My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic s05e18 Episode Script

Crusaders of the Lost Mark

Okay, Crusaders! Back to the business of earnin' our cutie marks! Any suggestions? No, we've tried everything! We've run out of ideas.
Are you kiddin' me, Crusaders? We can do better than that! ? We've been searchin' for our cutie marks ? ? For a while now ? ? Tryin' to find out how we fit in ? ? So many ways we've tried before ? ? Though we keep on tryin' more ? ? Cause the Cutie Mark Crusaders don't give in ? ? We'll make our mark ? ? One way or another ? ? We'll make our mark ? ? On the day that we discover ? ? The ultimate reward of our cutie marks! ? Now that's more like it! Cutie Mark Crusaders! Help! What's wrong, Pipsqueak? I'm running for student pony president, I was hoping you three would be my campaign managers! We've never tried gettin' our cutie marks in campaign managin'! What do ya say, Crusaders? Yeah! Hoof! So, Pip! How would you help the school if you were elected student pony president? Our playground equipment took quite a beating during Twilight's battle with Tirek! If I'm voted in as student pony president, I'll go to the school board and right this wrong! Well, I think that's a ridiculous waste of money! It's just like when Twist proposed to repair the window that Discord destroyed! She just wanted to repair it like a plain old schoolhouse window, but you all know voting for me was the best choice, because I convinced the school board to give that window visual appeal! Course, it doesn't hurt that her mother is Spoiled Rich, Miss President of the school board.
Exactly! Which is why when Diamond Tiara is voted student pony president, the school will be putting a statue of her in the centre of our schoolyard! Silver Spoon! That was my big announcement for when I won! I was only trying to help! I don't need' that kind of help! Haven't we all had enough of Diamond Tiara? Do we really need a big statue of her? Especially where our playground equipment should be? A vote for Pip is a vote for the playground! A vote for Diamond Tiara is a vote for more Diamond Tiara! ? It's time to make a change ? ? This is our chance ? ? Don't be afraid to do what's right ? ? He's it! Vote for Pip! ? ? We got an opportunity ? ? To have fun again ? ? A vote for Pip, and you can join the fight ? ? It's time for a new leader ? ? It's time to make a change ? ? We're here to fight for what we believe ? ? Vote for Pip! ? ? It's time we finally beat her ? ? And play a better game ? ? Cause when we vote together ? ? There's nothing that we can't achieve ? ? I don't believe what I am hearing ? ? I'm the only one who should be cheering ? ? Pipsqueak? Try "Pip's weak!" Don't you think? ? ? But a diamond is perfection ? ? It's natural selection ? ? So your vote better be for me, not the weakest link ? We'll let the votin' decide! ? Everypony has their little secrets ? ? I know you do ? ? A vote for me will help you keep them safe ? ? Like your creepy super strength! ? ? Or your mane extension ? ? A little thing I won't mention ? ? Or those freakish large teeth in your face! ? Come on now, ponies! Don't listen to her! ? You've gotta vote for change ? ? It's time for a new leader ? ? And all the tyranny ? ? Vote now and we can beat her ? ? It's now another day ? ? And we believe in what's right ? ? Vote for Pip! Vote for Pip! ? ? Our victory is in sight ? Stop! Everypony who hasn't voted, listen up! ? Pip makes promises he can't keep ? ? But I can do more ? ? You could really use a new book bag ? ? Cause I'll make things happen ? ? That none of you here can afford ? ? To do, like, ever! ? ? Wouldn't you like a little something sweet? ? ? Here's a parasol to hide you from the heat ? ? Who says that I can't be nice? ? ? But first there's one thing ? ? An itsy-bitsy little string ? ? And voting for me is the price! ? ? I've a tiny suggestion ? ? That you should be aware ? ? You could probably win this election ? ? If you show them all you really- ? I don't recall asking you to speak! Well, if that's how you treat your best friend, then I choose Pipsqueak! ? Vote! Vote Pip! ? ? Stand strong and don't be afraid, ponies ? ? Let's free ourselves of the past ? ? He's it! ? ? Vote! ? ? And make a change that will last ? ? Vote for Pip! ? ? It's time for a new leader ? ? It's time to make a change ? ? We're here to fight for what we believe ? ? Vote for Pip! ? ? It's finally time we beat her ? ? And play a better game ? ? Cause when we vote together ? ? There's nothing that we can't achieve ? ? Vote for Pip! ? The votes have been counted! The student pony president is Pipsqueak! Oh my gosh, Crusaders! Pip won! I couldn't have won without the hard work of my campaign managers, the Cutie Mark Cruaders! Campaign manager cutie marks! Guess you're not as good as you thought, blank flanks! In fact, I demand a recount! Trust me, Diamond Tiara; Pip won.
I'll be the judge of that, Miss Cheerilee! WHAT?! One vote! Silver Spoon! You didn't vote for me?! No, I didn't.
But, you're my best friend! Am I? Because I tried to help by mentioning your 'surprise' statue, and suddenly, I wasn't even allowed to speak! You could have actually won this election if you just listened to me.
You wanna know how? Sorry.
I'm not allowed to speak.
What? I don't have to follow her drum any more.
I know Diamond Tiara's been pretty awful, but we should probably make sure she's okay.
Just 'cause she's never cared about anypony else's feelin's, doesn't mean we shouldn't care about hers Diamond Tiara! Why are you making that face? That is not the face of a winner.
Because I didn't win.
What? You mean I have to own these party supplies and celebrate nothing? Sorry mother.
It's bad enough you lost to that transplant from Trottingham, but imagining you lost to one of those blank flanks as a Rich pony, you must always think of your social standing.
That starts here in Ponyville, and reaches all over Equestria.
Don't ever forget that, Diamond Tiara.
Ever! ? If I'm a diamond ? ? Then why do I feel so rough? ? ? I'm as strong as a stone ? ? Even that's not enough ? ? There's something jagged in me ? ? And I've made such mistakes ? ? I thought that diamonds were hard ? ? Though I feel I could break ? ? Would you believe ? ? That I've always wished I could be somepony else? ? ? Yet I can't see ? ? What I need to do to be the pony I want to be ? ? I've been told my whole life ? ? What to do, what to say ? ? Nopony showed me that ? ? There might be some other way ? ? And now I feel like I'm lost ? ? I don't know what to do ? ? The ground is sinking away ? ? I'm about to fall through ? ? Would you believe ? ? That I've always wished I could be somepony else? ? ? Yet I can't see ? ? What I need to do to be the pony I want to be ? ? To be the pony I want to be ? Iiis it weird that I feel bad for her? It, it is, and I'm weird too.
She wants to change, but she doesn't know how.
Seems like she could use a friend or two to help her figure it out.
Hey, Diamond Tiara! Wait up! What do you three want? To gloat? Rub in my defeat? Actually, we wanted to invite you to our clubhouse to hang out.
Really? Yeah, for real! Well, thanks to you all, I don't have any important class president business to attend to or anything.
So I might as well.
That sounds like a yes So, do you three just sit around here plotting out different ways to try and get your cutie marks? Actually, yeah.
You three are really lucky.
We are?! Yeah! You get to explore all these options, learning who you really are before you're stuck with something you don't understand.
But you've done that, right? Yeah, because I have my cutie mark! And, I'm not struggling at all to find out who I'm supposed to be and what I'm supposed to be doing with this mark that's already on my flank! Uh are you sure about that? That's a weird question.
Not really since we kind of overheard you yesterday.
Were you trying to get your cutie mark in spying? Is that on your little chart? No! We were just worried about you when you lost the election, and then you lost your friend, and then your mom yelled at you We know you wanna change, and we think we can- Help! Cutie Mark Crusaders! I was at the school board meeting and they didn't approve my request for the new playground equipment! Why not? There's no money in the budget! So I checked my piggybank to see if I had enough bits, but my little piggy wasn't nearly full enough! Don't worry, Pip! We'll meet you back at school.
And help you find a solution! Thanks, Cutie Mark Crusaders! Oh, I already have a solution! Our new school pony president is gonna be kicked out of office and I'll be reinstated! Where's she going? Where do you think?! C'mon! After her! Wait! I'm coming too! ? Cutie Mark Crusaders, get out of my way ? ? Those ponies need to know the truth ? ? And they'll hear it from me ? ? Stop! Diamond Tiara, this is not the way ? ? You know you're better than this hostility ? ? You don't even know me at all ? ? Don't understand the meaning of my fall ? ? What my family would think if I ever ? ? Fail at anything ? ? I'm a diamond ? ? that means you'll never break ? ? No matter what cost of the path I take ? ? Whatever I have to do to win in the end ? ? Stop! This is not the answer ? ? Wait! And it's plainly seen ? ? Listen! You can redeem yourself ? ? But by helping others, not by being mean ? ? We know you want friends who admire you ? ? You want to be the star with all the power too ? ? But there's a better way, there's a better way ? ? There's so much more still left ? ? To learn about yourself ? ? See the light that shines in you ? ? We know you can be somepony else ? ? You can stop right now ? ? And try another start ? ? You'll finally free yourself from the dark ? ? And see the light ? ? And see the light of your cutie mark ? Everypony, I have an announcement! Diamond Tiara! Think hard about the choice you're makin' right now! You can be a better pony! Diamond Tiara! I just happened to be here for the school board meeting, and this is what I see when we adjourn? My daughter, associating with confused, insignificant lowlifes? Socializing with their kind is not how you move up in Equestria! Come, Diamond Tiara! No, mother! Excuse me?! You've spent your life acting like a high horse, and raised me up following your hoofprints! At first I thought this was fine, but then I finally realized I wanted something you don't have friends! That's enough, Diamond Tiara! Step away from those blank flanks! These are the Cutie Mark Crusaders, they are my friends! You need to stop calling them such mean and hurtful names! They are working harder to get their cutie marks than anypony I've ever seen! And they will get them exactly when they discover their true talent, which I guarantee will be amazing! Now, will you please deliver this to father? Yes, of course, dear I have to thank you, Crusaders.
Obviously I've known since I got my cutie mark that my talent is getting other ponies to do what I want.
I just asked my father if he could donate the money for the new playground equipment! I knew you were worried for a second there, weren't you? Ha! Well, I think it's all gonna work out just fine, Mister President! ? We'll build a playground ? ? For all of us to enjoy ? ? So full of games ? ? There's enough for each girl and boy ? ? I want to help and do ? ? Everything that I can ? ? I'm here to show you a change ? ? Listen up, here's the plan ? Bring it in! That's right, keep it coming! Hey there, you with the amazing strength.
Can you help them move that merry-go-round across the lawn? Thank you so much! And you with the super teeth, we need you to help with that teeter-totter.
You got it! That's the spirit! ? There's so much I can do ? ? To help everypony else ? ? I see the light that shines in me ? ? I know I can be my better self ? ? I can free the past ? ? Cause now the future's bright for me ? ? My cutie mark has set me free ? ? To do what's right and be the pony I want to be ? ? And be the pony I want to be! ? I've been thinkin', Crusaders.
We spend an awful lot of time fussin' and frettin' tryin' to discover our true talent, but when we take a little time off, we end up helpin' other ponies figure out their true talent! Yeah, and I think that's way more important than worrying about our cutie marks, don't you? Absolutely! I don't care if I ever get my cutie mark, as long as I get to hang out with my best friends.
So what do you say, Crusaders? Want to just focus on helpin' others find their cutie marks? Yeah! What happened? What's goin' on? It's your cutie marks! They're amazing! We all got the same cutie mark! Cutie Mark Crusaders forever! ? We were searching for our cutie marks ? ? For a while there ? ? Trying to find out how we fit in ? ? So many ways we've tried before ? ? But we kept on trying more ? ? Cause the Cutie Mark Crusaders don't give in ? ? Now we know what it took all along ? ? And our journey here is never really done ? ? For it is more than just a mark ? ? It's a place for us to start ? ? An adventure that has only just begun ? ? We'll make our mark ? ? Show the world what we can do ? ? We'll make our mark ? ? Helping fillies to break through ? ? To the ultimate reward of a cutie marks ? Alright, everypony! Get ready for the biggest cute-ceanera celebration ever! Oh, sugarcube If Mom and Dad were here, they'd be so proud of ya.
Oh Thanks, Applejack Now go on and party with your pals.
? I'm so proud of you, little buddy ? ? You've taught me a thing or two ? ? You've inspired every pony around you ? ? And you've inspired me too ? ? You've made your mark ? ? Done Equestria so proud ? ? You've made your mark ? ? And we're here to sing it loud ? ? For the ultimate reward of your cutie mark ? Well, what do you think, Crusaders? Were these cutie marks totally worth waiting for or what? Yeah! I can't wait to see who we're gonna help next! ? We started out just three ? ? Crusaders journeying to see ? ? What we find in our hearts ? ? Discover our destiny ? ? And here we are, best friends ? ? About to start it again ? ? An adventure that never will end ? ? We'll make our mark ? ? Helping fillies most in need ? ? We'll make our mark ? ? So each one of them succeeds ? ? Cause the ultimate reward is a cutie mark! ? OmegaBowser OmegaBowser Retropony