Reporting for Duty (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Dog Day Afternoon

Oh, who's that?
That's Ivone Cruz, regional chief,
and she's wearing her signature look
that's designed to make us all jealous.
Oh, that's adorable.
Chief of the region, Ivone Cruz.
And I'm confirming
the official term for all this
is that the 8th PD is now
just completely destroying the mafia.
Uh, I wouldn't say we're completely
destroying anyone. That's aggressive.
I'd prefer a different term here.
What we're doing is investigating here.
No, completely destroying them.
You're here, alive,
and so this proves it's a lie.
What they're saying,
this rumor going around now
that the mafia's murdering
or annihilating all the chiefs of Tijuca.
Uh, can we now discuss
the issue we're seeing
of folks urinating
in our public passageways?
I feel this is important.
We should really just focus on
the defendant we arrested
who's in holding.
Sure, Celsinho the Sprinkler?
- Okay, so Celsinho, he really
- Our chief's so very funny.
- Don't you all think? Makes me laugh.
- Oh, that's fine. All right, that's fine.
Naturally, he's referring
to the one and only,
the dangerous, perfidious man,
the high mafioso,
Armando, often known as the Soaked Rat.
An arrest that is very, very important.
You get that? Write that down, yeah?
Which never would've happened
without the imagination,
the intelligence, firmness,
and efficiency
Let's keep it a mystery.
of my management,
as regional chief here in Rio.
It's all her, yeah. Get a photograph, huh?
Don't forget. It's all her.
I should give credit to
my faithful squire, Pedro Henrique Cruz.
- Mm-hmm.
- And my darling Buddy, clearly.
Oh, Buddy, little buddy!
Little Mister!
I could just eat you up.
I could just eat you up, little guy.
Uh, I would rather
you didn't do that, sir.
I'm Buddy, actually.
So then the dog's named Pedro Henrique?
That makes no sense.
- Who would
- Uh, Soaked Rat's a small fish.
Though, obviously, rats aren't fishes.
It's just a figure of speech.
Did you hear that?
What we'd like to know
is what you and your team are doing
to go after the bosses
in charge of this organization?
- Oh!
- Oh!
- Okay, tell me which camera to look at.
- There's only one.
What I'm able to say at this moment
is that we've already secured
the computer of the mafioso.
Okay. Fine, you've arrested Soaked Rat,
but I mean, how long will he be
behind bars if we're honest?
- Because Serrote's already escaped.
- I'm sorry. You're mistaken.
Serrote hasn't escaped.
He's off with his mother,
because she's been ill.
She's been pretty ill.
- Chief Suzano, I guess you haven't heard.
- No.
He's actually left you a message
on his social media today.
- You don't follow him?
- No.
I do. Haven't seen it though.
Here, please.
Why do you bother following this guy?
When I get out of here, there's two things
I'm gonna be moving on real fast.
First, I'm gonna pick me up
some Minoxidil,
because it ain't fun
losing hair like this.
After that, my sight's on Suzano.
I'm gonna die.
- I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die.
- Hey, focus here.
- Focus on this face.
- No!
Look here, I defy you, Serrote.
This guy, this hero doesn't fear you.
This guy doesn't fear you.
Listen, I don't do anything alone, okay?
Focus on the team here, who all, uh
Oh, hey, uh, can I have one of those?
Wah, wah.
So, go ahead tell me the password.
Okay, you ready?
It's "oink oink,"
all in lowercase, no spaces.
Oh man.
Good one, huh?
Lock him up now.
Don't be kissing me, dude.
I knew it! The little bastard's
returned to ruin us! Lord!
Dreamboat, hey,
you're fond of rats, aren't you?
Hmm. You know, in the '70s,
when no one could really say
they belonged to anyone, sure, I guess so.
- But now
- I'm not talking about that rat there.
I mean the usual four-legged one.
You're the one responsible
for this pet of Satan returning
to the office. Have you noticed?
Ah, you're so cringe. The plague's
been taken care of for a while.
Everyone who's really from Rio
has expelled a rat from their house.
Or handed over
an extra cell phone to a mugger.
But leaving the house
without an extra cell phone?
Seems a bit on you though, doesn't it?
Hmm. Yeah, I guess I got
problems with my memory, man,
'cause I feel like I remember coming
in here to make a report,
but I don't remember
asking your opinion though.
Sorry, sir, my apologies.
I was only trying
to help you sir, all right?
Please wait here a sec.
It'll be a couple minutes.
Please, man.
Guerrinha, my love,
do you happen to know
what the code we put in for when an idiot
gets his cellphone stolen by a mugger?
Ten-three followed up with a ten-six
and ten-seven, system out of service.
Next up lunchtime,
followed by a paid shit, buddy.
Bit much, isn't it? That's overboard.
Don't you wanna help me with this one?
Because you're the only one
who can do it, Guerra.
For real? I'm gonna start to file a report
on my cigarette break
because you asked nicely?
What do you mean, man?
You don't even smoke.
They get 15 minutes every hour
to go smoke,
and if that's true, I'll be a smoker too.
Okay, so that guy there, we're just
gonna leave him alone? That's fine, right?
Of course not, no.
What we'll do is let him wait a bit.
So, trespassing,
associating with known criminals,
Lots of good crimes
to charge this man with, huh, Chief?
Well maybe we can even charge him
with fraud, huh?
Because, uh
Because that rump steak in the window,
I'm pretty sure it was chuck, right?
Can we focus on slot machine crimes here,
do you think?
What's going on with you?
In a bad mood because Chief Ivone Cruz
turned around
and demoted you to pet sitter?
No, please, I love animals.
I just wanna try to keep
the relationship between us
completely professional.
Of course, two colleagues
can have a relationship outside
outside of work.
That is just not in our case.
It wouldn't look good,
boss and subordinate.
- Yeah.
- What's the matter?
Go get it.
- You're very interesting
- Chief.
- for other folks.
- Okay.
- But not for me.
- Okay.
- Chief, where's the dog?
- I mean zero. I mean, I'm ugh!
Oh, now we're f
You mean he's really just fled?
Hey. Sh!
- She's right there. Quiet.
- Okay, sorry.
Keep a close watch on this camera.
- Call me on the radio if you see anything.
- Okay.
- That one's mine. This one is yours.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We're gonna have to sweep
the whole damn office.
- You'll be on the west wing.
- I'm on it!
I'll take the east wing.
What are you doing?
The compass directions,
north, south, east, west.
Go to the left, Chief.
- You have your watch on, yeah?
- Come on. Go!
- Do you have it on?
- Got my watch.
- I'm on it.
- You understand, Estevão?
- Yeah. Just one more question.
- Okay. No. Concentrate.
- What if I need to make a
- Sh! Concentrate!
The three of us are bound
to find the fugitive bas
Found it!
What is it, Zuleide?
Poo everywhere!
Oh, I just vacuumed this carpet too!
Gosh, the devil could be anywhere.
Zuleide, please keep it down, seriously.
Ivone Cruz can't find out.
It's pretty fresh, so he must be around.
Dead or alive, I'll get that devil.
I swear I will.
Please, please, alive,
for the love of God.
What the Oh, for f
Funny, isn't it?
That you would come all he way down here
when you could've easily filed report
at your leisure from home
through our portal online.
I think it would be easier to go
break into the White House with a rifle
than navigate your lousy website here.
- Look, Mister, you
- Hold on.
Mr. Rogério Mendes.
Y'all want a cup of coffee?
Ooh, please, yeah.
Zuleide's coffee's really terrible.
- This coffee's actually filtered.
- Sir, you need to listen closely.
Your case requires that you find
a precinct where they specialize in that.
You think I'm stupid?
I know I can file a report
in a precinct anywhere in this city,
because the system is connected.
Ever heard of the Internet, miss?
Or the World Wide Web? It's new.
I should be charging you,
but I'm the one who'd be filing it all.
No report to prepare,
no testimony, no paperwork.
With all due respect, ma'am,
you can't charge me with anything
because I haven't done anything wrong.
Perhaps, I was hitting on you a bit.
That's all though. Okay?
Let's make this easy on ourselves.
Fire up the old computer
and do your job, huh?
And doing it with a smile from ear to ear
wouldn't hurt you.
I'm pretty sure it'd help, actually.
I think we're getting on now.
Yeah, we are.
Could you excuse me a sec?
Look, you're so much prettier smiling.
It goes with the outfit.
That dude will not win.
He can't just waltz in
and have whatever he wants.
This place is a government institution,
that son of a
What's she doing with a rifle?
What's she thinking?
You think that's the problem, sir?
And what? Losing some else's dog
is fine with you?
- Swap cameras.
- Swap cameras how?
It's here.
And what's he doing?
Is there no respect left for the precinct?
He's getting it.
And in the cafeteria in front of everyone.
- Oh. Yeah.
- See? He's making a vitamin shake.
Yeah. Switch cameras, Estevão.
- I don't know how.
- I just showed you. Here.
It's embarrassing what they get up to.
I mean we really
shouldn't be allowed to do this,
to watch what people do
when they think they're alone.
It's very strange, yeah.
Just like yesterday, when we saw
how Inspector Mantovani was all
- What about me?
- Hey!
Inspector Mantovani is the last hope
we have of finding this mutt.
- You find anything out?
- No sign.
Mmm, and now she's on her way out.
No, no, no, no, no. She grabbed the purse.
We're screwed, guys.
Think fast, Mantovani.
- Think fast, Mantovani.
- Come on. Think fast. Think fast.
We'll distract her.
I got it. I have a great plan.
This year's
Seizure and Art Awards.
- There's this one, which I think is good.
- Right.
There's also this.
I think it's good, but
it's not my favorite, you know?
Yeah, it's all right. It's good.
And this one, to me,
absolutely the best one.
Honestly, probably the winner, I think.
"The Big Sugar Loaf That No Ant Can Eat."
What do you think?
It's pretty great, huh?
- Impressive. Yeah, impressive.
- Yeah.
Using all the stereotypes of Rio,
the city of traffic, right?
Yeah, well, it's I mean,
it's really not so subtle as that.
Yeah, it's pretty bold, right?
- Bold, yeah.
- It's strong.
- I think, you know, we worry about drugs.
- Pretty bold, yeah.
We've also got a couple entries
from last year. Wanna see those?
- They're lovely too, right?
- Yeah.
Last year's?
I don't have time for this, guys.
Didn't see this before!
Wow, it's so beautiful.
- You like?
- Beautiful. I mean, I'd wear it.
Oh, got it in Paris. It's a cobra.
- Gorgeous. I love it.
- Wow!
So, uh, Chief Ivone, I remember that, uh,
since, uh since you're here,
maybe we could talk a little about
those office repairs that gotta get done.
The repairs, yeah,
very important to the office.
Have I lost my mind,
and we're in election year now?
What's going on?
No, no, because the big hole in the wall
has gotten bigger,
it actually feels like more of a door now.
Here's some advice,
darling, from me.
I think that hole in the wall,
with a bit of improvising and your genius,
it will last another year.
What can you do for about this much?
It's all just a matter of what?
Intelligent resource management,
okay, darlings?
Uh, uh, yeah.
You know what?
That's something I always say, right?
- Better resource
- You gotta use your head.
That phrase can change
a person's life j just completely.
I can see you've gotten ready to, uh,
like, for for a
Uh, you came all this way. I wonder
- Mmm.
- I I would
He has a few things
he's been wanting to say.
I even asked Mantovani
for approval to speak to you about it.
Quickly. I don't have time for all this.
Ah, I see you there.
Look who's curious.
Look who's a gossip fan, huh?
Get a hold of yourself.
Look at me, man, huh?
You think I'm a fan of gossip?
For Pete's sake.
I'm seeing that married guy again.
Didn't I tell you?
You've got 20. I wanna hear it all.
Relax, honey. People like us
have been doing this for generations.
We'll break him the old-school way,
with bureaucracy.
- Afternoon, sir. Doing all right?
- Hi there.
One minute, just about done with this.
Oh, please, No rush.
Yeah, so I'm sorry for this,
but our whole system is down.
- It's just not available at the moment.
- It's down.
So I guess we're gonna have to do
a manual report, unfortunately.
Your ID number, your tax registry number
I've gotta have your number for
The model, the brand, IMEI number,
proof you paid for the device,
proof you received the device,
your most recent credit card bills
of the last three months,
as well as the screen size,
and I'll need that
both in inches and centimeters,
a list of the three last apps
downloaded on the phone,
your rating on Uber
as passenger or a driver.
I don't know what your particular
job situation happens to be.
Or we could give you
another great option, of course.
You could go down
to the second district office.
Their system's ultra-fast, and that'll
make everything go a bit faster.
I'd even say that we sent you.
Here you go.
Guys, for 25 years,
I've been a public servant.
I've worked at the IRS.
I am aware of how it works here.
- Gotcha. Gotcha.
- These documents are all originals.
It looks as if you forgot
about the certified
A certified and authenticated copy
of each document, right?
Oh, great.
Two certified copies,
each one from a different notary.
Is that satisfactory to you?
Now, uh, sir
it's pretty obvious
with all this organization
you've got plenty of time, right?
Are there any job openings at the IRS,
and is it pretty simple
to get the certification?
Where's that dog? Pedro Henrique?
Where's Pedro Henrique?
Have a cookie, Pedro Henrique!
Pedro Henrique! Ped
Where are you? Goddamn it.
The event occurred
in a parking space outside
in a private car on the 14th of February
at 20 hundred hours
The individual in question may
have had on pants
that were extremely tight, which showed
- Was he packing?
- Mmm.
When, uh, we found
we were in physical contact,
which would be classified
as harassment by the criminal code
if, uh, you know
if it weren't consensual.
well, in this case, it was.
It was!
It was, uh, very much, uh, uh, consensual.
How about the making out?
- The
- Was it wet?
Uh, normal normal kissing.
Some tongue action as well,
like, turning mostly mostly, uh,
- You mean like a mixer?
- Well, yeah, it might be ruled as such.
And the tongue in your ear?
How was that? Was it pretty good?
I never said
there was a tongue in my ear, Estevão.
- No?
- No, I didn't.
A guy like that probably would though.
I mean he would lick somebody's ear.
Hey, psst! Hey!
- Continue, Mantovani.
- Of course, yeah.
Uh, but come on.
It's like it's only me talking, right?
What about you, Ivone?
How's it going with Leila?
Uh, married the last 12 years, dear.
There's not much to report.
Sex is routine now, get me?
I'm like a professional skater,
And Leila is more of a flight attendant.
The only opportunity I have to live
this overwhelming passion is with you,
in this office,
so please give me please give me that.
- Don't take it away from me, please.
- Of course not.
You got five minutes. Go.
Well, my friends, I've gathered you all
here for an announcement, and it's urgent.
Pedro Henrique,
Ms. Ivone Cruz's companion disappeared.
Wow, Chief, that's a tragedy.
My guess is
he's in a shallow grave by now.
And, man, he was so dedicated,
right, Pardal?
I'm telling you,
the name's confusing people.
Pedro Henrique's the name of the dog.
- Wait a minute now, Chief. Come on.
- Ah, no, no, no.
- Hold on.
- I don't feel good, Chief.
I have a young body,
but my heart is so weak.
It's over for us.
The woman's gonna find a way
to have our butts for dinner.
Hey! None of that talk,
none of that negativity.
I don't like it. No negativity, okay?
For Pete's sake, huh?
What about her assistant? Shouldn't he
be the one who's held accountable, boss?
Yeah, that doesn't seem likely.
You brought me a juice with pulp, Buddy?
- Oh! I'm sorry, ma'am, I didn't
- You're fired! Go.
What a mess! A mess, huh?
I bet she'll transfer everyone
to the 2nd PD.
She'll show us no mercy, mark my words.
Just a quick question.
Do the crooks there also have
this obsession with murdering chiefs?
No, we're good
if we go to the 2nd Precinct.
She might send us
to the most terrible precinct
in the whole damn force.
What's worse than the dead man's walk
we've got right here, huh?
The precinct in Leblon.
Uh, no, I don't know, Pardal.
You're overreacting.
It's such a nice place,
the setting of so many telenovelas.
It must be great.
What's wrong?
Man, for real, kids in Leblon
can hardly speak,
but they still manage to say stuff like,
"Do you have any idea
who you're talking to, dude?"
Civil engineers act as if they're
on top of the world. That's the truth.
And don't you call anyone
who steals there a thief.
It's "kleptomaniac"
if you don't wanna end up with a lawsuit.
Okay, I'm convinced.
But that means
we gotta track the dog down.
I'll clear it myself!
Hey, buddy, have you seen
this dog anywhere?
Bangs are straight,
like platinum-blond bangs,
and he's a small guy,
Testing, testing, one, two.
Testing, testing, one, two.
Attention, attention,
all units, please come in.
Uh, keep the radio open
for an important transmission,
critical transmission, please.
Hey! I know what I'm doing here
may seem a little ridiculous to you now,
a little goofy,
but there's some logic behind it,
you know?
I was in a traveling theater
in Campo Manso, you know?
No way. Seriously?
Yeah, it's true.
We performed Os Saltimbancos,
and I was the dog, you see?
But now I just can't seem to get
the specific tone that I would make
to get the pack to come.
Ah, well then,
there's no reason to worry, huh?
Yeah, but hey, I'm open
to different opinions if you've got them.
Anything at all. Our management style here
is totally horizontal. You have something?
How about not embarrassing yourself?
we shouldn't silence anyone's voices.
End of transmission.
Ha! There it is! It wasn't Tijuca!
it's not our jurisdiction, mister.
You've gotta go to the 2nd Precinct
in Vila Isabel, sir, so go.
but you're absolutely incorrect.
Of course, it was in Tijuca.
Common mistake, man, for someone
who isn't familiar with the area.
It's Greater Tijuca.
Let me explain it to you.
We can look at page
No, stop. You know perfectly well,
just as I do,
that it's based on zip code, right?
The rule's based on
where the city hall's zip code is.
But if you have a complaint to make,
feel free to speak to the adjudicator.
After a thorough search of the area
within the 8th Precinct,
we've gotta work with the possibility
that Pedro Henrique Cruz
is no longer in the station.
We gotta go hang signs to tell everyone.
That's wonderful!
What other moves should we make?
Should we be knocking on doors?
Should we involve the community?
Great plan!
So hop to it.
I had the idea! I gotta do it too?
We gotta track down
Tijuca's biggest gossip.
If you know one, let me know.
Back in Campo Manso,
a wonderful woman told me everything.
I don't like gossiping, but as chief,
you gotta be informed, you know?
Uh, Chief, doing it like
the whole crew's back in Campo Manso,
I think our little guy's gonna show up
with a mouth full of maggots.
I think we need drastic measures.
We need, like, Delta Force, man.
The Avengers
Why so much violence and aggression, huh?
Rabecão, where will I find enough plates
and cups for that many visitors?
And you're using the police radio during?
Wow, straight sex
just keeps on getting more strange
every time I hear something about it.
- Go on!
- Hey! Uh, don't leave, please.
It's so nice in here.
How about a little round of Fuck,
Marry, Kill using the folks in the office?
- Mantovani's playing?
- Yeah, definitely.
- Ah!
- Yay!
Guerra, I'm kissing,
Mantovani, let's tie the knot.
That's flattering.
Pardal, murder that dude, obviously. Ugh.
Obviously murder someone?
You thought up this whole thing.
Anyways, fine, I'd kill him,
'cause people who are that vain
are horrifying, you know?
It must take him forever
to get ready, right?
Is it a fashion show or something?
It's a fucking office. I got no patience.
- Your turn.
- Oh, yeah, okay.
Pardal, kill, Rabecão, kill, Wi-Fi, kill,
and Guerra, I've kissed only once,
but it was at Carnival,
so it doesn't count.
You forgot somebody.
And you, I'd kill.
Jeez, no. I'm talking about
the hero from Campo Manso.
Someone for you to kiss, to marry,
and to love to death,
'cause he's special, you know?
- Oh, Suzano?
- Yeah.
Uh, Suzano
Yeah, I'm not murdering him,
because he's my superior, and, uh,
marrying that's not really for me.
You know, I feel it's very much, uh,
you know I've read recently
it's just a way of oppressing women,
I think, and, you know,
uh, mmm,
just like, you know, Suzano
Can you imagine me and Suzano? Uh
I mean, kissing that guy, his mouth
Inspector, have you got a crush on Suzano?
- No, of course not! No!
- You do.
- Yes, you do. Yeah, you do.
- No. Seriously, I don't like Suzano.
You're blushing.
You do! You do! You do like him!
It's completely, um
It's completely, uh
It is completely forbidden
and against protocol, so
Yeah, for sure, there's protocol. I agree.
After all,
I had to wait for Leila to lose her job
so I could bring up my feelings for her.
Lucky for us, I fired her.
But it's fine. I feel, after all,
all's fair in love and war, right?
Well, dears, we've laughed a lot,
conversed a lot. We played a lot.
- Well, I didn't, but it's my turn now
- Sh!
Now, I'll go get my little baby
from Suzano. I miss him so much.
Just a little detail and voilà!
I think we got this in the bag.
We've got it.
- I'm sure she'll buy it.
- I feel the same, yeah.
You know,
perfect is the enemy of good.
Exactly. Way to go, Pardal.
It's gotta be half full, never half empty.
Are you going already, Chief Cruz?
My God, okay, I've got the little guy.
Are you gentlemen
coming with me right now, or
- You've got it.
- I'll go.
You know the patron saint
that protects small dogs?
- St. Francis, right?
- St. Francis.
You're okay.
Please don't let her see through
this whole stupid plan.
I got him! I trapped the devil! I did!
Oh God, Zuleide!
She never would've swallowed this story.
This is just an awful idea.
- Could you take him?
- What are you all so excited about?
- Man, this pooch is ugly as hell.
- Please, be careful.
He's gonna hear you, huh?
Many thanks, Zuleide.
Jesus Christ! Look at this fur.
What have they done to you, poor baby?
Look who I got,
all packed up like a present!
What did you do?
- Pedro Henrique Cruz is inside there?
- Yes, ma'am.
You monster!
That's my son, my heir! He'll asphyxiate!
If one hair is out of place on my boy,
I'll give you a vasectomy with this nail.
Oh my God, he's completely fine. Look.
Come on.
Guys, it's just a rat. Jeez.
Oh, it's horrible!
Guys, stay calm.
It's just a rat, my God!
- Just relax! Relax!
- God! Man, it's like a dinosaur!
- I got eyes on it. Just give the order!
- Shoot, Rabecão! Murder the little devil!
Don't shoot. You're gonna hurt someone!
Lower your gun!
You might miss
and hurt the lady's dog, man.
Man, he's right there!
All this because of a rat, guys?
Amateur hour here.
In my office, we set things on fire
to avoid helping people,
and you think
I'm gonna be afraid of a rat?
Here. I got my rabies shot.
Let's speed it up.
- Guys, he's so skittish.
- Man, he's right there!
- Shoot the rat!
- No, no, don't shoot the rat!
Guys, for the love of God.
- Hey, man!
- Whoa!
Don't let them shoot,
and I'll give you what you want, okay?
The computer's password.
Wi-Fi's in the computer.
That's all that matters.
Out, little devil!
Go! And don't come back here or
you'll meet the business end of my rifle.
and I won't be so pleasant the next time.
I've lost the whole day now. Bastard.
Who's the owner of this adorable guy?
- My God!
- There he is!
Oh my God, you found him! Thank God!
Little guy got caught in a mousetrap,
the poor thing.
Thank you, St. Longinus.
Thank you, Jesus, Mary.
We found him!
For St. Longinus, you hop?
No, 'cause I'm working on a combo
that'll make it work better.
My hero, I'm so grateful.
You really have saved the day. Thank you.
Look, whatever it is you want,
just let us know
and we'll make sure it happens.
- Whatever I want?
- You want a kidney? I got two.
No, thanks.
I would like this woman right here
to file my report right now, please, guys.
Guerra's happy to help you out, I'm sure.
- With pleasure, boss, yeah, tomorrow
- Yeah.
because today's workday's
already over, right?
Unfortunately, that's a fact.
Come back first thing tomorrow morning.
We'll work it out, no problem.
Don't you worry.
I've got a tip though. Go online,
and find the documents you need,
because we wouldn't want you
to, uh, waste time here, you know?
Thank you so much. I owe you my life, sir.
Imagine you forgot a document.
Well, I'm glad it worked out, huh?
And it wasn't that catastrophic
Ma'am, I'd like to say
this was all my fault.
I don't want my team
to be held responsible for this,
because they were under my command.
Uh, sorry, Inspector. I don't mean
to interrupt you, but we're a team here.
- A team.
- It's the whole 8th's fault.
- Our fault, yeah, yeah.
- No!
Sorry, I'm the acting chief of the PD.
The only one responsible for all of this.
That's fair.
The buck's gotta stop somewhere, right?
You were the one
in charge of the animal, Chief. Come on.
No one speaks a word.
You're finished for this. Do you hear me?
You're suspended
for engaging in animal cruelty,
destruction of private property,
attack on civilians' lives,
and wrongful imprisonment too.
You're done. Hear me, Suzano?
So surrender your badge now,
and go back to Campo Manso
where you belong.
- She can't just
- Chief
Not one peep. Nothing.
Took you long enough, man!
At last, we'll be able to have
our little conversation, won't we, Suzano?
- Because Serrote's already escaped.
- My sight's on Suzano.
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