Rap Sh!t (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

Something for The DJ

I don't really talk or text,
if I say I'ma ride, I'ma slide ♪
I'ma pull up,
Dade County hoes don't fold ♪
Put some respect on
my name on the net, bitch ♪
Y'all wouldn't see us in step, bitch ♪
Might lose your life
talking reckless ♪
Pussy hoe, you wish, fuck it
I wish you would run on my bitch ♪
How I lit the fire so quick,
on the line so quick ♪
Y'all won't even know what hit him ♪
See, we in this bitch making
motherfucking hits, bitch! Ay!
Looking good and fat,
hair laid, bills paid!
And our producer bomb as fuck!
Look at him! Who would fuck with him?
Okay. I see you.
Yo, you know
any good breakfast spots
around here? I'm hungry as fuck.
Fuck it up with Gucci ♪
Bad bitch, and you know
she bougie ♪
After a long day
of seducing and scheming.
Oh my god
Nigga, please!
Can you get off your phone?
You the one who asked for all these
extra laptops to help pay your bills,
the least you could do
is pay attention. Okay?
I wish you had a fucking car.
I'm about to be all
over the city and shit.
No, thank you. I
don't do the dirty work.
Still took care of you.
I can't believe this
motherfucker had the gall.
Who you talking about?
Francois Boom!
He in my DMs right now
trying to link with me.
A-ha! He's seeing them numbers go up.
You should link with him.
Go and shit on that nigga.
- You right!
- Mm-hmm.
I'm the one performing
at James Harden's party.
Yes! Of course
this nigga wanna link up with me.
- You feel me?
- Old dick-riding-ass nigga.
- The nasty.
- Get off my dick, Francois!
Why why are you so far away?
I thought you said
we not fucking no more.
- This about to be the last time.
- Mm.
You wanna come to my show?
I think I could maybe
get you on the list.
I could bring a plus one?
I'm just joking, man.
Of course, I'm finna come.
I wanna put it in ♪
Put it in ♪
I wanna put it in ♪
Put it in ♪
She junk, she junk, she junk ♪
Keep it black and white,
she still skunk ♪
Give it everything you wish I want ♪
Give her everything you need,
call her Polly Pocket ♪
You better deposit,
mind your bulk and ♪
- No!
- Wait, baby, wait. Wait.
You don't even know
what I'm doing. I'm
I want swoops!
I got it. Here, let me do it.
Give me this.
Thank you. I mean,
it was a good try though.
Thank you.
Say "edges."
Hey, what you doin', uh, later?
This new spot that just opened,
if you wanted to try it.
They got punch bowls.
I know you like punch bowls.
So we both gonna be drunk with Melissa?
No, just me and you, actually.
Are you asking me out on a date?
I got rehearsal but,
can I let you know?
Yeah, for sure.
Come on, baby. Hug your mama.
- Bye, Mommy.
- Bye, baby.
And don't be having my baby eatin'
- all that candy and junk and shit.
- She's my baby, too.
I can do it if I want to. Come on.
If you ain't popping,
there's no hate! ♪
But for you hoes, I got no love ♪
Don't play with me or her ♪
My bitch so bad, my bitch so bad ♪
Dumb hoe, you mad, my bitch so real ♪
My bitch so real, fuck how
you feel, my bitch a vibe ♪
My bitch a vibe ♪
Hold up. One second.
Um It's lookin' stiff.
- What?
- It's in the knees.
I didn't know we were going
all-out! What do you mean?
If we perform it on stage,
and I see your knees buckling
like that, bitch, I'm walking
the fuck off the stage.
I'm not playin' with you. Queue up.
- You gonna leave me?
- Yes, girl. We gotta get this right.
- Okay, let's do it again. Okay.
- Come on! Do it full-out!
But for you hoes I got no love ♪
Let's go! Ay!
I said pussy-cake, pussy-cake,
baker's man! Pussy-cake, pussy-cake,
baker's man! Let's go!
DJ Grove! DJ Grove!
Yeah, you shot the whole club up!
DJ Grove!
Thank you, but can you just do your tag
one time at the beginning
- and one time at the end?
- No doubt, no doubt. I got you.
We just wanted to whet
your palates a little bit.
Yes! Okay, it's gonna
be a motherfucking movie!
Let's go.
Okay. Let's do the intro.
Hey, my name is Shawna.
Never been one to take
this rap shit lightly,
and I'm better because of it.
Yeah, and I'm Mia.
Straight out of Carol City.
Real true Miami Bitch.
You can't spell Miami
without Mia. Period, hoe.
Shout out to all
the ladies in the house.
Know your worth. We got a
song to help y'all remember
to make these niggas
pay for y'all's presence.
It's called "Seduce and Scheme."
Y'all ready?
Okay! Okay!
Girl, that was perfect!
That was literally perfect.
Maybe when you say your name,
just spell it out. Just say M-I-A.
- That's it. They gonna get the message.
- Oh
I like that. Why do I
feel like my shit too long?
Like, should I cut somethin'
out? You wanna add somethin'?
No, I'ma add to mine. I
just I gotta figure it out.
Ooh! Y'all sound good from outside.
Y'all know we gotta be
outta here soon, alright?
Thank you.
- I mean, shit, I think we got it.
- Think?
Motherfucker, y'all better have it!
Brian got tours and festivals coming up,
and he for sure gonna be
watching with a close eye.
There better be ass-shaking,
titties bouncing, all that.
All that.
You think Brian wanna
be our booking agent?
Come on. Y'all play y'all cards right.
- Oh, shit. Disperse! Yella! Andele!
- Again?
Can't y'all get your own area?
Damn, y'all some grown-ass women!
Take your stuff!
- How you feeling?
- I feel real good.
- Yeah?
- Like, this shit gonna be amazing.
I know! It's all happening so fast!
Girl, this about to be our
introduction into the world!
I know!
- Oh.
- You about to go hook up with him?
Yeah, I gotta meet him in
Overtown in, like, an hour.
So, Lamont ain't been at his
grandma house in a while, huh?
You is a fool.
It ain't even like that.
He just be getting Melissa.
Well, I seen that he posted you
on his little Instagram.
Girl, tell me why he asked me
on a date this morning.
Niggas are so predictable.
Oh, now he want you 'cause you poppin'?
Girl, don't let him spin the block.
Do you think that's what it is?
He's never posted you.
Girl, I don't trust it.
My intuition is never wrong
about these things.
I was right about Fatima.
And he's producing our music!
Like, I think it's better to
keep those worlds separate.
Don't want you caught up in
no Summer London bullshit.
- Hell no.
- Stay strong, girl.
It's me and you.
- You like this?
- I can wear this?
- Dior-ior?
- Yes! Okay!
Okay, I'ma be Dapper Dan.
Look at me! Okay. Cool, cool, cool.
- Thank you.
- You about to be late.
I want Francois to wait.
He gonna be sitting there
looking dumb as fuck.
Hey! Yo!
- Hey. Hi.
- What's up?
Yo, sorry I'm late, but.
I know you're not wearing Dior.
Yeah. You're familiar.
Dior to the floor.
Okay, Queen. I see you. I see you.
- You see it.
- I see it.
- Can I get two Adioses?
- Oh, actually, no.
Can I get a vodka soda
with lime, please.
- Thank you.
- Yep.
Okay. Palates have elevated.
You drinking vodka
sodas with limes. Alright.
Just one lime.
I'ma still get the Adios.
Wait, hold up.
You leave town for two seconds,
niggas act like they can't breathe.
Hm. I know.
This bitch is hysterical.
Who's that?
My mom.
Yo, cheers to you, bossing up,
starting your own groove. Like,
you're really doing it. Cheers.
- Hi. I can seat you now.
- Okay. Thank you.
Catch me up to speed. What you
been on? What's up? What's new?
Everything, honestly.
You know, we're mad busy right now.
Lot of shit poppin' off.
Shit like what?
Oh, well, we got a song
on a Spotify playlist,
Yo, I saw that shit. Congrats.
That's crazy.
Did Jill help you with that?
That's what's up.
That's what it's about.
It's about helping each other elevate,
helping each other out, period.
I'm actually supposed
to get up with Jill soon.
- Oh. Cool.
- Yeah.
- That's cool.
- This is crazy, right? Like,
everybody in the squad
is eating right now.
We said this was gonna
happen, you remember?
We're, like, everything is
happening like how we planned.
- That's wild, right?
- Yeah.
We got to celebrate.
Could we get some shots?
One, two, three, and four ♪
All this drip inside my
closet, I can buy some more ♪
Yo, remember when I went
through my woodwind phase?
Nigga, what?! A clarinet?!
Yes, I do. Nightmares.
I really had you rapping like
you in a episode of "SpongeBob."
I'm sorry.
And I did it! That's
the funny thing, I did it.
- You were a little trap Mozart.
- I really was.
But I always had to work twice as hard.
- You were always way more talented.
- Well,
we can't all have it.
But for real though,
like, this "Nann Badder" track
- That shit's bananas.
- Yeah!
- Hopefully, it just keeps going up.
- It can.
It can. How much money you put
into the marketing for it?
Or, like, the PR?
Like, the press lineup?
You know, like, what's the strategy
for radio, digital?
Yeah, we-we're figuring
it out right now still.
Listen, it's hard to
keep niggas' attention.
Once you got that attention, you
do not want to drop the ball, so.
What's your management saying?
We're talking to a couple people.
Aight. Is it anybody I would know?
Yeah. Uh, funny enough,
remember Chastity?
You know, Chastity?
- Like, Titty Boy?
- That's the one.
I know Chastity.
D-don't do that shit.
Don't do that shit, please.
Unless you like being broke.
You gotta focus on somebody
who's gonna get you in the right rooms.
Prioritize that. Aight?
Promise me you gonna do that.
I mean
we could collab again.
That single is fire, so, like,
y'all should be getting
to the money right now.
Oh, so now you know
how to get to the money?
- Don't do that.
- What about when I was signed to you?
We're grown now, and I'm just saying
I'm down to help you out. That's it.
I just produced
Reina Reign's video, right?
- Oh my god.
- I'm thinking I'm thinking that
I could produce your video. What?
- Reina Reign?
- Yeah!
Please don't talk about that
Kardashian rapper around me!
- Who is writing her shit?
- You got jokes,
- but Reina got fans, so
- Okay, and she got baby hairs.
Don't know how that happened.
All her songs sound stupid.
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Me and my bitches,
we all gonna ball. Ay!
I might use that
because Humpty Dumpty is a bop.
People been bumpin'
that shit for centuries.
So, thank you. I appreciate that.
And Reina got five million views
on her new video.
- Five million views?
- Yup.
And she opening for Gunna next week.
This shit is a joke!
Shawna, don't be an asshole.
How am I an asshole? Because
I don't think her music is good?
Her music is good
because I make her music,
so the shit is objectively good.
You just stay hatin' on shit.
That's your only fuckin' mode
is just hatin' on some shit.
No. I don't like supporting bullshit.
I supported your ass,
and you stole my fucking song.
I did not steal your fucking
song, Shawna. No, I didn't.
I don't know if you remember,
but I paid you for all your time.
With! With money that I ain't even have.
I don't know if you recall,
but we was broke.
Okay, you got money now though, right?
Why don't you just give me
the credit that I deserve?
All you could fucking say
was shit about changing my whole shit!
- And you're welcome.
- What are you talking about?
I'm talking about the fact that
everything I told you to do,
you're doing.
Down to the look,
the sound, the branding.
Everything I told you,
you're doing right now,
and look how it's going for you.
So you're fuckin' welcome.
What was the name of
that one track again?
"Seduce and Scheme." That was it, right?
You know who would be
really good on that?
Reina Reign.
- You're an asshole.
- I think she could be great.
You're a fucking sellout.
We could even lay the
baby hairs, if you want.
Yeah, hoe! Yeah, hoe! ♪
Just writing up a check,
pussy dripping on his neck ♪
He like, "Can I take you out?" ♪
I'm like, "Nah, we can't do that ♪"
My other nigga's gonna get mad ♪
You don't fuck up my bag ♪
I'm just trying to get this paper ♪
- You see that?
- Yay!
Y'all already know I'm finna
link with the homies!
Star-studded event at Star Island.
Had to bring my supernovas with me.
Oh, come on! Hey,
hey, let's go. Let's go.
Brother Brian!
- What's up, baby?
- Yo, what up?
- Hey, this my group.
- Oh shit.
The schemers are in the building!
So that's what you're
all about, huh? Aight, come on.
Let's get y'all set up in a room. Yo, J!
Follow him.
Tobe Nwigwe's people just hit
me. He still needs the address.
- Sending it over now.
- Good.
Footsteps sound real
different under these 100-foot ceilings,
What? Is this for us?
You okay?
Yeah. Yeah! Yeah.
How did everything go with Francois?
- It was fine.
- Mm.
Girl, did you see
the dressing room next to us?
- Mm-hmm!
- It say "Timbaland" on the outside!
Our future starts tonight, okay?
- Get in the game!
- Okay, okay.
Let me get these
brushes so I can do my makeup.
Another day, another mansion.
- Follow me, hoes.
- Damn, Chastity!
Why you never invite us
to parties like these?
This is nice!
It's not even a filter this time, y'all.
I'm really at a mansion.
Look at this Bugatti!
Ooh! I call dibs on
whoever's driving that.
- I'ma put my pussy on it.
- I'ma put my pussy on it, too!
I'ma put my pussy on it three!
The fuck! If you don't get your
ass off the motherfucking car!
Damn! Can y'all be serious?
This a big opportunity for us!
Read the room!
Hey, look, if y'all play
y'all cards right,
all this can be regular.
For everybody!
- Sir, yes, sir!
- Girl, shut the fuck up.
- Man, come on.
- Stupid-ass hoes.
All that shit like,
bitch, be ready in a hour ♪
I got a call, say
"Be ready in a hour" ♪
I'ma need about two,
bitch, I gotta take a shower ♪
I'ma change five times
'cause I'm so indecisive ♪
Aight, so over
there next to the Henny fountain,
that's the DJ from 99 Jamz.
Uh-huh. Oh, look to the left.
You see that nigga with the bald spot?
That's the A&R with Interscope,
and I already told him
about y'all. He wanna meet.
Yes, manager! You better.
Come on now.
Oh my god.
- That's Timbaland right there.
- Chastity, we gotta meet him!
Don't even trip. I got y'all. Come on.
Alright. I
see what's going on over here.
Timbo! Ha, what's good, baby!
Hey, B, why you ain't tell us
you was blessing us
with Tim-Tim. Huh? Ay,
me and Big Gator, we was just
at Tootsie's a few weeks ago!
Hey, do me a solid, Mia.
Flick us up. Flick us up.
Yeah, get us right.
Look like we matching, low-key pastels.
- Aight.
- Ha! Look.
Oh, my fault. This my group.
This Mia and Shawna.
They got the hottest
record in the city right now.
- Oh, that's what's up.
- Can they get a picture?
- Yeah. Come on.
- Get over there, y'all.
Get over there.
Don't even worry. I got y'all.
I got y'all. Y'all look good!
Yeah, but look, like I was
saying, me and Big Gator,
- we go way
- Hold on, hold on, hold on.
- Did you say Big Gator?
- Yeah!
- Big Gator from Little Haiti?
- Told y'all. Yeah!
I don't fuck with him. Uh-uh.
Brian, let me holler at you, man.
Who is Big Gator?
Come on, man. That's what we do?
We inviting groupie niggas now?
Don't even trip. I know other
people he know, you know?
- Other people he know? Is you crazy?
- You made him mad.
Aight, we got some food. Get
you something to eat or something.
Yo, Chas. Can I talk
to you for a second?
Come on. But look.
Y'all go outside. I'ma
meet y'all outside, aight?
Let me holler at my mans right here.
- What's good, bro?
- Girl, you gotta chill.
Niggas didn't come here
to be doing photo shoots.
- This ain't the place for that.
- My bad, man.
- You know how it is.
- No, I don't.
Just chill the fuck out.
- Aight, say less. I got you.
- Damn. Tim!
My bad, bro.
Tell me if I throw it at you,
baby, can you handle it? ♪
Tell me if I throw it at
you, baby, can you ♪
Tell me, if I throw it at you ♪
Oh my god. RJ
Daniels. He reps real rappers.
Rapper-rappers. Come on.
Hi. Are you RJ Daniels?
You're Tobe's manager?
- Yeah.
- Yeah. I'm Shawna, this is Mia,
and we're in a rap group together.
We're gonna perform tonight, actually.
Oh shit, I remember you.
That viral video you made was, was epic.
- You in a group now.
- Yeah, I'm in a group.
I just wanted to try something new,
but I came over here
to tell you that, like,
I love your work, and I love
what you do with Tobe.
- The work y'all do is so inspirational.
- I love that.
That's great. So, uh,
- tell me about your group.
- Oh, okay.
Mia does the branding
aesthetic, all that,
but I'm the pen behind the bars.
Oh, you the pen, huh? Well, good luck.
Can't wait to check
you guys out tonight.
Especially you, Ms. Pen-Behind-The-Bars.
See, girl? That is the
type of manager we need.
Somebody who will make us grow.
I thought Chastity
was doing that already.
Is she doing that?
Can we go get a drink?
Yeah. I love to perform drunk. Let's go.
Excuse me. Excuse me. Hello?
Uh, excuse me?
Can I get a drink?
People so rude. I know she hear me.
- Girl
- Hi.
That's Ca$h Cha$er the GOA
that's right next to you.
- Here you go.
- Appreciate you.
- What the fuck?
- Damn. You was mad close.
It's Hennessy White, though.
It might not stain.
Girl, it's okay. No, it's okay. Come on.
- It'll dry. It'll dry! It's black, too.
- It'll dry?
- It doesn't matter.
- It's almost showtime. Y'all ready?
Now? Okay, let's go!
Come on, girl, let's go.
What's wrong with her?
Some fine nigga spilled
somethin' on her.
Hey, yo, yo, yo! Check
this out! Check this out! Hey, ladies.
Shout out all y'all with good money
and even gooder pussy!
Yo, my man Timbaland in the building!
Wingstop caterers,
y'all make sure y'all go get
some lemon pepper thighs!
It's James Harden's
early season bash! We poppin'
bottles till the sun come up!
I'm DJ Grove! Let's go!
Attention, bitches.
First off, it's fuck your bitch
and the clique you claim.
Me and my bitches really insane.
Feel me?
- Real bitches to the front.
- Ay!
Flawed bitches to the back.
Ay! Period!
My bitch so bad, my bitch so bad ♪
Dumb hoe, you mad, my bitch so real ♪
My bitch so real ♪
Fuck how you feel, my bitch a vibe ♪
My bitch a vibe ♪
She can fuck this shit up every time ♪
'Cause she my bitch,
yeah, that's my bitch, uh ♪
Pussy hoe, you wish, fuck it ♪
I wish you would run on my bitch ♪
How I lit the fire so quick,
on the line so quick ♪
Y'all wouldn't even know what hit ♪
Wouldn't even know who did,
wouldn't even know what's next ♪
YSL down when I flex,
I don't really talk or text ♪
If I say I'ma ride,
I'ma slide, I'ma pull up ♪
Dade County hoes don't fold,
outside hot but inside's cold ♪
Yeah, I talk back,
never do what I'm told ♪
Bad bitches deep any time we roll ♪
Y'all hoes see it,
but can never be it ♪
Might fuck ya nigga, yeah,
might let him eat it ♪
Diamonds on my neck,
li'l bitch stay gleaming ♪
No competition, the main
bitch leading, I'm right here ♪
My bitch so bad, dumb hoe, you mad ♪
My bitch so real, my bitch so real ♪
Fuck how you feel, my
bitch a vibe, my bitch a vibe ♪
She can fuck this shit up every time ♪
'Cause she my bitch,
yeah, that's my bitch ♪
Gold mouth, that's south Dade,
fat ass, that's south-made ♪
My bitch, yeah, she's 'bout
it, play niggas like arcades ♪
Yeah, stepping on necks,
running up checks ♪
My bitch do like ballets and flex ♪
And that's a fact, put some
respect on my name on the net ♪
Y'all wouldn't see us in step, bitch ♪
Might lose your life
talking reckless ♪
Whoever want it can get this
Run through these
niggas like checklist ♪
Stunt on you bitches like checkmate ♪
If you ain't popping,
there's no hate ♪
But for you bitches got no love ♪
Don't play with me or her,
my bitch so bad ♪
Dumb hoe, you mad, my bitch so real ♪
My bitch so real, fuck how you feel ♪
My bitch a vibe, my bitch a vibe ♪
She can fuck this shit up
every time 'cause she my bitch ♪
Yeah, that's my bitch! ♪
Real Carol City shit here!
See? That's what it's about!
Real moments with real fucking people!
DJ, hold the music one second.
What you doing?
Can I bust something
real quick for y'all?
This your moment!
- Let me gather my thoughts.
- Okay, okay, okay!
Take your time!
Let Him use you!
Pro-life, but in this rap shit ♪
I'm killing my daughters ♪
You spent your
whole check on a chain ♪
And that bitch still ain't water ♪
You got a top record producer ♪
Ghostwriter, million-dollar deal ♪
That bitch still ain't Shawna ♪
Talking down to my name,
not knowing the rank I spit ♪
Gave y'all hoes the blueprint,
this the fucking thanks I get? ♪
Y'all boosting these wack rappers ♪
Like I ain't that bitch,
like I ain't top six ♪
And like my bank not thick,
the fuck? ♪
We could go bar for bar,
find out who really that bitch ♪
Me, motherfucker, me
I'm feeling like you
niggas owe me respect ♪
I got the city on my back
Like it's a letterman's vest,
the best of the best ♪
Say it with my whole fucking chest ♪
You bum bitches bow down and kiss ♪
My pedicure set, ya dig?
What's up?!
The fuck?
Okay, now for the realest bitch
in the motherfucking room!
Mia, don't fail me now, girl.
Talk to 'em. Let's go, talk to 'em.
Let's go!
Well, that's our time, people!
No, we not
Y'all give it up for
Shawna and Mia, everybody!
Shawna and Mia!
What do you mean we have to get off now?
- Y'all make some noise!
- Wait, we haven't finished
- But
- Y'all stay up!
Thank you!
Okay, it's time
to turn this party up! Let's go!
Nigga in my bedclothes ♪
As they crashed in ♪
All my friends are fake hoes ♪
Thirsty-ass niggas.
Damn, li'l mama.
- Come here. Say "ah!"
- Uh, uh, uh!
No! I don't drink while
I'm at work. I'm good.
Aight, bitch.
You real uptight for
somebody giving out free pussy.
What did you just say?
They didn't let us finish our set
so they can play "Wockesha"
for the third fucking time?
Man, you went over y'all time
trying to 8 Mile the whole set!
You didn't tell me it was a time limit!
Chastity, you need to be up
in there checking these niggas.
- It's messy.
- Wait.
Are you working this party?
Yeah. What's the problem?
That is so unprofessional!
Chastity! How are people
supposed to take me and Mia seriously
- if you are pimping at the function?!
- Bitch, what?
- Man, it ain't even a issue.
- How is it not an issue?!
People associate us, right?
I don't know if you're cool
being a joke, but I'm not.
Deja, you gotta let me handle business.
W-w-what's the problem?
- Are we getting paid for this?
- Listen,
we trying to build a clientèle
tonight. This an investment.
So this was your plan?
Chastity, when you gonna tell them girls
they ain't getting paid?
Hell no. You got me fucked up
Bitch, who the fuck
you think you talking to?!
Better watch your motherfucking
mouth when you talk to me.
Man, I'm tired of y'all testing me!
Know your fucking place!
Now, walk your ass back
in there and get to work!
Yeah, walk, bitch!
I can't believe you did that.
Girl, I was so caught up in the moment.
It was embarrassing as shit.
I thought this was
supposed to be about us.
It was kind of a moment.
For real! People were recording it!
They were fucking with it!
- Bitch, is you crazy?
- Girl, I just wish
that we knew that we didn't
have that much time.
What was the point of rehearsing
if you was just gonna do some fuck shit?
Girl, I didn't know they
were gonna cut us off!
Girl, you knew that.
- Mia, come on!
- Fuck your selfish ass.
Aye catch me 95 South,
doing the buck in the wraith ♪
Super soft leather seats,
with the luxury suede ♪
Hottest bitches in the
streets, Yung Miami, JT ♪
They cut the check in the A,
but we busting in day ♪
Girl, don't be mad
'cause you fucking a lame ♪
How was it?
I put baby down. Hm.
Let me get out your hair
so you can get some sleep.
What's up?
He ain't never had a freak though ♪
Put it on him to the beat ♪
Have him bustin' in the sheets ♪
He ain't never had a freak though ♪
Might've had them other freak hoes ♪
But you ain't never had a me ♪
Say he like a freak ♪
Throw it back
and watch me fuck it up ♪
This shit get wet,
that nigga got bands ♪
And make him throw it up
That's my sneaky link ♪
He pull up on me,
and then he show me love ♪
Love when he beat it,
ayy, put me on the plate ♪
Love when he eat it up ♪
Yeah, take a bitch to the hotel ♪
Ooh, was with my nigga ♪
I'm feeling like y'all
motherfuckers owe me respect!
I got the city on my
back like it's a letterman
Oh no, baby.
Wait, who is she talkin' about?
What the fuck is she on,
and how can I get some?
- She dragged herself. LOL.
- Wanna get away?
- I want my time back.
- She just overcompensating
- because other one fine.
- Why can't y'all just
stay in y'all lane
and do makeup or something?
Mia is all of us right now.
Hey, the other one forgot the words.
Mia ready for slap-down round two.
- Mia just needs to go solo.
- The one time
we need Mia to slap somebody,
and she lets us down.
Not gonna lie, I like Mia quiet.
Mia tryna stop it, but the
bitch can't rap!
Goddamn, Ma.
I was just trying to
watch my baby and shit.
Just make sure you
keep that same energy.
Shit, you, too.
Was talking about Melissa.
Regardless of what we doing.
That's a given.
What's your problem?
Mia, don't be quiet, alright?
Say what's on your mind.
Why you Why you asking me out?
Why now?
I just finally feel like
we're on the same page.
Is it because of the music?
I guess that's
part of it, but not the only reason.
Just curious.
I really wanna see where this goes.
For real.
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