Reacher (2022) s02e08 Episode Script

Fly Boy

- Previously on Reacher
- Little Wing can knock
anything out of the sky.
- Azhari Mahmoud.
- Yeah, we've been calling him A.M.
His only God is money.
[REACHER] This buy was supposed
to happen with bearer bonds.
You can carry an untraceable
fortune in a briefcase.
Tony Swan's alive. Swan personally
signed off on the shipment;
It's a digital thumbprint.
I'm not gonna assume Swan's dirty.
In an investigation, assumptions kill.
- Malcolm Lavoy.
- If anyone knew you were involved, you'd be indicted.
Get rid of the bad guys,
keep my hands clean.
- We call that a win-win.
- [MARLO] Someone in engineering
had manipulated the testing board
to randomly flag operational chips
- as defective.
- The Little Wing chips will be ready
to install in the missiles
by the time you get here.
- Perfect.
- [REACHER] We need to know exactly
where the missiles are headed,
so we can intercept them.
- What do you want?
- You and your buddy come here now.
My cohort's name is
Neagley, and she's dead.
Your private security,
former Seals and Rangers,
- I need 'em.
- [LAVOY] Done.
Hey. Beat it.
- That kid just gave me an idea.
What, you're just gonna walk in there?
[REACHER] Don't worry,
I'm not just gonna
lie down and take it.
- [PIERCE] Hands up.

[PIERCE] Stop.
Surveillance photos
don't do you justice.
You're gonna make a hell of a
hole when you hit the ground.
A hell of a hole.
Get him ready.
Yeah, what did you find out?
Climb on.
You aren't in charge here [GRUNTS]
Where is she?
Must've got a call from one
of your pals on the force.
There's only one body down
at the coroner's office,
and it ain't Neagley. Now, where is she?
Put the gun down.
We both know you can't
shoot me till you find her.
She's your last loose end.
You're right.
I can't shoot you.
Sit down. We're gonna talk.
I don't want to leave
anything for ballistics.
Dig that slug out of him.
We got 'em right where
we want 'em, boss.

Perimeter guards
neutralized. What's your ETA?
- [SEAVER] Three minutes out.
Oh, God.
I had this whole thing planned out.
We get paid,
let some time go by,
and then quietly retire.
But then your boy Swan
starts sniffing around.
He brought his pals in on it,
and fucked my well-thought-out plan
like a Times Square
But that's okay, 'cause now we use Swan
to sign off on our paperwork.
If anybody else comes poking around,
it looks like he did the
deal, took the money and ran.
And I still end up
with my toes in the sand
and a bronze ass on my lap.
But now that plan has gone to shit, too,
'cause I got one of you fucking assholes
running around out there.
Where is she?!
You seem upset.
You're too stubborn for
your own fucking good.
Just like the men you used to command.
I offered to cut Swan in.
- Where is he?
- [LANGSTON] Your buddy?
He's here.
You want to see him?

See, I didn't need all
of him to frame him.
Just his fingerprint
to get into the computer,
sign off on some documents,
and his iris to scan
when he logged in and out of
certain parts of the building.
And a pristine house
It looked like he
took the money and ran,
even leaving his poor dog behind.
Had to be a hero.
Did you teach him that?
Is this your fault?
This reunion's over.
I got a meeting with a man
that's gonna give me $65 million.
Load those two on a chopper,
and then come back for this asshole.
No matter what I do to you,
you're not gonna tell me
where Neagley is, are you?
Yeah piece of shit.

[NEAGLEY] You came through, Lavoy.
We don't want to leave anything behind.
Go flush this.
You know, after I get my money,
I may have some of my guys go by
and find Neagley's father, pick him up.
That ought to flush
her out of the woodwork.
What do you think?
I just really, really hate loose ends.

One pill makes you larger ♪
And one pill makes you small ♪
Are those fucking kids back?
Go run them the hell out of here.
We don't want any
witnesses when we leave.
Go ask Alice ♪
When she's ten feet tall ♪
And if you go chasing rabbits ♪
And you know you're going to fall ♪
Hey! I thought I told you kids
to stay the hell away from here.
Has given you the call ♪
Call Alice ♪
- When she was just small ♪
- I'm telling you for the last time,
get back in your car,
get out of here before I kick your ass.
Okay, boss. Just let
me finish my beer, okay?
Have fallen sloppy dead ♪
And the White Knight ♪
As soon as you have them
secure on that 'copter,
go find out why that fucking
music is still playing.
Off with her head ♪
Remember what the Dormouse said ♪
- What the fuck is going on?
- Feed your head ♪
- [PIERCE] Now!
- Feed your head ♪
[LENNOX] Hey, hey!
Keep your head down and stay here.
Come on!
- Over there.
- Stay here.

- [PANTING] Hey, boss.
- Neagley.
We got to cut our losses,
meet our buyer, get paid,
get the hell out of the country
before the cops and the feds show up.
Jefferson Airplane?
Why no Hendrix?
I'm with Swan. Hendrix is overrated.
[PARKER] What about the other guys?
Fuck 'em!
Langston's getting away.
Get this thing up in the air.
It's gonna take a few
minutes to warm up first.
No. Let's go now, you son of a bitch.
All right.
How much ammo you got?
Not enough to cover your slow ass
if you're planning on
running out of here.
You're gonna have to make do.
On three.
One, two, three.
[LANGSTON] Here we go.
Open the back doors.
Ladies first.
It's your turn, sweetheart.
Time for you to fly.
Fuck. [GRUNTS]
- Fuck!
Fuck it. Come on, come
on, come on, come on.
Jesus Christ, Reacher.
You just don't know
- when to quit!
You're one tough son of a
bitch, I'll give you that.
Get him.
[PARKER] Here's the deal.
I can use your pal's brass knuckles
and smash your skull, or
you can let the bitch fall,
and I'll be merciful and
toss you out after her.
- Ah!
[LANGSTON] No, no.
You better hold this thing steady,
or we're gonna find out the
hard way if I can land it.
Yes, ma'am.
Wait, wait, wait.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait
No, no, no, no! You
You can still stop the missiles
from getting into the
hands of the terrorists.
No, no, no, no! No, no, no!
Don't! Don't kill me, and I'll tell you
where I was gonna meet Mahmoud.
You assume that's the
information I need, Langston.
But in an investigation,
assumptions kill.
[O'DONNELL] That was a really cool line,
but I hope you actually know
where the hell A.M.'s heading.
I don't. But he does.
What do you say, flyboy?
They're going to meet one
of the New Age engineers
at his home so he can teach the buyers
how to put the Little Wing
chips into the rockets.
Look, I have the coordinates.
Please, just don't kill me.
Take us there.

[A.M.] Excellent.
Langston's already here.
You're not Langston.
No shit.
Get inside.
There must be some mistake.
I don't know any of you people.
Sorry to disappoint.
Your little scientist friend's being
held in the barn with the pilot.
You killed our friends.
Over this stuff.
You killed them.
[STAMMERS] I understand
that you're upset,
but I didn't kill your friends.
- I didn't even know them.
- [REACHER] But I know you.
You don't care how many people die
so long as you get your finder's fee.
Arrest me and get it over with.
We could do that, but
bet a guy like you
probably got a top-notch
lawyer on speed dial.
We'll give you one chance.
Tell us who you're
selling the weapons to.
Oh, I-I'm sorry, that would ruin
my reputation and my business.
Not that I would expect
any of you to understand.
I can see that you're idealists.
Besides, your issues aren't with me.
I don't fire the weapons.
I'm the middleman.
It's-it's just business.
- You think that makes it better?
- [A.M.] Yes, I do.
Between the seller of
the gun or the user,
I prefer to be the seller.
The base mindset that
a person has to embrace
to actually pull the
trigger is no better than

[SEAVER] Guessing from all the gunfire
we don't have anyone
to worry about anymore.
- [REACHER] Affirmative.
- [SEAVER] Huh.
What do you want to do with these two?
Hey, man. I didn't kill anyone,
and I didn't have anything
to do with those missiles.
I only flew the chopper.
I was just doing my job.
What's your excuse?
I was just gonna show him
how to implement the chips.
I had no idea what they
were all gonna be used for.
Please, I'm just an engineer.
Get out of here. Both of you.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
Don't hog the beer, O'Donnell.
Cold tonight.
Only gonna get colder.
Just wait till they're over the river,
past that ridge.
Copy that.
I think we're good, Neagley.
Fire in the hole.
Wait for it
I guess Little Wing works.
You got to be shitting me.
Sorry, but Senator Lavoy was clear.
No one can ever know
what really happened.
Can't take the risk
one of you might talk.
I underestimated you guys.
Didn't think we'd take it this far?
[REACHER] Didn't think
you'd wait this long.
I thought you might make a move
as soon as I let them
get on the chopper.
Me, too.
Maybe they just really wanted
to see me shoot those assholes down.
It was pretty cool.
[REACHER] I figured
Lavoy was the kind of guy
that would cover his ass.
That's why I didn't just call Lavoy.
I also called Omar Karim in Homeland.
I think that's him now.

[TAC TEAM LEADER] Down, down, down!
- Let me see your hands!
- Move!
Cutting it pretty close.
When is government ever efficient?
- Lavoy?
- Tac team's standing by.
Thought you might want to do the honors.
Is it over?
There's just one last loose
end that needs tying up.
I think this is what's
called a win-win.
You've got the green light.
Lavoy! Homeland Security!
Lay on the ground! Get down!
Show me your hands.
Move, move, move!
Lavoy's having a bad day.
We had a deal.
Get going. We'll clean up here.
Oh, one more thing
Where's the money?
What money?
Whoo ♪
I'm on my way ♪
Got the light of day ♪
Living on parade ♪
Yeah ♪
Making history, yeah ♪
Passing county lines ♪
Racking up the miles ♪
Flying by the signs, whoa ♪
And I keep on keeping on ♪
I'll keep on rising ♪
Looks like you had a rough night.
Had worse.
[WAITRESS] What can I get you?
Coffee. Black.
Yeah, you can bring the pot.
For you, ma'am?
Pops, Puffs or Pebbles,
in that order of preference.
And a chocolate milkshake, thanks.
what are we gonna do
with 65 million simoleons?
That's a lot of lettuce.
Got to use it to make up for
some of the pain it caused.
Sure, but what specifically?
Big decisions
Well, I sure am glad that
I'm not the senior officer
in charge of this unit, got
to make choices like that.
- Don't look at me.
- [CHUCKLING] What a shocker.
The guy with no mortgage,
no car payments and no job
- doesn't want the responsibility.
- [DIXON] You care less
about money than anybody
I've ever met, Reacher.
You should be in charge
of it. Handle it, Big Guy.
- Thank you.
- [TV ANNOUNCER] This just in
[NEWS ANCHOR] Police say
they've recovered two bodies
from the wreckage of a
helicopter that went down
in the Hudson River early this morning.
- Just terrible.
- [NEWS ANCHOR] A fisherman who witnessed the crash
Yeah. Real shame.
[NEWS ANCHOR] said the
chopper had a stream of smoke
trailing behind it,
followed by an explosion.
Investigators are blaming the tragedy
on system malfunction
and possibly pilot error.
Sounds like your friend at
Homeland has things handled.
Got 50 cents?
You have 65 million
three inches from you.
Juke boxes don't take bearer bonds.
Start me a new tab.
[NEAGLEY] Mm-hmm.
Took down my coat and I put it on ♪
Put cold hands through the sleeves ♪
Pulled down my hat and I rode along ♪
- Silent ice in the trees ♪
I rode right past all
the soldiers there ♪
Got in the bridge cross the creek ♪
The lonesome sounds ♪
[RUSSO] How can you not
know where it came from?
You're the bank. Yeah.
It's millions of dollars
earmarked for my kids.
It can't be from my brother.
he died recently.
Oh ♪
I'm gonna miss you.
Take care of the spot.
We got you. Send us a postcard.
- [LAUGHING] Key West or bust.
- Rode three days through the howling rain ♪
Towards the kingdoms in the East ♪
And I heard that great
dog of winter there ♪
- Call through the darkness to me ♪
He asked how long till
the war come to him ♪
I said not till the spring ♪
Oh ♪
[MAN] Hey, do we know
someone named Swan?
Or a dog named Maisi?
I don't think so. Why?
Got a donation in their name.
Oh, oh ♪
You can't get what you need ♪
Oh, oh ♪
Mr. Neagley, I'm Connie Bumbry
from Chicago Home Health.
I'm part of the team that's been hired
to provide you
around-the-clock medical care.
[NEAGLEY] That was my dad.
What did you do?
You would've felt funny
if I'd just put cash in your account,
but you won't take it
away from your father.
He's good for the rest of his life.
Whatever he needs.
There's more than a
bit left over for you.
I ever tell you you're
a good friend, Reacher?
Not nearly enough.
What about me?
What did the world's
scariest Santa Claus
put under my tree this year?
I didn't give you a penny.
but I put a shitload
in your kids' names.
Credit Union around the
corner from your house.
It'll cover private school
tuition, college, trade school.
From the looks of it, the defense
lawyers they'll eventually need.
Now you only have to take the sleazy,
adjacent jobs you want to take.
I'm, uh, speechless.
That's a first.
Speaking of jobs you can quit yours.
I started a Delaware LLC in your name.
Fully funded. Go hang your own shingle.
You're too smart to be working
for anyone but yourself.
Wow. I, uh I just, um
Thank you.
What about you, Big Dog?
What did you get for yourself?
I need a new toothbrush.
Oh, my God, he's serious.
You know, Reacher,
when I found out that
you were [SNIFFLES]
wandering the Earth with nothing but
what you could carry in your pockets
I thought you'd lost your mind.
there's a part of me that thinks that
you're the only one out of us
that's got it all figured out.
Can't believe I'm gonna say this,
but I actually miss Swan's
guitar playing right now.
To absent friends.
- To absent friends.
- To absent friends.
this is it.
It's our last night together.
We should take another picture.
Yeah, we should.
Hell yeah.
Guess you're not gonna let me
just take this one either, huh?
Not a chance, boss.
Hey. Come on.

Good, you're awake.
I thought you'd gone.
I did.
Bought you a present.
Now you can actually get
yourself something with the money.
Please, Reacher.
You deserve it. Do it for me.
And there's something else you can do.
- Name it.
- Come home with me.
I really want you to meet my parents.
I'm fucking with you.
Look, I don't know about you,
but I see what we've been
doing these past few days
not so much as
"new business" but "old business."
Old business that really
needed to be taken care of.
Damn right it did.
And before this meeting's adjourned,
I think this particular item
needs one last going over.
I second that motion,
but I saw O'Donnell out front,
and I told him that
I'd share a cab with him
to the airport so
I've only got a minute.
This might take more than a minute.
That's not what O'Donnell said.
Mama told me ♪
[NEAGLEY] This is what
you bought yourself?
- A bus pass?
- When I was young ♪
That's a Trailways Pass.
I can ride the bus anywhere
in the country for a year.
That's $1,980 of freedom, Neagley.
[NEAGLEY] Well, I guess at
least for the next 365 days
I won't have to worry that you're
out there hopping freight trains.
And, for the record
I'm not as comfortable with this
arrangement as I thought I was.
Years without seeing each
other, never speaking,
getting together only
when we're being shot at?
You need to get better
at staying in touch.
Is that understood?
Yes, Master Sergeant.
Oh, take your time ♪
Don't live too fast ♪
Bye, Neagley.
And they will pass ♪
[NEAGLEY] One more thing.
You've referred to the Special
Investigators as your team,
your soldiers, even your friends.
But you know we're
more than that, right?
There's someone up above ♪
And be a simple kind of man ♪
Oh, be something ♪
You love and understand ♪
Baby, be a simple ♪
Kind of man ♪
Oh, won't you do this for me, son ♪
If you can? ♪
Where you coming from?
Right here.
Doing what?
Forget your lust ♪
Visiting family.
For the rich man's gold ♪
So, where you headed?
All that you need ♪
No idea.
Is in your soul ♪
And be a simple kind of man ♪
Oh, be something ♪
You love and understand ♪
Baby, be a simple kind of man ♪
Oh, won't you do this for me, son ♪
If you can? ♪
Oh, yes, I will ♪

Boy, don't you worry ♪
You'll find yourself ♪
Follow your heart ♪
And nothing else ♪
And you can do this ♪
Oh, baby, if you try ♪
All that I want for you, my son ♪
Is to be satisfied ♪
And be a simple ♪
Kind of man ♪
Oh, be something ♪
You love and understand ♪
Baby, be a simple ♪
Kind of man ♪
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