Preacher (2016) s03e03 Episode Script

Gonna Hurt

Previously on AMC's "Preacher" You don't pay what you owe, Miss Marie pull out your soul.
- Ah! - Oh, no.
I love you, Cass.
They're the ones that shot Tulip.
I need you to give Starr a message.
What the hell did you just do? Grandma's never gonna let me go.
I need my soul back.
- God? - Get those sons of bitches! Tulip, not till I get my soul.
Give me that! I got to fix this, Cass.
Excuse me.
Can I help you? Gaah! Ohh.
Where'd they go? Who? I just sweep the floors, lady.
I have certainly educated myself.
Look upon me, Tulip O'Hare.
God? But you look just like Fake God.
Oh, that was by design.
I've come to thank you, Tulip O'Hare.
Thank me? For what? Don't you know? I am all-knowing.
Well, then you know I screwed up.
That was by design.
But The Grail's got Jesse's soul.
Now he's stuck here 'cause of me.
Also by design.
You wanted me to screw up? I was counting on it.
It's your nature, Tulip O'Hare.
You see, I give all my children free will.
And some do the right thing over and over.
But others alas, how did your father put it? The Curse of the O'Hares.
Free will is a blessing and a curse.
Do not despair, my child.
Just know I am a loving God.
What're you doing down here, anyway? Hmm? What's this big design of yours? It is not your place to question me.
I'm preparing a test for the future of creation.
Oh, yeah? What kinda test? A pass/fail.
And that is all you can know for now.
Goodbye, O'Hare.
I call bullshit.
Pervy dog-suit, ponytail, an earring, the Harley? Her? I'm warning you, O'Hare.
You're not down here for any big plan or design.
You're just screwin' around.
Do not question me.
I am God almighty.
You're an almighty dickwad is what you are.
I am the alpha and the omega.
I am a loving God, Tulip O'Hare.
But do not push it! Yeah, you better run! You better hide! But, one way or another, I will find you.
And I'm gonna kick your a Yeah, now Now I can see what I'm doin'.
- All right.
- Oh.
All right.
- Oh.
- Ooh.
Where where is it? Yeah, I know.
All right.
You're doin' great, friend.
Tell you what It's a lovely concoction, this.
I can hardly feel a thing.
Whaddya call this, now? Uh, that's That's numb-er-er.
- Numb-er-er.
- Yeah, yeah.
Dull the pain and lower the inhibitions and, um, fog the memory.
It's got a familiar taste to it.
Uh pork bile? No, it's not that.
- Lapathum? - Mnh-mnh.
- Um hemlock? - Hemlock?! Has it got bloody hemlock in it? Oh, that's great.
Oh, it's been a bloody age.
Like, I love a bit of hemlock, man.
It's great.
And you keep on puffin', thinkin' happy, happy, happy happy thoughts.
- That's a 5.
- Mm.
Now, we'll let that, uh, breathe for a while - 'fore I sew you up.
- Yeah.
I think I'll have one more wee toot.
Is this your first dance with death? No.
No, no, no.
She says I must'a swallowed a bullet magnet, you know.
Lovely Tulip.
I've been shot so many times And stabbed, too, all across here, like that.
I was nearly cut in half once by this jealous husband.
Sneaky bastard snuck up on me from behind with a bloody Samurai sword, like that.
And then there was this jealous wife this one time, right? She had a sawed-off shotgun.
And the twin blast blew straight through me, and it killed her husband, who was blowin' me.
If irony had a patron saint, huh? - Very, very curious.
- Yeah, do you know, most people would guess that that's a finch.
Well, actually, it's a bloody magpie.
No, no.
Not the not the tattoos.
Your scars.
- I don't have any scars.
- E-exactly.
What with all the cuts and the stabs and bullets.
Why ain't you dead? I'm very limber.
You know, Pilates.
You know? I tell you what, T.
I'm feeling a bit peckish, you know? You want some of my swamp consommé? I really shouldn't, 'cause I know what's in it, but I will, actually.
I'll have a bit of your swamp consommé.
- That'd be great.
I'll be - I'll be right back.
- You're doing you're doing good.
- Thank you, man.
So that's where you've been.
Don't make any sense.
Why'd he come to you? Well, why the hell wouldn't he come to me? No, it's not that.
It's just I'm the one that's been looking for him.
Well, pretty sure he wants you to stop lookin'.
That's why he set me up.
He's scared of you.
God's scared of Genesis.
Well, he better be scared of me, too, 'cause I'm gonna kick his ass.
How exactly are you gonna kick his ass? What do you mean? I'm just gonna kick his dick ass.
Here's your O'Hare curse.
Don't matter anyway, Tulip, 'cause I'm stuck here.
Oh, stuck here with your scary granny and her hanky? You got free will, Jesse Custer.
We'll just unstick you.
It's not that easy.
Ain't that hard either.
She's an old lady.
Hell, I'll go down there right now and just grab that stupid hag.
No! Stay away from her.
Don't go near my grandma.
You understand? She's dangerous.
So am I.
I mean it.
So do I.
- Knock much?! - Rise and shine.
You got to get goin'.
Get out of here, Jody.
Where you going? Jody's takin' me to church.
- Seriously? - Yeah.
- Gettin' something for Gran'ma.
- Now? Old habits die hard.
Sorry if I in'arupted something up there.
You don't look very sorry.
No? What do I look like? An asshole, as usual.
That Cassidy is a hoot.
How's he doing? Good.
Real good.
He he's a curious fella.
Been through the wars.
And, uh, a fast healer, real fast.
Fast healer? Yeah.
Meanin' what? Uh, meaning that he's healing fast.
Well, he's a smartass Irishman.
He's probably used to being shot at.
Truck 10 minutes.
I'll go and check on Cassidy.
Then I got to go.
I'll be back soon.
You sit tight, all right? You got it.
So, T.
C where's the old lady? Miss Marie is She's still asleep.
I said sit tight.
I am.
I'm sittin' tight.
Enjoy church.
Pray for me.
Uh, you wanna see my dingle? Cass, it's me.
Can I come in? T.
's good with a knife, but he's not that good.
Cass, is they find out you're a vampire I know you're mad.
I'm not so happy myself.
It's just you were right about Tulip about me playing God.
I know.
The truth is, Cass you're my best friend.
I probably don't say that enough.
You've never said it.
Sure, I have.
Oh, come on, now.
That's crazy.
I-I ha a bad memory for that kind of stuff, but, I mean, I musta have said that a buncha times.
Not one time.
All right.
I'm saying it now.
And I mean this.
You're my best friend.
All right, well thank you.
Sorry it took me so long.
It's all right.
So, are we good? Yeah.
Jesse! Come on! You've got to get outta here right now.
Trust me.
Jaysus Christ.
You'll just say anything to get me away from her, won't you? What are you talking about? It's not about her.
It's about him.
It's about Jody, Gran'ma, these people.
Yeah, your people.
Jesus Christ, Cass.
You're still not listening.
You've seen the pictures.
You know what they do here.
This is Angelville.
Well, this This is bullshit.
I'm a bloody vampire at Voodoo Disneyland.
I should be their main attraction, man.
- Magic is one thing.
Monsters is somethin' else.
- Oh, monsters, is it? Oh, come on.
I didn't mean that.
What I meant was Monsters.
So, you're calling me a monster.
You're pallin' around with the feller who killed your daddy.
I'm not pallin' around with anyone! I will deal with Jody soon enough.
- In the meantime, you have to go.
- Listen to me.
I'm not leavin' without Tulip.
- Do you understand? - Jesse! Come on! If you're gonna stay, it's gonna hurt.
Don't Don't take them.
No, don't.
E-everything okay? He's not healing quite as fast as we thought.
Get out of here! Come on, get! What do you want? Hey.
How's Cassidy? Uh, uh, a bit of a setback, but I-I got him sewed and fed and watered.
Yo, T.
! About your dingle.
Um I changed my mind.
Was I nervous? Shit, yes.
185 days sober.
First time alone with my boy since the judge lifted the restraining order.
I was not gonna mess this up.
I was I was gonna make the best damn fourth-grade D-Day diorama ever.
His mother, my ex She she let me have my boy the whole weekend.
We spent hours and a fortune at the hobby emporium.
Got it all Papier-mâché, paint, plywood, half-a-dozen scale models, amphibious landing craft, German half-track, G.
We watched the first couple of scenes of "Saving Private Ryan" a couple of times.
And the plan was to construct all day Sunday.
Put my boy to bed around 9:00.
And I figured, "One little whiff just to settle the nerves.
" And I woke up on the floor, and my boy was standing over me with a look of disgust in his eyes.
"Where's the glue, dad?" Where's the goddamn glue? I'll I'll tell you where it is.
It's up my nose.
Take care.
You're not alone.
That took courage.
You know, hearing your story really brought back my own demons.
You huff glue, Father? Glue Wite-out Dust-Off.
Anything I could get into my lungs.
So, um the program has helped you.
Yes and no.
I don't think there are enough steps to get me clean.
Jesus Christ.
Like "pray the spray away"? Sorry.
No offense, Father, - but I-I don't really believe all - No.
An earthly power.
A world-renowned spiritist, diviner, mistress of the pyramids.
You mean Angelville? Nah.
That place closed years ago.
No, it's open again.
I-I was just out there.
Angelville is alive and well.
Holy shit.
- The Tombs.
- No.
- Yes.
- No.
- Tell me The Tombs are open again.
- Not the No, not The Tombs.
No, but if you're looking for a clean, sober spell, then Madame L'Angelle is Yeah, I need a good clean, sober spell, I will I'll go see Madame Boyd, like everyone else.
Thanks for nothing, Father.
No luck? I'm out of practice.
We got more stops to make.
There's a Gamblers Anonymous meeting across from the River Boat Casino.
Doesn't it bother you, driving me around? Doing the same old shit for the same old lady? After everything she's done to you.
And to my mom.
She shouldn't've run.
Help me get out of here, Jody.
Well, don't do it for me.
Do it for Christina.
One of these days, Jody.
Not today.
It's it's a bit drafty in here, so take that into account.
Well Draft or no draft, you've got a perfectly fine little dingle.
You You want to touch it? Nope.
Let's not wake him.
So, it seems like you're pretty involved in all the ins and outs around here, huh? Matter of fact, Jesse mentioned somethin' in passing the other day, and, well, I couldn't get my head around it.
But I said, "That T.
He's sharp.
I bet he could shed some light.
" I-I can sure try.
What exactly is the deal with those squeezey-napkin things? - Those are blood-debt compacts.
- A compact? - Sort of like a contract? - Yeah.
It's a it's a solemn exchange of promises between parties.
See? I knew you'd know something.
Oh, my gosh.
It's so interesting.
I bet she's got hundreds of those napkins.
That's Miss Marie's bi'ness.
Right, right.
So, um, there's no way out of a compact? Well, s-sure there is.
You pay off the debt.
Or you just get rid of the napkin, right? - I don't follow.
- Well, my mama told me she got outta her second marriage by burning the paper license.
Oh I see what yer thinkin'.
No, no, T.
I I'm just askin' questions.
Yeah, the wrong kind.
Well I mean, you're the expert.
You set me straight.
Well, I-I don't know about that, but I could tell you a story.
Oh, I love a good story.
You You won't love this one.
It was quite a few years back.
And this fella His his wife had a blood compact with Miss Marie.
We need an audience with Madame L'Angelle.
No, no, no, no.
You can't come barging in here.
- My madame's busy.
- Please! He took to beggin' Miss Marie just to give it back, tear up the whole compact.
Miss Marie reminded him there's a price to be paid.
He was desperate.
He'd'a gave Miss Marie just about anything for that ol' napkin.
You can well imagine the fella was badly grateful when she finally let him have it.
And his wife Oh, his wife was crying tears of joy and relief to finally get that napkin back in her hands.
Free from Miss Marie.
Or so she thought.
Take that, you horrible hag! No.
No, but you You said that the guy paid off his wife's debt.
No, no.
That that fella He paid a lotta money for an 89-cent cloth, but the debt The debt is only paid when Miss Marie says it is.
Now, you let me show you my dingle, Miss Tulip, and I really like you.
So here's a friendly warning.
I understand you want to help Lil' Jesse, but if yer thinkin' of messin' with Miss Marie don't.
Fair enough.
You know I like you, too, T.
In fact maybe I will touch your dingle.
How do I break the curse? Get Miss Marie to let him go.
And how do I do that? Do do you know any any magic - or or or voodoo? - No.
Then you can keep squeezing, 'cause there's nothing you can do! There's never nothin' you can do.
Every curse can be broken.
Yes? I'm sorry to bother you.
Come in.
So, what? Are you, like, a witch or something like that, huh? No.
No, I'm I'm a healer.
So, if you're a healer and you can bring people back from the dead why are you still in a wheelchair, shittin' into a bag? I mean, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean any offense.
Like, I'm just wondering, why haven't you healed yourself, that's all.
You know? Well, I'm working on it.
Is that why you've come to see me, Irish? Conversation? No.
I'm not a bad guy.
No, of course not.
I mean, I've done some bad things, you know? We all have.
Irish, how can I help you? The love spell.
I'm not leaving without it.
What are you doing up? Where are you going? - Getting something to eat.
- Where's Tulip? Look at that.
The Irish smartass on the mend again.
Me and Jody hit all the old spots River Boat Casino, DMV, Piggly Wiggly check cash.
It seems like Madame Boyd's got this parish sewn up.
Well, it's gonna take time to undo all you did by runnin' off.
I don't have any time.
I have stuff to do, plans of my own.
See, I don't give a rat's galette about your plans, only my own.
But since you're in such a rush, there's always The Tombs.
That's not gonna happen.
You're gonna do what you're told, or you'll go in the coffin.
Your friend came by.
Cassidy? He's your friend, right? What'd he want? To talk.
He's Irish.
I guess that's what they do.
Aren't you a pretty, young thing? Come here.
That's a girl.
Don't be shy.
I knowed there was somethin' curious about you.
, listen to me.
Don't tell anyone, all right? Jody! Tulip, where the hell are you? I told you to sit tight.
Whoo-hoo! Lil' Jesse! Whoo! What the hell's going on? Did you know? Did I know what? That your friend's a vampire.
Of course not.
So you have no objections to us hanging him till the sun come up.
I told you it wasn't safe.
- Got a few hours t'kill before he burns.
- I got an idea.
Let's get the guns and have ourselves some target practice.
- Yeah, what do you say, boy? - Yeah.
We're not doing that.
I've got a better idea.
Some donors complain of fatigue accompanied by a mild headache.
Nothing a few aspirin won't fix.
But we're square now, right? Yes, Mr.
Your debt is paid.
And you'll hardly miss it.
Watch your step on the stairs.
- Hello.
You're here to see Madame Boyd? - Mm-hmm.
Sorry to keep you waiting, Miss Pomerantz, Marnie.
Welcome, Miss Pomerantz.
What brings you in today? I'm gonna cut to the chase, ma'am.
My boyfriend, Rich He got himself stuck here by some stupid magic spell.
And, well, he's stuck, so I'm stuck.
- Any idea what kind of spell it was? - Mm-hmm.
A bloody-napkin-y one.
- A blood compact.
- That's the one.
Well, I tried dealing with the holder of this compact myself, but I was unsuccessful.
I need a work-around or something.
And I was hoping that Madame Boyd could help me voodoo my way out of the situation.
Credit card or Apple Pay? Cash work? Cash be king.
- Now, if you'll follow me - Mm-hmm.
Right this way, Miss Pomerantz.
Please take a seat.
So, this blood compact Um yeah.
Should I start over? So, I was telling your assistant my boyfriend got himself into a tricky situation.
- You didn't say how.
- Hmm? How did Jesse get into this situation? Rich.
- My boyfriend's name - Is Jesse L'Angelle.
There's no way out, sugar.
What's going on in there? What's goin' on? Hey! Open up! You're Madame Boyd.
And you're Tulip O'Hare.
I've wanted to meet you for a long time.
How do you do? Welcome.
Welcome back to The Tombs.
Hey! Don't forget the beaves! Welcome, you sick sonsofbitches.
Tonight, you will see two merciless monsters fight as if their very souls were on the line.
A pedophile science teacher versus a back-stabbing, piece-of-shit vampire.
Kill the blood-sucker! You make me sick! - Kill them! - Rip his head off.
Rip his head off! You both deserve to die! Whatcha waitin' on, kid? Let's fight.