Reacher (2022) s02e07 Episode Script

The Man Goes Through

Previously on Reacher
[FIELDS] The colonel's
promotion's going through.
There's no way a drug operation
that happened right under his nose
is gonna be publicized in a huge bust.
Operation Kite Runner will be shut town.
Mr. Reacher. Malcolm Lavoy.
The people who want this weaponry
can never be allowed to have it.
If they knew you were
involved in the shady dealings
that created Little Wing in the
first place, you'd be indicted.
I'm prepared to give
you whatever you need.
Why'd you send us to
get killed in an ambush?
Our head of security told
me to give you that address.
- Not Tony Swan?
- No.
He's the one trying to stop all this.
Langston is vicious.
If I didn't cooperate
things that he said he would have
done to my daughter.
I want you to run down that way.
It's not always fair, kid.
- Hold on, Russo.
- The girl.
She's okay.
All right, we need to get you two
out of town to somewhere safe.
I take it Chad's house was the one place
you thought you wouldn't be found?
Everyone I trust with
my life or anyone else's
is already involved in this thing.
Even Finlay up in Boston.
What about Roscoe? You trust her.
Who's Roscoe?
She's a friend back in Margrave.
Senator Lavoy knew what
happened down there.
If he was able to find out,
Langston could have, too,
and potentially track
Marlo and Jane to Georgia.
Neagley, Dixon, was there
ever a time in your life
when you had very little
attachment to a place?
Digitally, via paper trail,
even emotionally?
It'd have to be after the military,
'cause the Army knew every
time we scratched our asses.
A few months after I was discharged,
I went to Buffalo.
Worked in-house at this
debt collection agency.
Only lasted six months before I quit.
- It was a dirty business.
- Did you rent while you were there?
Yeah. Private residence,
apartment over a garage.
Good. No property records. Landline?
Just my cell phone.
Non-local area code.
- Utilities?
- Nope. Included in the rent.
Well, that's pretty much perfect.
Anyone there you trust?
My landlord, Bob Lee.
Retired firefighter.
Old-school Irishman.
Lives for his grandkids.
[REACHER] Like that
he was a firefighter.
They have a sense of duty and honor.
[DIXON] I slipped on
ice in the driveway once,
knocked myself out cold.
Mr. Lee found me, picked me up,
drove me through a
blizzard to Kenmore Mercy.
Guy was 70 at the time.
I don't just trust him with my life.
He may have actually saved it once.
You think he'd do you a favor?
I send him homemade soda
bread on St. Patrick's Day
and he calls me every year
on my birthday, so yeah,
- I think he'd do me a favor.
- Buffalo it is.
[DIXON] Great, I'll give him a call.
[REACHER] It won't be forever.
We just need to kill a few more people.
Who wants treats?
There was a shitload of
options at the vending machine,
so I kind of got a sampler's pack there.
Um, can we have candy
or do we need to talk
about murder some more?
That's the only Clark Bar.
So, what's the plan?
O'Donnell and Dixon'll make
sure Marlo and Jane get off safely.
Neagley and I have business
with Lieutenant Marsh.
Russo's boss?
Russo confronts him about
being dirty and dies within hours?
I'd say we have a lot to talk about.
Car's in the driveway.
Decent chance he's home.
I want eyes out here in case
any of Marsh's pals show up.
Copy that.
A good man died in my arms last night.
Whatever you do to Marsh,
make him feel it.
Is that the going price of an
honest cop's life these days?
You can try, but that wouldn't be smart.
Listen, I did not want
Russo to die, all right?
They guy worked under
me since he was a rookie.
That's why you couldn't do it yourself.
So you made a call.
Just like Langston called
those bikers in Boston.
Cowards like you never like
to get your hands dirty.
No, it wasn't like that. Okay, yeah,
I told Langston that Russo was onto him,
but I didn't think in a million years
that they would kill him.
I figured he's wise up when they dropped
a bag of cash at his feet.
- Like that one?
- Yeah.
- Who the hell wouldn't take this kind of money?
- Russo wouldn't.
And anyone who knew him as
long as you did would know that.
So when you called Langston, you
knew exactly what would happen.
Go for it
if you really think you can
grab it and fire before I do.
Or you can tell me what I want to know
and use that phone to turn yourself in.
Prison's not a great place for ex-cops,
but it's better than the alternative.
[GRUNTS] Aah! Ow!
You just used up your
last bit of goodwill.
We know the buyer
Mahmoud, Mason, Marino
or whatever the hell he calls himself
will soon come into possession of 650
shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles,
and that he's due to meet with
Langston and a New Age engineer
to get the Little Wing software
chips installed in the hardware.
I need to know when and where
that meeting's taking place.
I don't know what the
fuck you're talking about.
Nobody ever said
anything like that to me.
Ow, ow!
Oh, God! God Stop. Please.
I swear I'm telling the truth.
Langston hired me to keep tabs on Russo
and just tell him when
he got close, that's it.
- Then I guess we're done here.
- No, no, wait, wait!
Stop, stop. Um
Um, look, uh, Grant-Grant would know.
- Who's Grant?
- He's the guy you ran over last night.
- He's dead.
- He's not.
Turn-turn on the news. He's not dead.
He's in intensive care in Mount Sinai.
Being an honest cop isn't that hard.
Just ask Russo.
Oh, wait. You can't.
We're square.
Okay. No one's gonna be
looking for you in Buffalo,
but if you guys feel like
you need to stretch your legs,
even just for a block
or two, wear these.
Pull 'em down tight,
low to your eyebrows.
Small precaution, big benefits, right?
- Yeah. Thank you.
- Okay.
Driver's got five
grand in cash in-pocket.
That guarantees you a safe
trip to Dixon's friend's place.
Okay, Jane?
[CHUCKLES] This isn't gonna do.
You know, when my
boys started in T-ball,
I had to teach 'em
how to break in a cap.
And I know everyone thinks it's
cool to wear 'em straight brim,
but I'm trying to bring
back the classic look.
- You want to help me out?
- [JANE] Sure.
How's that?
- It's good.
- Yeah? Let me see.
There you go.
You're gonna be fine.
Your mom, she's pretty brave.
And the dangerous stuff that's over.
So you'll be all right. I promise.
- Okay.
- Okay?
There you go.
Okay, well, uh
Typically, it's hard for
women to say goodbye to me,
so let's get you girls out of here
before you get too attached.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Speed limit all the way, sir.
You're good with the kid.
Would've been a good girl-dad, too.
Ah, kids are kids.
Don't talk to them like they're idiots,
usually pretty easy.
You know, we got this.
Reacher, Neagley, and I.
You don't have to finish this out.
What's that supposed to mean?
It means you've got more at
stake than the rest of us.
If you want, you can walk
away with your chin up.
With my chin up?
Really gonna try and
pull that line with me?
Aw, fuck it, it was worth a shot.
Yeah, let's get to work, buddy.
[REACHER] I know with the
training holiday coming up,
some of you may have made plans.
Those plans might have
included heading off base.
- Not necessarily.
- What gave you that idea?
But I just heard from one of our
sources on Operation Kite Runner.
The big buy is happening tonight.
Hm. Where?
Some abandoned, military-owned land
about five klicks northwest of base.
The overflow lot? Motor pool
guys used to go there to drink.
[REACHER] With the DONSA and
everyone clearing out for the weekend,
someone thought this would be
the perfect time to offload supply.
- They're wrong.
- Weren't we told in no uncertain terms
that there were to be
no wide-scale arrests,
no conspiracy charges, just,
you know, accept the
fact they were FUBARing
our entire operation and that was that?
Yes. That's what we were told.
[LOWREY] As the longest tooth here,
I just want to make sure you
understand the ramifications
of going through with this, Reacher.
[REACHER] I know them inside and out.
I know that tonight
will be the culmination
of two years of incredibly hard work
by every member of this team.
I know that defying a direct order
will permanently damage and
possibly end career paths.
We may not be discharged,
but they'll sure as hell
make us wish we were.
Busted in rank,
shit assignments in the
worst corners of the globe.
But if we do this,
we'll be taking out an operation
pumping thousands of kilos
of heroin into the country.
And we'll be making sure
the criminals hiding behind
the name of the United States Army
know they can't do so with impunity.
I think that's an okay trade.
But since I probably have
18 hours left as your CO
I'll leave you to
make your own decision.
If any of you don't want to
be involved, I understand.
I couldn't respect you more.
And every one of you are
free to walk out of here
right now with your chin held high.
Then let's get to work.
They're here, Lieutenant.
Hold on.
Don't move! Hands out and up.
On whose orders?
Major Jack Reacher of
the 110th Military Police
Special Investigations Unit.
We have reason to believe
these vehicles have been used
to transport Schedule One narcotics.
Kneel with fingers
interlocked behind your head
while we conduct our search.
- You don't have a warrant.
- [REACHER] This is the military.
We don't need a search
warrant. On your knees.
You heard the major. Kneel.
Let's go, sunshine.
Neagley, Lowrey, watch these soldiers.
Damn it!
Perhaps you were misinformed.
- O'Donnell.
- [O'DONNELL] Yeah?
Got a patch on this one, too.
Ditto that over here.
They're on all of them.
You're under arrest.
My buyers might have
something to say about that.
Cops! Light 'em up!

Thanks, kid.
- Everybody good?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- You good?
Got a runner.
Oh, my G You broke my fucking leg.
I broke the fence.
The fall broke your leg.
Shut up.
I am starting to see the appeal
of your minimalistic lifestyle.
Never too late to join me.
Can I bring my guitar?
- Nope.
- [SWAN] I'm out.
- Can't forget this, hermano.
- Mm?
My lucky lighter.
I am definitely
hanging onto this
to show your future wife. [LAUGHING]
Yeah, well, you're gonna
be holding onto that
for a hell of a long time
because I am unattached for life.
Ah. Well, I just want to say,
on behalf of all women
everywhere, thank you.
Hey, I had these printed
out in case anyone wants one.
You know, a kind of
sort of keepsake thing.
- There you go.
- [NEAGLEY] Sweet. Thanks, Franzy.
[FRANZ] Yeah, yeah, of course.
Thanks, sucker.
- Lose it.
- Yeah.
Thanks, boss.
Won't be your boss for long.
Well, I guess I'm gonna have
to savor it while it lasts.
Who knows when we're
gonna see each other again?
Why would anyone want
to see these clowns?
Wasn't talking about them.
Oh, here we go.
"Free Bird," extended version.
Hell, no. You know the rules.
But I got something even better.
'Cause we sure did go crazy
on those sons of bitches, didn't we?
My love is the evenin'
breeze touchin' your skin ♪
The gentle, sweet singin'
of the leaves in the wind ♪
The whisper that calls
after you in the night ♪
That kisses your ear in the early ♪
Moonlight ♪
Ooh ♪
No way!
And you don't need to
wonder, you're doing fine ♪
My love, the pleasure's mine ♪
Let me go crazy on you ♪
Crazy on you ♪
Crazy on ♪
Everyone enjoying themselves?
Your unit is disbanded.
Each and every one of
you will be disciplined.
Maybe not officially.
But rest assured, Uncle Sam
will get his pound of flesh,
and I
well, I just got my ass handed
to me by the colonel himself.
And you've decided to
throw a goddamn party!
Don't stand at attention
like you respect me.
I told you how I wanted
this case wrapped up.
Yes, sir.
Why'd you fuck me?
If you're looking for an
apology, there isn't one coming.
You know,
when you first got the 110th,
all the brass said that you
would eventually fuck it up.
Glad I didn't disappoint.
Special Investigators Unit,
you're all hereby relieved of your duty.
Effective immediately.
Crazy on you ♪
Crazy on you ♪
Let me go ♪
Crazy, crazy on you ♪
Ooh ♪
- Yeah.
- [FRANZ] Come on, Swan, play it!
Crazy on you ♪
- [NEAGLEY] Wish I had my piece.
- [REACHER] Any decent cop
would see the outline of
a weapon in these scrubs.
We go in nice and easy,
get the info we need and we're gone.
But nothing with you
is ever nice and easy.
- Hi, Grant.
You yell or make noise,
I'll tear your trachea out
and your last thought'll be,
"Holy shit, he really did it."
When and where is
Langston meeting his buyer?
- I don't know.
- [REACHER] I think you do.
You're a loose end who's
gonna be questioned as soon as
he's medically cleared.
You don't think Langston
has someone on the way here
right now to take you out?
I don't know anything.
Let's make sure.
- What the hell?
[GRANT] What are you doing?
Hey! What are
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
[REACHER] You know how a catheter works?
There's a balloon inflated in
your bladder holding it in place.
If I fill the balloon
port with air, it'll burst
the balloon and tear your
urethra apart like a piñata.
I've messed up a lot
of guys a lot of ways,
but I've never done that.
To be honest, I'm kind of
curious how you'll react.
So if I were you, I'd start talking.
Okay, here we go.
I can't understand a word he's saying.
Okay, okay. Fuck.
[GROANS] Langston's
meeting the buyer tomorrow.
- What time?
- Five a.m.
Langston keeps things
on a need-to-know basis.
That's it, I swear.
- Keep it the hell down, buddy.
I swear to God
I told you all I know.
Lucky for you, it looks suspicious
when your insides blow up.
Hospital checks security cameras,
sees us coming in here,
causes all kinds of trouble.
But if you have an embolism
after a car accident
no one suspects a thing.
A gift from Gaitano Russo.
- Hurry! Over here! Come here!
- [NURSE] Out of the way, please.
- [COP] He's flatlining.
- [DOCTOR] Hands on deck.
[DOCTOR] I need a crash cart!
[NURSE 2] We have a
Code Blue! Move, move!
[MAN] That way.
[NEAGLEY] Up ahead.
Doctor scrubs, but look
at the stethoscope. Only
nurses carry paper tape.
[REACHER] Looks like
he grabbed what he could
and threw it on, just like we did.
Langston hates loose ends.
Doc's coming for Grant.

Fuck you!
I wanted to question him.
Maybe we can still get some answers?
Give me some good news.
Sure. You're down another man,
but I left his body in
the morgue for convenience.
Oh, that's okay.
Since you've made it a
habit of taking out my guys,
I've come up with my
own contingency plan
and I've got two of your guys.
See, I still know people
in the police department.
And after the untimely
death of Officer Russo,
I had the GPS on his precinct car run.
Nothing unusual, except for a
visit to the Jade East Motel,
a by-the-hour tug joint
that that Boy Scout would never
visit unless he was working a case.
Just so happened it was the same night
as a hell of a fender-bender
in the New Age lobby.
So, today,
I sent some of my boys over there
and guess what they found?
- Your pals.
- What do you want?
I got an R & D facility
in Rockland County.
You and your buddy
surrender your weapon
and stay under the watch of my
men there till this is over.
And then I'll let you all go, alive.
Says a guy who doesn't like loose ends.
You know, this has gone way too far.
But soon, my associates
and I will have $65 million
and we won't have a reason to kill you.
More bodies means more bullshit, so you
and your cohort come here,
and this is over for all
of us before you know it.
My cohort's name is Neagley.
And she's dead.
Your guy killed her in
the hospital basement.
Then I slit his jugular with a bone saw.
Then you come here now.
But if you fuck around
and call the cops,
I'll kill the only two
friends you have left.
Cops are already here.
I'm at the scene of a double homicide
waiting to be questioned.
I leave now, they start tailing me.
You want them following me to you?
I'll be there sometime tonight.
When I show up, I need proof of life.
Oh, you'll get it.
But if you try anything cute,
you'll get proof of death.
Langston was a cop for 30 years.
You don't think he
can pull a few strings
and find out I'm not at the coroner's?
Eventually. Until then,
I bought us some time.
To do what?
[MAN] There's a Jack
Margrave on the line for you.
He says it's urgent.
Put him through.
- Mr. Reacher.
- I'm about to tear the apple cart to pieces.
You still prepared to
give me everything I need?
One hundred percent.
Your private security
former SEALs and Rangers?
Two SEALs, one Ranger.
Good. I need 'em.
Well, if that's what it's gonna take
to make all this go away, done.
Look, Reacher,
I know that you think I'm some
feckless scumbag politician,
but I was just trying to
do right by our country.
Yes, maybe I maybe
I wet my beak a little.
But I didn't know that it
would lead to people dying.
You got to believe me on that.
You want absolution, talk to a priest.
Now, here's exactly
what I need you to do.
[NEAGLEY] Lot of exterior lighting.
Anyone trying to cross
is gonna get lit up
like a Wrigley Field night game.
Not to mention the camera
mounts all around the perimeter.
Langston said if anything
suspicious goes down,
he'll kill Dixon and O'Donnell.
There's no way to initiate
a plan from the outside
without putting them at risk.
That's why I have to
do this from the inside.
Get a jump on 'em.
You're just gonna walk in there?
You have no idea what
he's gonna do to you.
That's not exactly true.
We saw Franz's autopsy record.
Cuffs, torture?
No, Reacher.
Don't worry. I'm not just
gonna lie down and take it.
I'm a man, yes, I am ♪
- And I can't help but love you so
No, it's all right.
Cheers, cheers, cheers.
I'm a man
Good song.
Thought kids only listened to garbage.
No, no, no
I told you punks this is
private property. Now beat it.
Private property starts
at the fence, man.
My parents pay for this
road with their tax dollars.
If you don't get out
of here, I'm not gonna
call the cops this time, I'm
just gonna kick all your asses.
Help but love you so
Eat shit, narc. [LAUGHS]
I'm a man
Oh. And the fence is electrified.
- Help but love you so ♪
I like that kid.
'Cause he fights the power?
'Cause he just gave me an idea.
You're on time.
Though it's expected,
it is still appreciated.
Show me, please.

The New Age engineer who
has the Little Wing chips.
Take me to him.
Guy your pal Reacher
killed in the hospital?
We were on the force with him for years.
Someone that you served with
getting violently killed?
I have no idea what that feels like.
He's a funny one.
He's got his funny little remarks.
His funny little toys.
You know, these things don't do
any good if you don't keep 'em sharp.
Let's see how well you
maintain your tools.
It's time.
Hold on.
Nothing. It's just
I've been thinking about
Operation Kite Runner lately.
So have I.
We went into that case knowing
it was a losing proposition.
And we all got burned.
Kind of getting that same vibe now.
We put bad guys in the ground,
we put bad guys in jail.
I prefer the former, but
it was far from a loss.
It killed the 110th, figuratively.
And now someone's actually
killing the 110th, literally.
You're about to walk
into a buzzsaw, Reacher.
This plan?
We might die.
Everyone dies eventually.
I'm aware.
But I'd prefer to not do it today.
Wouldn't you?
People live and then they die.
As long as we do both properly,
there's nothing much to regret.
If this goes to shit,
I just don't want to be
the last living member of our outfit.
We investigated, we prepared.
Now we execute.
And I have my best soldier
covering my ass, right?
Damn right.
Besides, if this all went to shit,
you wouldn't be the last
member of the 110th for long.
They'd kill you within 24 hours.
Move aside ♪
And let the man go through ♪
Let the man go through ♪
Move aside and let
the man go through ♪
Let the man go through ♪
Move aside and let
the man go through ♪
Let the man go through ♪
Move aside and let
the man go through ♪
Let the man go through, through ♪
Too fat, fat you must cut lean ♪
You got to take the
elevator to the mezzanine ♪
Chump, change, and
it's on, super bon bon ♪
Super bon bon, super bon bon ♪
Super bon bon, super bon bon ♪
Super bon bon, super bon bon ♪
- Super bon bon, super bon bon ♪
- Super bon bon, bon bon ♪
Move up and let the man go ♪
Let the man go, move up
That's far enough. Hands up.
Let the man go ♪
Move up and let the man go ♪
Let the man go ♪
Move up and let the man go ♪
Let the man go through
I'll hold onto this for you.
And let the man go through ♪
Let the man go through ♪
Move aside and let
the man go through ♪
Let the man go through ♪
Move aside and let
the man go through ♪
Let the man go through ♪
Move aside and let
the man go through ♪
Let the man go through ♪
Move aside and let
the man go through ♪
Let the man go through ♪
Move aside and let
the man go through ♪
Let the man go through ♪
Move aside and let
the man go through ♪
Let the man go through ♪
Move aside and let
the man go through ♪
Let the man go through, through ♪
If I stole ♪
Somebody else's wave ♪
To fly up ♪
If I rose up ♪
With the avenue ♪
Behind me ♪
Some kind of verb ♪
Some kind of moving thing ♪
Something unseen ♪
Some hand is motioning ♪
To rise, to rise, to rise ♪
Too fat, fat you must cut lean ♪
You got to take the
elevator to the mezzanine ♪
Chump, change, and
it's on, super bon bon ♪
Super bon bon, Super bon bon ♪
Too fat, fat you must cut lean ♪
You got to take the
elevator to the mezzanine ♪
Chump, change, and
it's on, super bon bon ♪
Super bon bon, super bon bon ♪
Move aside and let
the man go through ♪
Let the man go through ♪
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