Moonshine (2021) s02e05 Episode Script

The Dinnervention

Previously on "Moonshine".
Welcome back to another edition of
"Milk Crate Confessionals".
99 bottles of rum ♪
Promised Crystal I wouldn't
drink and I'm mega wasted.
End of summer play already?
I uh, flirted with the idea of acting.
When Crystal cleans,
your place is Crystal Clean.
That could be my birth mom.
You're the one who pushed me
to come here to find things
- I probably didn't need to.
- Ow! Sammy!
The Moonshine owes $350,000
in back taxes?!
Plus interest and penalties.
Church lady likes to party.
Church lady has trust issues.
Little Christian charity, JC?
No judgment.
- Hear that sound?
- Oh!
I'll tell you what I'm not hearing.
- You. I'm not hearing you!
- They're locusts.
Biblical beacons of peril and plague.
Shitshow raineth down!
Oh, the shit has hitteth the fan.
And after two hours of
scrubbing your filthy trailer,
I realize there's only
one way to clean up this mess.
Oh, do tell, Lady Badass.
Lady Badass with a plan.
Gale used The Moonshine
to launder his dirty money.
Now I'm gonna use Gale.
And after that, who knows?
Maybe I go off on my own.
Oh. Interesting pivot.
Do you have a better
solution to pay the tax bill,
replenish my kids' college fund,
uh, finance a rebuild,
and maybe a car that's not
beat to shit?
You're trying to edge
your biker boyfriend
- out of his own game.
- No!
Gale understands. I'm a businesswoman.
He-he respects my "can do" autonomy.
Outlaws only respect loyalty.
If by loyalty you mean
enterprising, seizing opportunity,
leaning in, then yes,
I've got loyalty oozing out of my
barely perceptible pores.
Uh, Mom, who are you talking to?
No one. No, I was just
oh, talking out loud to myself.
Sorting things out.
You were arguing with someone.
- Seemed like heated.
- Yeah, that's a strategy.
I learned from my shrink. It's a
therapeutic tool to process
thoughts and feelings,
and self-actualize.
You guys should try it for your band!
Uh, I'm not sure if we're at the
self-actualizing point yet.
Mom, are you really okay?
Better than okay.
I'm actualized.
Okay, I gotta go. Love you! Mwah!
- Love you.
- Mwah! Excuse me!
- Fight with Ryan?
- How can you tell?
We uh
we got in a fight, too.
- Open hand slaps, actually.
- Oh, gosh.
Sammy, I'm so sorry.
You know, sometimes a blow to the head
cleans out the clutter.
You know, makes you
see things clearly.
Oh, you're right!
I cleaned, and I saw what was right,
and for once,
I followed through on it.
I fired Ryan.
- Like, from my life.
- You broke up with him?
What'd he do this time?
He was drunk on the job!
Like, curled up in the fetal position
on an old lady's Posturepedic
pillow drunk.
You know what?
It was the right decision.
I mean, you've been taking care
of Ryan for
a long time.
And you've been taking care
of like, everyone
- for a long time.
- Yeah.
Oh, my God!
I've been so afraid to move
forward on my own,
that I gave my best years to my mom,
and my hottest to Ryan.
Well, maybe it's time we
gave the rest to ourselves.
Oh, my God! My hostas!
Look at this!
Oh it is on, rodent bitch!
What's happening, Rhi?
You're copulating with a monster.
- What?
- An entire generation of
baby bunnies was nearly
orphaned because of me.
I'm no mother. How'm I supposed
to care for a human,
- when I'm barely human?
- Babe, we're mammals!
Nurturing is an inherent instinct.
Do I nurture you?
Do you feel nurtured?
To the nth degree!
Or do you feel whipped and dominated?
Well, my mother nurtured me
with the heel of a
handcrafted leather sandal,
so, there's a fine line for me.
- Oh, God.
- But! But
you will be the absolute best mom!
It'll come naturally to you.
Just like hunting ATV burglars
on the rum-runners trail
will come naturally to me. Ha!
Morning, lovers.
Uh, special day here
on "Milk Crate Confessionals".
The milk crate, like my capacity
to tolerate dudes in khaki
shorts, is empty!
So, it's only fitting
that I tell ya about the ex
who started it all.
The giver of said milk crate.
The incomparable Milk Crate Mike.
So why did Mike and I
break up? Well
let's just say that records
weren't the only thing
that required needles.
But without Mike, I may not
have wound up at Cove FM,
so, he deserves thanks.
Sort of.
Which is why we are gonna give
ol' Mike a call!
Mike? It's Nora Finley-Cullen.
- You're on the air.
- I'm not Mike.
Okay, can you
call Mike to the phone?
Mike's gone.
That was anticlimactic as all Hell.
Uh, speaking of
here is a word from Foxton
Funeral Home and Crematory.
So, planning for a funeral
isn't exactly a walk on the beach.
- Hello?
- Hi, it's uh, Nora again.
You are not on the air.
What's up with Mike?
I told you, he's not here.
Like not physically here
on the planet.
- B-breathing air.
- Like, Mike's dead?
Missing. He's cooked up
with some big drug outfit
then started shooting when he
was supposed to be selling.
Yeah, not in the employee
code of conduct, huh?
Yeah, neither is crossing
the Marauders.
Shit, I didn't say that.
Hey, you're back!
Yeah, had some club business
in New Brunswick.
Huh. Robin.
Uh, tried to reach you
but your VM was full.
Admittedly, my doing.
Heard about your little road trip.
You know, the one
where you broke into my place
of business, stole my money,
answered my phone,
threatened my supplier.
Nearly got yourself killed.
And brought a LeBlanc to tag along.
Anything else you didn't
wanna tell me about?
No. That was pretty spot on.
And you said there was a cop
stakin' this place out?
Right. God, and totally on me.
But only 'cause my sister's
Grade-A paranoid.
The cop was Terry, my brother-in-law.
Ex-brother-in-law, I think.
Anyway, I don't think
they found anything.
As far as I know.
I'm actually touched that you
put your ass on the line
for me, like that.
Oh. I'm touched you're touched
by my ass on the line.
I got some business to deal
with now, but uh,
you wanna do dinner later?
I'm actually here to discuss business.
Your business.
I want in.
I have a huge tax debt to cover
and 10 percent of your deals
isn't gonna cut it.
I wanna meet more of your associates,
learn how the sausage is made,
so to speak.
That's not actually how it works.
There are uh, protocols,
takes years for people
to climb the ladder.
I'm a fast learner.
And don't think I haven't
noticed the lack of
female involvement in your club.
Don't you think it's time
to consider gender equality?
Breaking the glass ceiling
might be just the distraction
that I need.
Full partners on the take?
- Really?
- Really. You free right now?
As a bird. What're we doing?
- Boosting a truck.
- In!
What does "boosting" mean, exactly?
First you stop the truck,
then you take the truck
and sell its contents.
So, "boosting" is crime speak
for theft.
Um, more like hijacking.
Wow, I was thinking more like
another round of bingo.
Or curling.
All the rage in these parts.
We could clean a lotta money.
They already use brooms.
Yes, but you need to make dirty money
- before you can clean it.
- Right, of course.
- Still free?
- I mean yeah.
Let's boost.
Hey, Buddy.
I know you're mad at me.
Man, I'm mad at me!
Look, I messed up!
But that's why I'm here. To apologize.
To make amends. I want us to be bros.
I I don't have time for this.
All right? I have my interview
in the morning.
Grad school!
That's awesome, man!
They're gonna love you!
Uh, hey, I can help you
get ready for it.
- I can help you memorize.
- It's not a test, Ryan, okay?
There's nothing you can help me with.
Because you just wanna help
me to help you.
You want me to tell you
that everything's okay,
so that you can feel
like everything's okay,
and it-it it's not!
All right? It's not okay.
For-for me, or for Crystal.
And you have to deal with that.
You deal with you.
I don't believe ya, Melvin.
If ya love the Kraken still,
why don't ya join it
at the bottom of the cold, dark sea?
I was a fool.
A fool.
Blinded by the ocean's mistress.
But a fool I am, no more.
Doris, my darling,
my love burns for you,
like syphilis.
I don't believe you!
Is something wrong, Davide?
Yeah, Dave, what seems
to be the problem now?
He prefers Da-vide.
Oh, I know what he prefers.
I need you to stop acting
and start being.
What is going on in there?
How are you accessing real emotions
through imaginary circumstances?
Um, Dave, we're talkin'
about an evil squid, here.
Haven't you ever experienced
an epic love?
Something all-consuming and deep?
That's what we need here!
I need to feel your passion
for this woman.
I've been head over heels
for Bea since we were kids.
Not buying it. Not your fault
but to share publicly,
your private life,
requires a fearlessness.
That's why we actors
are so highly paid.
That's why we are adored by all.
Take it from uh, love the Kraken.
I don't believe you, Melvin.
If you love the Kraken still,
why don't ya join it
at the bottom of the cold, dark, sea?
I was a fool!
A fool blinded by
the ocean's mistress.
But a fool I am no more!
Doris, my darling.
My love burns for you.
Like syphilis.
I have solved the meaning of life!
'Tis you! 'Tis me!
Sailing the high seas!
Finding the Kraken's child.
Ripping out its innards together.
And making sweet love in its viscera,
- right there on the deck.
- Oh, Melvin.
How I've longed to hear you say
Uh oh.
Get 'er!
That is how you stay in the moment.
Let's run it again. And again.
Until we feel it in our bones.
It's in someone's bone.
Find yourself another Melvin.
Whoa! Whoa!
What do you think that you're doing?
I'm manifesting meaningful change.
No, you're manifesting a
drunk and disorderly charge.
I hurt Sammy.
Crystal. Everyone.
I have always been hovering
close to rock bottom, Sis.
I can see it,
but I've never quite hit it.
And I need to hit it before
meaningful change can happen!
This is my plunge.
You're like a naked babe in the woods.
Oh ♪
Oh ♪
In desperate need of a wolf
mother to rear you.
Oh, oh, oh ♪
This is a desperate cry for help!
No! This is a naked
drum solo for help!
Oh! ♪
I hear your cry, Brother!
- You do?
- Yes.
And oh, my God.
And I am going to help you.
How? I don't know,
but it's going to be kind,
and nurturing, and
Avert your eyes, assholes!
I'm gonna nurture the shit out of you.
I gotta give the switchboards a rest.
Who knew Foxton was such
a breeding ground
for true crime enthusiasts?
Anyway, speaking of heinous crimes,
here is a randomly selected B-side.
Is this Nora Finley-Cullen?
- Yes.
- So great to connect.
This is Andres from SoundMaus LA.
Sound what?
Listen, we're massive fans
of "Milk Crate Confessionals".
We'd love to bring you down
to LA and talk partnership.
- We just need
- My banking info?
Nice try, jerko.
Okay, we need the manifest
to find out which truck
we want when it passes by.
Oh, I've seen my fair
share of Mafia movies,
so I'm well versed.
This is the part where we
convince the dispatcher, right?
God, that's not real,
- is it? Is that real?
- Yeah, it's a replica.
- The bullets are real.
- Okay, no, no.
No one said anything about violence.
Nothin' to say. If they play nice.
Wait, hold on. Uh, uh
what if I go in?
Come on, if things go south,
who's gonna sell, "This isn't
the ladies room," better?
- Him or me?
- She's got a point.
The most effective
response to any problem
is prevention.
But since you're already
born and raised,
the most caring and nurturing
thing that I can do for you
is give you an intervention.
We've tried that. So many times!
I'm uninterventionable.
But that's because you needed
the support of all of us,
but attendance was paltry
'cause it wasn't mandatory.
It will be different this time.
Family rituals can serve
as powerful leverage points
to support healthy behaviour change.
And serve as unique
intervention delivery strategies.
Family rituals, Ry.
This family is going to sit
down and have dinner together.
We are going to have
a ritual dinnervention.
And we're gonna, you know,
talk about our feelings,
and everyone will be there,
or I will kill them
with my kindness
and carbohydrates.
We'll all be there.
I can show Sammy and Crystal
that I put family first.
I can be responsible. And change.
- Yes.
- And then they can forgive me.
And I can show everyone
that I'm not just selfless.
I am the empress of selflessness.
All hail us!
Let's get cookin', Sis!
Let the dinnervention begin.
It's a fairly quiet town.
- Few summer drunks, lost dogs.
- Dogs.
The odd domestic.
Then of course, my in-laws.
Uh, our in-laws, amirite?
Yeah. Uh, speaking of which,
I need to respond to an
indecent exposure report
at The Moonshine.
- Well, wait, what about me?
- What about you?
Oh, I thought my first day
on the shadowing job
would be a bit more,
you know, pizzazz!
You were an accountant cop, right?
- Undercover accountant cop.
- Right.
Maybe you've got something like that?
You know, deep cover
for a veteran operative.
Yeah answering phones.
Taking messages.
Watering the ficus.
You handle that, and I may
have you reconcile
the petty cash receipts.
That's you.
And if if I need
keys to the armoury?
Oh, my God! The manifest!
Shoo! Shoo!
Okay, it's okay. I got it.
- Second thoughts?
- No.
If you're gonna use me, use me.
We do this my way. No violence.
Your way's been working.
So far.
Green sweater
the wetter the weather I ♪
Don't wanna wear without you ♪
I don't wanna wear you out there ♪
Oh, come on!
- Where's your mom?
- No clue. Why?
Her presence is required
at Ryan's dinnervention.
Actually, as your presences.
- I needed asses in seats.
- What's a dinnervention?
It's me learning how
to be a loving person
by feeding people and making
sure my brother doesn't
- sneak vodka into the sauce.
- Hard pass!
It's us helping your Uncle Ry, okay?
Are you sure this is for Uncle Ryan?
Sounds like you're workin' an agenda.
Duh! Does it matter?
Two birds brought down
by one mama bear's stone.
We're more worried about Mom right now
than you or Uncle Ryan.
Yeah, she's been acting
crazier than usual.
Okay, so that's great!
Killing three birds with one stone
is better than killing two birds!
What's with you and killing birds?
I'm going to help your mom too, okay?
But that means that you have
to be there! For your mom!
And your uncle!
And absolutely,
100 percent not for me,
because this isn't about me.
- At all.
- Right.
Have you seen your father?
Nope, not today.
Everything all right?
Ah, sure.
Jesus, Sammy,
when is anything ever just all right?
I'll take that as a no.
- How're you holding up?
- I'm a little stressed.
About my interview and
I gotta figure out a plan
for my choice of field study.
You got more brains in your big toe
than this whole outfit.
It'll sort itself out.
I actually meant that fight with Ryan.
It's like, the last thing on my mind.
My empathy tank is on empty.
Okay. I'll offer your regrets
at this "event"
that Rhian's organizing.
I've been at-at all of
Ryan's interventions.
It-it didn't make a difference then,
it won't make a difference now.
Oh, a little cold!
Well, maybe that's how I have to be.
You know if I keep reacting
the same way
and expecting different outcomes
that's on me.
Can't fix somebody else's
bad behaviour,
but you can kick yourself in the ass.
Maybe part of surviving this family
is knowing when to cut bait.
Maybe you found that sweet spot. Hmm?
But then again,
maybe what you're
really upset about
isn't Ryan.
An 18-wheeler of snow crabs?
Yeah, the price per pound
doubled in the last week.
It's actually worth more
than crude oil.
Oh, well, I'm not
complaining. Delicious.
Okay, truck is pulling in soon.
- Now you
- The distraction. That's me!
You wave the truck down.
I've already come up
with a back story.
My name's Emily, single by choice.
A little, lazy day road trip.
In search of love, lust,
and apparently snow crab.
Okay. Less is more.
Just tell him your engine's busted
and your phone ran outta juice.
He goes over, checks the car,
we step in boom.
Got it. Got it!
Ah! Hmm. Okay.
- You got this.
- Yeah.
Oh! So good to know I can rely on you
- as my emergency contact.
- What's going on?
- Are you okay?
- I'm grand.
Our brother, on the other hand,
has some serious issues to work out,
so dinnervention, 18h00.
Attendance mandatory.
Oh! Bring that salad with
the feta and the strawberries.
I can't make the salad. Sorry.
Then throw some iceberg
and croutons into a bowl.
I'm kinda tied up with something.
Look, Lidz,
I know that you've been
through the wringer lately,
and I-I wanna be here for you.
Wow, Rhian, did your aneurysm
finally pop?
I simply care about this family!
Maybe you've forgotten
what that means?
I do lots for this family.
Like, a dangerous,
above and beyond, amount.
Then get your ass home!
Oh, I'll get there
as soon as I can. I promise.
Where are you?
She better have lost service.
Oh, uh, right here!
Oh, hi!
Stop! Stop, stop!
Oh, my gosh!
Thank you so much for stopping!
My car broke down
and my phone is dead.
- I've been waiting for hours.
- Lift?
Uh, do you actually mind
taking a look?
This has happened before.
Sometimes you just need
to jiggle something.
I got tools. Just pop the hood.
Oh, b-b-but before you do that,
do you know this area well?
Uh, I'm from New York. Well,
I'm technically from Brooklyn,
which if we're being honest,
is more New York
than Manhattan, these days, amirite?
You said your phone's dead?
It is. Do you hear a phone?
- Still ringing.
- Uh
You okay, miss?
Oh no! Oh, my God!
My God! Did you have
to hit him so hard?
- Yep.
- Is he bleeding?
Oh, he's so nice. He called me "Miss".
Should we get him some ice?
I'm sayin' no while I'm taking it ♪
Artisan meatballs, Sis.
God's greatest hits.
- Where is everyone?
- They'll be here.
You know Lidia, her picture's
in the dictionary
next to "I brought the fanciest side".
Maybe we should start.
You know, word of my emotional
awakening will spread
across the campground
and Sammy and Crystal
will be here in time for cupcakes.
- I can do this.
- Hey, Ken!
Hey, Dad.
Leave it to Rhian to make
this a potluck.
What do you bring to a dinnervention?
Ah, ketchup chips suit me just fine.
Not sure about the cocktail onions.
To whither away ♪
- What?
- Nora,
it's Andres from SoundMaus LA again.
I've been trying to get
in contact with you
about your show. It's fire.
We'd love to be a part
of branding your unique
It's a spam call.
Where the Hell is Lidia?
Ah, she's probably just late.
However, if she is smart,
avoiding this spectacle.
Make way, make way.
Please be advised that we
are in a holding pattern
until the rest of the guests arrive.
Please forgive me this insanity ♪
I can do the silent
treatment baloney too, old man.
But I'm not going to.
Because I'm not a child.
You're overreacting. It was a scene.
- It's theatre.
- Apparently, theatre is truth.
And it sure looked real to me.
- Who's that?
- Our director.
- Your director.
- He looks fun.
You invited him?
I mentioned our son's issues to him.
And he volunteered
to come help the family
access our emotions.
- Maybe we should call someone.
- About?
Uh, the unsuspecting trucker
we left on the side of the road?
- He'll be fine.
- He could be concussed.
His brain could be swelling.
He could be dead.
He's a long-haul trucker.
They gotta call in to dispatch
every hour, on the hour.
When he doesn't,
they'll just locate the GPS
on his truck.
Yeah, which they'll find abandoned.
So, they'll backtrack
his route and find him.
Lidia, it's okay.
I got this.
How 'bout that dinner?
The whole community is rooting
- for your recovery, Ryan.
- Took a poll, did ya?
Like many artists, I too have
tangoed with addiction.
Can't keep waiting for
the rest of them, Rhian.
Maybe I should make amends
with the family that are here.
- Ryan
- Hey, Bruce!
- Hi, Bruce.
- Thanks for coming, man.
Wouldn't missed it. Proud of you, Kid.
And I was told there'd be meatballs.
- Mm-hmm.
- Right?
Once upon a time, in a galaxy
well, this galaxy, actually,
there was a boy. His name was Ryan.
And even though he misspelt
his name with an "I"
until the third grade,
he could say it perfectly.
Loud and proud. And I say it now.
"My name is Ryan."
Welcome to my dinnervention.
Slather, double letter on the H,
triple word score. 37 points!
Eat it, Rashaad97, you stupid fu
You've reached Foxton PD.
This is Oscar Finley-Cullen.
How may I be of service?
Snow crabs?
Help is on the way.
And on that day, this day,
young Ryan stopped being so young.
Not old exactly, but you know,
38's the new 16, right, Sis?
Planet Earth voyaged around the sun
until Ryan decided
to clean up his act.
And become a man.
That was very brave.
We all love you.
- I-I'd just like to add
- Bravo.
What courage. What candor.
A confessional tour de force.
Cram it, Prince Charles.
Not your place.
Ah, perhaps it's not my place.
Or yours.
But it is Ryan's place.
Misguided, maladjusted,
unsupported Ryan.
- Just a guess.
- You're blaming us?
Blame is rooted in fear.
Embrace love, Ken.
All the answers you need
are right there
in Ryan's story.
What do you think, Ryan?
What is at the heart
of your addiction?
That's a toughie, Davide.
I like to drink. Makes me feel better.
But then it makes me feel worse.
Yes! Yes, keep going. This is good.
Dig deeper. Why?
Why does it make you feel worse?
- Enough of this bull!
- Let him talk.
He's an artist.
Maybe he has some insights.
Insight? Artist?
The man played a chicken
in a TV commercial in 2001!
Oh yeah, I Googled ya, Pal.
Dad knows Google?
It was a rooster,
and it was a national campaign.
Your accent?
You're from Oshawa! Ha, ha, ha!
I spent some time treading the boards
in London's West End.
This is not part
of the healing process.
Think back, Ryan.
Read between the lines of your story.
What is your subtext?
What trauma did you suffer?
That trauma is you, Pal!
I wanna know what he writes
in the dirty black book.
Okay, everyone, enough.
This is not about your baggage, okay?!
Or your obviously fake accent.
This is about Ryan.
And my deep, maternal,
nourishing well.
No one's here to judge, Rhian.
Or blame, Rhian.
We only seek the truth.
That is your truth.
I am here to witness it.
And to play a part in your shame.
Bring it mime!
Are you ready to go?
'Cause you are walking in the
wrong direction from the city.
Ooh, brownies!
You're going to Ryan's dinnervention.
I know I
I don't need to drive in tonight
for an interview tomorrow. I-I can
Can what? Sammy, what?
You're gonna make the same mistake
that you've made and
that I've made before,
and then, it's somehow
gonna be different?
Like, you know what that is, right?
A brother tryin' to do the right thing?
I dunno, a brother who
may be upset about something
else entirely.
Crystal, you know,
it's not Ryan's fault
that we hit a dead end
looking for my bio mom.
No. But
that insanity probably is.
Is that the life you want?
Come on. We can eat
the brownies on the way.
Sammy! Crystal, where you goin'?
There are cupcakes!
Behold. The club.
Yeah, they are
quite something.
you were great today.
Most people woulda run
at the first sign of trouble.
But not you. Which got me thinkin'.
- Sounds serious.
- Could be.
You're the first woman
that I've ever been with
that I I could uh
see a future with.
Together, like
together, together?
Like, I could get a tattoo
of your name, together.
I see a future for us.
In life, in-in love,
in in business.
- My business.
- Your, your family business.
And mine.
The Marauders and the Moonshine.
A-a mutually beneficial relationship.
It's the, it's the perfect place
to lay down roots.
We'd be, we'd be partners.
In every way.
I invest
and the-the Club becomes
legal shareholders.
The Moonshine is far from legal.
I mean we don't even have a deed.
Ha, ha, I got a guy
can make that happen.
Whatever we need to make
The Moonshine legit.
What you want.
What you need.
I can give.
You hear from your mom yet?
No, her phone's dead.
This just so isn't like her.
Yeah, she's been
a little loopy lately.
Define loopy.
We caught her talking to herself,
like full-on conversation.
Like she was talking to the air.
Debating the air, really.
- Is 40 too young for dementia?
- Yeah.
Yeah, it is.
Can't believe we're not composting.
- What is this, the 80s?
- Okay, I am super worried.
I appreciate your concern for me.
No, dumb shit, Lidia.
I'm worried about our sister.
- Oh.
- What about your sister?
She's been boning that biker
and now she's gone AWOL.
Huh, I'm actually pretty
worried about her myself.
Did that sound natural?
That felt natural.
No offence, girls,
but of the three of you,
my money is on blondie
- from New York.
- Brooklyn, actually.
funny story.
Hi! What're you
doing here? Wait, I mean,
should a LeBlanc be cross
pollinating with Marauders?
Unfortunately, bees have
nothing to do with this.
I just got a call from my mom
in prison,
and there is something
that I think you should know.
Who was that?
Uh my-my brother's girlfriend.
Ex-girlfriend. Hard to keep track.
There a problem?
The 18-wheeler we boosted
was a LeBlanc truck.
- That is a problem.
- I know.
I mean, I'm new to the
crime thing, but Crystal says
we may have unintentionally
started a turf war.
Look you, just droppin'
"boosted" and "turf war"
like a pro.
Wait, you knew it was a LeBlanc truck?
The business I had in uh,
New Brunswick.
Chapter's looking to expand
and with the LeBlanc's
matriarch in prison,
Foxton's up for grabs.
Was that not information
you might have shared with me
before dragging me into this?
I didn't drag you
into anything. You volunteered.
Gale oh, my God.
I just need to pay
my family's tax bill.
I know, I know,
this is a lot to process.
So, what now?
Well, these things don't
usually end in hugs.
There will be some retaliation.
But things things
will calm down. Eventually.
Shit. My family's having
a dinner thing. I'm late.
- I gotta go.
- Of course.
Don't worry.
As long as you're in the club,
you will be protected.
Oh, God!
Who's there?
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