Mr. Corman (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Don't Panic

Hi, this is Joshua Corman.
Yeah, I'm gonna need a sub for today.
Hello, may I have your ID number?
-Is this a person?
Really? You don't sound, like, human.
I am.
Okay. Guess that sounded more human.
-May I have your ID number?
-Yeah. Sorry, it's ARX875--
No. That's the group number.
I'm telling you the number it says
on this thing.
Why would you have more than one number?
I don't know.
Sorry. Okay, here it is: 4438--
Sorry, 438-779AH.
Thank you. Who am I speaking with?
I just told you my ID number.
Doesn't that tell you who I am?
-I need to verify the information.
-Joshua Corman is my name.
-Birth date?
Look, I'm actually
having chest pain right now,
and my heart's beating really fast,
and I'm breathing kind of short,
so I'd really love to see a doctor
as soon as I possibly can
'cause I think I'm having a heart attack
-and I'm not sure how much longer this…
-Mr. Corman.
-…could be until it gets really serious.
-Mr. Corman!
I need your birth date.
-Doctor's office.
Hello, I'd like to make an appointment
with Dr. Gorcey, please.
Are you currently a patient of Dr. Gorcey?
Nope. I got the name
from my medical network
or… group or situation, whatever it is.
Dr. Gorcey has an opening
on November 1st at 10:30.
-You need to get here…
-…15 minutes early to fill out--
Yes. That's her first available time.
Like two months from now?
Can she see me later today?
Is this an emergency?
Feels like an emergency.
Can you be more specific?
I'm feeling like just really nervous.
I mean, I've felt nervous before,
but I haven't felt anything like this
before at all.
And I thought for a second
I was having a heart attack,
which would be weird for someone my age,
but it can happen 'cause I looked it up,
and it's possible, but…
Yeah, I just don't know. I feel like
it should be getting better.
Like, I'm waiting for it to get better,
but it's not.
It's actually feeling
a little worse than it was before or…
If this is an emergency,
you should hang up and dial 911.
Yeah. No, I know.
I just felt like they'd be mad at me.
'Cause there's…
There's a lot of people
that have it a lot worse than I do.
And it didn't feel right. So…
If you're able to drive,
you can go to an urgent care.
Yeah, but it's so much money.
I can't afford that.
I don't have that.
I'm not sure what to tell you.
-Are you still there?
-Yep. I am.
I just need help.
Have you tried focusing on your breathing?
For fuck's sake!
-Please don't talk like that to me.
-You know what? I'm breathing fine.
I can't go to work,
I can't sit still, I can't think right,
but I'm fucking breathing,
so thank you so much for your help!
You have anxiety sometimes, right?
You ever take anything for that?
Well, I've taken everything for it.
Zoloft, Celexa, Lexapro. That made me fat.
Paxil, Xanax, Paxil again.
Klonopin. Ativan--
Do you have any of that?
You having an anxiety attack?
Maybe. I don't know.
I don't really know exactly what that is.
I've been trying to read about it,
but, you know, the Internet is…
I know I never felt like this before.
At least, not in a really long time.
What are you feeling?
I guess mostly just scared.
Scared of what?
Stupid shit.
But you can't tell that it's stupid
when you're in the middle of it, right?
-You know what I think you need?
Sit down.
I just packed this
right before you got here.
There's still half a bowl
of fresh greens for you.
-Dude, you know I'm sober.
-You were just asking me for pills.
-That's different.
-No, a drug is a drug.
I was asking you for medicine.
Trust me, this is medical.
Well, it's medical grade.
Can I just please have the Ativan?
All right, buddy.
Hey, can I ask you something?
Why does it take an anxiety attack
for you to stop by and say hello?
We've hardly seen each other
in the last five years.
-I saw you like two weeks ago.
-Besides that.
I don't know, dude.
What do you want me to say?
Did Megan not like me?
Of course she liked you. What do you mean?
She never laughed at anything I ever said,
not once.
That doesn't mean she doesn't like you.
I'll give you the fucking pill
if you admit she didn't like me.
Dude, she liked you.
Why do you care if she liked you?
Who cares if someone likes you?
That's dumb to care if someone likes you.
No, it's not.
In a way, that's all that matters.
-Okay. Honestly?
-Here we go.
-You said that thing about her singing.
-I knew that was it.
I knew it. I fucking knew it, dude.
You know that was supposed to be
a compliment?
-I know.
-How was I supposed to know
-that she didn't like Jewel?
-Well, she didn't.
So I said that one thing,
and now she just hates me forever?
I mean,
I don't think she cares about it anymore.
-When was the last time she brought it up?
-I have no idea.
-Well, try to think.
-At least a year ago.
-But you guys broke up like a year ago.
-So she talked about that?
-Can I just have the pill?
Yeah, whatever.
Shit. This is Adderall.
You don't want that.
Listen, man, I gotta get ready for work,
but it's really good seeing you.
We should hang out again, real soon.
Yeah. Definitely.
Yes, this is Josh Corman.
Can you verify
the last four digits of your social?
Then I'm afraid I can't help you.
Look, I don't even know
if this is some kind of scam or--
If you received an email from us,
then it means your VISA credit card bill
has been delinquent for some time
and our services have been retained
to collect payment.
Yeah, but you could be lying.
-Josh, I assure you I am not lying.
can you not call me by my name, please?
Instead of your social,
you could verify your identity
with the name of your first pet.
Would you like to do that?
I'm thinking.
Sure. Misty.
-Correct. Now, Josh--
-Sorry, I asked you not to do that.
I'm sorry, we have a script.
Okay. Go ahead.
Josh, according to our records,
you owe Global Card Visa over $3,000--
Yeah, see,
I don't have a Global Card Visa.
I don't have that card.
Things are hard economically
for all of us, including myself.
-No, you're not listening.
You have the wrong person. It's not me.
Josh, you're you. What about Misty?
Can you tell me the last three things
that were charged on the card?
I don't shop there.
Carlito's Way Cocktails.
I don't drink.
Chez Jay's.
-Are you familiar with Chez Jay's and--
-Have you been there recently?
-No, I don't go there. My dad does.
I'm sorry?
I think he probably opened a card
in my name or something like that.
He did that once,
but it's been a long time.
do you really expect me to believe that?
You know what? This is starting to
give me anxiety, so I'm gonna hang up.
-Please, don't hang up, Josh.
-Have a great day. Thanks very much.
"The female vampire bat
is much more social
than the male vampire bat."
"Female vampire bats live in groups,
unlike the male vampire bats."
"They spend most of their time
grooming each other.
This builds up their relationships."
"The more bats you groom,
the more relationships you have,
and the better your chances of survival
in the wild,
where no one else cares about you.
The end."
That was great, you guys.
Okay, so based on what you heard,
who has a question about vampire bats?
What about the male vampire bats?
They die.
They don't do any grooming,
so they don't have any friends.
Unlike the female vampire bats.
So they're just all alone? Like floating?
That's right.
Hey, Ken.
-Hey, Josh.
-Hey, man.
-Would you wanna, I don't know--
-Sorry, what?
I was just saying,
if you wanted to grab coffee--
-I'm sorry, man, I have to go.
-Okay, bye.
-See ya.
-So it's like a pain?
-I don't know.
You just said you were having chest pains.
Yeah, yesterday, I thought
I might have been, but I don't know.
Chest pains are serious, man.
You should get that shit checked--
I don't know if that's really what it was.
It's hard to tell what's real.
You know, you should exercise more.
-That's great. Thank you.
-I'm just saying. Everybody should, right?
-Are you sweating, dude?
-It's hot in here.
-No, it's not.
-Yeah, it is.
-Something wrong with you.
-There's nothing wrong with me.
-Actually you look sick.
-I don't look sick!
-You do look sick.
-Don't exaggerate.
I'm telling you--
You should go look at yourself.
-Okay. Fine, I'll go look at myself.
-Yeah, go.
Jesus, I look white.
That's what I'm saying.
Man, you need to handle this, bro.
I don't need to do anything.
-This is your health. This is serious.
-It's not my health.
-It's, like, my head.
I'm having anxiety or panic or something.
Both. I don't know.
What's the difference?
Shit. Sorry.
How bad is it?
Okay. What do you think it is?
Hey! What's causing it?
I asked you a question.
We can figure this out.
-We're just talking. What's causing it?
-I don't know.
Okay. So you say you were anxious.
-What are you anxious about?
-I don't know!
-Think. What's bothering you?
-Can you narrow it down a bit?
-No, it's every thought that I have.
I'm like, "Did I lock my car?
Should I go check?
But what if I trip on my way to check?
So then should I just
leave my car unlocked?"
I think we went too narrow on that one.
What are the big things
that are bothering you?
Big things? I don't know. The whole world
is completely fucked, right?
Yeah. That's just true, man.
No, really, the system's broken.
Nobody can fix it.
-Even if we try, it's like trying to stop…
-Okay, this isn't helping.
Yeah. No, I see that.
Everybody feels the same way
about the state of the world right now.
So it can't be that. Right? So what else?
I don't know. Money?
-Yeah. You're good though, right?
-I'm not good. Not really.
-Okay, I know.
-Okay, but--
There are a lot of people
that have less money…
-Thank you.
-…but I'm never gonna have any real money.
-I spend everything I make every month
on the rent and food and gas,
the student loan.
I mean, I have health insurance,
that's good,
but it doesn't cover everything.
If I ever really get sick, I'm fucked.
Come on, we'd GoFund you, man.
No. Can you imagine me
putting myself online like that and-- No.
I'd rather just go somewhere private
and end it.
Hey, hey. Don't joke with that shit, man.
-No, that's not fucking funny.
-Come on, I didn't mean it like that.
-Please, dude. No, I know, but--
You said you wanna kill yourself
because you're so fucking poor.
-I didn't.
-That's what you said.
Whatever you said,
we don't have money problems.
Like, not really. Right? So what else?
-What else?
-I don't know.
I haven't had any…
Anything, you know, in, like,
more than a year.
-I think there's something wrong with me.
-There's nothing wrong with you.
You're just-- We're just picky.
All right, so what else?
I don't know.
It just feels like I blew the whole thing.
Like I suck as a person.
-That's not true, man.
-Fine, it's not true.
What do you want me to say?
I'm just trying to answer
your stupid fucking questions.
-Have you tried googling it?
-Yes. I tried googling it.
That's all I've been doing
for the last four hours.
Just reading bullshit.
I know it's bullshit while I'm reading it.
I'm like, "Maybe if I read
one more piece of bullshit,
I'll find something that helps me."
How about this weighted blanket thing?
I saw that. It's $250.
No. Fuck that.
We can make our own version.
-You can't make your own version of a--
-Of a heavy blanket?
Of course I can. Watch me.
No! Stay there.
Stay there, I'll be right back.
Get on the floor.
What are you talking about?
You wanna stop feeling like you're
feeling, we need to take action.
-I'm gonna go lie down.
-If it doesn't work, it doesn't work.
-Just get on the floor. Just try it.
-Jesus Christ.
Can you not say that? God.
-Come on, lie down.
-I'm lying down.
There you go.
-Are you serious?
-How did you think it was gonna work?
-I don't--
-It's a blanket.
-My shoulder.
That's better.
Not for me, but I guess I don't matter.
Maybe we should talk.
-You feeling less anxious?
-No, I'm really not.
-What are you doing?
-Wait. One sec.
The Dodgers are on.
-God, you're really sweaty.
-Yeah, 'cause it's not working at all.
You haven't even given it a chance yet.
-I'm getting up.
-Where are you going?
-I'm getting--
-No, you are not! No, sir!
-I need some time to think. Okay?
-You need to deal with this.
I'm not gonna leave you alone
after all the shit you just said.
Hey! Hey, hey!
Listen. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, but this is how it is, okay?
So either stick with this weighted blanket
or tell me what else you're gonna do
to figure this out.
Hi, I'm here for the breath workshop.
Down the hall, first door on the right.
Okay. And
I read online it's pay what you can.
-Is that right?
-Yes, it is.
Cool, so is that like $5 or $20 or…
I mean, are there any guidelines?
Yes. Pay what you can.
I just don't know what the going rate is
for a breath workshop.
Me neither.
Okay. I mean, I wanna pay what's fair.
I'd just rather not overpay.
You know what I mean?
Could you maybe just tell me,
like, what do most people pay?
I'm sorry. I really couldn't do that.
Why not? I'm not asking you
to do something illegal or…
I mean, it's breaking an ethical boundary.
How about I just wait and
this person coming,
I can just see what they pay.
I would prefer if you didn't do that.
Okay. So… here.
-Do you want change?
-I don't know.
Hi, everybody. I'm Chris.
Thank you all
for deciding to be here today.
This group has never existed before.
It will never exist again.
Now, does anyone want to share
what brought them in today?
Hi, Alice. What's going on?
I've been in a really dark place
this week.
Your daughter-in-law?
Among other things. My dog is dying.
That is sad.
That's what you said last week
when I told you.
It's still sad.
Anyone else?
Hey, yeah?
I have a lot of blockage around intimacy
that stems from
a highly chaotic childhood.
Sorry to hear that.
I, too, had a highly chaotic childhood,
and I find this work really helpful.
Sorry, I'm kinda distracted, I guess.
I… paid $20 for this,
and I'm starting to realize
I think I paid too much.
The work will help
get rid of that distraction.
Anyone else?
I was feeling very alone today.
You're not anymore.
Okay, so let's get started.
For the first 20 minutes or so
we're gonna breathe into our belly,
into our chest,
and then exhale through the mouth.
So when you're ready,
find yourselves on your backs.
Make yourself comfortable on your mat.
Close your eyes.
And we will begin.
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