Mr. Corman (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Mr. Morales

There you go.
If you don't mind.
So I was like, "Okay. Hi. Hello.
You literally can't treat me this way."
Yeah. Yeah, no. Exactly.
I'm like, "We're both grown-ass adults,
but one of us is acting
like a complete child."
It's not my fault
she fucking hates her own life.
She needs to own her own shit
and not take it out on me. Yeah.
I ordered the salad without onions.
It should come without onions.
That is something
that needs to be happening right now.
-I know.
-Here you go.
And I really didn't need this interaction
today of all days, you know?
You have a--
-Oh, my God, Victor.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.
I have my hands full. You can set it down.
Oh, yeah. Go ahead. I'll take care of it.
No worries.
Going to the Dodgers game this weekend?
You know, I had tickets,
-but I gave 'em away.
-What? You did?
Yeah. My daughter wasn't that into it
last time we went.
She always used to be, but not anymore,
I guess, so We'll do something else.
-It's totally fine. Yeah.
-How old's your daughter?
-Teenage years are hard.
-Does it get better?
-I wouldn't know.
My daughter lives with her father,
her brother lives with me,
and he's the one I really hate.
-I was--
-Bye. I'll see you later.
-Yeah. Okay.
Have a good weekend, okay?
Hey, Victor, was that too real?
Oh, you were good.
No. Just the right amount of real.
-Yeah. Bye.
If you wanna go
And take a ride with me
We three-wheeling in the fo'
With the gold D's
Oh, why do I live
Hey, must be the money!
If you want to go and get high with me
Smoke an L in the back of the Benz E
Oh, why must I feel
Hey, must be the money!
-What is going on? Is that Bolognese?
-No, sir.
-This is my special lasagna sauce.
-Jesus. Really?
-Can you not say his name, please?
-Sorry, sorry, sorry.
-Gabi's coming tomorrow.
-She's not here, right?
No, but it might slip in front of her.
-Okay, but wait. That's for Gabi?
But she's not coming till tomorrow.
She's not. But she doesn't like
to cook with me anymore,
so I just lose that time with her.
-So I figured I'd do it the day before.
-Right, but what are you gonna do?
Just cook all this
then put it in the fridge?
You can have some
when she's done tomorrow.
But I'm just saying
if I allocate my portion--
What is this thing with this negotiation?
-What's wrong with you?
-So it's fresh--
-Get the fuck out of my kitchen, please.
Oh, shit.
Gabi, Dad's here!
Wow, that's real jungle-y, sorta.
It's not jungle-y.
No, no, you look good
is what I was trying to--
Gaba Gaba, what's up?
You gonna leave me hanging? Hello?
What's that about?
A group of girls slept over
at Adriana's last night.
And she wasn't invited.
-Why not?
-I don't know.
That's what it's been like the whole day.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
You need to change into something else.
-Gabi, just listen to your mom.
-I'm good.
-Good luck.
So, what do you want?
I said I wasn't hungry.
I know, but it's lunchtime.
You need to eat something, right?
Yeah, but just because it's lunchtime
doesn't mean I have to be hungry.
I'm trying to listen to my body.
Okay. Your bod-- Okay.
How about I get you something now
and then you just eat it later
when you do get hungry?
-Do you want a spicy chicken?
-Do they have anything vegan?
What, are you vegan now?
It's not that I'm vegan,
I'm just eating vegan.
But you're not vegan. You had
a Dodger Dog the last time I saw you.
Yeah, and it was disgusting.
My stomach hurt for three days.
Yeah, your stomach hurt
'cause you're not regular.
-You've never been regular.
Stop talking. I'm not hungry.
-Can we just leave?
-We're at a drive-through.
Okay? There's a car in front of me,
one behind me, the curb right there
and a big-ass menu.
-Where do you want me to go?
-So we just have to sit here?
I'm gonna get myself
a spicy chicken sandwich,
and then you can do whatever you want.
How's that? That sound good?
Cool? Cool.
At least I can poop okay.
-You all right?
What are you doing?
Just looking out the window.
-Hey, Gabi's here.
-Do you need me to do-- Okay.
-I'm good. Hey, Gabi.
Okay. Go put your stuff down.
I'm taking you on a hike.
I can't. I have too much homework.
You always say the same thing,
then you're on the phone with friends.
Doing homework.
You need air, okay? Humans need air.
This is air. I have air.
-Isn't this pretty?
-I guess.
-Well, it gets even prettier.
Why didn't we go to the Dodger game?
Are you serious?
-Two weeks ago you said it was terrible.
-I didn't say that.
You literally said,
"I never wanna come here again."
I'm ready to turn around whenever you are.
Come on. Aren't you vegan?
You should be into
all this exercise stuff.
-That's a stereotype.
Everything cool?
Hey, can you do that later, please?
-No, I can't.
-Come on, we're in nature. Come on.
Hey. Whatever it is,
-I'm sure it can wait--
-It actually can't.
These aren't your friends,
they're my friends.
I'm sorry, but you don't know
what you're talking about.
Okay. I have friends too, you know.
-It's not the same thing at all.
-Yeah, but I remember what it was like.
I'm sure it was different then.
I'm sure it was,
but I bet it's also kind of the same.
Like I know how girls can be.
-Oh, really?
Okay. How can girls be?
Really mean, you know?
Especially to each other.
Mija, if you ever feel,
like, left out or something,
you know I'm always here, right?
I'm always gonna be here.
You know? Always. I'm not going anywhere.
Did Mom tell you about Adriana?
Why did she tell you? She's so stupid.
Hey. You do not call your mother that.
Do you understand me?
Okay. That's enough. Give me the phone.
-No. Dad, I have to do this.
-Yeah. I've asked you nicely.
-No, you don't. Give me the phone.
-I'll give it back to you after.
-Let go.
Just give me the phone.
Mija, I pay for this phone
so give me the damn phone.
Get your fucking hands off of me!
Listen to me. None of this matters, okay?
It doesn't matter.
You think it does because your head
is buried in it all the time, okay?
Don't look at it for a day,
and you're gonna feel so much better.
Trust me.
You're so old.
All I did was have a vision.
And I tried to achieve that vision.
And I tried to spread love doing it.
I love you guys. I really do.
Okay. So you see what I'm talking about?
She was totally faking it at some point,
-You're missing the whole point.
-No, but towards the middle.
Didn't you feel that?
Like she was sniffling too hard?
-Dad, listen to me.
After this video dropped,
-she lost 75,000 subscribers.
And it's not like she could
be in China in the factory
to make sure it's all safe
and there's no mercury in the lipsticks.
So technically, it's not really on her.
But everyone's making it seem
like she's a problem,
and they don't even know
how hard she works.
-Do you know how hard she works?
She gets up at 6:30 a.m.,
takes two hours for her hair and makeup.
And then she shoots
and edits the whole thing herself.
So it's not really fair
just because one little thing goes wrong,
the whole community turns on her.
Well, it's not one little thing.
She sold poison makeup, right?
That's-- That's super dangerous.
You should be getting called out, I feel.
-Oh, my God. Are you serious?
Do you know how many people
she supported when they were down,
but when she's down,
no one wants to support her?
-Okay, you don't have to get like that.
-Like what?
So emotional, honey. It's just my opinion.
-You always do this.
-Do what?
-Make me feel stupid for liking things.
-Come on.
-That's not what I was trying to do.
-Just forget it.
All right.
How about we just call it a night?
-Get some sleep.
Come on.
I'm just gonna watch TV. I'm not tired.
Come on.
It's already past your bedtime. Let's go.
-My bedtime?
-It's late. Whatever. Let's go.
-It's a Saturday.
-Dude, I've already been cool.
Your mom would never
let you stay up this late.
-Don't make this about her.
-I'm not. Can you just get up, please?
-I am not doing this with you.
Please get up. I'm tired. Please get up.
I'm not gonna let you stay on the couch,
okay? It's not right. Please. Thank you.
God. Why does it have to be so hard?
Yeah, of-- Hey.
It's totally fine. Who cares?
Look. We'll just flip one of these.
You see? I mean,
-that's a pizza stain right there--
-I really don't care.
Look, I know you don't like to talk
about bodily stuff with me.
-But period accidents are super normal.
Just stop talking.
This girl I dated in high school
had 'em all the time.
Shut up! Just shut up, okay?
I didn't even wanna be here this weekend.
Mom made me come.
All right,
what would you be doing
at Mom's differently?
I would be in my own bed
and use Mom's heating pad.
We don't have a heating pad,
but we can just make our own.
-Oh, God.
-No, no, no. I got this.
Just stay there.
One second.
Hey. I heated up a towel.
It's just like a heating pad.
I don't want it.
It'll work just the same, I promise.
-It's not gonna work the same.
-You haven't even tried it.
Can you please just go away?
Is there anything else I can do for you?
-Are you okay?
-Yeah, just cramps.
-These guys have a heating pad?
-No, of course not.
You know what?
I have something that works for me.
I can show you if you want.
Is that your room?
Well, it's my dad's room,
but I just use it when I'm here.
You know, he sleeps on the couch.
Just don't look at the stupid stuff
on the walls.
You'll see.
This will relieve the pressure.
Oh, my gosh. I already feel it.
Oh. Hello.
I didn't mean to interrupt. You're good.
-Dad, this is Caroline.
-Hi, Caroline. I'm Victor.
Hi. I'm friends with
Oh, my God.
I forget his name all the time. It's okay.
She came into the bathroom
when I in was there.
But she wanted to show me this thing
that she learned in dance,
and it's actually really helping
with the cramps.
He wanted me to use a hot towel
'cause he doesn't have a heating pad.
Well, I've done that, and it works.
Actually, that looks kind of nice.
-Do you guys mind if I hop on?
-Yeah. Come on.
It's good for your lower back.
Okay, let's see.
-Just scoot in there.
Oh, God. Yeah, it is.
So, how long have you known Josh?
We started talking, I guess, last week.
Are you gonna keep texting?
Honestly, probably not.
So the sex was bad?
Could you hurry up, please?
I don't wanna be late.
-Okay, thank you.
In, like, ten.
So where'd you get your new kicks?
Come on. The Air Jordans.
Where'd you get 'em?
You went into my stuff?
You're walking around
with a brand-new pair of shoes all week
and not wearing them once.
What's up with that? What's the deal?
Nothing. They're mine.
I know your mom
didn't buy you a $120 pair of shoes.
She just didn't. So where'd you get 'em?
I borrowed them, okay?
Okay. Then why you gettin' so defensive
if you just borrowed them?
You don't trust me.
No. That's not true. I do trust you.
But I trust you to always
tell me the truth, right?
I just borrowed them from Adriana, okay?
I was gonna give them back, okay?
Just after the picture,
I was gonna give them back to her.
I just wanted to take
a cute photo for Vincent.
All right.
Damn. Are we really so not close
that you can't just come to me
and tell me you need some new shoes,
-Why are you making this about you?
-I'm not. It's about you.
You stole from your friend.
I was gonna give them back
after the picture.
Yeah, but that's the worst part of it.
Right? That's the worst part.
That you just wanted some shoes to what,
to bring some boy to the yard?
That's ridiculous.
-You don't know anything.
-Yeah, I know everything.
-The same way that I know that you are--
-Yeah, yeah. I know.
I've heard it.
I'm super great and I'm super kind,
and that's why a guy will like me.
-Yeah, nah.
That's not what I was gonna say at all.
You've been acting like
a real pain in the ass all weekend,
and now I find out
you're a little thief too?
Yeah. At least I know
I'm not gonna be some driver
who can't even afford his own place.
I am proud of my job.
You understand me?
And I'm damn good at it too.
And the only reason I live with Josh
is so I can give you
everything that you need.
You look at my life
and you think it's sad.
Nah, mija. No, that's not it.
And if you think
that the only type of good life
comes with Air Jordans
life is gonna disappoint you real hard.
-You have everything?
-Are you sure?
-Hey, hey, hey.
How was your weekend?
No "Hello"? No nothing.
I stole Adriana's Air Jordans.
-This weekend?
-No, before.
Okay, so that's why.
But while I was at church, I made a plan.
I can do little jobs for you guys
and babysit for Jessica just until,
you know, I have enough money
to buy back her Jordans.
Yeah, that's a good start, but you're
also grounded for the next month.
Grounded? No one grounds anyone anymore.
You talk about kids getting grounded
all the time.
-Fuck this.
You keep talking that way,
it's gonna be two months. Understand?
Okay, so now you guys
are working together.
Maybe you should've done that
when you were married.
-Two months!
-Where is this shit coming from?
-Well, maybe from you guys.
Like you guys are both so good.
You're dating a married man.
And you have some strange woman
staying at your house.
For real. Neither one of you
have any idea what you're doing.
-She's not my strange woman.
-They're almost divorced, so--
-It was Josh's girlfriend.
-Not that you can own a woman--
-I don't know why I
You don't have to explain yourself to me.
Why is she making us do this?
-Your daughter.
-She's yours.
-Are you sure?
-Well, yeah. She's yours.
Are we fucking this all up?
-Not all of it. No.
-You sure?
Probably some of it.
-We're better than most people, though.
-Better than our parents were.
-Better than your parents were.
What? Did you say something?
-I heard something.
-No. It's just my accent.
-Listen, I gotta-- Yeah.
-I don't mean to keep you. Go ahead.
Good luck in there.
I'll see you in a couple of weeks.
All right.
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