Rap Sh!t (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

Something for The Road

Wondering, how this
pussy drip like this? ♪
Hey, tell 'em who
the hottest in the game right now!
- Oh, it's a video?
- Yeah, j-just some B-roll shit.
Let's do a little drop.
Let the people know who you are.
Okay, eh-yo, it's Reina Reign, bitches!
And I came to rain on your
damn parade! Eh-yo!
Follow my page Okay, okay.
Talk your
shit! We need at least 30 seconds!
Okay! I'll talk my shit.
It's Reina Reign,
repping East Side Zone Six.
Fuck you thought?
I look on fleek today, bitch.
We're getting litty.
We getting litty in the car,
okay? We actin' out.
We being a fool. Ain't no lace,
bitch, these are my real hairs.
These are my real hairs.
Cinderella princess shit.
Miss Finna Get A I'ma
gonna fucking come and
Wassup? You want me to
I fucked your man! Who cares?
Um, and, um
My pussy taste like beans and
greens from your mama house.
Yum. And also tastes like
Tastes like a delicious muffin.
Like a fucking cupcake.
Like a birthday cupcake, bitch!
Tastes like somebody
put a foot in it.
Flash flood warning, hoes!
It's about to Reina Reign
on your damn cookout. Bitch.
How was that?
You know I gotta go everywhere
with you now, right?
You tried it, hoe,
that shit ain't work ♪
You made him pay, I fucked him first ♪
I took his check, you got a purse ♪
He paid my bills, yo ass at work ♪
You tried it, hoe,
that shit ain't work ♪
Shawna : but in
this rap shit, I'm killing my daughters!
You spent your whole check on a chain,
and that bitch still ain't water!
You got a top record producer
Good morning, y'all!
Thank you so much to everybody
who came out last night.
The show was crazy, the love was crazy!
Y'all been hittin' me up like crazy!
Keep it coming!
Me and Mia about to hit the studio soon.
Stay tuned.
We got somethin' cooking for y'all!
Love you so much! Bye.
From missing you ♪
But right now, it's just two weeks ♪
No speaking, I been leaving you ♪
And it feels like it's been too long ♪
When I was with you, dark times ♪
Like liquor, too drunk to admit that ♪
I was wrong ♪
I been ♪
Putting down my vices ♪
And I'm having a good time alone ♪
How long you been up?
- Hey, good morning.
- Good morning.
Your breath stink.
Your breath stink, too.
G-ride, G-ride, G-ride, G-ride ♪
Tell a bitch, "nigga, speak up" ♪
'Cause I'ma roast
his rainbow clothes ♪
- Hey
- Shh! Just go.
- I'm hungry!
- No! Window!
I'm a big booty hoe ♪
Out the window?
Ain't that a bitch. Shit.
She's a vibe, ay ♪
Hey, baby. Um, what you wanna eat?
Daddy had on a shirt
like that yesterday.
Come on.
Thank you. That's
what I'm talking about.
Excuse me.
Where the fuck is maintenance?
I'm sitting in my room with
no AC, sweating my ass off.
Okay. Ma'am, I just got here, so
Do something. This is
ridiculous. I need someone now.
Do you see me?
Right, yeah. I-I'll have
someone come right up.
- Oh. Hey, Benny.
- Yo. How was your show?
I mean, I'm right back here.
It's a lady talking about
an AC or some shit.
She came in looking like that.
The AC works.
I don't know what's wrong with her.
I'ma have Dino give her a fan.
Hey, did Benny and Maurice
switch shifts?
I don't know. Why? You looking for him?
No, no, I just I noticed, so
Oop. Been there.
What do you mean?
Look, I'm not trying
to get all your business.
Just a little advice.
Don't get attached.
Maurice is always gonna
look out for Maurice.
Shit, you ain't built for this shit.
You keep letting these bitches run you.
- That's what you doing.
- Man, nobody running me.
Man, that shit ain't flying.
It's the fuckin' group.
That's the problem.
Fuckin' Shawna a dumbass, man.
You know, I buy you books,
I buy you books,
and all you do is look at the
goddamn pictures, understand me?
Why you keep treating
these bitches special?
Hoes is hoes.
They got a product,
and they need you to sell it.
You try to be nice and smiling
at these bitches.
That's some clown shit, baby.
I should be taking a collection,
but since I like you,
I'ma make an exception.
They don't know what's good
for 'em until you tell 'em!
They don't respond to weak shit,
they respond to power.
See, you done put yourself at
the bottom of the fuckin' pyramid
when you're supposed to
be sittin' at the top!
You better pull
your motherfucking dick out,
and slap these bitches with it.
Either that, or just go the fuck home.
- Y-you got some sugar?
- Hell no.
And what that bitch say?
Talkin' about some she was in a moment.
Ooh, that's so humiliating!
Girl, I'm so tired of hearing about
this broke-ass hoe. Like, bitch.
Just say you want to be
Queen Latifah and go.
Do you want me to fuck her up on sight?
'Cause, bitch, my cousin Angela
got brass knuckles
on sale this month, hoe.
- We can pop up at the Plymouth!
- Up!
- Man, fuck that hoe!
- Oh.
I'm done with her. Next!
Okay, so you done with the group?
- I'm good.
- Mm-hmm.
- Shit, you good, we good.
- I can't even trust nobody.
Like, I'm trying to get
this motherfucking money.
I been wasting too much time.
I heard that, bitch.
Y'all want some more?
Oh, no. We was actually
tryin' to go out tonight.
- You still tryin' to go?
- Mm-hmm!
I want to go!
Fuck, y'all trying to leave me?
You was sitting here, like,
sad, so we was just
Girl, y'all coulda said somethin'
earlier! I coulda been ready!
Bitch, you over here
trying to have a sister circle.
I was. I was.
She be like, ooh, I'm scared of you ♪
Huh, she like, ooh,
I'm scared of you ♪
Huh, and she go ooh, ooh ♪
Hey, Mia! You're probably doing
your own thing today, which is
It's totally understandable,
honestly. Um
I just want to know
I'm thinking about you.
So, you know, let's work!
Okay. That was weird. I'm sorry. Um
Girl, just call me when
you get a chance, okay?
What happened to you?
I have been calling you.
I have been texting you.
- You just went MIA.
- I was in jail.
For what?
Really, my nigga?
Oh my god.
Shit. Sorry, sorry, sorry.
- Maurice : Bruh!
- I'm sorry. I freaked out
What's going on?
Is the phone tapped?
I don't know what to do.
Just chill.
You good, okay? Just
Go run some water in the tub,
- and chill.
- Run some water in the tub and chill.
I'll come over tomorrow.
Yep. Run some
water in the tub and chill.
I'ma do that. I'ma
take a bath.
Bye, Shawna.
- Hey!
- What the fuck you want?
I was waiting on you
to scoop me this morning.
I was ready to work.
Oh, now you ready to work?
You left.
Get the fuck off my car.
Duke, for real?
So, you really gonna act
like this? Towards me?
So I don't matter?
So I don't hold you down?
It's been me and you
since the beginning.
- We built this shit.
- See, that's your problem.
Ain't no we! This my shit!
Not yours!
You need me! I don't need you!
And if you don't understand that shit,
I don't know what to tell you.
- Now, watch out.
- I do.
You do what?
I understand.
Let me hear you say it then.
I need you.
Authentic or nothin' ♪
Timing is money ♪
My money abundant ♪
I'm in Miami ridin' 'round
in a Ghost like I run it ♪
Yeah, but you know that I'm strapped ♪
100K in my lap, my lap,
And I'm on that mud ♪
Leanin' so hard that
I might hurt my back ♪
Black as hell in Off-White ♪
If she bad, I might get her a flight ♪
Me and Rucci do her good for a night ♪
Hey, yo! Come up!
Mia, is he pointing at you?
They're good. They're VIP.
Oh! Okay!
- Looks like your girl.
- Yeah, ladies.
- It's all for you. Alright.
- Mm!
- Y'all ladies enjoy.
- Thank you!
Ah shit! We got Seduce and
Scheme in the building, y'all!
We gonna ball for this bitch!
Get up, get up, get up! Ha-ha!
Seduce and scheme ♪
I'ma spend his cream ♪
Put his face in
the crack like fiends ♪
Put a arch in your back then leave ♪
I'ma show you how
to run these schemes ♪
Say my name in it, go insane in it ♪
Say that pussy too wild,
no taming it ♪
Like ha ha ha ha ♪
If he ain't got change, if he do ♪
I don't fuck with no bitches
but these bitches right here.
- Day one, bitches!
- Soft-ass hoes!
You know the fuckin' vibes, hoe.
- No. No.
- Yeah.
Ayy, run me my money ♪
Money Making Mitch,
I'm always paid in full sis ♪
Ayy, run me my money ♪
Always talkin' slick, pay
your rent before you diss ♪
Wait, wait, wait, hold on.
W-we didn't order these.
They're actually from
the gentleman over there.
Oh, that's, uh
Ca$h Cha$er the GOAT.
Ms. Mia, he'd like for us to escort you
and your friends over to his table.
- Oh.
- Girl, you should at least go say hi.
No! I'm with my girls tonight, okay?
- I ain't thinkin' about no nigga.
- Yeah, but, uh,
- no, no. We keeping the bottles.
- Ooh.
We keepin' the bottles!
We keepin' the bottles!
We keepin' the bottles!
Shawna! You wanna get in on the video?
The choreography is easy!
And we could use the views.
Fuck. Shit.
Now, I'm screaming fuck a friend ♪
'Cause these hoes fight ♪
I cut a couple bitches off ♪
'Cause these hoes snakes
You might be kickin' ♪
With these bitches but I just can't ♪
You might just fold up
under pressure but I just ain't ♪
I was built for this shit ♪
I ain't giving up I done earn ♪
All these stripes got it out the mud ♪
Put any bitch up in my shoes ♪
If it's me against you,
bitch, don't try your luck ♪
This club didn't give
what it was supposed to,
and I don't know why they
gotta keep telling you
to stop standing on they couch
in them slide
Them new slides at that, bitch!
It's giving It's giving '90s diva!
No, no, no. That eye shadow
is giving '90s diva, bitch.
It's Killing Me Softly, sis!
It's Unpretty, sis!
- Ooh
- Hey.
You remember me?
Yeah. I smelled like Henny
White the whole damn event.
Yeah, sound like a good time to me.
Shit, that bottle service
was a good time! Thank you, Ca$h!
We going to get some food.
You wanna follow us?
Is that a Bentley? Girl,
tell him to take us to Nobu!
I had something else in mind.
I'm going wherever you wanna go, shorty.
Okay. Follow me then.
Got them bands, got them bands ♪
Let's go ♪
I just put some money to the side ♪
I got them bands, bitch
I make you think I want you ♪
Then I leave you,
that's my old trick ♪
Number one, don't bring up ♪
I don't fuck with no bitches
- but these bitches right here.
- Day one, bitches!
You know the fucking vibes, hoe.
Seduce and scheme, bitch!
Okay, well hit me up
when you take it down because
it shouldn't have been fucking
put up in the first place!
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Thank you so much for meeting me.
- Of course, yeah. Just this way.
Okay. Okay.
I'm, uh, very shocked that you hit me.
I mean
I've been thinking
about our last conversation
and everything you've been
saying for the past couple of years.
You were right.
We need a strategy.
Can we start over?
Shawna, you're like my sister.
We can go back and forth, up and down.
- We're always gonna come back.
- Good.
'Cause I just I just wanna win.
I need to get the fuck out of Miami.
You don't even know.
Let's go.
So, when you said that
we could get to this money,
what did you mean?
I'm actually really glad
that you asked that. Um
I could pull a few strings.
Okay, so Khalif,
you manage Ca$h, right?
Okay, and who else?
I mean, that's it.
Um, he keeps me pretty busy.
Okay, so one client?
Alright, and Jarad,
you only produce for Ca$h?
Hell nah. Shit, I mean, I love my nigga,
- but I produce for a lot of artists.
- Khalif, you got kids, right?
- Mm-hmm.
- Nelly! He got kids, bitch.
Oh! Get it, step-daddy.
Now, is the mama in their life?
Or mamas? I know how it is.
I ain't even gonna hold you,
but, uh, my niggas is broke,
so I'm sorry to your home-girls.
It's alright. Won't be the first time.
Oh yeah, this something y'all do often?
- Y'all paper chasers?
- Boy,
you chased me, so how that work?
Shit, you right. You right.
I been on your shit
- since I seen you at the show.
- For what?
I mean, you fire. I fuck with you.
Trying to get with you. Like, what else?
You pretty forward, huh?
I'm a real nigga. You want
me out here, wasting your time?
Unless you like that.
- You okay?
- I forgot how fire this shit is.
You been here before?
My dad lived out here,
went to school down the street.
For real? What school you went to?
- Da West.
- Me, too.
So, why I don't remember you then?
- Uh, I only went to the ninth grade.
- Mm.
- So, you moved.
- Nah, I went to juvie.
School just wasn't my thing,
you know? That plus my dad,
you know, he in and out.
Just too many distractions.
So, how did you end up in juvie?
Uh, one time, we broke into this house,
and, um
- and the nigga was there.
- Mm.
And all I really remember is
him having a pistol straight at me.
- What?
- And
Hey, I didn't even think. I just shot.
So, he died?
Yeah, a couple days later.
I got off on some technical shit.
Don't do that. Don't do that.
Don't do You scared?
I scared you off?
Just thinkin' about my dad.
He in prison for murder right now.
Do you see that?
Yeah, I be tuning
that shit out, low-key.
Hi! I'm a big, big fan.
- Can I please get your picture?
- I love you so much.
- Like, you seriously changed my life.
- Of course.
Yeah, you already know.
I appreciate the love.
Her shit colder. Definitely
gotta get one with her.
Can we get your picture, too?
- Yeah Mia.
- What's your name again?
- Bitch
- Bitch, you doin' a good job.
Bitch, you doin' a good job.
That's my bitch.
It's about time y'all got here.
- Shit.
- It's that quick.
Aye, nobody bring me
nothin' to eat? N-no food?
Let me pick you up tomorrow.
Nah, man, you busy tomorrow.
Cancel my day.
You gonna cancel Drink Champs?
Tell them she comin' with me.
No, I gotta work tomorrow.
Fuck y'all laughing at?
I got bills to pay.
Hey, if she wanna go to work
Hey, bring me my shit, my boy.
What you doing?
- It's a celebration.
- Of what?
Wait, wait.
What the fuck is this? What the What?
Me being extra. Just call me
if you change your mind
about tomorrow, yeah?
You for real?
Girl ♪
Tomorrow. Tomorrow?
Can you come back to me?
'Cause I was blind to ♪
This nigga done took my breath away.
Listen, this nigga is not playin'.
Yeah, but you better put that shit away
before we get robbed out here though.
You was right, Aleesia.
I'ma have to get a bigger purse!
The next 24 hours is crucial.
Lock that shit in.
Do not fumble this for us.
Bitch, did you see all them
people in there taking your picture?
- Yes.
- I'ma tag The Shade Room.
You gonna either be that
random bitch from that one time,
or you gonna be his bitch.
Call that nigga right now.
- Y'all doing too much, okay?
- No, no, no. You not doing enough.
This nigga is on the come-up.
Y'all could be like the next
little rap power couple
- and shit. I don't know, friend.
- Ooh.
- You might need to stay in that group.
- Ugh.
- I was with you
- Ah, ah, ah.
Think about the bigger picture, bitch.
Fuck it, bitch.
Let me hold one of them stacks.
I wanna feel it in my hand.
- Oh no.
- While you passing,
- pass it over here.
- Ooh!
Can feel it in my toes, bitch!
You better suck his soul, bitch.
Full-out washing machine, bitch.
That nigga deserve lockjaw, bitch.
Lamont who?!
- Bitch, who?
- Lamont!
Lamont who? Lamont who?
All I see is La Bentley, hoe.
Oh, oh yeah ♪
She a swoop, she wanna fuck me, yeah ♪
Aye, my money, too ♪
She wanttoget the loot ♪
Butgot the boot, aye ♪
Shoo, shoo, fromaround me
Hoe can't fuck with you ♪
Swear to God I hate the bitch ♪
But still be trying to lay in her ♪
- What's up.
- What's up.
Shawna not here?
Nah, she coming. What's up with you?
I'm straight.
You look good.
Thank you.
There she go.
I just wanted to talk to y'all
face-to-face and speak my mind.
Y'all got somethin' special,
but y'all need to recognize
who for y'all and who not.
And don't let your egos
get you fucked up.
A lot of this shit wouldn't
even be possible without me.
Regardless of how you feel
I handle my business,
the job get done.
I made connections for y'all.
I put y'all in places nobody would.
But just as quick as
those plays was made,
my nigga, they can be taken away.
I'm the motherfuckin' plug around here.
You can't do shit in this city
without me knowing about it.
I can build y'all or I can break y'all.
It's your choice.
Call me when y'all really ready to work.
- That was so extra.
- She right though.
Your ego gonna get the best of you.
I been keepin' it cute, but, uh,
ain't no group without me.
Ain't no "Seduce and Scheme."
Ain't no "Nann Badder."
- I know.
- Do you?
For real? I know what
the fuck I bring to the table.
Ain't gonna put up with your bullshit.
Mia, I know. I'm sorry, okay?
I know how important you are.
And I still really care about this.
I've been working on
this opportunity for us.
That's what I was trying to
call you about earlier. Mia,
we have the chance to go
on tour with a big artist.
Yes, girl. A tour, like,
across the country.
Paid tour.
Look, Mia,
I know what I did, and I'm sorry.
We don't got to be friends.
But it would be stupid
to fight some shit
that's actually working for us.
Girl, this could change our lives.
I ain't doing shit if we
ain't working with Chastity.
What? Why? We don't need her!
I trust her.
And I'm ridin' with who
ridin' for me. Period.
Hey y'all, special announcement!
We making big moves!
I wish I could tell y'all,
but we on some new shit.
And I'm revamping the business!
I'm on a runway, I don't
see a Tory in my lane ♪
I'm with the savages, ride
the boat, sit on Megan face ♪
Ride it like a stallion ♪
Everything we do is on
the low, fuck social media ♪
I wanna take a flight with Durk ♪
Fuck him and India ♪
Look at that. It's crazy.
When you seduce a nigga proper,
you ain't gotta scheme 'em.
You know what I'm sayin'?
Come here.
We in a good place
and a good place with Melissa.
I got some good shit going on over here.
I mean, if we was
supposed to be together,
we woulda been together.
And I just ain't trying
- to go backwards.
- Backwards?
I know what the fuck I be
doin'! Don't play with me!
Guess what, motherfuckers.
- Hm. Fuck y'all think?
- Mm-hmm. You know you poppin'
when there's break-up rumors
coming out about you already.
Y'all, we just gettin' started!
And we have a special announcement.
We going on tour!
Let's make it Reign!
And we got Boom in the house!
You already know.
It's the Boom Tour. New era.
- Show out, girls, show out!
- Ay! Ay! Ay!
and you ghetto,
we sippin' on some Henny ♪
So, she is aware that
she is a white woman, right?
Just Just wanna be clear about that.
Yes, yes.
- Yes, she is.
- Okay.
But honestly, I
think y'all are gonna get along.
I think you're gonna be
besties at the end. I think so.
Oh my god!
I love this bitch!
Wait, wait, wait.
Yo, where the glasses at?
- Yes! Let's fucking celebrate!
- Exactly!
- I'll go get some.
- Oh my god! Gonna touch your hair!
Girl, you look like Future.
See, I just tried a
new thing! Thank you so much!
Hey, can I get four champagne glasses?
- Thank you.
- Coming right up.
- Hey.
- What's up?
You're being asked for.
By who? I'm off.
Yoo! ♪
Oh yeah ♪
That dime got her own money,
she got her own bag ♪
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