Robin Hood s02e03 Episode Script


Robin Hood! This way! - Come on! - Come on! Robin, the Sheriff's in range.
It's the perfect shot.
One arrow.
It's the end of his reign of terror.
For your crimes against the people of Nottingham, Sheriff.
You're rubbish, Daniel.
It's my turn with the bow.
- I'm Robin.
- You're always Robin.
I get this boring piece of tree.
Mark, get up.
You see? I told you I could do it.
Nothing can penetrate it.
- Excellent work.
- What else did you expect? Unfortunately, this secret cannot leave the forest.
Oh! Get them! Go round.
Go round! Mark, come on.
Come on out.
You can trust me.
I'm lord of Locksley.
Lord of Locksley.
- Why - It's all right.
Hang on, I know you.
You were Marian's table boy at Knighton Hall.
How do you know that? What happened? I know Gisborne's up to something cos I've been tracking him.
- I don't trust you.
- All right.
Tell me your name.
- Daniel.
- Daniel.
- Do you know who I am? - No.
I'm Robin Hood.
So what were you doing up there? Nothing.
- At Robin Hood.
- What, playing a loser? We didn't see anything, sir.
If you didn't see anything, why would you say you didn't see anything? We won't say anything, sir.
You can be sure of that.
We can use them.
Send them to the mine.
And send word to the Sheriff - "success".
Gisborne's got my friends.
He's got my friends.
I can help you with your friends but I need you to tell me what you saw.
A man, they shot him but he didn't die.
The arrows bounced off and then Sir Guy killed him with a knife.
- And now he's gonna kill my friends.
- Whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- The arrows bounced off what? - Armor.
He was wearing armor, funny armor.
Let's see about your friends, shall we? Come on.
- Here.
- I thought you said chicken.
- Well - That's a small chicken, Much.
Yeah, again.
And have you seen in the trees? No squirrels lately.
- It's not squirrel.
- And what happened to the vegetables, huh? All you eat is bread and meat? We're surrounded by edible berries and leaves.
Where's the fruit, the salad? - Salad? - Men eating leaves? There's only one use for leaves around here and you wouldn't want to be eating them afterwards.
We need to go.
This is Daniel.
His friends are in danger and, if I'm not much mistaken, so are we.
- What's up? - It's Gisborne.
He's creating a new armor.
We need to take his toys away so arm yourselves.
Little John.
Allan A Dale.
And you must be Djaq, the Saracen.
Sorry, who are you? That, that's Much.
Oh, yes, the servant.
Very funny.
- What? - Nothing.
It's just I thought you'd be taller.
- I'm quite tall.
- But you know, like a giant.
Men tend to lie about their size.
You ready? Give me that.
You won't be needing it.
Come on, let's go.
They've gone.
It's Mark's.
See, the M? That's good.
We play outlaws.
I'm Robin Hood.
I hope you're better at playing Robin that I am.
I let go of his hand.
Gisborne's lot were coming and I just ran.
- Well then, you did the right thing.
- Really? If you hadn't run, you would've been caught, too, and what good is that? Listen, sometimes, in the heat of battle there isn't time to watch your gang's back.
Wagon tracks.
They've gone to Locksley, all right? Come on, let's go.
Let's see it, then, the magic metal.
- This it? - Indeed.
- It's very thin.
- Thin? Yes.
But that is its beauty.
With this on, a soldier can dance in battle.
- Yes.
How does it work? - That is my secret.
And I am the only man west of Jerusalem who knows how to make it.
Ooh, la-di-da-di-da.
O ye of little faith.
I will show you a little of my art.
- Stinks like a Turk's trousers.
- To the artist, it is a beautiful smell.
Here, my special ingredient.
This to me is more precious than diamonds.
I hope so.
It's more expensive than diamonds.
Don't cough.
Breathe, inhale, enjoy.
Enjoy? Water for the Sheriff.
Believe me, in time, you will grow used to it.
You will get used to it, my friend.
Start production.
I want - My lord, that is a very great undertaking.
- Yes, your fee is very generous.
The King of France would pay double.
Well, you are indeed an artist.
- Double? - An inconvenience.
But think of the gain.
An army of indestructible warriors.
Put this safely in my room.
Gisborne have you started a family without telling me? My lord - Children.
- I caught them snooping around in the woods.
Tell me they didn't see you testing the armor in the forest.
- Why didn't you kill them, Gisborne? - I decided we can use them in the mines.
Just when I thought I could let you out by yourself to flap your little wings, you go and show compassion.
When there are people who know our little secret, those people have to die.
- That's the back-door plan.
- Come on, we move.
Every time.
I don't like waiting.
Especially behind a cow.
- It's not good for my constitution.
- Much, shh! - Hood? - It's Locksley to you.
Locksley's mine, now.
Locksley will never be yours! Aaah! Still sore? Face facts, Hood.
You lost, I won.
Will, I need Allan and Djaq, now.
You will not survive.
It'll never happen, no matter how many people you kill, no matter how many children you terrify, no matter how much armor you put on.
Ha! You overestimate me, Hood.
Sometimes at night, I get one of your servants to rub my feet.
I don't care if she has heart or a mind.
Step over there, cover your eyes, I'll be back.
OK? Aah! Ah! Rescued by outlaws.
Quelle surprise.
We fight.
Take this.
Defend me from above.
Well, this should be fun.
- Come on! - Where's Mark? You've left Mark.
He's all right.
We need you, now.
You lot, stay here.
Go in.
- I can't let you keep these diamonds.
- And I can't let you take them.
- The Black Knights would be disappointed.
- Then it's a stalemate.
Shall we toss a coin for it? Not stalemate - checkmate.
Ahh! Ha ha! I'll see you.
Ah! Son of a camel! Hood! Ah! In the heat of battle, there is time to watch your gang's back.
Thanks, Daniel.
Go, go! Aw! This way! This is for the poor.
Gotcha! Come on, get in, get in.
Is everyone all right? Wait.
Where's Daniel? Gisborne! Robin Hood just knocked one of my men out with a wooden box.
Now you tell me it was not the box with the black diamonds in it.
- Five men and a boy! - Hostage! Daniel.
Robin Hood'll be back.
He'll rescue me.
Counting on it.
People of Locksley.
Let Robin Hood know this.
We want our box and its contents back by morning or his little friend will be punished.
His little friend will die.
Robin, we get the boy now.
No, we stop and we think, John.
You've gotta give him what he wants.
Robin, take a look at this metal.
It is Damascus steel or something like it.
A man wearing this will be invincible.
- Western weapons would be useless.
- We can't let them make this stuff.
- That's why I took the stones.
- We cannot give them back, Robin.
I know.
- But we can't let the boy die.
- What do we do? Thank you.
My guard's gone for a break.
We have two minutes.
I heard about the boy.
What do you want? The Sheriff's developing a new armor.
It'll make the Black Knights invincible.
- We have to stop them.
- We can't risk the boy.
I know.
But if the Sheriff defeats the King, how many more lives will be lost? - My guard.
I will get the boy out tonight.
- How? You're under house arrest? I will find a way.
That's the point of me being here.
Here, take this.
- If Marian succeeds, we don't have to do this.
- But if she doesn't, we need a plan.
Right We need to trade Daniel and the black diamonds in open space, and that's here, so when the Sheriff has the diamonds and we have Daniel back safely, then we can strike.
You can't just nick them back, though.
Well, he'll have the place surrounded.
Might as well walk in saying, "Shoot me.
" - We could destroy them.
- We'll have to.
- We need something that burns quickly.
- Pitch.
- Straw.
- It's fast but not hot enough.
- Pitch.
- Wood? - Wood's hot but it's not quick enough.
- Pitch.
Fast burning and hot.
Pitch! Good thinking, Mark.
I could make a new box, choose the right wood, something thin, could line it with pitch.
Carry the black diamonds in that then shoot it with a flaming arrow.
And the rocks will explode.
Good idea, Will.
We'll test it in the morning.
- Much? - Hm? Is this rat? - It's chicken.
- I can't see any feathers.
No, and we haven't seen any squirrels.
I don't suppose any of you has noticed but I have to do everything you all have to do and keep this larder stocked, so if anyone else would care to run themselves ragged in the forest, trying to catch some massive animal, then you can be the servant! My lord.
My lord, I beg a favor of you.
I have prepared a pass for you to sign.
I need your permission to leave the castle.
- Why? - You so decreed it.
No, no, no.
I mean, why do you need to leave? To visit Guy.
Gisborne? Ooh.
Well, he's had a bad day, I don't advise it, hm? He should've killed some little boys but he didn't, he let them live.
Showed compassion.
Now it's a mess.
Well, then, perhaps now is a good time for me to offer him an apology.
At this hour? And in your finest silks.
I hope to make my peace with him.
Well let me see.
If it were me I would slap your fickle face.
Both of them.
This is a pass for the castle gate but underneath is an order to send Daniel back to the castle so the Sheriff can question him tonight.
Gisborne won't release him to us but he will release him to a castle guard.
I'll do it.
Are you aware of the risk? - If Guy catches you - Don't worry.
He'll be putty in my hands.
- You're a brave man.
- Well I'll go ahead.
I told the Sheriff I'd call on Gisborne, so I must show my face there.
Good luck.
Forgive me.
Marian, it's late.
Why so urgent? I wish to speak to you about a personal matter.
I'll send for you.
Yeah? What is it? There is bad blood between us.
You overestimate yourself.
I had feelings for you, I made no bones about that.
But now I feel nothing.
And I have larger concerns, ambitions.
Is there no hope of a reconciliation? I know you are a man capable of compassion.
I offer I offer friendship.
Guy - What? - I don't know.
- Marian, what is this all about? - It's about friendship, that's all.
This isn't about friendship.
You want your freedom back, that's what this is all about and I can't give that to you.
You and your father have made your own bed.
Sorry, master.
There's a messenger from the Sheriff.
I should go.
- That looked friendly.
- You were spying on me? I was not spying.
I was making sure you were safe.
I was safe.
Shouldn't you be making sure Allan is safe? I've played my part.
This is the Sheriff's official seal.
Who gave you this? Listen, mate, the fact you're standing there holding that means I've stopped Robin, right? I don't know where it's from.
You know, I start asking too many questions, they're gonna blow my cover.
- You did well to bring this to me.
- Yeah.
I know.
I think I'll have a bit more wine.
So your plan's failed.
What will Robin do? Well, if this doesn't work, it's a straightforward swap.
Diamonds for boy.
Robin wouldn't risk the boy's life, not for anything.
How very noble of him.
But there must be some trick.
What's it worth? Pitch.
In a box containing the diamonds.
Boy runs free, Robin fires a flaming arrow and "Pi-shoo!" Bye-bye, diamonds.
- What will you tell Hood? - Oh, that's easy.
Just say I was tumbled.
You recognized me, we had a fight, which, obviously, I nearly won, I left you for near-dead, fleeing the manor, dispatching guards as I go.
Good idea.
- What was that for? - Believability.
- Quick, let's go.
Gisborne rumbled me.
- How did you get out? We had a scrap.
I knocked him out.
Luckily, his guards didn't hear us but we should scarper before he comes to.
- Right, come on.
- Robin.
- I'm sorry.
- Eh, it's not your fault, is it? We'll tell the others and Marian it's Mark's pitch plan.
Come on.
Let's go.
Guards, take him.
You, over there.
Move it, move it.
Here, boy.
See that? If Robin Hood doesn't show up, these people here will watch you swing.
Well, I can see the sun.
No sign of your savior.
- He'll come.
- Mm? Oh, well, let's hope so, hmm? For your sake.
Hood! Oh, Robin Hood! Stay where you are, Hood.
My smith will meet you in the middle, check the merchandise, if it's all right, you get the key to the boy.
No, Sheriff.
You can make the exchange.
Otherwise, your archers there will kill me.
And if they do fire upon me, my men will kill you.
- Out of the way! Clear! - Move! Move! Oh, la-di-da-di-da.
Right, let's get on with it.
Allan, Djaq, take the archers on the left.
You two, with me.
Stop! You cannot release the child to an outlaw.
Somebody find me a box and put this woman inside it.
Release him to me.
I'll see that he gets home safely.
Locksley, this makes no difference to you, you have my word.
- I accept these terms.
- Good for you.
Go on, then.
Now, the black diamonds.
Not yet.
Allow me to check the merchandise first.
Oh, so sorry.
You are, after all, as Lady Marian pointed out a murderous outlaw, hmm? The Sheriff's guessed our plan.
Something wrong, Hood? Gisborne, all yours.
That's the armor.
Robin! Stay back! My sword! Master! Yaah! Oh, fantastic! - What now, Locksley? - Run! Master! - Robin! - Don't touch him! Stay on the archers! No, John, wait! Locksley will always be mine.
What's he doing? Is that the best you can do? What now? Playing outlaws with the children? Goodbye, Hood.
- Oh, no.
- Oh, yes.
Tell your men to withdraw, Sheriff! Another exchange - the black diamonds for Gisborne and you have him back! Well, how long can you hold your breath? My lord, please! You, er, you seem to have overestimated Gisborne's importance to me.
Make sure he's safe.
Urghh! Not even you would let him die.
Erm, I have everything I could want.
- Sheriff! - Oh, no, not again.
- Let him live.
- Who? Guy.
- Marian, what are you doing? - I am asking you to reconsider.
You are helping Hood? Quite the opposite.
I am reminding you that Sir Guy is your most loyal servant.
Oh! - My lord! Please! - Let him die.
He's a noble and a good man.
He must be worth more to you than a sack of rocks.
I will have those rocks.
Then I will kill this man.
Without him, are the rocks really any use? Er, no, no, they are not.
I am the only man west of Jerusalem who can make them work their magic.
- My lord! - Shut up! My lord, I will get you more rocks.
You will be punished for this, Marian.
Be in no doubt - you'll be punished.
Burn these.
You saved my life.
I'm grateful.
Well, I could not watch you die and do nothing.
- You saved Robin, too.
- That was incidental.
Was it? Marian, I've been assuming that since Hood became an outlaw that you've had nothing further to do with him.
Was I wrong? - No.
- Because if you were associating with an outlaw, the punishment wouldn't be house arrest, the punishment would be death.
Would you prefer me to have let you die? Gisborne.
Stay there! Wait, wait, wait.
Where are you going? - I cannot work in this environment.
- My dear friend, we could agree to increase your fee? In France, they know how to treat an artist.
- What were you thinking? - Guy is your faithful servant.
- I was preventing your mistake.
- You do not prevent my mistakes! You must be punished.
I am ready for your punishment.
- But is your father? - You leave him out of this.
Oh, I will leave him, all right.
Alone, to rot in a dungeon, until you learn to behave yourself.
- A toast.
- Just hang on.
Djaq, Will Good work, lads.
You are now honorary members of our gang.
You are eyes and ears in the villages.
And any time you need us you can call on us.
Any time you need us, call on us.
That's a deal.
We are Robin Hood! We are Robin Hood.