Moonlighting s04e02 Episode Script

Come Back Little Shiksa

Come Walk The Night Come Fly By Day Something Is Sweeter 'cause We Met On The Way Moonlighting Strangers Who Just Met On The Way Who Just Met On The Way Captioning Made Possible By Lions Gate Home Entertainment Radio: * Come On, Sugar, Let Me Know * If You Really Need Me Just Reach Out And Touch Me Come On, Honey, Tell Me So Tell Me So, Baby He's Acting Shy, Lookin' For An Answer Come On, Honey Let's Spend The Night Together Now, Hold On A Minute Before We Go Much Further Give Me A Dime So I Can Phone My Mother We Catch A Cab To Uh, Mr.
Addison, I Didn't Know You Were-- A Fan Of The Arts? I Am.
But Don't Let That Stop You.
I'm Sorry.
I Just, Uh I Guess I'm Happy.
I Guess I Had A Wonderful Time Last Night.
I Guess I Oh.
Oh, I Almost Forgot.
How Was Your Last Night? Ok.
Ok? You're Damn Right It Was Ok.
Although Ok Is A Word With Infinite Possibilities.
I Would Say Yes, It Was Ok.
As A Matter Of Fact, It Was Better Than Ok.
I Would Say That It WentWell.
Well? Well.
Extremely Well.
As A Matter Of Fact, I'm Going To Change That.
I Think I Would Say That It Went Kind Of Great.
Kind Of Great? Very Great.
Very Great? That's Great.
What Did You Do? Well We Danced In A Laundromat.
You Know, Agnes I Think I Got Her.
Three YearsOne Date, But I Think I Got Her.
Think It May Be On To Phase Two.
The Next Chapter In The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Addison.
YeahI Got Her.
Aha! I Thought I Heard You Two Talking In Here.
That Is All You Were Doing, Right, Just Talking? Good Morning, Mr.
Hello, Bert.
Did You Tell Him Yet? No.
UmI Was Just-- Mr.
Addison, Your Date With Miss Hayes A Real Four-Alarm Night? We Put Out A Few Fires, Yeah.
Agnes And I Took A Page Out Of Your Book.
We Went Out Last Night, Too.
Had The Best Night Of Our Lives.
Do I Smell Coffee Burning? No.
Anyway, Your Night Being What It Was, And Our Night Being What It Was, Agnes And I Were Thinking-- I Would Hate To See The Pot Explode.
We Were Wondering Whether You And Miss Hayes Would Consider WellYou Know A Double Date.
Bert I Don't Think We Should Discuss This On Company Time.
I'm Sure He Doesn't Mind.
What Do You Think? We Can Go Dutch.
Well, You Know Where To Get Hold Of Us.
[Door Closes] Miss Dipesto-- Haven't Heard From Her.
I Mean, Yes, Mr.
Addison? Never Mind.
No Problem, Boys.
The Date Went Great.
My Guess Is, She Probably Needs A Little Time To Sleep It Off.
Learn How To Walk Again.
[Knock On Door] There's A Man Here To See You.
A Man? Well, Beggars Can't Be Choosers.
Show Him In.
Addison? You Want Me To Call Her? No.
[Door Opens] Hi.
I'm David Addison.
Donald Chase.
How Do You Do, Mr.
What Can I Do For You? Truth Is, I'm Not Sure.
You See, I've--I've Fallen In Love With A Woman, And I Think Maybe She's Fallen In Love With Me But I Don't Know Where She Is.
And I Need Very Much To Talk To Her.
There's A Lot Of That Going Around.
Have A Seat, Mr.
I Met Her Last Night At A Dance, A Ball, Actually, Charity Ball For The Orphan Society.
Society Page Stuff.
Society Page Stuffy.
The Sort Of Thing One Doesn't As Much Enjoy As Endure Year After Year.
Anyway, I Saw Her, And I Was Dumbstruck.
She Didn't Belong There.
You Could Tell.
I Mean, She Just Wasn't High-Society, Whatever That Is.
No Pretensions.
She Just Looked WonderfullyCommon, But Uncommonly Beautiful.
Not That I Haven't Been With Beautiful Women Before.
I Have.
But Let's Face It, Mr.
I'm A Rich Man.
They Were Never Looking At Me.
Their Eyes Never Made It Past My Wallet, But This Woman Didn't Know Who I Was.
She Just Seemed To Enjoy Me.
It Was A Strange Feeling.
It Was An Exhilarating Feeling.
I Never Danced So Much In My Life.
We Were At Each Other's Side All Evening Until, Of Course, It Was Over.
What Happened? I Don't Know How Or Why, But As The Ball Was Ending, She Just Vanished.
No Good-Bye, No Anything.
I Tried To Find Out Who She Was, But No One There Seemed To Know.
Which Brings Me To You.
Is This Part Where You Give Me The Glass Slipper? Close.
Will This Do? It Fell From Her Ear Just Before She Left.
It's Quite Expensive.
I'm Supposed To Try This On Every Lobe In The Land? Her Name Is Melissa-- Light-Brown Hair, Green Eyes, Almost 5'3", And A Beauty Mark Just About Here.
I'm Asking The Impossible, Right? Well, To Be Honest-- I've Given Your Secretary A Check For $10,000.
Nothing's Impossible, Mr.
That's Good To Know.
Oh, One Thing, Mr.
When You Find Her, Don't Speak To Her.
I Don't Know Why She's Disappeared, But I Don't Want To Give Her The Chance To Do It Again.
Not Without Having Talked To Her Myself.
I Just Don't Want Her To Get Away.
Thank You.
[Door Closes] Maddie? Maddie Ready Or Not Here I Come Maddie, You Asleep? [Clears Throat] Well Coming Up.
Any Illicit Or Illegal Activities Should Be Put On Hold, At Least Until I Get There.
Listen, Maddie Maddie, I Know You Wanted A Chance To Sort Through All This.
I Was Just A Little Worried.
Hi, Mom.
Yeah, It's Me.
You're There.
I'm Glad.
No, Nothing's Wrong.
And, As A Matter Of Fact, I'd Like To Know If You Can Come Get Me? No, You Heard Right.
I'm Here.
I'm In Chicago.
I'm Home.
I Mean, It Never Fails.
I Mean, Just Taking Your Uncle Dan Out To Dinner It's A Guarantee That Something Will Go Wrong.
I Remember.
And That's Exactly What Happened.
We Were At Some Beautiful Restaurant, Rather Elegant, You Know, Evening Gowns, Tuxedos, And Your Uncle Dan Was Leaning Back In His Chair, He Was Telling A Story And He Fell Over Backwards? He Landed Right At The Feet Of A Woman Sitting Next To Us, Looking Right Up Into Her, Uh Well, Her, Uh Her Soul, Mom? Yes.
Thank You, My Dear.
Her Soul.
Well, He Got Back Up In His Chair, And We Tried Not To Laugh, But You Know Your Father.
I Mean, He Just Couldn't Resist.
He Had To Ask Him How It Happened, So, He Said, "Dan, How Did That Happen?" And Dan Said, "Well, I Was Just Leaning Back Like This" And He Fell Over Again? Right At The Feet Of The Same Woman! Oh, No! Who, Of Course, By Now, Thought He Was Doing It On Purpose.
But We Calmed Her Down.
And Then, Just [Laughing] Just When We Thought Everything Was Getting Back To Normal, Dan Started Laughing About What Happened.
Well, I Mean, That Made All Of Us Laugh.
And We Just Kept Laughing.
And Then Finally Dan Laughed So Hard That He Started Choking On His Drink.
And, You Know Your Aunt Ruth.
Well, She Patted Him Harder And Harder On The Back.
Well, Finally, She Patted Him So Hard That His His What? His False Teeth Flew Right Out Of His Mouth.
Oh, No! And Landed In Some Other Woman's Soup! They Did Not.
They Did.
I I Mean, That Was It.
I Mean, We Just Lost Control And We Just Had To Leave The Restaurant.
His Teeth Flew Out? Whoosh Like A Missile.
And, I Mean, He Had To Fish Them Out Of The Bowl.
And He Was Laughing All The Time, But He Was Trying Not To Open His Mouth.
Well I Mean, You Know, Those Things Happen I Mean, Whenever We Are Together.
I Mean, It's Got To The Point Where Dad And I Will Call Up Dan When We're Feeling Bored.
He's Gonna Start Charging Us One Of These Days.
Mom Hmm Is This Ok, Being Here? I Mean, Just Showing Up Like This? Of Course It's Ok I Mean, As Long As You Can Afford It.
You Know, Room And Board A Small Fee.
I Didn't See His Car.
Maybe He's In The Garage.
Alex! Alex, Are You Home? Damn Right I'm Home.
Where's That Daughter Of Mine? Hi, Daddy! Oh! Oh, Boy.
You're Getting More Beautiful Every Time I See You.
No, I'm Not.
Your Vision's Just Getting Worse.
I Don't Care What You Say.
You Look Terrific.
Doesn't She, Hon? You Already Told Her.
You Didn't Call And Tell Us You Were Coming.
If I Would've Known I Would've Been At The Airport.
The Minute I Got Your Mother's Message, I Jumped Right Back In The Car, Headed For Home.
Took The Day Off.
Daddy, You Didn't Have To Go To Any Trouble.
You Better Believe I Did.
It Isn't Every Day Our Daughter Comes To Visit Us.
Matter Of Fact, This Is The First Time You've Been Home Since You Started That Agency.
It Is? It Sure Is.
No, It Isn't.
The Last Time I Was Here Was Maybe You're Right.
This Place Never Changes.
I Love That.
I Just Can't Get Over You Dropping In Out Of The Blue.
Yeah, Kind Of Out Of The Blue.
Yes, It Was.
Out Of The Blue.
So, You Here On Business Or A Stopover? Well, No.
Actually, It Isn't.
I'm Sorry.
It Isn't What? Business? Stopover? It Isn't Neither.
Ok, So You Just Decided To Drop In.
Just Decided To Drop In.
Well, That's Great.
No Special Occasion.
No Special Occasion.
Well, It's Not Like She Needs An Occasion To Come Home.
Well, Actually I Really Needed To Get Away From L.
For A While.
How Long Are You Here For? How Long? Yeah, You Know.
I Mean A Few Days, A Week? Well, Actually, It's All Kind Of Open Ended.
Open-Ended? No Kidding? Alex, Your Daughter Just Got Home, And You're Already Talking About When She's Leaving.
Well, I Didn't Mean That.
It's Just I'd Love To Be Able To Take A Vacation Like That.
Pack The Old Rod And Reel, The And J.
& B.
, Skip Town, Let Business Take Care Of Itself.
Which Reminds Me, How's That Business Partner Of Yours? David? David.
Oh, Boy, Is That A Character.
I Mean, He's The Genuine Article.
We Really Liked Him, Didn't We, Hon? Yes, We Did.
You Only Met Him Once.
True, But He Leaves Quite An Impression.
Anyway, How Is He Doing? He's Doing Fine.
He's Seems Like The Kind Of Guy That Would Always Land On His Feet.
Something Tells Me He's A Little Hard To Pin Down.
I Mean, Not A Long-Haul Sort Of Guy.
As Far As Commitment Or Things Like.
Just A Feeling I Have.
Yeah, Well Well, Don't Get Me Wrong.
He Seems Like A Real Pro At The Business.
I Just Wonder How Long He'd Stick Around.
Just One Business Person Talking To Another.
I'm So Glad To See Her.
Me, Too, Daddy.
It's Just That I'm So Tired From The Flight And All.
Maybe I Should Go Up And Lay Down In My Room For Awhile.
Oh, That's Probably A Good Idea.
Alex, We Left The Luggage In The Car, If You Could Help Us Sure, Go On.
I'll See You Girls.
Listen To Me.
Look, Yes, I Know.
Will You Stop-- Yes, I Know You're A Very Large Cab Company.
I Know.
You Had A Lot Of Fares Last Night.
This One Would Be Easy To Remember Though.
Tall, Blonde, Icy.
Walks Bowlegged, But You Don't Mind.
Yes, I Will Hold, Again.
Yes, That's It.
Yes, That Is The Address.
She Was Probably Carrying Bags.
On Her Way To The Airport, The Train Station Maybe? It Doesn't Matter What I Need Her For.
And I Didn't Say That I Need Her.
I'm A Detective.
It's What I Do, I Detect Things.
And Right Now, And I'm Detecting A Little Bit Of An Attitude Prob-- Hello? Why, You Stupid Invertebrate Waxhead, Son Of A-- Mr.
Addison, I Did It.
A Superior Piece Of Sleuthing, If I Do Say So Myself, Sir.
I Have Managed To Tracked Down The Place Of Origin Of One Diamond Earring Placed In My Care A Mere Scant Hours Ago.
It Seems That This Particular, Um Bezel Cut Of Diamond Is Exclusive To One Company.
A Company That Actually Rents Formal Wear Accessories.
And, It Seems, The Woman Who Rented This Earring Has Not Yet Returned With The Remainder Of Her Rental Items.
What Could She Be Thinking? Well, Sir, Actually, A Fairly High Percentage Of Customers Fail To Promptly Return Their Rental Items.
What? I Was Thinking, Maybe A Stakeout Might Be In Order.
We Could Watch The Place Till She Returns And Then Nab Her.
Nab Who? [Door Opens] Telephone, Mr.
Tall, Blonde, Icy.
Walks Bowlegged, But You Don't Mind.
Eat-Bay It-Ay.
David? Listen To That.
She Said My Name.
She Remembered.
I'm Stunned.
I'm Touched.
I'm Staggered.
Hey How The Hell Are You, Maddie? What's Shaking? What's Doing? What's Up? And While I'm Asking You Questions, Where The Hell Are You? Chicago.
I'm In Chicago.
Chicago? Really? Chicago.
Well, I Don't Know How To Break This To You, Maddie, But Most People Don't Get Up In The Middle Of The Night And Go To Chicago.
They Get Up In The Middle Of The Night And Go To Their Refrigerators Sometimes.
Or Maybe They Go Out And Rob A Local Convenience Store, But They Do Not Get Up And Go To Chicago.
Please Don't Yell, David.
You Know, Some People Discuss This Sort Of Thing, Mull It Over, Say Good-Bye.
You Got Something Against Advanced Reservations For Lower Fares? David, Please.
All Right.
I'm Just A Little Ragged Around The Edges, That's All.
I Didn't Know Where You Went When You'd Be Back, What Might Have Happened.
I Didn't Mean To Make You Worry.
I'm Sorry.
But I Didn't Want You To Talk Me Out Of Going.
And You Could Have.
You Would Have.
I'm At My Parents' House.
I Don't Know How Long I'm Going To Be Gone.
I Just Need Time To Work Through This.
And I Need To Do It Alone.
How Long You Gonna Be There? I Just Told You.
I Don't Know.
As Long As It Takes To Think Things Through.
Maddie-- And One More Thing.
Why Doesn't That Surprise Me? Don't Call Me Here.
What? Please.
Let Me Call You.
This Is Important.
Please Do This For Me.
It's Not Gonna Do Me Any Good, Sitting Here Sorting Through My Feelings If I Jump Every Time The Phone Rings Thinking It's You.
Ok? David, Please Say It's Ok.
Ok? Ok.
Well Tell Everyone Hello.
And, Um As Far As The Business Goes I'd Better Say Good-Bye.
David: Fred.
Bert: Fred? Her Name's Frieda, But She Calls Herself Fred.
An Aspiring Actress And Waitress, Or Is It The Other Way Around? Won't Do A Nude Scene Unless It's Absolutely Integral To The Story.
This One's Jackie.
Legal Secretary By Day, But After Dark, Nothing Legal About Her.
Enjoys Sports, Especially Indoors.
Favorite Color Is Rug Burn.
I Don't Get It.
How Can You Be So Sure? It's A Little Game I Used To Play With Myself.
Part Observation, Part Imagination, Throw In A Little Libido, Mix It All Up.
Want To Give It A Whirl? Well, I Nothing To It.
After Awhile, You Learn To Pick Up On Some Of The Signs-- A Certain Walk, A Look In The Eye, Red Spandex.
But First, If You Could Refresh Me, Sir, Why Exactly Are We Playing? The Chase, Bert.
Remember? The Chase.
Of Course I Do Vaguely.
Addison Light Brown Hair Beauty Mark Melissa! Not Bad, I Lean A Little More Towards Suzanne.
No, No.
It's The One We're Looking For.
Got To Be Her.
Bert: She's Been Driving Around For A Half An Hour, Mr.
You Think Something's Wrong? Nah.
Probably Resting Up For Her Big Scene.
Pull In.
Looks Like We're Going Shopping.
Can't We Just Talk To Her, Sir? Client Says No.
Maybe She'll Buy Something.
We'll Sneak A Peek At The Receipt, Maybe Get A Name And Address.
You're Following Me, Aren't You? I Know You're Trying To Kill Me.
No, Wait A Minute.
No, You Wait A Minute.
I'm Going To Get Up And Walk Out Of This Store.
If You Try To Follow Me, I'll Scream.
Then You'll Have To Deal With Security, The Police And All These People.
So, Please.
Just Stay Where You Are.
I'll Scream.
Don't Scream.
We're Detectives, All Right? We Were Just Hired To Find You By A Man That You Met At A Ball Last Night.
He Had Your Earring.
Look, We'll Just Talk.
No Fuss, No Muss.
Then You Can Go.
I Don't Believe You.
radio, Loudly: * Rama Lama Lama Lama Ding Dong * * You Don't Believe * * That She's Mine, All Mine * * Bom Bom Bo-Bomp-A-Bom ** [Woman Gasps] Not Worry, Ladies.
Store Security.
Just Making Sure You Got Less Than Three Garments In There.
Get Lost! Leave Me Alone.
Look, I'm Sorry.
We Didn't Mean To Scare You.
We're Just Supposed To Find You.
Let Our Client Know Where You Were.
Your Client, Huh? Yeah, The Guy Paid Us A Lot Of Money To Find A Woman He Said He Fell In Love With Last Night.
Is That What He Told You? That He Fell In Love With Me? Yeah.
That's What He Told Us.
Look-- AddisonDavid.
Not Necessarily In That Order.
The Man You Talked To Is Trying To Kill Me.
My Husband Lives On The East Coast.
He Is An Evil, Ugly Man.
He Kills People.
That's Just What He Does.
When I Found Out What He Was, I Tried To Get Out, But I Knew Too Much.
And Besides, In That Business, No One Ever Leaves.
So I Disappeared.
I Came Out Here.
I Changed My Name.
I Left Everything Behind-- MoneyEverything.
And This Man Who's Following You, The Man Who Hired Us, You're Saying He's Your Husband? No.
No, He's Not My Husband.
My Husband Never Does This Sort Of Thing Himself.
Looking Back, I Was Really Kind Of Stupid.
I Should Never Have Continued My Charity Work.
I'm Sure That's How He Tracked Me Down.
I'm An Orphan Myself.
And My Husband Has Created More Than A Few In His Day.
This Ball That-- Is A Major Source Of Income For The Charity.
I Wanted To Be There To Help, So I Rented Some Things, Showed Up.
And Suddenly, Out Of Nowhere He Was Just There.
I Have To Admit It Was A Wonderful Night Something Special, I Thought.
It Was All So Perfect, Until, Toward The End Of The Night, I'm Sure I Heard Him Slip.
He Called Me Ellen, My Old Name.
Are You Sure You Heard Him Right? It Was Late, Probably A Lot Of People Milling Around.
Lot Of Noise.
If I May, The Man In Our Office Didn't Seem Like A Hit Man.
At Least Not This Morning.
He Seemed Like A Man Who'd Fallen In Love.
Do Me A Favor.
Why Don't You Just Talk To Him? Everything Goes Ok, If You Want To Meet Him Somewhere.
If This Was Everything You Said It Was, Don't You Think You Owe It To Yourself To Give It A Chance? She Said An Hour.
Do You Think She's Coming? She'll Be Here.
I'm Sorry I'm Late.
I Wasn't Sure.
No Problem.
It's Not Every Day You Get Set Up With A Guy Who's Trying To Kill You.
This Is The Number Where He Can Be Reached.
He Doesn't Know Where You Are.
The Ball's In Your Court Now.
For What It's Worth, I Spoke To Him Again, And I Believe Him.
Thank You.
Good Luck.
Your Choice! [Knock On Door] Just Wanted To Say Good Night, Sir.
Good Night, Bert.
Did A Good Thing Today Didn't We Today, Sir? Yeah.
Struck A Real Blow For Romance.
Can't Let Everybody Run Away From Their Problems.
Yes, Sir.
Well, Good Night.
Good Night.
[Door Opens And Closes] Maddie's Voice: Don't Do It, David.
Uh You Promised Me You Wouldn't Call.
Maddie? You'd Think I'd Get Used To These Dream Sequences By Now.
Maddie, Uh, It's A New Look For You, Isn't It? David, You Weren't Going To Call, Were You? I Asked You To Give Me Some Time And You Said You'd Give It To Me.
No, I Know.
It Was A Moment Of Weakness.
I'm Over It Now.
Now, Maddie, About This Time, Will You Explain To Me Again What You Need It For? You Know What I Need It For.
No, I Don't.
You Have To Explain It To Me-- Book-Of-The-Month Club, Macrame.
You're Gonna Have To Explain It To Me, Maddie, Because I Don't Understand.
I Care About You, You Care About Me.
We Care About Each Other.
There's A Whole Lot Of Caring Going On Here.
So Why The Hell Does This Have To Be So Hard? Because We Do Care Maybe That's Why It's Difficult.
If We Care So Much, What Are You Doing In Chicago? I Told You.
I'm Trying To Work Things Out.
And It's Time I Got Back To It.
What If I Came Out There? David, Don't! Maddie, I Am Tired Of This.
I Am Tired Of Waiting.
Don't Come Out Here, David.
I'm Coming Out There, Maddie! No, You're Not.
Yes, I Am.
No, You're Not! You're Not, You're Not, You're Not! And I'm Not Coming Back There.
Not Now.
Not Yet.
Do You Hear Me? Do You Hear Me?! You Might Want To Turn The Burners Down.
Your Yolks Are Getting Hard.
I Know How Hard This Is For You, David.
No, You Don't.
You're Not Here.
I Can't Talk To You.
I Can't Help.
We Should Be Doing This Thing Together.
But We Can't.
I'm Sorry.
That's Just Not My Way.
I Have To Get Away By Myself To Think And Be Sure.
Yeah, Maybe That's Your Problem.
Maybe You Think Too Much.
Maybe You Don't Think Enough.
In Fact, Maybe That's Our Problem.
No, That's Not Our Problem.
That's Not The Way It Works.
You Don't Go Away And Think About Getting Better At The Piano, You Just Bang Away, Again And Again And Again.
Maybe If You Could Think A Little More About The Situation, Maybe If, In Fact, You Could Think At All About Anything Beyond The General Vicinity Of Your Belt, You'd Have An Inkling That A No Account, Irresponsible Legend In Your Own Mind Like You Has No Place Even Dreaming About A Future With Likes Of Me.
In Fact, Where Do You Get Off Even Asking If We-- Wait A Minute.
You're Putting Words In My Mouth.
You're Turning Me Into-- Addison, I'm A Witch.
If The Broom Fits What Did You Say? You Heard Me.
Addison, This Isn't Fair.
You Can't Turn Me Into Anything You Want.
You Can't Make Me Say Anything You Want Me To Say.
Sure, I Can.
For Your Information, I'm In Control Here.
this Is My Fantasy.
Oh, Yeah? Ribbit.
All Right.
I'm Impressed.
She Turned Me Into A Horny Toad.
Hey, Back Off, Will You? You Win.
I'm SorryOk? It's Just That Nothing About This Feels Right-- Me Here, You There.
It's Unnatural, That's What It Is.
It's Yin Without Yang, Vice Without Versa.
I Miss It, Maddie.
Andi Miss You.
You Know What The Really Weird Thing Is? For The Life Of Me, I Cannot Remember What Life Was Like In This Office Before You Were Here Sitting Behind This Desk.
It Just Doesn't Seem Right, It Doesn't Seem Fair, And I Don't Know What To Do About It.
David, I Don't Expect You To Understand It All When I Don't Understand It All Myself.
I'm Just Confused, As Confused As I've Ever Been.
I'm Sorry, But I Can't Help The Way I Feel.
Just Like You Can't Help The Way You Feel.
But You Have To Let Me Feel It And Deal With It My Own Way.
Please? Ok Do What You Got To Do.
Maddie? Maddie's Voice: I Miss You, Too.
Maddie? No.
[Clears Throat] I Got Some More Details, Mr.
There Doesn't Seem To Have Been A Motive.
Chase Dragged Her Out To The End Of The Pier, Told Some People Who Were Fishing There To Get Back, And Then, With Everyone Watching, He Shot Her And Pushed Her Over The Side.
Then, For No Apparent Reason, He Turned The Gun On Himself And Joined Her.
You Know What The Real Kicker Is? The Police Say It Happened Smack-Dab On The Stroke Of Midnight.
Some Fairy Tale, Huh? They're Still Searching For The Bodies.
I Guess The Current's Pretty Strong Down There.
Addison, There Was No Way You Could Have Known.
Drop Me By Maddie's House, Will You? Sure.
No Problem.
It's Probably A Good Idea.
I Know What It's Like When You Need To Talk Out The Pain With Someone You Feel Close To.
It's Good Having Someone Like That.
What A Difference It Makes Waking Up In The Morning, Facing Days Like These Knowing No Matter What Happens, Agnes Is There For Me Just Like Miss Hayes Is For You.
I'm Only Going To Borrow Her Car.
Oh, Her Car.
Then Miss Hayes Isn't Coming In Today? I Guess Not.
[Rock Music Playing On Radio] * Manic Depression Is * * Touching My Soul * * I Know What I Want * * But I Just Don't Know * * How To Go About Getting It * * Feeling, Sweet Feeling * * Drops From My Fingers, Fingers * * Manic Depression Has * * Captured My Soul * * Yeah * * Woman So Weary * * Sweet Cause In Vain * * You Make Love, You Break Love * * It's All The Same * * When It's Over ** * Caress, Caress, Caress * * Manic Depression's A Frustrating Mess * * Oww ** [Music Stops] Chase: That's A Good Way To Get Yourself Killed.
Prince Charming, I Presume.
And The Target Of His Affections.
I Hope We Weren't The Reason For That Display Just Now.
Impact Test.
I Do It To All My Cars.
Look, Mr.
Addison, I Know What You Must Be Thinking.
I Mean, It's Not Every Day You Get Involved With People Who Die But Really Don't, Just Convincingly Fake Their Deaths For Another Purpose.
Obviously, This Woman Has Never Seen The Show.
The Truth Is, The Other Day, In Your Office, I Didn't Lie.
The Feelings I Told You About That Was The Truth.
I Just Left Out The Reason I Was There.
To Kill Her.
To Kill Her.
But The Other Night, I Realized I Couldn't Do It.
That All I Wanted Was To Be With This Woman.
Unfortunately-- She Found Out That Pistol You Had In Your Pocket Wasn't Because You Were Glad To See Her.
So I Came To You To Find Her So I Could Explain.
And Thanks To You, He Did.
So, Now You've Got Another Problem.
So Now We've Got Another Problem.
My Husband.
If I Hadn't Killed Her, He Would Have Sent Someone After Both Of Us.
So You Did It For Him.
A Couple Of Blanks, A Few Witnesses On A Dark Night.
That's Good.
Which Leaves Us With You-- A Detective With A Few Extra Facts And An Unresolved Case.
We Need To Be Sure You Won't Try And Resolve It.
Please Let Us Stay Dead, Mr.
And Why Shouldn't You Get A Chance? Why Shouldn't Any Two People Get A Chance? Ok, You're Dead.
Go On.
As In Get The Hell Out Of Here.
Thank You, Mr.
For Everything.
And They Lived Happily Ever After.
Big Deal.
Good Morning, Mr.
Talk, Agnes.
Any Calls? No, Mr.
No One Called.
My Kind Of Day.
No Messages To Return.
David: Cheer Up, Gang Of Mine.
It's Turning Out To Be Another Beautiful Day.
Herbert, Put The Heap In The Shop.
She's Running A Little Rough.
So Stupid.
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