Moonbase 8 (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Move the Base

upbeat music
Mail's here!
ominous music
[distorted voice]
For Robert Caputo's eyes only.
We have actionable intel
that Dr. Michael Skip Henai
is a double agent working
for the Russian government.
He is seeking to destroy
NASA's Moon Mission
through a series
of political assassinations.
This threat is imminent.
Underneath your mattress
you will find an untraceable
and loaded 9mm pistol.
Your orders are to exterminate
with extreme prejudice.
Our nation's security
is relying on you.
[NASA project manager]
Your weather advisory.
Please be aware of high-speed
winds from the west.
And lastly, the urine samples
we have received
are inadequate.
Please resubmit
with proper identification.
-Thought we did that.
[Rook] Always another one
to keep everything separate.
But they actually weigh more.
They weigh your suitcase down.
-The zippers? Good to know.
-Mm-hmm. 'Cause
-Know that much.
It-it is enough
that once you're trying
to get through the airport
and you're in a rush
Hey, Cap?
[Rook] Cap?
What are you doing?
Hmm. That was
kind of weird.
intense, suspenseful music
[grunts, panting]
[knocking on door]
-Rook? Rook.
-[Rook] What? What is it?
-Get up.
-What's wrong?
Got to talk to you.
What's the matter?
You're not gonna believe this.
-What's going on?
I just had a bad dream.
Yeah? Okay.
Well, just,
just go back to sleep.
-Okay. All right.
-Try to go back to sleep.
-It's all good, right?
-Sorry. Good night.
-You're safe here.
How are you?
Good night.
suspenseful music
[exhales sharply]
Skip, please forgive me.
-[gun clicks]
-No, no--
Come on. Goddamn it.
It's not a real gun.
You passed. Well done.
-You passed my test.
The Henai test.
It's commitment to the mission,
as opposed
to personal attachments.
-It's a test?
-You did great.
You were early.
So you You sent
the letter and-and
Come on, man.
Okay. You're crazy.
All right.
Well, have a good night.
Put that gun away.
[grunts softly]
upbeat music
[tranquil music playing]
How's it going?
Fine. Just trying to have
some downtime here, so
Oh, nice.
You wouldn't mind turning
that down a little, would you?
Well, I'm sorry, Skip,
but it's my recreation time,
and I was here first, so
Could you listen to your music
with headphones?
Yeah, I really don't want to
listen to it on headphones
-All right, don't shoot me.
-'cause I was [sighs]
intense, pulsing music
I'm not gonna shoot you.
You have once before, so
Good batch, Cap.
Rook, can you pass
the napkins, please?
[Rook] Yeah, Cap,
got the napkins there?
Here you go.
And the salts, too?
Skip, will you cut this out?
This Henai test
was your idea.
-I didn't want to kill you, man.
-[Skip] All right.
You know what a bullet does
to a person, right?
-They do a lot of damage.
Ending someone's life
in the pull of a trigger?
It's a lot.
I was following orders.
That's what we do here.
We follow orders.
And you weren't
conflicted at all?
Of course I was conflicted.
I haven't slept in two days.
I'm sorry, Skip. Okay?
I'm sorry!
apology accepted.
Fine N-No need to shout.
Um, I have some work
to do in the lab,
so enjoy the rest of the meal.
Hey, Skip.
How's it going in here?
-It's going fine.
-Um You got a sec?
I'm actually trying
to focus on these tests.
Yeah, it's just,
I think Cap's a little upset
-about this whole Henai test.
And I think it would be
really great for all of us
if you two made up.
And you know he didn't
try to kill you, right?
He said that?
Yeah. I mean, he thought
you were a Russian spy, Skip.
Well, I just need
some time to think about it.
-That's all.
-All right.
But you have to understand that
he might be a little confused
by the whole concept
of the Henai test.
I mean, frankly,
I'm a little confused, too.
Well, I'm confused, too.
You know, I didn't come up with
the Henai test. My father did.
You know I had to put
a gun to my father's head.
I was 13 years old.
And I passed. Not a big deal.
Well, it's obviously a big deal.
It's driving you two crazy.
I don't know
what I'm supposed to do here.
I'm supposed to help how?
Be a peacemaker, middleman.
contemplative music
Hey, guys?
Can we, uh, huddle up
on something real quick?
Skipper? Sorry to break up
your workout,
but listen.
Ever since this Henai test,
you guys have been going at it
like cats and dogs.
Well, I think we know
whose fault that is.
Forget whoever's
fault it is.
We need to solve the problem,
because it's affecting morale
and it's really
a problem around here.
So I was looking
at the base manual,
and it actually has
some pretty good ideas.
It's pretty-pretty well-written.
Little boring at parts.
But there's a whole chapter
on interpersonal
conflict resolution.
They suggest that maybe
we try to get to know each other
a little bit better and have
a little fun around here.
You know? Have a game night.
So I was thinking maybe
we pop open the old
Quiz Lord board
-and have a little fun.
-Who's invited?
Well, it would be
for all three of us to play,
-obviously, Cap.
-Oh, so he's coming?
Mm-hmm. Skip?
I have a question.
Are there guns in this game?
-Okay, it's fine with me.
-Okay. I'll do it for you, Rook.
Thank you, Cap. All right,
I'll go set up the board.
It's very complicated to set up.
I have to look at the rules.
lighthearted music
All right.
-Cap, why don't you go first?
-All right.
-Three. Not great.
-One, two, three.
All right.
First question of the night.
Good luck, everybody.
Category is golf.
"Gene Sarazan won the 1922
PGA Masters Tournament,
beating who in the final round?"
Ge u-um
[Rook] Who did
Gene Sarazan beat?
I mean, the first name
that jumps into my head
is Arnold Palmer, but that
Is that your answer?
-No, it's not my answer.
-'Cause you said it.
-[Rook] All right.
-No, I didn't
I was just say As an example,
it could be any name,
uh, 'cause I don't know golf.
So it wouldn't matter to me
Just relax, okay?
You're not the Quiz Lord.
I don't, I don't know.
I don't know the answer to this,
so I'm gonna pass.
-You're not allowed to pass.
-Of course I'm allowed to pass.
I don't know the answer,
so I-I'm passing.
No, in Quiz Lord:
Masters Edition,
there's no passing until
you pass the Bonnybook Bridge.
-[Cap] Since when?
-[Skip] "Player must
answer Quiz Lord question
correctly before advancing."
What you can do,
you can buy yourself some time.
That's $50, and that gives you
some more time to think about--
Well, I don't need time,
I just I-I need the answer.
But, uh I mean, okay.
-I'm buying the time.
-Just Okay.
It's your turn. Here.
Just so you know, though, this
question will come back to you
-on the next round.
-[Skip] All right.
-[Rook] "Science and industry."
-That's the category.
"What three specialty
did General Motors
originally introduce in 1953?"
Oh, come on.
I get the PGA in 1922
and he gets the car question.
-I know this answer, by the way.
-[Skip] Okay.
I'm gonna guess, from 1953
I'm just gonna name
some convertibles.
I was just looking at this
last night in my car book.
Buick Skylark.
-Um, Oldsmobile Fiesta.
-[Cap sighs]
-GM, you said?
Mm, Cadillac Eldorado.
Yep. That's correct.
You're such a liar.
You are totally faking that
you didn't know that answer.
-I didn't know. I just, I
-Oh, give me a break.
You get all three,
just boom, boom, boom.
Cap, come on.
-Those are famous '50s cars
-[Cap] Fine. Okay.
-and they're convertibles.
-You're in the Forest of Fate.
All right.
And you are protected
from all charms and spells.
Rook, your turn. Go.
All right. Quiz Lord rolls.
That is about as good
of a roll as you can get.
That advances me up
to the Spring of Serenity.
-[Skip] Whoa.
-And I'm absolved
from answering a question
from the Quiz Lord.
-I advance
my three cubes into port.
And I get
a Fortune of Calamity card,
which I will store until later.
You, unfortunately, do not roll.
We are back to Uh
"Gene Sarazan won the 1922
PGA Masters Tournament,
beating who in the final round?"
Who did,
who did he beat?
1922. Gene--
I don't know it.
I don't know it, all right?
Stop making me feel stupid.
Stupid! They're making me answer
the thing over and over
-like I'm some idiot?
-It's supposed to be fun, Cap.
Who was it?
It's Emmet French.
Emmet French.
atmospheric music
[clattering, scraping]
Hey, Wally.
Oh, hey. Hey, Cap.
-Uh, just finishing up with--
-No, it's all right.
Take your time,
take your time.
Hey, man, what's wrong?
Uh, what
Dude, are you okay?
Yeah, I don't know,
I'm fine, I just
Y-You don't know golf
at all, do you?
Have you heard of a guy
named Gene Sarazan?
He won the PGA in 1922?
-No. No.
No, neither do I.
Have you ever heard
of the Henai test?
No, but--
Dr. Michael Henai,
one of my base mates.
I don't think
you've met him, but
-I like the guy.
And we're just
butting heads.
This place is like
a bad-energy central in there.
We're really starting
to get stir-crazy.
Yeah, yeah.
It was a matter of time, sir.
What do you mean?
You know, you're on
a magnetic field here, right?
Your feng shui is-is off.
Uh Whoev
Your proj Your
Whoever your project designer
was here, you
set you up on a magnetic field.
It And-and there's, uh,
electric, concentric circles
and-and you're on a 90 degree
angle of ley lines that are
Listen, Wally,
bottom line it for me.
-What are you saying?
-Bottom line?
If you just move
the base over here
a-a couple hundred feet
to the northeast,
you'll get off
this negative energy vortex.
This is not scientific,
what you're saying. It's like
Have you ever heard
of the Donner Party?
-[laughs] Yeah.
Those people ate each other,
Yeah. They got caught
in a negative,
i-in a negative
magnetic field and--
You saying we're gonna
eat each other?
Move the base. Move the base.
Just think
about it, man.
Think about it.
haunting music
-Move the base?
Sounds crazy, doesn't it?
But guess what?
This fing shui thing is real.
We are sitting,
right now,
on a bad-energy vortex,
and we need to get off it.
I mean, not everything
can be explained by science.
Look at aurora borealis.
Why is that happening?
No one will ever know.
But we look up at it,
we know that it's real.
You know, I got to say, this
base was designed to be mobile.
It's not impossible.
-Exactly. We will show NASA
that we're a mobile unit,
if we can do this.
-Okay? It's a skill builder.
That's right. What if we're
on the Moon and a meteor shower
comes down
and we got five minutes?
We got to get out of there,
we got to move the base.
It's not a crazy idea, Cap.
I like it. Let's do it.
-What do you think, Skip?
It's great. I love it.
Let's do it.
frantic, upbeat music
Okay, I like that can-do
attitude. Perfect.
You get on the kitchen stuff.
What are you gonna do, Rook?
Uh, I-I could start
on the bins over here.
Okay, I'm gonna disconnect
the water supply
and then we'll get started
on the exterior.
We are moving, boys.
So do you really
think this is a good idea?
It's a terrible idea.
All right, well, so what,
we don't move the base?
No, we're gonna move the base.
Cap is insane.
He's lost his mind.
So what we're gonna do is,
we're gonna document
-Tape everything.
Send it over to NASA,
they watch it, they're like,
"Oh, great, that's so cool
Oh, what's Cap doing?
That guy has lost his mind.
Put him in a padded cell."
And then we're set.
I don't know.
The whole thing's
confusing to me, but
you're a genius, so I guess
you got it figured out.
Yeah, well,
can you imagine
if this happened on the Moon?
And Cap is like,
"Move the base?"
[rapid breathing]
-Cap, uh, what are you doing?
-You know, moving the base.
-And on whose orders?
-Well, on the advice of a local
named Wally, we have determined
that there are evil spirts
or a negative energy underneath
the base, so we are moving it
to the west about
100 yards on my orders.
11:57 a.m. and Flight
Commander Robert Caputo,
it was on his orders
to move the base.
All right, as you were.
All right, Cap,
this is the last of the lab.
You want to break her down now?
Yeah, you pull on that cord
right there and she'll fold in
just like an accordion.
Okay, copy that.
Give it a good tug, though.
No, really put
your weight in.
Pull, pull hard, Rook!
-Pull hard.
-Whoa! [grunting]
Oh, crap.
-You all right?
Yeah, it just slipped out.
All right, we'll just
do it by hand.
We'll take these bolts off
one by one.
We don't need to move the base.
We can sit down
and try to figure this out.
Yeah, I know,
but that's what
we said we were gonna do,
so we got to do what it takes.
All right, then we're gonna have
to pull all these cables
and retrench them.
No problem.
I'll start doing that.
I'll get on that right now.
We got to--
we have to do something.
Can't just tell yourself
now you can't do it.
You got to try to do it
and keep doing it.
Excuse me.
If you didn't want
to get stuff done
Note that subject
is, uh, pulling up cables.
1400 hours.
Come on, Rook, pick it up!
Let's go, double-time,
We got to get
all this over with!
I'm working on it!
I'm working on it!
How you feeling?
I feel fine.
Are you gonna help us?
[Skip] [chuckles]
You have a lot of work to do?
I see what you're doing.
You think I'm nuts.
-That's not true.
-Yes, it is.
Hey, guys, we got some weather
activity coming in.
Do you think that
moving the base is sane?
No, it's insane,
of course.
You know what
else is insane?
I'm training to strap myself
to a solid-fuel rocket
and try to hit
a rock up in the sky.
That's insane.
I'm insane,
but you're insane, too.
So is Rook--
we're all insane.
That's why I
love you guys.
Hey, the storm's coming!
We got to get inside!
Okay, we hear
you, Rook!
We're dedicated
to a mission
that's beyond our ability,
but we're gonna
try anyway, right?
-Cap, we got a storm!
-Yes, I heard you!
Skip, I'm doing this for us.
I'm just trying to
make the base last--
Skip! Ah! Ow!
Oh, the camera!
Damn it!
It works.
Hey, Skip, this is
your blender, isn't it?
-Don't worry,
I'm gonna take
real good care of it.
I love that you're
documenting this. It's cool.
-[Skip] Yeah.
-[Cap] It's history, you know?
I got you, buddy.
One, two, three!
Thanks, Cap.
I hope you know what
you're doing, Caputo.
These men are my family.
Subject is having second
thoughts, but does consider us
his family, so 1700 hours.
-[Rook] Skip?!
Skip. You okay?
Yeah, hold on.
Yeah, I'm good.
Come on.
Let's check on Cap.
One, two, three!
Listen, guys.
Moving the base was a bad idea.
I'm sorry.
No, it wasn't
a bad idea at all.
I'm really sorry.
I didn't mean to be so hostile
with the camera and everything.
I'll tell you what was a bad
idea was the Henai test.
I don't know where
that came from.
That ends with
this generation right here.
-No more Henai tests.
-I got to say
if it was my name on that letter
from NASA that you sent,
I would've killed myself.
It was very
convincing, Skip.
Well, thank you.
I wish it didn't happen, but
[both chuckle]
Can I have a hug?
It's not, it's not the Henai
test-- this is a real hug.
That's what I like to see.
Ah, Skip. Hey, listen.
I got a skin-on-skin
session for you
when we get back
in that base, huh?
-You got it.
-All right. You'll feel better.
-Hey, what do you say
we clean up this mess
and finish this move, huh?
Sounds good, Rook,
let's do it!
All right.
contemplative music
-[Rook] The Sarazan question?
-[Cap] Yeah, mm-hmm.
So you're saying not English
-not Spanish.
Think, uh,
Eiffel Tower.
Queen of England?
-Give me
a little clue on the first name.
-Just a little one.
-All right, this
All right, sounds
like Oprah's boyfriend
or husband or whatever he is.
Cap, I got to hand it to you.
Since we've moved,
we're getting 20%
more efficiency
from the solar array,
and our comm signal
is much stronger.
Stedman French--
Edmund, Edmund French!
-All right, we're back in.
We got a game to finish.
Ten, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.
At the Weeping Well.
All right, name seven
of the ten cardinals
that comprised the papal
conclave and elected
Pope Nicolas V in 1447.
You just need
seven of the ten.
cheerful, electronic music
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