Reporting for Duty (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Operation Immortal

[honks horn]
[smooth music plays]
- [laughing] Yeah. Yeah.
- [cheering]
- It's a party! [laughs]
- [horn blows]
- [overlapping chatter]
- Oh man.
[chuckles] Yeah.
[Suzano] Eee!
[Guerra] Ah!
- [horn blows]
- This is him! This is him!
Hey, Chief Suzano.
Handsome. Uh, uh, Chief Azevedo.
You brought me coffee.
Yeah, I had mine at home, so
You don't mind if I hole up
here in your office today, right?
The smell of this precinct, ah,
it helps my recovery.
No, feel free. You're welcome here to, uh
I'll just sit down
and stay in this corner.
Yeah? And there's an air vent there
that hits the chair.
I'll make sure you stay
where it can't touch you.
Yeah, and you just put
your shoes right up here.
- Right here.
- [Mantovani] Chief?
[both] Good morning, Inspector.
[theme music plays]
Wah, wah.
[siren beeping]
[Wi-Fi] Oh.
- What's happening, Inspector?
- What do you want?
I just wanted to maybe ask you,
if I could, Inspector,
for a day off this Sunday.
For a job where I'll, uh,
be contributing to our society.
You're planning to do the exam
to be a driver for the court.
Work three days a week,
take four months vacation.
You know, when you put it that way,
you make it seem like
- [phone chimes]
- [robotic voice] New match! New match!
- Oh man. So sorry.
- I see. Yeah, sure.
- No, sure, that kind of exam.
- I thought it was on silent.
Is this on the exam? True or false?
Apps used for finding a hookup
during working hours
can lead
to an investigation of the officer
and even their eventual firing.
This is really hard work, man.
- This is big, hard work.
- Don't feed me that self-promotion, Wi-Fi.
What? No, hey, that's not self-promotion.
It's, you know it's, like, uh
It's like I'm on a mission, you see?
Yeah, I've got a special investigation
that I'm taking care of
on my own, you know?
No. Yeah, a fake profile we're gonna use
to bring down the Soaked Rat.
I see.
So it's a bit of a catfish situation.
Yeah, you got it.
Here's what I want.
A full report on the investigation
on my desk by the end of the day today.
Or else you don't have to come in
Sunday or any other day of your life.
Do you copy?
Suzano, darling, the mafia's
priority number one, you understand me?
Why else would I go through the trouble
of bringing the expert to Tijuca?
[Suzano] Miss Ivone Cruz,
the illustrious regional chief,
thank you for trusting me.
But don't you think we're actually
focusing too much
on this whole mafia thing?
Yeah, I wonder, uh I just think if we
I'm brainstorming here.
I think if we ignore them
- A break, a block, set a boundary.
- What?
They'll beg us for another chance,
I think. Don't you?
All right, all right, enough. Go away now.
Think with me. In Quintino,
they arrested the chief of the militia.
In Leblon, they're missing
a councilman now. Am I right?
And here? In Tijuca? We're doing what?
We're just tracking down guys
who leave their cars too long.
No! That's madness!
You gotta focus on the mafia.
Just focus on the mafia, got it?
Uh, unfortunately, Ms. Cruz,
I've gotta hang up,
because Inspector Mantovani just walked in
and it seems something serious happened.
It's okay. Pretend I'm not even here.
Suzano, darling,
let's be efficient with our time.
I'll give you just two days
to capture the mafioso.
- Uh
- Be well.
Uh, Inspector, are you taking care
of the recycling right now?
I'm just wondering.
Too much trash in here, sir.
If you don't watch out, this place will
be a chicken coop in just a few days time.
You mean a pigsty, right?
No, because two pigs
get along with each other.
- You ever seen two roosters together?
- Yes, of course! [chuckles]
Tonha, my neighbor, you know?
She once had two roosters,
Chitão and Xororó.
They lived on the same perch peacefully.
They had a deal, you know?
- No, sir, it was a metaphor.
- Ah.
It's so cutthroat here in Tijuca.
That's all.
So be smart, or else Xororó
there might peck out your eyeballs.
Just look.
Operation Rodenticide,
you're bringing down a mafioso responsible
for almost all of Tijuca's gambling.
- Now, watch out.
- I can't believe what's happening here.
I don't believe my own eyes.
You guys really haven't learned anything.
Offer our guest a coffee or something.
I'm the one who has to do it?
You know, in Campo Manso,
that crime carries jail time.
That's true. In Campo Manso,
you have a visitor
and you don't offer them coffee,
they'll be like,
"Hey, man, you didn't even make me
a cup of coffee?"
A visitor is welcome to be there.
Now, a meddler or a prowler, an intruder,
how should we treat them, sir?
Just a second, Inspector.
I can't let the foam dissipate
without trying to make a little heart!
Thank you, Chief. Thank you. Thank you.
- Thanks so much.
- Glad to do it.
Sorry. I was
in the middle of giving these fine folks
a little bit of advice, wasn't I?
- Vis habitus.
- [Mantovani] Yeah.
[both] Force of habit.
Huh? You know,
because I was running the show here.
"Was" being the operative word,
though not now, if memory serves.
Let's listen to what the chief
who's in charge says about the case.
Sure. Sure, but a little rude,
the way you formulated that.
But fine. People, listen here.
Estevão, wake up, buddy.
Let's wake up, team.
Now, let's all listen
to what our honored and decorated
ex-head of our dear precinct,
Chief Azevedo, has to say.
- [Rabecão chuckles]
- [Pardal whistles]
[Rabecão] The man's in the house!
There's something
I'm especially curious about,
and perhaps you wouldn't mind
explaining to me
how one might escape
from the mafia in Tijuca.
- I think they're all curious.
- Certainly.
I mean, I wasn't I wasn't expecting this.
- Hold this please.
- Sure.
Operation Rodenticide,
you're bringing down a mafioso, so
Look at that mess, guys.
What a joy, huh?
- [chuckles] Huh?
- [Suzano] Just a second. Oh!
The abattoir you've got on display there,
that's just, uh, figurative, right?
Yeah, sure. Naturally,
you know I'm a man of peace.
But in practice,
it's gonna be a bloodbath, yeah.
- And brainbath, you could say.
- [gags]
- Is that a hand? Okay.
- Yes. Yeah.
- I'll just Oh.
- [Mantovani] Oh shit!
[Guerra] Hey, I don't know.
Hey, record it.
Vote here if you think the chief
is gonna wake up
and vote here if you think
he's dead and gone.
- Oh!
- [overlapping chatter]
[Azevedo] Are you with us, Chief? I think
you have some sensitivity to blood, huh?
No, no, I got
pretty low blood pressure is all.
I got medication.
You were all delirious saying, "Mommy,
Suzi's in danger! Suzi's in danger!"
Chief, why don't I take
command of this mission?
Like with Mantovani.
Just like old times.
The man in charge now is Suzano,
and I know he's got a big idea
to bring in Drowned Rat.
- Do I?
- [Mantovani] Affirmative, Chief.
I'm gonna stand with you
regardless of what you propose, sir.
May have spoken a tad bit too soon.
[Suzano] Sandy and Junior
in an electrifying adventure!
Two hard cops on the scene,
dressed up as Sandy and Junior,
show up on open mic night
at the steakhouse that Soaked Rat owns.
And then, ta-da!
That's where the operation
really begins for sure.
And the chief, yours truly,
won't have to die.
- But he'll open fire on bad guys?
- No!
That's the thing.
The dynamic duo collects the information
without raising suspicion, see?
And they discover where the secret casino
and slot machines really are.
When this comedy's out on Netflix,
please let me know. I'd like to watch it.
It's more action than comedy, I'd say.
There's a musical undertone.
That's for sure.
- But it's mainly action at the center.
- Hey!
- Everyone
- God in Heaven!
The team's prepared to audition,
but all of them are pretty nervous,
because most of them
are amateurs, you know?
Just a minute, please.
[mic screeches]
Hello, all participants.
Let's begin.
Oh, I wanna just mention,
we'll be using the fantastic version
from the Sandy and Junior
fan club of Campo Manso,
of which I was president
until the, uh
the fan club disbanded.
["Dig-Dig-Joy" by Sandy & Junior plays]
[lyrics in Portuguese]
That's great.
Thank you so much. Very nice.
We'll certainly reach out
if we need something else.
You know, like if we do
a slow motion version of the song, okay?
- Uh, Sir?
- [Suzano] Next! Next please.
["Dig-Dig-Joy" plays]
Yeah ♪
Oh ♪
Okay, okay. That's enough.
Yeah, but, Chief,
there are still a few steps missing.
No, look, darling, something to know,
when the director says enough,
it actually means that's enough.
You understand me there?
We didn't even get to the "popoy" part.
So I'm not sure this is, uh, true,
but do you think it feels
like Mantovani is overshadowing
the other officers' contributions here?
Because I feel like she's really on fire.
It's crazy.
- [Estevão] Yeah, she's really good, right?
- Incredible.
I mean, I've got chills.
That's just because
you're in love with her.
No, that's not it.
No, no, any passion that may be there
is only for the job, is all.
- Please, Estevão.
- Okay.
Uh [clears throat] Next, please.
- Yo, sir!
- Mmm.
I don't need any music.
Well, that's original. I like it.
[synthesizer music plays]
["Dig-Dig-Joy" plays]
Dig dig joy dig joy popoy ♪
Oh my God! And scene, huh?
- Whoo! Bravo!
- [Estevão] Holy moly.
[Suzano] My God in Heaven!
Stamina! Presence!
I have a feeling I've seen you once
somewhere. Where was it? Was it The Four?
Uh, The Voice? Ryan Seacrest?
Probably, sir, you heard it on the news.
That smooth voice belongs to my client.
Uh, and what crime
has your client committed?
Cannibalism in the first degree,
aggravated by the victim being vegan.
My God in Heaven.
Good golly, Miss Molly.
Do I have to talk to him?
Hi, Mr. Cannibal.
Wh what's up? You good?
Listen, it's not my choice, you know?
It's just there are folks higher up
who are making these demands on us,
so you should
He's coming closer.
Unfortunately for us, sir, you, uh, uh
you were disqualified.
All right.
Don't be discouraged.
The judge will have
a deeper appreciation for your art.
[Suzano] Oh, he's gonna die.
The cannibal's gonna kill him. He's vegan.
Oh, dear Lord!
[clears throat]
Well, since we don't have
a candidate who's better,
it's gonna be Rabecão.
- Yeah!
- Ow! ♪
Zuleide, do me a solid, man.
I'm begging you.
Look, I'll even help with the dishes.
I promise, I'll do it for a week. I swear.
Are you nuts, Wi-Fi?
My days of being single are long over now.
Aw, Zuzu! Listen, I'm being serious here.
I'm making a fake profile
to lure Soaked Rat and bring him down.
Anyway, can you point me
to where in the Bible
it says posting nude pics is a sin, huh?
Where? Anywhere?
Boy, you're a piece of work.
Come on.
Hey, hey Guerra! Guerrinha.
You're gonna help a brother out,
aren't you?
You'll take a nice pic
for the fake profile, right? For me?
Look, Wi-Fi,
you really need help, actually.
- You know, like, professionally.
- Professionally?
I mean a professional, like, with images.
Like a photographer who takes
stock photos and things like that,
because these apps
are loaded with lies, man.
Everybody's using everyone else's photos.
You create expectations, but really,
you know it's different in the end.
Of course there's a margin of error
of, like, two or three inches.
You know something like that?
[Suzano] Five, six, seven, eight.
["Eu Acho que Pirei"
by Sandy & Junior plays]
[Suzano] Cut.
Man, come on! You didn't let me
get my choreo on! Hey, Mantovani!
- I don't know what he wants.
- No, no, no!
No, I'm sorry, but no!
Flawless, seriously.
You were just perfect.
Now, Rabecão, you've gotta understand
the dance begins with your breathing.
You just gotta breathe, right?
Watch me, please.
I'll demonstrate for you.
Uh, Estevão, music, please.
["Eu Acho que Pirei" plays]
Five, six, seven, eight.
Going mad, step on the bugs!
Going mad, step on the bugs!
Your heart's exploding.
I'm stretching out, and hips swaying.
A little spin to disguise,
and do the Michael Jackson.
And scene.
That's the whole thing, as simple as that.
- That was really wonderful.
- Thanks.
- [Estevão] Suzano.
- Yeah?
The way you dance is great.
- Thanks.
- The way Rabecão dances is awful.
- Hey. Hey.
- He's right.
- You didn't let me dance.
- You're bad too.
Then you ought to dance
Junior's part, right?
[machine beeps, whirs]
Are you using the ink at work
to print out inappropriate images, Wi-Fi?
Don't say it like that! The inspector
just wanted to see my report,
my messages between the fake profile
and the Soaked Rat.
The man's filthy. It's all about meat
and sex mixed together.
So between us, here alone,
and the precinct,
have you considered
my proposition any further?
Oh, to dress up like a dominatrix
and mount you like a pony?
No, no, I never said
anything like that, I don't think.
No, yeah, that's a Pardal thing, Pardal.
- [Wi-Fi] For real?
- But I would do that for you.
Actually, I was more interested
in swapping shifts on Sunday, you know.
I don't know if you remember.
You know, since I've got that exam,
and it's really important.
Please help me, Guerra. I need you.
Ah, I'm sorry, my little nerdling.
It's just that Sunday is when
all the hot hes and hot shes and hot theys
go flood the plaza begging to ride
this monument you see before you, so no.
Okay, yeah. Okay.
But my very best and oldest friend,
Pardal, he wouldn't leave me hanging.
Swap shifts with me Sunday,
won't you, Pardal?
I don't see anybody who could
be called old around here, do you?
Guerra, have I got
the word "loser" on my forehead?
No, but your roots
are shouting for a little dye,
so put your wig back on.
Tidy up a little, yeah?
[Wi-Fi chuckles]
- [phone chimes]
- [robotic voice] New match!
[gasps] The fuck was that?
A nude?
Oh, man. Look, I just got a superlike
on my fake tennis-player profile.
What? He's 30 feet away.
How is that possible?
Do you know him?
- [chuckles]
- [Wi-Fi] Oh, you gotta be kidding me.
Guerra, this guy is Pardal,
and he's pretending to be a younger dude.
Like him back. Like him back.
He'll be so excited.
We'll get you the day off Sunday,
and I'll have a good laugh
over the whole thing.
[both laugh]
- Okay, I did it.
- [phone chimes]
[robotic voice] New match!
Uh, Chief?
You said I should be Junior.
This operation is gonna be a bust
before it even starts.
- You look just like Sandy and Junior.
- Don't call him Sandy and Junior!
He suffered for his entire life,
because of that stupid mistake.
They're different people.
And if I were Junior,
I'd have a security force
that would likely prevent my death.
What, and I don't have
any role at this station?
You heard the part
about preventing my death?
Hey, you're brave, Chief.
No one is coming to murder you.
And Wi-Fi prepared a
whole report on Soaked Rat.
- Look at this.
- Let me see it.
[Estevão] "The best sausage in Tijuca"?
[Suzano] Wow, what a rude message.
Go on, check his socials.
Check his social media, yeah.
Video, video, video's best.
Hey, everyone out there! What's up folks?
So, today I've got some big news
to share with you all.
I'm an upstanding citizen,
I pay all my taxes,
and I'm not gonna stand by
while our police
neglect our communities, okay?
I was robbed blind here!
Somebody stole an entire shipment
of pork chops from me.
You think the police were there for me?
That's the lure, Estevão.
[Guerra] Are you and I
still on for Sunday, baby?
I want to leave
my fingerprints on your face, king,
and to slap you with my racket
at the police station.
- [Wi-Fi] Hey.
- Hi.
Hey, Wi-Fi, what's going on?
You wanna swap shifts, right?
Oh, man, yeah, I did, but but, um, why?
Did something change or something?
Look, dude, I just connected
with this cutie online
and between us guys, she wants
a little action at the station on Sunday.
- So I thought
- In the station? This weekend?
- Check out those fingers.
- Athletic.
Imagine, man, that racket just
slapping your face, like backhand! Oh!
Forehand! Oh! Volley!
Pardal, Pardal, I've got you.
I'm your man.
I'll help you out on this,
because you're a cool guy.
Now you've just gotta talk with Mantovani
to clear the schedule.
- And watch out, because she's pissed off.
- No, no, no, no. Mantovani? No way.
There's no tennis racket
on the face of this earth
worth facing Mantovani in a bad mood.
I'm out.
Oh, that's over now.
She had some chocolate.
It's all over, dude. She's good.
Yeah, she's really loving
doing that Sandy thing.
Even passed by me and she was like
she was smiling.
Just forget it no way in hell
I'm gonna speak to Mantovani.
Not for you or anyone.
You can forget about it.
- No, Pardal. Come on, dude.
- [Guerra] Cut it out! Enough!
What? You didn't like my samba?
It was garbage, but the point is
that there's a hierarchy.
You've been at this precinct longer
than anybody, man. It's your right.
- You'll be racket slapped. I'll make sure.
- Let it go, Guerra. It's too much hassle.
- It's not wor
- Sh!
Don't argue with me.
Look, if it were my choice,
Sunday'd be yours, dude.
And Saturday.
Man, if you want it, I'mma ask.
If it were me, you'd be off Easter,
Christmas, New Year's Eve, and Halloween.
- [phone buzzes]
- Armando here.
[high-pitched voice] Good afternoon.
Glad I found you. You having a good day?
This is Clarissa
with the police department.
I wanted to speak to you in reference
to a shipment that, uh, we intercepted
that happened to be stolen meat.
Ring a bell?
Yeah, someone stole a shipment
I ordered of pork chops.
I suspected as much.
- That's why we're calling.
- Oh, that's great.
But what would be a good time
to come over here to the precinct
so you can fill out the paperwork
for all your things?
Tomorrow would be great.
Uh, no. No, tomorrow wouldn't be great,
because, uh, there'll be two of us, uh
Uh, just a minute. Sorry, Armando.
- Hello?
- [quietly] Okay, fine, two words.
First word. Yeah.
Chicken. Chicken. Chicken. Chicken.
Egg. To hatch.
Uh, hello?
Now for the second word.
Uh, horse.
Mule. Mule. Mule. Mule.
Donkey. Don-kay.
E. To. Ey. Today.
Oh, man, then why beat around the bush?
[high-pitched voice]
So sorry, Armando. Excuse me.
Could you come to the precinct today
to claim your things perhaps?
Of course, of course,
an employee will be there soon.
- Uh, no.
- No?
Uh, one minute. Sorry, Armando.
One minute. I'm sorry about that.
[in heavy accent] Very nice to speak
to you, Armando. You've got Joaquim.
Clarissa had to go to the restroom
and asked me to see
to your, uh your call here.
The thing, uh, that it's necessary
for your person to come here personally
to the station,
because we have to confirm
it wasn't one of your employees
who committed
the robbery in the first place.
Oh, yeah, sure, I'll be there soon.
I'm coming now. See you in a minute.
[phone beeps]
[siren blares]
Let it flow freely. Let it flow.
- [quietly] He's over there. There he is.
- Now?
So, Armando,
you're welcome to get comfortable here.
You can have a seat. Be my guest.
And I'll go grab your stuff.
Yeah, thanks.
Because you fake it all
and you're destroying our duo.
You wanna know who's faking things?
How about the whole hip move
that you're faking like no one notices.
Hey, my hip moves are good enough
to get us out
of the massive debt you've run up
‘cause of your addiction
to those ridiculous slot machines.
Those words hurt me
as if they were an arrow through my heart.
I'm your brother!
How could you speak like that?
You're such a ham, always!
After what you did, gambling away
all our fortune on those horses!
The very least you could do for us
is learn to cry well.
- Uh uh
- [phone ringing]
- The phone's ringing suddenly.
- [Suzano] Oh.
[Mantovani] It must be the lawyer.
Let's see how much time his pity buys you.
Ah, she will never understand!
- Sorry, mister.
- Hello there.
- No.
- I'm sorry about that. It's bad form.
- I'm sorry. What was your name again?
- Uh, Armando,
- Okay.
- Uh, but everyone calls me Soaked Rat.
Nice to meet you.
What an original name, Mr. Rat.
Yeah, it is.
Yeah, I'm sorry. It's just two siblings
getting into an argument.
What can I do?
Yeah, gambling's an addiction, right?
I see something to bet on
and I'm so, like
Man! I mean, it's an itch
from the top of my head
running all the way down to my butt,
and I can't resist it, you know?
Oh, I know that feeling
far too well, yeah.
It really is the best, isn't it?
We're talking about gambling still?
- Yup.
- Right, yeah!
Nowadays, though, the hard thing
is to locate a casino that's discreet,
tucked away, you know?
Where the police
aren't gonna be raiding, or
Oh, I hate the police,
especially the police who work as chiefs.
- I hate chiefs most.
- Funny, I like those guys, actually.
They're my favorite.
Actually, I think this prejudice
against chiefs has really gotta stop.
This chief phobia's
gotta end soon, I think.
- But anyways
- I'll tell you something, huh?
Whenever you get that, uh
that feeling all over you,
if you ever wanna act on it,
I offer you the invitation to come
to the cellar of my special steakhouse.
Your steakhouse in a cellar?
We're gonna cut it up.
We're gonna really party!
A party, you say.
What sort of things will we do there?
Dude, like slot machines!
- Slot what?
- I said slot machines!
Yes, yeah, slot machines!
- ["Eu Acho que Pirei" plays]
- Going mad and step on the bugs ♪
And now I'm flying high
And my heart's exploding ♪
- You're under arrest.
- You been caught red-handed.
Inspector Sandy. I mean, Mantovani.
And Chief Suzano.
Beautiful confession.
Oh man, you nailed it.
I loved the choreography there.
- I was super nervous.
- No, come on, you were amazing.
You were really in the scene, so present.
- Really well done.
- Well, my teacher was really remarkable.
And my student too.
Is there really a vibe
between siblings here?
Shut your mouth, you piece of trash.
[Estevão] Let's hear it for Chief Suzano!
- [cheering and applause]
- [Suzano] Thanks.
- Thanks. I appreciate it. Appreciate it.
- Come on. Show us, Chief.
Show us the dance
that's gonna make the mafia tremble.
Oh, I really shouldn't.
- ["Eu Acho que Pirei" plays]
- [chanting] Big booty! Big booty!
Big booty! Big booty!
[siren blares]
Hey, Pardal. What's going on?
How's our boy,
the great dating-app stud doing?
You all set for your date?
Yes, sure. Yeah, bud, I'm all set.
Just gotta go to court to file
a case against you, huh?
Wh what are you talking about, Pardal?
What's that supposed to mean?
You should know, as a police officer,
that knowingly lying to the police
carries a felony charge and can result in
up to four years in jail.
Um, uh, hey, come on.
What's going on here, Counselor?
You know perfectly well, I'm sure,
as does Guerra,
over there creeping around,
pretending she's not listening,
but was a willing collaborator,
which makes her an accessory
to the same felony.
Wait, Counselor.
No, it was just a fun prank, seriously.
Praying on a senior citizen
with a sexual compulsion
while in a very vulnerable position?
Counselor, can I speak to you
over there for a second?
Naturally, let's go.
We're in recess now.
- Wow, you're stupid.
- [Wi-Fi] What's happening?
It was your plan, Guerra.
This session is now back on.
And my retro client is now open to a deal.
He proposes you both work for a month
in a non-profit organization,
which he'll be choosing.
Of course, but which organization?
The PSF, the Pardal Shift Foundation.
- Oh man, Pardal, you're kidding me.
- Pardal!
What the I have three tests
coming up this month. Come on!
It'll be two months if you don't watch it.
You sure you're not open to settling?
I'm calling dibs on Saturday.
[sighs] Well,
I finally caught you all alone.
Alone and on the way out of here.
Now go. I'm not an Uber
waiting for you to call me.
Aw, come on, girl.
Why you being like that?
I've just left the hospital
Go on. Don't tell me you weren't
even a little bit worried about me.
- I was worried. Sure.
- Yeah.
I was worried about your wife, you know?
- Vamoose, Azevedo, please, man.
- Yeah, okay, calm down. Calm down.
Ah, what a bummer.
No. I'm only leaving if you say
you no longer feel anything for me.
No, I know longer feel anything for you.
So fuck off forever.
Don't call me again, okay?
- Not so fast there, kiddo.
- I'm done forever.
[static crackles]
Police operation in motion,
requesting backup.
- Jesus Christ.
- Huh? [chuckles]
- It's astounding what a slimeball you are.
- [Azevedo] Yeah?
Yeah, I mean, the police radio?
It's a pretty low blow, dude.
- Pretty low blow, huh?
- Uh-huh.
- Carpe Diem.
- Yes, please, Azevedo.
- Latin lover? Don't. No Latin lover, okay?
- You love it.
- You're not feeling something now?
- No, nothing, not a thing.
- No? Nothing at all? Really?
- Zero. No, I don't feel anything.
Memento mori.
- [chuckles]
- Please. Stop it. Please, Azevedo.
Copy that, dispatch.
Awaiting authorization to go search
the mansion of the famous businessman.
- That's not fair.
- Huh? Sure it is.
- A bastard businessman, you're such a
- Yeah?
I think I went crazy
My feet are off the ground ♪
I could even ♪
Hey, Estevão. Look at this.
I stopped at a store
and picked up all these puppies
for a celebration or something.
I might even go
and find Inspector Mantovani.
Maybe ask her.
I found bonbons in a heart-shaped box.
It was the only they had.
Some champagne too.
Just so we could celebrate
the victory of our operation.
Look, I don't wanna be,
like, a buzzkill or anything, but
I guess, if I were her,
I might also choose Azevedo too, because
Uh! Oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh.
["Eu Acho que Pirei" plays]
[Estevão] You don't have to feel bad
losing to a guy like that.
He's brave, handsome.
He's got green eyes.
I think that if I were in your place,
I'd just pack up and go home.
[siren blaring]
[upbeat music plays]
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