again.
You understand, right?
I'm in a hurry and have to go,
do finish your tea before leaving.
That night, many people were killed.
You must have seen something.
Forgive me.
I can't help you.
I'm Ramakanth Pandit,
I'd called you in the morning
I told you that my brother
isn't home, and you're back again.
-Your brother--
-He won't be found here.
No guns were fired there.
No matter who you ask,
they will all say the same thing.
There were no shots fired that night.
They killed them both mercilessly.
Split one's skull open.
But, I dare not testify
against Munna Tripathi.
You lost your daughter
that night as well.
My younger daughter,
performs at wedding
functions as well.
I can't risk it.
I'm sorry.
We're hired for the wedding,
we decorate the hall, that's it.
Whether the wedding has
the ritual fire, or gunfire,
that's not my business.
I understand your sorrow
but I can't go against Kaleen Bhaiya.
-We won't be able to help you.
-Please forgive us.
No guns were fired there.
You're late again.
Should I heat the food?
How many times have I told you?
Don't wait for me.
Eat your dinner.
You don't even eat with me anymore.
What is keeping you so busy?
It's work.
You can tell me.
I could help too.
It's not like we can never
agree with each other anymore.
Your room keys.
Thank you.
Sign here, please.
Got the room.
Boys aren't allowed inside.
Bablu's diary.
He used it for business and
wrote his personal thoughts.
Are you through the
physically handicapped quota?
Waiting for your girlfriend?
Can I tell you something?
You can do whatever in these rooms.
Nobody cares.
I've often
in there
My sister is in there.
So, if you go in
I will fuck your mother.
Okay then
Sir, your temper and
tongue are both sharp.
You'll end up with high cholesterol.
And what you want
to do with my mother,
she used to get paid for it.
I was born in the red-light district.
Last year, my mother
passed away in an accident.
It's okay.
I didn't follow her line of work.
My name is Robin.
I deal in investments and finance.
What to invest in, what to earn,
if you need to buy or sell anything,
I handle it all.
Only cash, no paperwork.
Miss Meenu!
Yes, Robin?
You'd invested in that scheme
I've put the interest
money on your desk.
You can sell without
the ownership papers?
Ask me to sell the Taj Mahal,
I'll do it.
There's a flat
in Mirzapur.
In my father's name.
It's empty.
It'll be done in two days.
Give me the address,
I'll take five percent.
Shall we go?
You're quite the player.
Let's go.
I'll text you the address.
Two days.
Hold on!
This is the landline number here.
Take care!
I will.
We'll keep visiting.
There better be no more faulty guns.
And if you hit your sales target,
you'll get a monthly bonus.
You called, Munna Bhaiya?
After Yusuf,
better keep an eye on Lala too.
If you see him outside his town,
I better be told.
And motherfucker,
stop chowing on tobacco all day.
You'll get cancer in your balls.
I'm immortal, not you.
This time let's talk business.
I have sent across thirty-five lakhs,
after selling my parents' flat.
Bring opium worth that much.
You will be the owner of this.
I'll get you profit on the spot.
If I can't
then this will be our last meeting.
But, I'll pick the place.
All their profits come from opium.
There is no other source.
Give them a taste.
This will be the
quality of the opium.
You'll get it directly from Lala.
The Tripathis' middleman nonsense
that won't be tolerated.
So, the rates will decrease too.
Do we have a deal?
And when Kaleen Bhaiya finds out?
He won't unless someone tells him.
We'll place the order,
you give us the supply directly.
We got some along.
Your business has
been cold for a while.
Let's start bidding, gentlemen.
Payment only in cash.
Right away.
60 lakhs.
Let's split it 50-50.
You've exceeded my expectations.
Rest here for the night.
I've made the arrangements.
it's not just about tonight.
A long-term solution is needed.
Your bungalow has a lot of space.
Let me think about it.
Meanwhile, you should rest.
Is this news confirmed?
Yes, bhaiyaji.
Lala is in the manor above.
Then Kaleen Bhaiya said
"You're a dick,
standing erect without a reason."
Come back.
This reminds me, how are things going
with your new squeeze?
What do you mean?
She is like a sister to me.
Exactly, you sister-fucker.
Your phone.
I hope you didn't go through it.
Do you have match?
Tea, everyone!
Finally, let's have some tea.
Come, come.
Give me some.
Is the tea ready?
I'm bringing it!
Hey, kiddo!
Bring some over here as well.
Come here first.
I won't go around distributing it.
Hey, kiddo, tell me one thing
do you have a fix for the night?
There is one.
But she won't give you any.
Have you seen yourself in the mirror?
Go check what happened to the light!
There, over there!
Guddu Bhaiya!
Take it out, motherfucker.
Is it a fucking dick
shoved into your mouth?
Guddu Bhaiya!
Guddu Bhaiya
Greetings, uncle!
How are you?
May God bless you!
I'm wonderful.
A sample copy.
We've ordered four lakh prints.
They'll be put up
all over Purvanchal.
Remove the younger brother.
Yes, sir.
It looks great otherwise.
What's happening with the rallies?
We are ready and good to begin.
Munna, we've assured the chief minister
that he'll get our full support.
Start mobilizing the youth,
you're a youth icon.
Hello, sir!
-What's this?
-What's the news?
All good, sir.
Will you have tea?
No, thank you.
The doctor wants
to meet Kaleen Bhaiya.
Says it's a personal matter.
Wants to speak to him directly.
Yes, tell me.
-Kaleen Bhaiya
-I'm his wife, tell me.
If he's not here,
I'll come later.
If it's about his health,
please tell me.
Will you tell me or
should I tell you?
Please give this to bhaiyaji.
Speed post for you.
Deserves a tip, eh?
Shall I put them in your mouth?
Guddu is alive.
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