Reacher (2022) s02e06 Episode Script

New York's Finest

- Previously on Reacher
- I'm Marlo Burns,
New Age director of operations.
She's got a kid.
[DIXON] You might want
to come and see this.
[NEAGLEY] Who the hell
goes on the lam and leaves
their cash stash behind?
Apparently Marlo Burns.
I'm paying a premium for
a seamless transaction
and so far this has been anything but.
The Little Wing chips
will be ready to install
in the missiles by
the time you get here,
and Mr. Swan's associates
will be taken care of.
So what happened out there?
Well, a New Age truck
with all 650 missiles
in it was hijacked.
I hope that's the "worse news."
[NEAGLEY] You wish.
Tony Swan's alive.
[RUSSO] You call me dirty one more time,
I will give you that
beating that I owe you.
I'll take that fight any time you want.
Get down!
- Talk. Now.
- I don't know any Langston.
- Then who hired you?
- Some guy called Swan.
[REACHER] If Swan's really
in that building, I'm gonna do
the same thing I did to that guy.
Wrap my hand around his neck
and squeeze the truth out of him.
[DIXON] What do you
think they used HMX?
[NEAGLEY] Blast that big?
Could be CL-20.
Yeah, but HMX is a more
readily available explosive.
True, but CL-20's stronger.
Who cares what they used?
I'm more interested in who used it.
Am I really the only one
here that's gonna say it?
What? The guy was hired by Swan.
He was going to get paid by Swan.
He got his ass blown halfway
across the street by Swan.
What, we can't say this guy's name now?
What is he, Beetlejuice?
I'm not gonna assume Swan's dirty.
In an investigation, assumptions kill.
- So do military-grade munitions.
Hey there, Russo.
Bomb squad found remnants
of a tripwire-rigged IED.
Whoever did this is a pro
or the people we're after
are trained in this sort of thing.
Military training, maybe?
Maybe. We don't definitively know.
Well, what we do know is their
plan was to have you all killed
in the boneyard and then
take out the assassins here.
No loose ends.
- Bodies?
- Just the sniper's.
Your pal Swan wasn't there.
Okay, send me the address.
Marlo Burns' car was
found north of Manhattan,
near Cortland.
We'll head up now. You coming?
There's someone I need to talk to.
Try not to leave any dead
bodies behind this time.
He's like that angry,
pissed off detective
from that movie.
Which one?
All of them.
All right.
Let's go find the woman
that sent us to get killed.
[SIGHS] Nothing in here, boss.
Yeah, it looks like she
dumped this thing and took off.
But if I were her, I'd hit the
head and grab a snack first.
[CLERK] She got her
kid a drink and a dog
and bought a burner phone with cash,
let me keep the change.
She was in a rush. Didn't
have time for change.
If you want to see
better, you can scooch in.
She's not the "scooch in" type.
Can you zoom in a little?
[CLERK] I can pop it in, but
a lot of the details may be lost.
Details matter.
Kid's playing a Nintendo Switch.
If we knew her gamertag, we could track
the IP address to her device
and that'll lead us to their location.
But how do we find her gamertag?
We go back to Marlo's house.
It might be on another
device there, like a smart TV.
I ever tell you you're smart, Neagley?
Not nearly enough.
Switch from the suit.
Need new gear.
Add it to the national debt?
And like the national debt,
it never has to be repaid.
I'll take these.
And a Clark Bar.
[A.M.] Hello, officer.
This is my vehicle. Is there a problem?
Huh, nothing that'll get
you death row, just the, uh,
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
doesn't permit objects
to hang in the rearview.
Yeah, the-the rental car
company put that there, and, uh,
being from the other side
of the Atlantic, I'm not
so familiar with your
traffic regulations.
But I will remove it in all due haste.
There you go.
- So, uh,
maybe you can find the grace
to give me a pass on the ticket?
Just give you a warning.
I cannot thank you enough for your
Forgive me, I thought
you said no ticket.
Official warnings still
need to be written up, sir.
If I could have your license,
it'll take me maybe
two minutes to run it
and then you're on your way.
Of course.
All right. I'll be right
back with this, Doctor.
Dispatch, this is Hicks, 55R41.
Please run an interstate check
on Colorado driver's license
for a Manuel Elzogby.
[DISPATCH] Copy that, 55R41, stand by.
Okay, Doc, we'll have
you out of here shortly.
55R41, we have an interstate
alert on Dr. Elzogby.
He was a victim of a
homicide robbery in Colorado.
Proceed with caution.
Backup is on its way.
[NEAGLEY] Atomic Fall?
Juggle the Jungle. Visited.
Can't believe people
actually play these things.
I did a job for a game
designer last year
billion dollar company.
- You got to be shittin' me.
- Well, you should try one.
You'd like a first-person shooter.
I am a first-person shooter.
Yo, I'm making some frozen
pizza if anyone wants it.
Jane's tag is PlainJane777.
She does a lot of cross-platform games.
I'll log into my own account and
play until she gets back online.
Gonna need some gamer fuel.
Uh, OD, see what Marlo
has in the kitchen
in the way of breakfast cereal.
Puffs, Pops or Pebbles,
in that order of preference.
Looks like this might take a while.
Got to wait for Jane to get her game on.
- Well, until then
I'm gonna catch some shut-eye.
We have been attacked by bikers,
shot at by hit men, and almost blown up.
I mean, to put it mildly,
I've got some pent-up tension.
I know you've got this rule,
"sleep when you can," but
It's not that firm of a rule.
- Hm.
Every day's a struggle ♪
Just to survive ♪
I look on the world sometime ♪
With tears in my eyes ♪
- And they say ♪
- Don't worry ♪
They claim that things ♪
Are getting better ♪
Every day. ♪
It's a little late for a
drop-in. Is everything okay?
Can I come in?
Of course, of course. Come in. Come in.
I was just about to put on the game.
You want a drink? I got
some light beer, even got
- some real beer.
- Nah, I'm good.
You know, I left you
a bunch of messages.
What the hell happened at that cemetery?
Word is some hitters were trying
to take out Franz's wife, so
I guess she was wrapped up
in what he was doing, huh?
You know that's not true.
Sorry, what?
You know as well as
I do that the only thing
that Franz's wife is
wrapped up in is grief.
I know you sold out Reacher
and his team when they went to Boston.
And I know you're working
for those guys at New Age.
Do me a favor.
- What?
- Take a look at your shoes
- for a second, would you?
- Don't get cute with me.
Where the hell do you
think you're standing?
You're in my house.
My house, where I brought up my kids,
where I lived with my
Connie God rest her soul
where we had you over
for dinner when you were
a wet behind the ears punk,
and you didn't know
which side of your gun
the bullets came out.
You come in my house and
you talk this shit to me?
Two people knew that Reacher
and his team went to Boston:
you and me.
And I didn't sell them out
to get jumped. So who did?
I'm making the smart
play here, all right?
The hell does that mean?
Look, the head of
security from, uh, New Age,
- the guy, uh
- Langston.
That's right.
He came to me when you
started poking around
the-the Franz murder.
He backed up a truckload of cash
and all he wanted to know
was what you were finding out,
where the investigation was heading.
He just wanted updates, that's it.
- Just updates?
- Yes.
After what this city's been through?
After 9/11?
You're NYPD and you're
aiding, abetting terrorists?
- Hey, watch your fucking mouth.
- Fuck that!
You are sullying the greatest
police force in the world.
You're spitting on the grave
of everybody who died that day,
died trying to save lives.
Who the fuck are you to
bring up that day to me?
I lost more friends that morning
than you'll ever have
in your goddamn life!
What they're doing
is-isn't about over here.
All right? It's about over there
China, the Middle East, Russia,
the-the IRA for all I give a shit.
It has nothing to do with
me, you or this country, okay?
Langston is a businessman.
He saw a play and he took it.
These are crooked cops.
These are-these are bad fucking people.
No shit.
I've known guys like him,
you know guys like him.
And your father definitely
knew guys like him.
When they make an offer
it's not a suggestion,
it's not a request, it's an order.
So, I damn well took that
money when they came to me
and I kept my ass in one piece.
That's what I care about.
And what if you're wrong?
What if you wake up
a few months from now
and it's raining plane parts
in Los Angeles, Chicago,
New York again?
What are you gonna do when you find out
that they fucking lied to you?
And don't ever bring up my father again.
Why not? I knew him well.
I think about him all the time
and what a good man he was.
And a good cop and how that good man
is six feet underground.
I don't want to go out that way
and neither should you.
They paid me, they'll pay you.
Take the goddamn money.
You didn't know my father.
And you sure as hell don't know me.
Look at the kilos coming in this week.
We're gonna wrap this up
in a big way. [CHUCKLES]
[FIELDS] Unfortunately,
you're not, Major.
At ease.
I need to speak to you alone, Reacher.
It's about Operation Kite Runner.
Respectfully, anything you
can say to me about the case
can be said in front of Dixon.
She's been working this
matter from the beginning,
knows it better than anybody.
Very well.
I respect you too much
to pussyfoot this thing.
The colonel's promotion's going through.
He's gonna be stationed in South Korea
at a base right near
the Demilitarized Zone.
It's gonna be announced
sometime in the next three weeks.
Waiting for the shoe to drop, Hortense.
Colonel's been gunning for
this promotion 20 years.
There's no way a drug
operation that happened
right under his nose is gonna
be publicized in a huge bust.
It's not a good look.
And it would be a bad mark on
his otherwise stellar military career.
As a result, Operation Kite Runner
will be shut down immediately.
This is bullshit.
Don't let our friendship
affect your judgment.
We don't have a friendship.
We have a familiarity.
With all due respect
to that familiarity,
this is bullshit.
Major Reacher,
this is what will go into your report:
five misdemeanor charges
for drug use only,
no charges for dealing, conspiracy
or misappropriation
of military resources.
One defendant will do time in the brig,
four will get probation,
all will receive honorable discharges,
that's it.
Do you understand your orders?
Yes, sir.
[DIXON] Reacher?
What's going through
your mind right now?
how the last big case
we all had together
How it all went to shit at the end.
And you're worried how
this one's gonna end?
Part of it.
Which part?
You've done so much for me.
I mean, for all of us.
You trained us.
So, when the time comes, I'll do it.
I'll kill Swan.
Got her address.
- Seriously?
- IP address or address address?
- Both.
Soon as Jane started gaming
she sucks, by the way
I had tech services in
my office track her down.
Got us a location an hour away.
[SPEAKING FRENCH] Dress quickly, boss.
She should've used the informal "tu."
Thank you.
Mm. Is Jane hungry?
You've already done more than enough.
God, I'm so embarrassed
that we're imposing
- on you like this.
- Don't you dare apologize.
This isn't your fault, Marlo.
I remember when I left Thomas.
It's never easy.
Why are my sprinklers going
off in the middle of winter?
I swear I'm gonna fire
that groundskeeper.
I'll be right back.
Not a sound.
Eight feet tall, 300 pounds,
and you got to hit a woman to feel big?
You're pathetic.
Did Marlo tell you she was
running from an ex-boyfriend?
She lied to you.
Why would she do that?
Great question. Why don't you
call her out here and ask her yourself?
And why the hell should I listen to you?
'Cause right now I have
a colleague in the car
playing online games with
Jane to keep the kid busy.
If you don't get Marlo out here
I'll go in and get her myself,
but there'd be a whole lot
of screaming and carrying on
and I'd like to avoid traumatizing
her daughter if possible.
I won't do it.
O'Donnell, switchblade.
Homemade silencer.
Call Marlo out here or
I'll shoot you in the leg.
Scream, I shoot you in the head.
Uh, Marlo, can you
come out here for a sec?
Sit back down.
- Can't believe you fell for that.
It's a 16th-inch of plastic.
- What
Hey, Marlo. How you been?
Please don't hurt my daughter.
Jane doesn't have to
be involved in this.
Come on, take a seat.
Why'd you send us to
get killed in an ambush?
I-I don't know anything
about an ambush.
- I'm sorry, what exactly is going on?
- Shut up, Chad.
[DIXON] You smiled
and gave me an address
where a bunch of thugs
were about to take us out.
Now, either you're a chump
or you gladly threw
us into the lion's den.
And when you found out
we took out your guys,
you skipped town and used
Chad here as a human shield.
- Can I just say
- Shut up, Chad.
I swear, I had no idea
who or what was at
the address I gave you.
Our head of security got spooked
when you guys came
around asking questions.
He told me to give you that address.
Oh, so now Langston's
in charge, not Tony Swan?
No. He's the one
trying to stop all this.
If you knew Tony Swan,
then you would know he'd never
be involved in something like this.
Some of us do.
I hired Swan,
jammed him on to
Langston's security team.
- Why?
- [MARLO] Because New Age's
security team was incestuous.
They were all former cops
from the same precinct.
So you trusted Swan?
And I like to think
that he trusted me, too.
That's why he came to me
when he found something
- suspicious going on
- Little Wing.
How do you know about that?
We know about the missiles,
Senator Lavoy,
everything except how
you fit into all this.
Well, I didn't fit into it,
not until Swan came to me.
He'd realized that chips
being uploaded with the
Little Wing software
were being flagged as
defective in numbers
outside normal margin of error.
Quality control couldn't figure out why
the failure rate kept creeping up,
but management wanted to fulfill
the Little Wing contract on time,
and since the majority
of the chips tested fine,
we chalked it up to a processing error
and kept cranking out product.
But Swan thought someone in
engineering had manipulated
the testing board to randomly flag
operational chips as defective.
Any idea who in engineering
could have been involved?
There's scores of engineers.
There's no way to know.
What about management,
board of directors,
any of the suits they in on it?
None of us knew anything.
Langston always said we were
all too busy counting our money
to realize we were being robbed.
These chips that were
being marked as defective
let me guess, 650 of them?
That sounds right.
I told Swan to report
his findings to Langston
because I didn't know he was
involved at the time, but
Swan was cautious. He wanted
to do some more digging.
He said that he was going to bring in
some of his trusted
army friends to help.
Yeah, they were our friends, too.
Did Swan ever report back
about what they dug up?
I never heard from him
again. He just disappeared.
Not necessarily. He was
signing off on shipments
as recently as yesterday.
He's alive?
Looks like it.
They probably got him held somewhere,
setting him up to take
the rap for this thing.
Yeah, well, Langston's
all about covering his ass.
Right after Tony went missing
he called me into his office.
He said that as director of operations
I was in a unique position
to help cover up whatever
it was that Tony had exposed.
Cut yourself a sweet
deal in the process.
Found your bag of money.
He made me take that so that
I wouldn't look clean in any of this.
Well, you could have just said no.
Langston is vicious.
He was a detective for over 20 years
and he helped some very
unsavory people avoid jail time
just so he could keep
them in his back pocket.
I mean, like a-a biker gang
Took care of them in Boston.
And professional hit man and
- Brooklyn Cemetery.
- And a lot of general lowlifes
who would take someone
out for a few bucks.
Buried in Atlantic City.
The things that he said
he would have done to me,
to my daughter.
I can't even repeat it.
That's why I ran.
After two of you came
around asking questions,
I was afraid Langston would
see me as a potential liability.
He doesn't like loose ends.
God knows what they're
doing to him right now.
Half of what we'll do to him.
You can go.
Thank you.
don't take this the wrong way, but
find a fucking hotel.
- [REACHER] We're looking for someone
who recently hijacked
a truckload of SAMs.
How complicated is it to install
the Little Wing chips into them?
He'd need his engineer to demonstrate,
but after that he'd be fine on his own.
Be nice to know who his engineer is.
We'll find out soon enough.
We just have to ask Langston.
Buyer will be landing soon.
He's not gonna hand over
a penny unless he knows
how to install those chips
and fire those weapons like
he's rolling out of bed.
Won't be a problem.
I will hold his hand.
I will guide him through the steps.
And how long is this
tutorial gonna take?
Well, I can run him
through the installation
and activation very quickly.
Nothing to worry about.
- Yeah.
Okay, well, don't spike
the ball just yet, Russ.
Where you been? I've been concerned.
[MARLO] I had to get out of town.
Those two women who came by
asking about Saropian
they brought a couple
of friends to track me down.
They threatened me and my daughter.
And what did you tell them?
A bunch of lies.
They're going to figure
that out sooner or later
and when they do, I am terrified
they're gonna come back for us.
Now, what did I say to you
when I brought you into this thing?
That if you did what I said,
you'd make a lot of money
and nothing would
happen to you and Janey.
I'm a man of my word. I
can keep you both safe.
- Where are you?
- Outside the city.
- Where? I'll come get you.
- I-I mean, I'm calling
from a deli. I-I think
they're following me, so I
Look, I have to keep moving.
Okay, okay. That's fine.
Where could we meet?
Making house calls now?
Only when shit's about to go down.
We're luring Langston
in to take him out.
Good. Let's get this asshole.
I got a different job for you.
That's Marlo.
She works for New Age.
She and her daughter are on
Langston's loose-end list.
Marlo's the lure.
Need someone to watch the kid.
What am I, a fucking babysitter now?
Langston's bringing at least four guys.
A driver, someone to watch his back,
and two guys to carry Marlo's body
since bosses don't do grunt work.
I need my whole team. That leaves you.
I saw what you did for
Mikey in the cemetery.
I know you'd do the same for Jane.
Fine, but we can't stay here.
I cornered Marsh and he copped
to being on Langston's payroll.
Told me to get with the program.
I told him to fuck off.
That's why you can't stay.
I know Marsh since I was
fresh out of the academy.
I don't think he's
gonna make a move on me.
But I'm going to my cousin's house
on Staten Island for a day or two,
just in case.
I'll bring the girl with me.
Appreciate it.
When we finally have that fight,
I'll let you take the first swing.
I don't need no
handicapping, pal. Trust me.
I bet you don't.
Hey, look, I'm-I'm gonna be back soon.
Everything's gonna be okay, I promise.
All right?
- I'll be back soon.
- Yeah.
[NEAGLEY] You thinking
what I'm thinking?
We're using this kid's mom as bait.
So we better get it right.
[NEAGLEY] Can you hear us?
Loud and clear.
Good. Keep us on speaker,
put the phone in your pocket.
We'll be right here listening in.
Oh, I don't know if I can do this.
Just take a breath. We got you.
You're gonna listen to my
voice and you're gonna run
when I tell you to
run. We clear on that?
[REACHER] As soon as you're
gone, we're gonna come up
behind him and block the exit.
O'Donnell and Dixon'll box them in.
Well, and then what?
Then we'll kill him.
Someone's coming.
Okay, stay cool.
You buckled up?
Up ahead.
Easy. Don't spook her.
It's gonna be okay.
You're gonna like Staten Island.
- We'll stop by Ariemma's,
get a chicken cutlet sandwich,
maybe watch an Adam
Sandler movie or something.
You'll be back with your mom in no time.
get in the back and keep your head down.
Just stay down.
[RUSSO] Hey, they tracked us down.
Marsh or Langston?
I don't know and I don't give a shit,
but we're under heavy automatic fire.
It's Russo. We got to go.
- Wait, wh-what's wrong?
- Who the hell is she talking to?
Is Jane in trouble?
Fuck, it's a setup. Get her.
That's Reacher. Kill him!
Go, go, go, go!

It's Neagley. Get in.
[NEAGLEY] Hurry!
What in the fuck was that?
They found Russo. We got to go.
What are you doing? Get in.
Go find Jane. I'm not done here.
I'm staying with Reacher.
No. They've got automatic weapons.
Russo's outmanned, outgunned,
and has a kid with him.
You all need to go.
Shit. Get down!
- There he goes. Get him.
- But Burns
Later. I want that big fuck.
Russo, what's your 20?
I'm heading east.
Keep heading towards Queens.
We're gonna intercept.


Where the fuck are you
guys? I can't lose them.
Just passed 104th.
We're close, all right?
Just keep them off your ass.
Hurry up.
Son of a bitch!
Hold on!
Keep him blocked in.
- You okay?
Okay, don't move
till I come and get you.
It's just you and me now, Langston.
This place is surrounded
by a barbed-wire fence,
there's only one exit and you
got to get past me to reach it.
You killed the wrong
guy's friends, asshole.
Let's go, let's go!
Come on!
Keep your head down.
Come on. Get behind the tires.
Come on.
When I say so, you run
as fast as you can. Okay?
- I can't.
- Yes, you can!
I promise I won't let
anything happen to you.
But you have to do what I say.
I want you to run down that way.
And whatever you do, don't look back.
- Okay?
- Okay.
Come on. Come on.
Come on!
It's not always fair, kid.
Oh, baby. [SOBBING]
- [DIXON] Clear.
- [O'DONNELL] Clear.
Call 911!
[O'DONNELL] Copy that.
Oh, fuck.
Hold on, Russo.
Help is on the way.
[WEAKLY] The girl?
- What?
- The girl.
She's okay. She's safe.
Ambulance is on its way.
Long, gray December ♪
Looking for your gold ♪
Waiting for your ship ♪
To roll on in ♪
Been searching the valleys ♪
Looking high and low ♪
Sipping from a cup ♪
That isn't yours ♪
And, oh ♪
Bear the pain ♪
Been sleeping ♪
In the rain ♪
And, oh ♪
Bear the pain ♪
Been waiting ♪
For things to change ♪
Mm-hmm ♪
Don't got what I used to ♪
But there ain't no looking back ♪
Got to work right now ♪
With what I have ♪
Been playing the lotto ♪
Wishing for finer things ♪
Leaving my heart ♪
In an empty glass. ♪
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