Pinky and the Brain (1995) s03e08 Episode Script

Brain Storm

Gee, brain, What do you want to do tonight? The same thing we do every night, pinky, Try to take over the world.
they're pinky and the brain yes, pinky and the brain one is a genius the other's insane they're laboratory mice their genes have been spliced they're dinky they're pinky and the brain brain, brain, brain brain, brain, brain, brain, brain before each night is done their plan will be unfurled by the dawning of the sun they'll take over the world they're pinky and the brain yes, pinky and the brain their twilight campaign is easy to explain to prove their mousey worth they'll overthrow the earth they're dinky they're pinky and the brain brain, brain, brain brain, brain, brain, brain Narf! warner bros.
Vortex experiment no.
If you stir a glass of water real quick, It makes a little tornado thing.
That's all the tornado things i can think of today.
I'm going to go eat a dozen eclairs.
So there.
Whirlywind! Whirlywind! Ha ha ha ha! Narf! Professor ginza has given me an idea On how we may conquer the world.
Does it involve stirring a glass of water really, really fast? Don't hold that against the professor.
He was a brilliant man, until he snapped.
Now his life revolves around eclairs.
Nevertheless, his work on tornado structures has inspired me.
After careful study, i believe it's possible to hijack a tornado! Egad, brilliant, brain! We can put masks over our faces So the tornado won't recognize us, Then we order the tornado to go where we want-- Mmphh! You have all the reasoning power of drywall.
We will hijack the tornado scientifically, Creating an ambulatory weather system of unstoppable might! People will bow before us in awe, And we shall rule the world! Narf! Science will provide us with the proper tools.
Behold the verkimer suit! Designed by the late dr.
Dody verkimer, It will allow us to enter a twister's funnel And control its every movement! Poit! Um did dr.
Verkimer ever try this? Once.
Now he's one with the wind.
But i've made design improvements That will ensure our success.
This magnet will stabilize the suit, As well as allow me to alter the storm's electromagnetic ions.
Thus, we can steer the cyclone wherever we wish.
Oh, brain? Um, b-Brain? Save your questions for the end.
This radar unit will allow us to see out From within the murky vortex.
Finally, this gyroscope will keep us From tumbling helplessly like pennies in a dryer.
Any questions? Mm-Hmm.
Yes, pinky? What if we go inside the whirlywind, And it takes us up to the land of oz? Won't we be chased by flying monkeys Wearing little bellboy caps? That's nonsense.
If anything went wrong, We'd be crushed by low pressure Or annihilated by the wind.
Whew! No flying monkeys.
Huh! What a relief! Now come, pinky.
We must construct the verkimer suit, Then travel to "tornado alley.
" There, we shall find a cyclone And ride it to our destiny.
Then wouldn't that be "cyclone alley"? there's a storm a'brewin' somewhere i think it's in my heart 'cause the gal i was to marry left town with a man named art now my tears are falling like rain on a big old cow and the storm within my heart is breaking now More nice weather.
Drat! Tornado season is almost over.
We must find a storm quickly! [Gurgling sounds] Stop it, pinky.
But i thought we were supposed to be impersonating Rag-Tag, free-Spirited storm chasers.
You know, men who risk danger for the love of tornado data.
Wouldn't they blow bubbles through a straw To show how free-Spirited they were? Don't make me lock you in the glove compartment, pinky.
Always a threat and never a kind word.
I don't like pouting, either.
Now behave while i try to access The national weather service radar.
Pinky: do you think we could access kidswb online? Well, get a load of the rookies.
Got themselves a verkimer suit and everything.
Guess i'd better let them know who's king around here.
Is there a problem? Listen, rookie.
I'm kale mumphausen, the twister king.
I'm the best corporate storm chaser around.
And i don't like competition, get me? We are not easily intimidated.
Well, no, actually, we are, brain.
You remember that time in washington, And then that other time in boston, Oh, and that time in houston, and quiet, pinky! Why don't you go off somewhere and evolve? Pretty big talk for a tiny boy.
You better just stay out of my way If you know what's good for you.
We don't know what's good for us! An opaque retort, but you've got the right spirit, pinky.
That dolt won't stop us from--Aha! [Gasp] is it a whirlywind? Possibly.
A storm front is moving in this afternoon.
The target area will be nearby wheathead county.
Let's roll, pinky! Pinky: tally-Ho! Narf! These are excellent tornado conditions.
Check off the climate factors.
Lightning, pinky.
Lightning, check.
Hail, pinky.
Hail, brain! Icy precipitation.
I don't see any precipitation.
Hail, hail! the gang's all here! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! [Crack] Pinky: owww! Poit! Now listen.
We're perfectly positioned To intercept a tornado.
We must look carefully to the southwest.
Check for inflow striations On the flange of the supercell.
If a notch appears in the mesocyclone, Keep a sharp eye out for rear flank downdrafts.
Do you understand? Not a word of it, brain.
Just look for a whirlywind.
Do you see anything, pinky? Air cow.
Air cow? [Moo] Oh, merciful heavens! Both: yaaaah! Whoa! That was wild, huh, brain? Zort! Whirlywind! Ha ha ha! Whoa! Why didn't you tell me there was a tornado coming? Sorry.
But after that cow, i was looking for The dish that ran away with the spoon! You have the i.
Of a deck chair.
Now we must chase after that cyclone.
Brain, i was wondering, If somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds can fly, why can't i? Because you're a mouse.
Oh! Well, when you put it that way, It all makes sense, doesn't it? Troz! Brain! Brain! Brain! Brain! Brain! Brain! I see it! We must hurry and get in front of it! Quickly, pinky! Get inside the verkimer suit! I think we have company.
Who would stop by to visit us In the middle of a tornado? [Gasp] [Evil laughter] Look out, you rookies! I'm the twister king! I hate the unexpected.
Pinky and brain: yaaaah! Yaaaah! Oof! Aah! Oof! [Crash] Both: whoa-Ohh! Looks like those tiny boys Finally caught themselves a twister.
Adios, rookies! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Unh! Paugh! Brain: only mother nature could produce a wind Powerful enough to drive a mouse into a tree trunk! Is this a good thing, brain? Not particularly.
We built well, pinky.
The verkimer suit withstood the force of an f-3 twister.
But the whirlywind is gone.
We'll find another, my friend.
First we have a score to settle with that twister king.
Pinky: what're we gonna do? Put jam in his ears and run away? No.
Oh, oh, i know, i know! We tell him there's a big ogre under his bed, And when he gets up to run, We put jam in his slippers.
Let's save that as a back-Up plan.
[Yawning] [Confused exclamations] Hey! What are you doing? Get out of that suit and fight! And put down my axle! Uhhh! [Crash] Unh! I'll get you for this! You rookies are gonna pay! [Crowd murmuring] Way to go, man! All us storm chasers hate mumphausen! He ran me off the road once! Hey, chet, is that a verkimer suit? Yep.
[Gasp] I think he's got mice inside.
Must be an eccentric genius.
Kale mumphausen has learned A valuable lesson in humility.
And we didn't even have to use jam Or scary ogre stories.
Amazing, isn't it? Nevertheless, the way is now clear For us to harness a cyclone.
Pinky: whirlywind, whirlywind! Ha ha! Pinky, pay attention! Unfortunately, i must depend on you To operate one of the most vital controls in the suit.
Good choice! Narf! The gyroscope switch! Now, remember, never touch it Unless i tell you to! Never! Zort! You start it when i tell you to start it And stop it when i tell you to stop it.
Is that clear! Aye, aye, cap'n brain! All clear! Oomph! Air pig! Start the gyroscope! Start the gyroscope! Troz! Yes! It'll take more than some flying pig To knock me off the path to victory! Air tractor! Aaaah! Brain: curse you, john deere! Let's call the scarecrow wally.
You can call him hobart the dolphin boy for all i care, Just so long as he can drive this truck.
Hee hee ha ha ha ha! Hobart the dolphin boy.
You're in a strange place, pinky.
I don't envy you.
Brain: now, all the scarecrow has to do Is keep us on course, while we wait back here in the verkimer suit.
This time, we leave nothing to chance.
We'll ram the cyclone.
But what about wally the scarecrow? What's your point? All his nice straw will be scattered about and lost.
Poit! He'll be sad.
[Sighs] later on, we'll fix him up, good as new.
Zort! Oh, thank you, brain, thank you.
I am not without a certain degree Of mawkish sentimentality.
[Evil laughter] [Evil laughter] Pinky: drive, wally, drive! No! Oomph! [Crash] [Crash] [Crash] Yaaaah! Pinky: wally! Save us! [Slap] unk! Ha ha ha.
[Tires screech] "Hey, you rookies, i trashed your truck.
"Good luck catching tornadoes without one.
Best wishes, the twister cing.
" Ha! He spelled king with a "c.
" Pinky: [gasps] oh, no! Brain: alas, poor wally.
[Sobbing] How can you be so mean? Wally liked you! He liked me? Pinky, our truck is destroyed.
We must find transport quickly Before the storm front passes.
Can't this requiem for a scarecrow wait? He gave his all for us! But if you're too busy to honor him, I suppose we can just skip it! Pinky: he's happy now.
He'd better be.
Unless we find a vehicle, our plan is doomed.
Radio: * there's a storm a-Brewin' somewhere * i think it's in my spleen 'cause the gal i was to marry left town with a man named gene now my tears are fallin' like pigs from a big ol' tree and this storm within my spleen is drownin' me Brain: perhaps we can borrow a vehicle from yon farmhouse.
Brain, can i go upstairs? I want to see if i can see wally.
If you happen to spot a tornado, Or a "whirlywind," kindly tell me this time.
I shall watch for both.
Narf! How fun! Whirlywh--Aah--Oof! Brain: pinky.
But, brain brain: there must be a tornado around here somewhere.
Air chickens.
[Bawk bawk bawk] [Bawk bawk bawk] Air chickens? Yes! [Overlapping shouts of panic] Wait for me! Uhh! Ehh! Those tiny boys are sure persistent, But they gotta learn once and for all That you can't mess with the twister king.
[Horn blows] Brain, is that the twister king? Drat that mumphausen! Egad! Brilliant, brain! What did you do? Oh, just a little thing i call An electromagnetic pulse.
It's a guaranteed engine stopper.
What the heck? Uh-Oh! D-Aaaaaah! Quickly, pinky, start the gyroscope.
Aye, aye! Noooo! Are you ready, pinky? Aaaaaaaah! Pinky, it worked! We're stable! Waah, ha ha ha ha! Ooh, hoo! Oooh, hoo hoo! Fun, fun, ohh! The suit is stable.
You are another matter.
D-Aaah! I am the king.
Let us see if we can steer this monstrosity.
What in the world we've done it! We're cyclone drivers! Pinky, the world is ours! Whirlywind! Whirlywind! Pinky, stop it! Aye, aye.
Poit! Oh, dear.
Both: aaaaaah! Uhh! Aaaaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaah! Aah! Ooh, ah ah! Brain, do flying monkeys eat flying bananas? Who cares? They're worse than roaches.
If i had time, i'd invent a flying monkey trap.
Now come, pinky.
We must rest up for tomorrow night.
What are we gonna do tomorrow night, brain? The same thing we do every night, pinky, Try and take over oz! Munchkins: * they're dinky * they're pinky and the brain brain, brain, brain, brain warner bros.
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