Reservation Dogs (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

NDN Clinic

White Steve, throw that bottle at him.
What the fuck?
What's wrong, little Rez Dog?
Let's go, man. Let's do this.
Come on, let's go.
Aho! Young warrior!
Crazy Hair!
Got beat up again, huh? Ah.
Me, back in my day,
I would've went at 'em,
like that, you know?
Threw a spear
in that little kid's head.
You know, that little white one.
But, yeah, you probably should've ran.
I got some good ones in.
Custer wishes he would've ran.
Like that.
Took off on his little legs.
But he didn't. He died.
I'm not gonna be here forever, so
The moment we're born,
we're gonna die.
No, I mean California.
California! Aho! Yeah!
That's where you're gonna go?
You're gonna run away?
Head off west. Dreaming big.
They all just want to run away.
We are all just
running away.
I'm not running away.
Well, in the meantime,
better go to the clinic.
That nose looks fucked.
Yo, Elora, come check it.
Can't tell if it's broke or not.
You probably got brain bleed.
We get it. You got smoked.
I don't think I got a brain bleed,
but, uh, I'm gonna go
get checked in, all right?
We'll be out front.
All right. Do your thing.
Making that money.
Oh. Let's
start over.
I've been here, like, a thousand times.
You don't have any of my info
in there somewhere?
My mom works here.
What are you here for?
Got into a fight.
Busted my nose.
I got some good ones in, though.
Did you tell your mom?
No, I didn't.
And y-you shouldn't either.
You know, like, patient-doctor protocol
or whatever it's called.
I'm not a doctor.
How long's the wait?
You been here a thousand times,
you should know.
Hate this place.
Had him right in my
Really riding fast.
He was on a motorcycle.
Yeah, I squeezed
that trigger slow-like.
Took a big deep breath.
And in that moment,
Creator told me,
he said, "Son,
do you really want to kill
your old best friend?"
And I remember I had one tear
falling down my cheek really slow.
Hee ya.
Are you here to see the doctor,
don't you have some bad guys to chase?
Well, you'd be surprised
how many crimes are committed
at, at IHS on Mondays.
Old Man Fixico,
we're selling meat pies.
You want one?
No, I'm good.
Got to watch out on Mondays here.
Lots of folks show up.
Means lots of bad medicine.
Someone could throw a curse on you.
You'll wake up as a white man.
Hey, cvpon.
What are you doing?
Those are free.
But patients only.
I'm just kidding. Take one.
You have good eyes?
I think so.
Just start reading from the top.
From the top.
It's not a "P." Jesus Christ.
I can probably get you in.
We had two cancellations.
You have family here? Mom and dad?
She's dead.
Anyone we can call?
I live with my uncle.
Great. Who's your uncle?
Charley Johnson.
Oh. Charley.
That guy. He texts me all the time.
They any good?
Yeah, they're good.
My grandma's recipe.
- I'll let you know what I think.
- I don't care
what you think.
And don't be eating two of them
and telling me
you want your money back.
I saw Bear get beat up.
- You saw it?
- Yeah.
I was on my way to my auntie's.
Saw him get that ass whupped.
Then he was crying like a bitch.
Stomach hurts.
You eat any of this meat?
Ooy, Fixico.
Got anything for stomachaches?
Only the white man can save you now.
So, what's your issue?
Stomach hurts.
Did you try going to the bathroom?
It's not that. It's
something else.
"Something else."
We'll call you.
Hey, we're selling meat pies
outside if y'all want any.
Oh, yeah?
Hey, y'all, this girl
with stomach pains
is selling meat pies.
Y'all want any?
Hate this place.
Okay, so these drops
will make your eyes feel
like someone spit in them.
It's gonna burn?
No, it feels like Vaseline
on the eyeballs.
Um, you can't see well.
Sensitive to light.
That sounds horrible.
Well, the truth is,
a hundred years ago,
you'd be dead already.
People with bad eyesight died
very, very young.
Uh, tiger attack, bear.
Survival of the fittest.
And you're not the fittest.
Neither are you.
You have to.
- Why?
- 'Cause everyone has to.
It helps find diseases,
like thinning retinas.
You understand?
But I don't have any diseases.
I-I just wanted some chocolate.
Okay, you could die, all right?
Sometimes, Native eyes,
they just fall out.
So do Asians'.
Nurse Juanita,
can you come to reception?
White man's bullets.
I said "white man's bullets."
They invented it to help kill us.
Knew we had sweet tooth.
Shit, we're still fighting
chemical warfare, bro.
You're helping fund their efforts.
What are you in line for, then?
Energy drink.
It's natural. It's made out of energy.
It's "organ-tic."
Vibe is mad weird in there.
Weird as shit.
It's the Indian clinic.
- It's always weird.
- Mm.
It's a lot weirder.
Hmm. The Monday IHS vibe.
I guess.
Hey, yo, does my nose look all right?
Looks all kinds of fucked up.
Turn to the side.
Oh, yeah. That's fucked.
We're gonna have to go
to California now.
That's where all the best surgeons are.
Yeah, they're gonna have
to reconstruct some shit, bro.
Oh, fuck, I'm done.
Hey, yo, look, it's those fuckers' car.
Maybe they're looking for you.
They ain't looking for me.
I got good shots in, man.
You can ask them.
Danny Bighead said you cried.
Bullshit! I didn't cry.
Maybe your dad will
go fuck 'em up for you.
It's not his fight.
Damn, man.
It's tough being the leader.
People lie on you and shit.
Bear Smallhill, report to reception.
Fuck you mean, "leader"?
- Bear Smallhill, report to reception.
- Go fucking clean
your nose, bro.
Good luck.
Don't let 'em cut your foot off.
Or your bocos.
What now?
The address you gave me
doesn't match up
with the national database.
What address do they have?
Well, I can't tell you.
Well, then how am I supposed to know
that it's the wrong address?
You have to remember it
before you see a doctor.
There are people
going ahead of you in line.
Come on. My mom works here.
Can't you just call her?
Wait, wait, wait.
It's on Martha Drive.
What number?
Is that right?
Have a seat.
Someone will call you soon.
Elora Danan Postoak?
Elora Danan?
What the f
Why is she being seen before me?
Can't get enough
- of these.
- Smell like Grandma used to make this.
I like my meat
pies like I like my women--
brown, greasy and hot.
Mmm. Ooh.
Put onions in those?
Makes me gassy.
Didn't ask.
Yo, did you go blind?
My eyes are just dilated.
Where'd you get those chips at?
That's that bag I gave you, right?
Yeah, remember,
we got it at Rob and Cleo's.
Truck full of chips was stolen.
Let me see those.
Better not hear you're buying
those black-market.
Guys hear me?
Shit asses.
Come in.
I-I'm-I'm not
You haven't come to see me yet.
Why not?
Well, I mean, I've been
pretty busy with school and, uh
-I mean, I've-I've been meaning
to, but -You're here now.
How's your mom?
Uh Mom, yeah.
Sh-She's great. She's-she's great.
Um she-she misses you.
And, uh
She does?
Well, I'll be.
I figured she still hated me.
Come on in. Come on.
Come in. Sit next to me.
Let me feel your face.
Weird glasses.
- They're temporary.
- Mm.
You know where'd I'd like to be,
I'd like to be home right now.
In the country.
Yeah, I miss the dogs.
I miss the
sandstone lining the tree line
all the way down to where those
oak trees start.
I didn't sign up for this.
Laying in a hospital bed.
What's up, Leon?
Christ, kid.
Oh, I'm sorry.
What happened to your face?
Uh I got punched.
Yeah, you might want
to get that looked at.
Yeah, that's why I'm here.
What are you doing?
Just can't get this thing clean enough.
Say, you used to do
martial arts, right?
Can you give me any fighting tips?
Stop blocking punches with your face.
That'd be a good start.
Well, I got some good ones in,
though, so
I haven't seen this one.
You can take it, if you want.
Yeah? You actually mean that?
Yeah. I'll just print up another one.
Got a laser jet copier.
Quad nozzle, copper tip.
Runs on an independent Futuretech CPU.
Probably wouldn't understand it anyway.
Let you get back to it. Thank you.
Hi, how are you?
I'm Dr. Kang.
- Okay.
- Hi.
Elora Danan?
Yeah, like the baby in Willow.
Oh, you mean the knock-off
Lord of the Rings
'cause they couldn't get the rights?
Why couldn't they fly
the ring into the volcano
with those giant eagles?
Okay, uh, do you eat something weird?
I don't think so.
You know, like rocks or s-sand?
Maybe even broken glass?
No, I-I don't eat sand or broken glass.
Your stomach lining is inflamed.
There's, like, little tiny ulcers.
You're eating something.
I eat a lot of chips.
What kind?
Flaming Flamers.
How many do you eat?
Bags? A day?
Give or take.
Ten to ten to 14.
That's fucking insane.
Excuse my language.
- Who needs that many chips?
- Have you tried 'em?
They're really good.
Stop eating the chips. You could die.
Take it easy, all right?
Soups. White bread.
Bear Smallhill?
- Bear Smallhill?
- Right here.
What now?
- Room 4 to the left.
- Oh, cool.
I was telling the Creator.
I was like, "Hey, I'm doing
my job down here, man.
Should, uh, bump me up
on that pay grade there, bro."
Fucker didn't even want
to listen to me.
He was all like,
"Hey, do it for the people.
Do it for the" I was like
- What the hell is that?
- Uh
Aho. Uh, Crazy Hair, good to see you.
You caught me off guard. Um Oh.
Well, forget you then.
Aren't you the eye doctor?
I'm the everything doctor.
Toes, backs, assholes.
Hey. I remember you.
I've seen you around a lot.
What is it this time?
Uh, I got into a fight.
Busted my nose.
Can you not tell my mom?
Oh. Your mom.
Rita, right? She's been working
with us for about a year.
She's very delightful to have around.
So, um
what does your-- sorry--
father say about your nose?
Um, well, my dad's
really not here that often,
- so
- Uh-huh.
Has your mom r-remarried?
What? Why?
Just bedside manner.
Relax, Bear. Everything's good.
So, you got beat up?
Actually, I got jumped.
It's 'cause I'm the leader of a gang.
Sort of the leader.
You know, big responsibilities.
- You know?
- Wait till you get older.
Life gets much harder.
Look at me.
You think I like having this job?
You think I wanted
to be out here this long?
Ten fucking years.
I don't have a family. I got nothing.
Don't get me wrong. I love
the Native American people.
Very sweet, majestic, very special.
I'm trying to grow this out.
I'm sick of it.
I just want to go back
from where I'm from.
No, you shit.
I grew up in San Diego.
I'm Korean, not Chinese. What the?
Oh, I'm sorry. I-I didn't
mean anything like that.
Are you Navajo or Inuit?
Okay, then.
Okay. Your nose is swollen,
but you're gonna be fine.
- I got you some ibuprofen.
- Oh, cool. Wait, wait.
So sorry. Doctor, one more thing. Um
that means I shouldn't fight for, like,
a while, right?
No. Fight all you want.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Assistance in the optometry?
Hi, Dr. Kang.
You know, you have
a real sweetheart of a kid.
You did a good job with him.
Hmm. We talking about the same kid?
- Bear?
- Yeah, Bear.
Bear man.
Must've been hard raising him
without a man around.
You know, showing him what's the what.
You know? Hunting and fisher--
I can hunt. And I can fish.
I bet you can.
You know, I wouldn't mind
going hunting soon.
I love being out there,
you know, in the element.
I love the meat.
The meat of the deer.
Anyway, just, uh,
checking on you.
Seeing if the work
environment is what you needed.
Is the air okay?
Yeah, it's good. Thanks, Doctor.
Uh, why are you
talking about Bear? Did you see him?
Yeah, he was just here.
He got punched in the face.
- I fixed him up.
- What? Punched in the face?
Nothing to worry about.
It was just a gang fight.
So, how'd it go?
50 bucks and a lot less frozen meat.
Yo, check this out.
- Look at that shit.
- Oh! Where'd you find this?
It was hanging in your dad's
office, and he gave it to me.
Look at Daniel.
- Fuck, I miss him, man.
- Yeah.
Look how long his hair was.
For real.
- The fuck is this?
- Fucking nerve, man,
leaning on your car.
- Trying to act solid.
- You got my back?
Where the fuck is Cheese, man?
Let's do this then.
Yo, what's up, motherfuckers?!
Oh, you guys were so fucking sick
when you jumped me by my fucking self.
Hey, yo, I'm about to slap you
out right here, right now.
Hit me first, bitch,
hit me fucking first.
What are you doing?
These the guys who kicked your ass?
- They didn't beat me up for shit.
- Sorry, Rita.
- Shut up, Steven.
- Hey!
Quit now.
Shit, I'll run you all in.
Get out of here!
- Bear, come on.
- Go on, mama's boy.
- Mama's?
- Hey. Hey.
- Aw, fuck off. Fuck out of here.
- Go on.
Bitch, I'm not scared of you.
Go. Get.
We're selling meat pies.
Go over there and sell meat pies
then. Shit.
Get out of here.
- The fuck are you doing?
- It's my grandma.
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