On My Block (2018) s02e06 Episode Script

Chapter Sixteen

1 ["I MISS ME" PLAYING] Let's just split the cost And say it's both our faults I tried to find my point And somewhere I got lost Looking for myself I found someone I'm not Or someone I once was Someone I forgot Yeah, but everybody needs Somebody sometime And a little me time in the meantime I'm just trying to be free In my free time Yeah, yeah, I really hope you can see Where I come from And maybe you can come through When it come time Don't you worry about a thing It's all right, yeah Been dodging Trying to find you I'm done hiding from the truth I miss me I miss me, girl The end.
One more? [JULIA] Hayden.
You said "one more" three books ago.
Why you gotta harsh my buzz, Mom? In bed in five, four, three [HAYDEN] Good night.
- Sorry.
- [JULIA] Don't be.
The best part of having a little sister is teaching her how to give attitude.
Do you have a sister? - Two.
- What are they like? Oh.
[SIGHS] Sassy, beautiful, full of attitude.
At least they were.
I've no idea what they're like now.
We haven't spoken in years.
I'm sorry.
[SCOFFS] Don't be.
My family is toxic.
Your father ever tell you that? Dad thinks it's unfair to talk about people unless they can defend themselves.
Your father's a good man.
Always has been.
What's wrong? Nothing.
Talk to me.
What is it? You can ask me anything.
Why did you leave him? And why did you leave me? I never intended to leave you.
I swear.
I just wanted some space clear my head feel like my own person again.
When I left, it was it was only supposed to be for a few days.
That turned into a year.
Then three.
I can't believe I did that to you.
I've been tortured thinking about you needing me and me not being there for you.
I am so, so sorry, Monse.
[JULIA SOBBING] [MONSE] We found each other.
That's all that matters.
Let's just move forward, okay? We only have a few days left before I leave, so let's make the most of them.
What if you don't leave? - What do you mean? - Stay.
Live with me.
Thank you for your hard work, officers.
- [OFFICER] You bet.
- Stay safe.
Would you, uh, mind hitting the tables? - They need a wipe.
- On it.
Hey, when's Paula's next shift? I haven't seen her in a while.
And you won't be.
She didn't work out.
[RINGTONE] Pick up, it's Jamal! Pick up, it's Jamal! Pick up Hey.
Where are you? [JAMAL] Ruby's.
I'm gonna be late.
How late? The truce is over, shit's getting thick, and I gotta go.
Woman, where have you been? In my room.
Yeah, Jamal, chill.
The money's safe.
For the moment.
How much money do we have left to move, and how much left to clean? Ninety-eight is clean.
Oh, so we're halfway there.
No, $98.
Minus expenses for gas, meds, and lunch at Panera.
Actually, you owe me $42.
We owe you? That $98 only went so far.
You're spending the clean money? Well, I'm not about to spend the dirty kind.
Ruby! Put your abuelita in check.
You think I could put her in A soda? You bought a soda with your sandwich? Don't you know Panera water's free? How is it even possible that you've made nothing in the last month? I made two dresses.
It's not nothing.
And it's slow right now.
And my hands hurt 'cause of the curse.
The curse? Nothing! She's scapegoating.
Take it! I'm out! I want nothing to do with this dinero malvado.
[JAMAL STAMMERS] Fine! Well, don't come crying back to me for your 35% when we prove you wrong! [DOOR SLAMS] Thirty five percent? - You gave her 35? - Gave.
As in past tense.
- Now we don't owe her anything.
- Oh, yeah.
Lucky us.
We have a 100% stake in money we can't spend! What are we gonna do now? [MONSE] Bye, Cooper.
[MONSE CHUCKLES] Brian, thanks for everything.
I really hope I haven't been any trouble or an imposition.
No! Zero imposition.
We love you, Monse.
From week one, we've been trying to figure out how to make this permanent.
Your mum told me she asked you.
And I know it's a lot for you and your dad to think about, but if you do decide to stay - [DOOR OPENS] - nothing would make us happier.
- [DOOR CLOSES] - [JULIA] Okay, both kids are in the car.
Thanks, babe.
I'll see you in a few days.
- I hope.
- [MONSE CHUCKLES] - Love you.
- [JULIA] Love you too.
- And spring break begins.
- [BOTH GIGGLE] When are Sahara and Jane coming over? Can I just say that I love the fact that you've clicked with my best friend's girls? Shall we do a mother-daughter spa day? - What's wrong? You okay? - Yeah.
I was just thinking about what it'd be like to live here, for real.
- Really? - Yeah, it's tempting but I really miss my friends.
That's an easy fix.
Have them come stay tonight.
You guys can have the house, catch up, talk it out.
I can step out to work.
I have a lot I can do.
You really want to leave a bunch of teenagers alone in your house? Why not? The last time that you had my chicken, you loved it.
So you say.
Okay, wise-ass, I'll prove it.
I got some more sauce in the back.
- How can I help you, young man? - Cesar working here? Yeah, he's just working in the back.
These gangs Nothing's off limits.
He's not safe.
If the Prophets know that he works here, then then they know that he's staying with me too.
We have to hide him.
[MONSE] They asked me to stay.
This whole month feels like a dream and I don't know if I'm ready to wake up.
But I also don't want to leave my dad.
Or you.
What should I do? There is no question.
[BOTH] Stay! You serious? You're just gonna give me up that easily with no discussion or debate? What's there to debate? You're living in a baller house with expensive fits, and it's safe.
The money's definitely better off here.
What do you mean, the money is definitely better off here? Did you bring the money? No.
No, I can't keep the money.
What happened to abuelita? - The old bag scammed us.
- Ugh! What? I can say "old bag.
" She's my grandma.
Monse, we just need a secure place to store it until we can work out a new plan, pronto.
But I invited some friends over.
- [JAMAL] Well, un-invite them! - [BELL RINGS] We don't want to impose.
This is just a drop off, so the food doesn't go to waste.
Aww, you guys! Thank you! Sorry for the change of plans, but we But we insist you join us.
But I thought we needed to discuss that thing.
Don't be so possessive, Monse.
We get to see you all the time.
Let's eat.
This is a beautiful presentation and I appreciate the artistry, but I'm not sure about the protein involved.
- Is there chicken in this? - Just tuna.
Why is it so red? It's raw.
- [MONSE] Try the salmon roe.
- The huh? - Fish eggs.
- [COUGHS] I can't, I can't.
California roll? It's basic.
Just a little imitation crab.
You'd think rich people would spring for the real thing.
I'll try it.
I don't mind fishy.
I got you.
[JAMAL] You get the butt.
I got you.
[JAMAL] Get the back.
Get the butt.
- This is exhausting.
- You can use your hands.
You know what else you can use your hands for? Pizza.
Ooh! There's this really sick truffle and cauliflower crust - from that place down the street.
- Let's get the blanco with kale.
- Yes! - No! No blanco, no kale! Just cheese! I'd love to try the truffle.
Fine! We'll make a half-truffle concession for you.
- Only 'cause you were shot.
- [GIRL 1 GASPS] - You were shot? - Almost died.
- Shit! - It's no biggie.
Happens all the time in Freeridge.
Which is why Monse needs to accept the offer to move in.
Bitch, you're gonna stay? Why are you holding out on us? They just asked.
I still don't know if I'm gonna do it yet.
- There's a lot to chew on.
- She's gonna stay.
What else do you have to get back to? What about the shelters in Riverside? Not ideal.
This is the best place for you right now.
[DISTANT SIREN WAILING] Maybe it'd be better if I took the couch.
'Cause you've never slept in this bed before? Uh we broke up.
I know.
- You do? - Yep.
What else did she tell you? - You really want to know what I know? - Nah.
She said you gave her an ultimatum.
- I wouldn't call it an ultimatum.
- What would you call it? [CLEARS THROAT] An ultimatum.
[CHUCKLES] When you're young, everything is black and white.
I was no different.
I made Monse's mom choose between me and her family.
And she picked them? Nope.
She up and left.
I never thought she'd leave Monse, and then she did.
Why'd she do it? I guess her desire to leave finally outweighed her reasons to stay.
[PARTY MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, Siri, how high am I? Okay, I don't want to be lame, but I also don't want to get in trouble with Julia.
- So you do want to stay.
- I don't know! But I do not want to get kicked out before I figure it out, so we need to kill this party, and fast.
What's an undeniable way to ruin a good time? [GIRL 1] How'd you get this alcohol? I have a fake ID.
[GIRL 1 GASPS] Nice! How do you pass with this? Sometimes I like to let Mona's stache grow.
What? Mustaches are not a crazy reach for our people.
[GIRL 1] I feel you.
Body hair doesn't discriminate.
If you need a good laser lady, I have one.
[CHUCKLES] Jane would you mind doing that outside? It's a vape.
Ruby, you want to come keep me company? [RUBY] Yeah.
[CHUCKLES] Girl, what are you so vaclenched about? We're in Brentwood.
No one here gets in trouble for booze and drugs.
Only Ponzi schemes and embezzlement.
And laundering.
My dad's partner is in prison for money laundering.
Just out of curiosity what do you think his missteps were? I mean in general, like, if he could go back and have a do-over to not get caught, what do you think he'd do differently? So you look uncomfortably good.
Thank you.
You've been gone for a while.
I'm surprised you're not showing.
I'm not pregnant, Jasmine.
Good, 'cause no one should have to inherit that tiny, weird forehead.
So how long do you think you're gonna be staying here? Trying to figure that out now.
Maybe full time.
Ooh, what an amazing op! - I know.
- Not for you, girl.
For me.
With you gone, that leaves a hole in the team, which I can fill, and that will make the core four become the core more! [JASMINE LAUGHS] Oh, but don't worry.
I will wear flannel on Wednesdays in your honor and I won't bone Cesar.
Well, maybe I will.
Emphasis on the D! - How is he? - You really still crunk for that junk? No.
No, we're done.
I was just thinking that Monse wants to know where I am and what I'm doing.
Definitely don't let her know you're eating on her bed.
Should we, uh should we move to the kitchen? Too much effort.
So, does Monse like Brentwood? What's not to like? - What if she doesn't come back? - Not an option.
Maybe it should be.
I mean, look at us.
We're hiding out, trying to keep you safe.
No kid should live like this or even be around it.
Think it would be selfish of me to make her come home? I can't answer that.
I love her more than anything in the world.
Me too.
I don't want to lose her.
Neither do I.
So what should I text her? Say you're happy and safe.
Don't give her a reason to come home.
[GIRL 1] You're confused.
With laundering, you just don't want to leave an electronic footprint.
- You might wanna slow down.
- It's cool.
I have a high metabolism.
Those are edibles.
I know.
That's why I'm eating them.
They're full of cannabis.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] What? - All of them? - How many did you just eat? [PANTING] Ten? Twelve? Oh, my God! That amount with your body weight? You're fine.
It's fine.
- Then why are you making that face? - What face? Monse! Does your mom have a panic room? - Why do you need a panic room? - To panic in! I'm not safe, and if I'm not safe, the money's not safe.
I gotta see.
[GASPING] He's high.
Really high.
[SIGHS] I don't think he's ever experimented before.
- What do we do? - First timers usually need a cuddle sesh.
What's something we can use to distract him? Like a show or a movie he really likes.
He likes Coast to Coast, PBS News Hour, the Property Brothers the movie The Goonies.
IMDBing that shit now.
Ruby? [R&B MUSIC PLAYING] [RUBY CHUCKLES] Where were you shot? Here.
You could touch it.
[RUBY AND JANE CHUCKLE] I can't believe you almost died.
I was so close to death, I tasted it.
You want to see my scars? - Where? - I have to take my shirt off.
Did you get a breast enhancement? No.
Why would you do that? Want to see? [WHISPERS] Yeah.
[MONSE] What am I doing? I'm not Brentwood, drugs are bullshit, and maybe, maybe I need just one.
- How's Jamal? - Bad.
He's hallucinating.
He says he has $200,000 in cash and he killed someone named Julio.
We might need to call a doctor.
This is all I need.
Damn it! Don't stress it.
Totally fixable.
You just have to get it to a cleaner's.
The cleaners? How much is that gonna cost? Only a couple hundred bucks.
Give or take, depending on if the rug is over 10k or not.
$10,000? For a rug? That you walk on? I can't be here.
I don't belong in a house with a $10,000 rug.
Calm down.
I can't.
I just ruined a rug that I can't replace, all my friends are high, and I don't know if I should stay or go.
Go get some air, and I'll try to get out the stain.
Yeah, these feel like the original.
[JANE] Exactly.
I mean, do you really need any more than a handful? [RUBY] Kudos to your doctor! - Take that off.
- But I'm naked.
Did you ever stop to think that my mom probably wears it naked, too? Yeah, your junk is touching her junk.
Ah, well, I'm already here.
That's it.
Everybody get in here! Yeah, everybody get in here! Monse's pissed! - Ruby! - Ruby! - Jamal! - Jamal! Okay, y'all need to get it together.
Stop getting high, making a mess, touching my mom's things and each other's boobs! I'm trying to figure out what to do with my life and all this stress isn't helping! - It sounds like you're feeling lost.
- You think? I know who might have answers.
[JASMINE] Is there a spirit here? [SHUDDERS] [JASMINE] Yes! [GASPS] Do you have any unfinished business with somebody in this room? Yes! [GASPS] Am I gonna get lucky? Yes.
- What? The most polished girls are usually the dirtiest.
So dental dam that shit.
Spirits! Boo, we need some guidance.
What is your name? [ALL] J, U, L, I Julia! Does that mean I should stay? O, O, Julio! Who's Julio? Oh! Oh! Time out! Time out! Time out! Time out! Time out! I'm sorry, please forgive me, dude, but leave me alone.
Oh, great, Jamal.
Now we have a Mexican ghost floating around this house! New game.
How about "Never Have I Ever"? [JASMINE] Oh, hell yeah.
We know this.
[JANE] Great.
I'll start with a softball.
Never have I ever had sex.
[GASPS] Boy, why you gasping? Nobody puts up with doo-doo outfits unless he at least getting it in.
Is this about this Cesar guy? - Do you love him? - Does he love you? [AFFECTING BRENTWOOD ACCENT] Did he say it to you? [AFFECTING BRENTWOOD ACCENT] With his words or, like, with his actions? - Why are you talking like that? - Why are you? - Like what? - Okay, okay, okay! For real.
Do you think I was too hard on Cesar? [AFFECTING BRENTWOOD ACCENT] I don't want to, like, take sides [SPEAKS NORMALLY] But I can't figure out which Monse to look at! [SNICKERS] Yo, here's the real.
I don't think you were hard enough on Cesar.
He needs to take care of himself, and he can't if he's worrying about you, and you need to take care of yourself and you can't if you're worrying about him.
Stop thinking about him and start thinking about yourself.
[IN SPANISH] Luck and death only come one time.
What does that mean? It means I'm staying.
[GIRL 1] That's such a healthy choice.
I mean, considering what your mom told my mom about your dad.
What's going on? Where are your friends? Home.
You got them a Lyft.
Why'd you tell your friends that my dad abused you? Did you say that? [SIGHS] Not to Brian, just a few moms.
And that makes it okay? If I stay here and my dad comes to visit, my friends will think he's dangerous.
No, they won't.
They don't even know your dad.
But I do.
And he's an incredible person.
He's the only person who's taken care of me.
Unlike you.
That's fair.
My dad's been so worried about me getting to know you, and now I understand why.
You're so disappointing.
Monse, I I have a new life here.
All these people know me.
I didn't want them to think I was A bad person because you left your child? [SIGHS] But that's what you did.
You wouldn't understand.
[SCOFFS] No, I think I do.
You lied to put on a better face.
To hide the truth.
Just like you lied about the real reason that you left.
You never left because you needed to clear your head.
What are you implying? Would you have left if I looked like you? [MELANCHOLIC MUSIC PLAYING] - I'm so sorry, baby.
- [MONSE SNIFFLES] So, so sorry.
I'm sorry, Dad.
All these years, I thought I needed her.
And I don't.
She missed out.
Not me.
- Come here.
Come here.
- [MONSE SNIFFLES] ["MOTION" PLAYING] You'd rather speak more than listen And that's based off Our first impression Hey.
You were pretty vague in your text.
Just wanted to give you some space.
So you moved into my bedroom? Don't worry.
I'm moving out.
[SIGHS] I'm sorry.
Me too.
I'm in love with the moment To me falling, to me going I'm in love with the moment To me falling, to me going Can't let me go if I'm falling I've been on the path of importance Nothing left, pull you in slowly The river is running, we're flowing I'm coming down, You've been rolling And we'll light a flame Now we're open Pour me a, pour me a potion I'm rocking, I'm rocking the motions