Mirzapur (2018) s02e04 Episode Script


I'll find out, bhaiyaji.
Maqbool won't go, I'll go.
No one's going anywhere.
If Guddu has sent such
a daring message
he must have already
joined forces with Lala.
And Lala's entire
security must be with him.
This is a risk.
And don't forget, that area of
Purvanchal isn't under our control.
What should I do?
Let him go?
Only you will kill Guddu.
Have patience.
I gave you the orders before
and I'll do so again.
Focus on the elections for now.
Go and handle the rallies.
Maqbool. Tell Maurya we
need tight security for the rally.
He should see to it personally.
Yes, bhaiyaji.
Can I say something?
When you told me today,
that you don't want any support
that comes through violence,
it felt nice.
Made me respect you even more, Golu.
Guns don't scare me.
I've always been around them.
But promise me you will
take care of yourself.
I will take care of you as well.
Can I sleep here?
If it's okay with you?
When we went home
I wanted to cry in my mother's arms.
And me in my dad's arms.
I really miss Sweety and Bablu.
So do I.
will crying make us weak?
The new servants are driving me nuts.
I had to go to the kitchen thrice.
They can't handle
a single thing properly.
And the food tastes pathetic.
But the tea is nice.
I made it for you.
you said you're there
for me if I ever need you.
So, I was thinking
can I call Raja back?
I had a comfort level with him.
He would handle the entire kitchen.
It will be a big help to me.
I really get tired.
And anyway,
there's nothing he can do now.
You are there for my needs.
Call him.
Ma'am has crossed the district border.
Over and out, sir!
Over and out.
Hey! Move!
What's the update, Maurya?
I just got the information, Munna Bhaiya.
Ms. Madhuri is on her way.
She'll be here in half an hour.
Fuck this shit…
-Long live
-Surya Pratap Yadav!
-Uttar Pradesh!
-Uttar Pradesh!
-Uttar Pradesh!
-Uttar Pradesh!
-Red Roses, Blue Roses
-Munna Bhaiya beautiful.
-Red Roses, Blue Roses
-Munna Bhaiya beautiful.
-Red Roses, Blue Roses
-Munna Bhaiya beautiful.
-Red Roses, Blue Roses
-Munna Bhaiya beautiful.
-We love
-Munna Bhaiya!
-We love
-Munna Bhaiya!
-We love
-Munna Bhaiya!
-We love
-Munna Bhaiya!
-We love
-Munna Bhaiya!
-We love
-Munna Bhaiya!
Now all the bookworms
-One, two, three, four
-Munna Bhaiya best!
-One, two, three, four
-Munna Bhaiya best!
-One, two, three, four
-Munna Bhaiya best!
-We love
-Munna Bhaiya!
The rally was supposed to
start outside Gajjumal College.
If you knew, then why
didn't you show up on time?
Munna Bhaiya, she is
the chief minister's daughter.
I know.
Why else would she be draped in a
white sari and travel in a VIP car?
-Please, welcome her.
-No one can refute!
-Munna Bhaiya is cute!
-Munna Bhaiya is cute!
A big round of applause everyone!
One more thing.
This rally is for your father.
I won't wait for you.
Once more!
Clap like you mean it, everyone!
-We love
-Munna Bhaiya!
Why would you ask them to chant slogans
of your name in a political rally?
It's not me. It's them.
My reputation exceeds me.
In case you've prepared a speech
now is the time to say it.
Otherwise, these people
will elect me as their CM.
-Long live
-Madhuri Devi!
-Long live
-Madhuri Devi!
-Long live
-Madhuri Devi!
-Long live
-Madhuri Devi!
Gajjumal College
greetings to all of you
from Madhuri Yadav.
Our party will keep serving
you as we've always done.
Empowerment to women
and protection for
everyone in the state.
Just like Uttar Pradesh's crime rate has
seen a huge drop in the last five years
compared to Bihar and Madhya Pradesh
As a result, Mirzapur's
very own budding entrepreneur
Phoolchand Tripathi
is supporting our party.
And for a crime-free UP,
once again
-Long live
-Lok Swaraj Party!
-Long live
-Lok Swaraj Party!
-Long live
-Lok Swaraj Party!
As you can see our party has lowered the
crime rate as compared to MP and Bihar.
And we'll continue to do so.
All you need to do is
vote for the "Mango".
We also need to do a photo-op.
Again, you showed the file
and spoke about Bihar.
Always compare oneself
with someone weaker.
So, we look better.
Bihar's crime rate is higher than UP.
So, I compared us with them.
By the way, the file was empty.
If you're confident
while showing it
then no one questions
what's in the file.
They just believe you.
-Uttar Pradesh!
-Uttar Pradesh!
-Uttar Pradesh!
-Uttar Pradesh!
You come in the other car.
-Uttar Pradesh!
-Uttar Pradesh!
-Uttar Pradesh!
-Uttar Pradesh!
-Uttar Pradesh!
-Uttar Pradesh!
White saree doesn't suit you.
Take it off.
-Uttar Pradesh!
-Uttar Pradesh!
The guys who came earlier
they sold us very few
guns and never came back.
-You mean Guddu-Bablu, right?
They were also from Mirzapur.
Can I count on you for a regular supply?
They were my guys, I owned them.
You can count on me.
You tell me, how much do you want.
-Greetings, bhaiyaji.
-We have an endless supply.
Son, there's always a
shortage of guns in Bihar.
Boys here grow up
to be only two things.
Either criminals or civil servants.
That's what I always say, join
the civil services, serve the country.
Why didn't you?
Son, I had the talent for it.
But no interest.
You know what
send me both types of guns.
As many as you can.
The petite princess.
And the curvaceous Jennifer Lopez.
I'll send them both
the Jennifers and the Lopez's.
Have them both dance for you.
Just keep the cash ready.
Fine. Fine. Okay.
How many halts did
we do today, Anand?
Fifteen, ma'am.
Ten more tomorrow. Then there'll be a
short break before the next leg.
Did you have dinner yet?
Then please do.
You look tired.
I have something
that can refresh you.
I tried this some years ago
when I was in college.
That's the beauty of this stuff.
Takes you right back to college days.
You're pretty good with speeches.
So, why don't you contest elections?
I've no interest in politics.
I am only doing this
rally because my father insisted.
The bloody fathers
are always controlling our lives.
Hasn't it been a year since
you lost your husband?
No, I was just wondering
what about your sex life?
I mean you wouldn't have
done it for more than a year now.
How do you manage?
You're a strange man.
No one's ever talked to me like this.
All the boys were shit-scared of me.
Only assholes would
be shit-scared of you.
Were you never scared of any girl?
There was one.
She was the love of my life.
I am sorry, Shabnam.
If I hadn't showed
up at your reception
then Dara
I am never coming back
to this house
after what happened to me.
And with you as well--
I was supposed to get married.
I would've settled down,
had a wife and kids.
I am pregnant with your child.
That's why I want you back.
You know how lonely I am here.
Will you stay?
Anything for you, ma'am.
Keep an eye.
My men are keeping a watch.
They will call as soon
as they have information.
A wounded animal is more dangerous.
Keep looking, Maqbool.
Yes, Bauji.
90 K.M.
This business will definitely
bring in cash.
We need to find a way
to multiply this cash.
We can't keep it in the bank
and get interest anyway.
Remember the agent
who sold the house in two days.
He'll invest it for us.
Sorry, I thought
this is Guddu's room.
It is.
Come in, Shabnam.
I just wanted to talk.
The other day you came to apologize.
All I wanted to say is
I am moved by the fact
that you understand my pain.
I understand because I am going
through the exact same pain.
It's pretty late.
You might want to sleep.
He will, if you let him.
And since he's still recovering,
staying up too late isn't good for him.
Which is your room?
The room next door.
But I sleep here.
This is your first time here, isn't it?
If you need anything Dimpy,
don't hesitate to ask.
I hope you're being cautious here.
Yes, I am, I do feel I am safe here.
Try not to socialize too much.
Best to stick to your studies.
Okay then
What a coincidence!
This is where we met the last time,
We met outside, not inside the room.
Aren't you the investment guy?
We need to talk.
Okay, let's talk.
The computer needed fixing.
So, I asked him to take a look.
Yeah you can check
the computer, Dimpy.
And if there's a problem, just call me.
I'll come over.
You know how to fix computers too?
He can do just about anything.
He also helps me with
my lessons sometimes.
So, I asked him about this.
Dimpy, I had asked
for some cream biscuits.
It's okay.
Will make do.
You seem to be an expert at many things.
I don't want to see him here again.
That's the problem with
guys like you, mister.
Men like you want to control women.
Times have changed.
You should too.
This room is too small.
You're gonna get hurt trying to hit me.
And there are women around.
Let's settle this outside.
Come on.
I am not scared of you.
I am not an idiot.
Have you seen your size?
I have a reputation to keep around here.
Almost got ruined.
I mean, you came charging
at me like a gorilla.
Don't take it personally.
And you, the little one.
If you want to talk business,
come to the office.
See you, Dimpy. Take care.
We barely know each other,
that's all.
Please, don't worry.
Robin is not a bad guy.
We are getting late,
tell him to open the door.
How much do you want to invest?
This is 5,00,000 rupees.
I wanted to invest 7,00,000.
But then I decided to keep
aside 2,00,000 for my trip to Mecca.
That touched my heart.
Even my mother wants
to make the trip to the holy land.
That's a beautiful thought.
Take a look.
She will, if the almighty is willing.
That's true.
Okay, goodbye.
The muscleman didn't show up?
Good, otherwise,
I would've had to hurt him.
If he had come,
then he would've buried you alive.
I stopped him.
You were lucky to have
locked the door and fled.
It was unlocked eventually.
I am not a player
and please tell him I'm
not having an affair with Dimpy.
Need to invest this.
Bring in cash,
and take profit in cash.
Without any paperwork.
Myself Robin.
You did give us your card before.
To that Hulk.
He's hot-headed.
What if you two have a fallout
I want twice the return.
You can get more,
but I won't guarantee it.
Hulk and I won't guarantee
what we'll do with you.
Okay then.
I've more clients like you.
Hello, sir.
Sure. I will bring out the cash.
Is Robin inside?
Is that yours?
Do you know how to use it
or is it just for showing off?
Are you here to invest as well?
Are you from Lucknow?
Are you a localite?
If you're not from around here
then you must try
the snacks at Hazratganj.
It's delicious.
That's where I am headed after here.
Because even I am not from around here.
Why did you take
the trouble of coming inside?
I was bringing the cash outside.
Not a problem at all.
This way I got to know a new person.
She is very talkative.
How is your mother?
Stop pulling my leg.
-Here you go.
And this came in today.
How is Dadda Tyagi?
-Papa's doing well.
-Remember the deal's on my terms.
I see so you can speak?
I don't speak without a reason.
Deoria, Basti,
Sultanpur and Ghazipur.
These are the four districts
where "dark chocolate"
is in circulation again.
Call a meeting, Maqbool.
We know you need
cash for the elections.
And we're willing
to give you our profit.
if you do it for me, then
you'll be doing it half-heartedly.
Do it for yourself.
If the CM wins the
elections with your support
then you will all enjoy the power too.
All you need to do is
place order for guns.
And cash in advance.
Bhaiyaji, we'll give more
orders for the guns
but business is slow.
We're running low on cash.
Of course, since you
gave the cash to Lala.
Last month you got your wisdom
tooth removed. I know that.
And you think I wouldn't know
if someone delivered
an entire consignment
of "dark chocolate" in Purvanchal.
I advised him against it,
Kaleen Bhaiya.
And yet you both did.
Ghazipur and Sultanpur, you too.
Did Guddu head this deal?
Yes, Kaleen Bhaiya.
I won't take any decision
about your dealings with Lala.
Munna Tripathi will
take the decision.
He's the heir to this throne.
When the time comes, the reins shall
be handed over to him appropriately.
Munna, decide their fate.
You're free to do so.
Munna Bhaiya hasn't
proved that he's worthy yet--
Dealing with Lala
means betraying the throne.
And if you betray the throne,
then you're dead.
you're thinking like a don right now.
Think like a businessman.
You supply "dark chocolate"
to them at a 10 percent profit.
Let them buy from Lala
and just take their profit instead.
They won't dare to say no.
Yes, we agree
Twenty percent.
And remember
whether it's me or Munna
the rules will be the same.
The decision taken in here will be final.
And I am adding another rule.
He who sits on the throne,
can change the rules at any time.
this is our first meeting.
But we've always been family.
Not long ago your father sat here with us.
Today it is you.
I want you and
Munna to form a bond
which your father
and I could never have.
Of course, uncle.
After all, Munna is my brother.
It's okay.
I thought you would be celebrating.
But you're drinking all alone.
I celebrate alone nowadays.
You're not alone anymore.
Shall we do the honors?
Of course.
Get two glasses.
Are you deaf, asshole?
I said get two glasses.
What an asshole! I would've
shot him dead by now.
Why have you given him
so much freedom?
He's actually dumb
and deaf too.
Since childhood.
Hey, dickhead!
Shall we?
That's it?
It's wine.
I see
What the fuck
Are we drinking alcohol
or buying a fucking deodorant?
There's a method to drink wine.
Papa finally announced that I am
the future heir to Mirzapur's throne.
Your father took the right decision.
And anyway, he's always taken all
your life's decisions. Right or wrong.
That's not true.
I make decisions as well.
Selling guns in Bihar.
I control all the gun distributors.
These rallies for
the election campaign
are all under my leadership.
When did you find out about Guddu?
Been a few days.
Didn't you want to
blow his brains out?
Believe me, I wanted to.
But father stopped me.
And you said you
take all the decisions.
Don't mind me
but your father takes
all the decisions.
If you know where Guddu is,
then why wait.
My thoughts exactly.
And you were absolutely right.
Guddu Pandit
that fucker attacked
your business and your love.
If you've already made up your mind,
then let's do it.
You and I.
Let's kill him together.
I'll go there posing as an opium buyer.
You'll have to introduce
me to Guddu Pandit.
It will be risky, Sharad.
It was riskier in the meeting.
Munna Tripathi would've killed you.
I saved your life.
You owe me.
Let the fire consume you
Let's get it on
Let's get it on
Let's get it on
Let's get it on
Let's get it on
Let's get it on
Let's get it on
Let's get it on
Let's get it on
Let's get it on
My impatience has no end
The intoxication envelopes me
That's Nand Kishore.
He wants to buy "dark chocolate".
Where is Guddu?
Wandering in mischief
We came here to make a deal.
You'll have to trust us.
I've brought cash.
the deal is supposed to
go down between Guddu and me.
I don't want to discuss
with him around.
Come on.
Why stare at me seemingly
From behind the goggles?
You play with me
Only as much as I let you
My beauty is a bait
It's trapped so many of you idiots
As I lay my sights on them
They are drawn to me
Loyalty isn't their middle name
Wandering like butterflies
Their intentions can be seen
Drooling from their face
As my gaze pierces
Right through their heart
Everyone scatters for cover
Everyone scatters helter-skelter
Come here.
Come what may,
you won't stop singing.
Continue with your "helter-skelter".
Watching the trailer for free
But can't get the big picture in your head
O beloved
Why are you so stupid?
Why give up your life for greed?
As my gaze pierces
Right through their heart
Everyone scatters helter-skelter
Everyone scatters helter-skelter
When I didn't bring my gun
then why is yours here?
You've changed the location as well.
Why not buy "dark chocolate"
from the don you came here with?
I am looking for a bigger quantity
and someone who can supply regularly.
It's above his pay grade.
I only asked because I
never heard about your network.
I've brought cash
and I need "dark chocolate".
There's nothing more
you or I need to know.
I'll count the money for you,
so there's no room for any doubt.
The money isn't going anywhere.
Check the quality
of the consignment first.
Is it good quality?
Like you expected?
It's good like I expected.
You go behind.
You dickhead.
Bloody deaf fucker
Can I say something?
That wasn't opium.
Nand Kishore, what's your real name?
-Wait. Wait.
-Keep it down.
My name's Sharad Shukla,
Guddu, you motherfucker.
Then you must know
A, B, C, D as well?
I taught your father.
He insulted my mother
so did you.
I fucked him
and now I'll fuck you.
What happened?
-We're fucked, we need to call more men!
You motherfucker
I am gonna fuck you
I am gonna fuck you
I am gonna fuck you
I am gonna fuck you
Die, asshole.
-Let's leave, Munna.
-I am gonna fuck you
Let's leave!
Leave me
-We've to leave, Munna!
-Let me go, Sharad!
I am gonna fuck you
-Let go of me!
-Move it, Munna!
They're escaping through the back door!
-Get the car! We'll get them!
-Yes, sir! Let's go!
Guddu Bhaiya.
Guddu Bhaiya.
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